Rosario brothers

Summary: Tsukune has been having strange dreams about his long dead younger brother. However, what happens when he surprisingly reappears after living in a top-secret facility as a new student. Their powers awaken, they hear, and old lullaby their mother use to sing about brothers that controlled fire and lightning that fought a terrible evil. Are they the brothers in the song and if they are they must find their true loves before their powers tear them apart. Pairings include moka x Tsukune, Kokoa x oc

I do not own Rosario vampire if I did you all would know about it because then your OC's would be in the manga by now


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Chapter 1: the day I lost my brother

Tsukune view:

Tsukune lay in his bed at Yokai Academy tossing and turning fitfully his face twisted in fear for as he slept he was reliving a nightmare that he had long forgotten Tsukune was seven his brother Trent age six. where fighting both their parents were at work they would be home in about five minutes. They were fighting over what channel to watch their fighting just got worse neither where paying attention but the house seemed to be heating up as storm clouds had began to forum when it had been sunny mere seconds ago. When suddenly lightning came down through the house to strike Trent then the house seemed to explode in response to Trent being struck by lightning. Tsukune was sent flying through the front window of the house.

Tsukune screamed as the house burned suddenly he felt and hand on his shoulder only instead of his father that was part of the real memory it was his brother as he thought he would look like at age sixteen. Suddenly Tsukune was his current age his younger brother helps him stand up Trent smiles and says, "Don't blame yourself brother remember. the lullaby about the brothers of the elements you are the lightning and I the flame separated to be reunited". With a start Tsukune wakes with tears rolling down his cheeks he wipes them away he looks at his clock that had the time and date march 5th one am. The day he killed his brother that much he knew though his parents would not believe him he walks over to his desk and pulls out two keys he unlocks the bottom drawer, takes out a small metal box, and unlocks it inside sat a silver ring with a blood red ruby it is stone. On a chain, he picks it up and slips the chain over his neck the ring was the only thing of his brothers that had survived the fire he would always keep it with him. He sat in a chair, began to sing the lullaby of the brothers of elements, and smiled as for the second time that night he cried for his little brother.

Trent view:

Trent tossed and turned on the slab of metal that he called a bed and awoke with a scream he let himself calm down before he remembered his nightmare it was how he came to this place he and his brother had been fighting over something stupid he could not remember what but he did remember what happened next. Lightning had came through the roof to electrocute him then the house seemed to explode into flames. He saw his brother engulfed into flames before he pasted out. When he awoke, he was strapped to a metal table plugged up to all kinds of machines. When Trent turns his head expecting to see the man in the suit that called himself zarlon there sat Tsukune who smiled and said "how's it going little brother don't give up hope of getting out of your cage and don't blame yourself remember the lullaby. You are the flame and I the lightning to be separated for but a while to be reunited in due time". Trent pulled out the chain around his neck the ring was gold and had a light topaz as its stone Trent let two small tears fall from his eyes he vowed that he would escape this place someday and live for the both of them. When suddenly the door to his cell opened to reveal zarlon with a brief case full of money he tosses it to him and says "get up I have a job for to do".