Chapter 2: Everyone meet my brother

I don't own RV no matter how bad I want to Note MatthaĆ­os is Trent's alias for this story as he does not trust anyone around him and the reason why Trent looks nothing like tuskune besides basic build is hair dye and exerpments done on him. Also found Trent in Japanese it is Torento and will be used from now on also sorry I haven't updated went into a depression where I lost all intrest in everything and finally got over it. Any way on with the story

Kokoa view:

Kokoa sat in math bored as usual when the door to the class slid opened and in walked a boy with blond hair and coal black eyes that wore a sliver dog collar around his neck that had Writing in greek on it. That held nothing but anger, determination, and sarrow in his eyes when those eyes passed over the class only to land on her most of the class had shivered when those eyes had scaned their face but she held his gaze he raises a eyebrow at her. then walks over to Ms Rihiko and hands her a note she nods to the boy and says "Everyone we have a new student that has just transferred from dark heart acadamy his name is Matthaios forrest. pelease be courtous to him and help him find his classes if need be now why don't you go find yourself a seat matthaios and since you are new and we may have moved quicker than your previous school do feel free to come to me for specail lessons." This last part was said with a undertone of seduction which Kokoa stnorted at Ms. Rihiko's lessons would leave you emotionless if you where a boy and leave you in a maid outfit if you where a girl. The boy now named matthaios headed down the aisle to the desk beside her and sat down placing his bag next to him and looked out the window not even trying to pay attention to the lesson. It was then that Ms. Rihiko notice that he wasn't paying attention got that gleam in her eyes that she saw a chance to give him special lessons and said, "Mr. Forrest could you please give me the answer to the question on the board?" Mattaios turns to look at the board for a few seconds then says in a board tone, "the answer is twelve." Then looks out the window again after watching the teachers face fall in disappointment knowing that the answer he gave was right. As I sat there doing the assement I couldn't help but wounder about matthaios he not only smelled a lot like Tsukune. but he looked a lot like him build wise as well if you changed his eye color to brown and turn his hair black you would have almost a perfect copy of Tsukune. But that couldn't be right matthaios first name was Greek and last sounded American. She decided to find out if he was somehow related to Tsukune she didn't know why she wanted to know if he was related to the only person who could release her sister from the Rosario.

Trent view:

Torento sat down and looked out the window as I had scared my "classmates" besides the girl that he was now sitting by. He hated that he couldn't go back to his family they thought he was dead and it would put them in danger of the artifical monster that he become thanks to that man and the dark lock that was made by science. Sighing he thought about how he was brought to the school.


Torento sighed as he waited for the street slasher gang to show up this was a routine job that him and tiva his foster mother of sorts who was a greek werewolf since he was brought to the dark heart project where they used magic, monster genes and sicence to recreate monsters that where extinct as well as improve exsiting breeds. He was one of their favorite test subjects due to him being able to survive multiple failed transfusions till they had gone too far and created something they where not meaning to he was injected with the dna of a unknown monster which turned out to be a hellhound and someone also had set him up to be injected with a untested nanobot serum at the same time allowing him the ability to heal and create weapons like another monster that they where researching. Shaking his head he came out of his thoughts as the street slasher group came as he watched as tiva spoke with the group took the money they turned to leave when he felt a searing pain in his back as he balcked out. When he woke up he had somehow transported himself and a dead tiva to the academy.


As the bell rang he got up to leave pushing past the other monsters that where in his way as he made his way down the hall. It was then that he was stopped by the girl he had sat by shout, "Hey mattaios wait up!" Turning around Torento sent a glare at the girl and said, "what do you want?" Torento watched as her eyes got a spark of rage in them as well and said, "Watch it jerk I am a vampire and I will kick your ass but anyway I want to know if you're a monster the reason why is you look a lot like a friend of my sister and he was human if so you should leave before you get hurt." Torento growled as he heard the disgust in her voice when she said friend and human as if they where scum under her feet and said, "I do not care what monster you are as for me being human yes I once was but due to certain things happening I was changed into a new breed of monster a hybrid of science and you creatures. By the way who is this human miss?" Hoping that it wasn't kyouko she would be hard to fool for long. The girls scowled at him and said, "I am Kokoa though I do not know why I am telling you anything you rude half breed but his name is Tsukune Aono".

Tsukune veiw:

Tsukune was just getting to his class when suddenly there was a loud boom and the sound of someone crashing through a wall. Running to see what was going on he made his way to the east hallway where the sound came from seeing a large hole in the wall and looked outside to see Kokoa fighting a wolf like monster with fire around its paws and armor forming around its body with a silver collar around its neck as well as a chain that held a ring that he knew very well it was his that was lost in the fire. But that was impossible when the creature spoke something snap inside him as it said, "You dare to tell me that my brother that is dead is here in this school for you freaks I am going to kill you and that imposter that dares to use Tsukune's name." Suddenly lighting came out of the sky and struck Tsukune who then charged forward and ramed the wolf creature into a near by tree his eyes half gold and half blood red letting out alow growl he slams him into a tree and says, "Who are you and don't you dare say Torento or I will kill you."