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In the darkest of nights, while the world slept away safely tucked in their beds, one man drifted, silent like a shadow.

When guards walked by, the man would completely disappear, leaving no evidence -sound, scent, or item- to be found. Everytime they would walk off, the shadow would grin before moving on. Already he had done this eight times over the last six months. Each time it seemed to get more complicated and each time he proved why he was chosen to do this.

Each time the guards would be more. Word had gotten around when the first one disappeared. Now they were going to the extream to protect their little treasures. Not that it helped them in the end. He only had two more to go and then he'd be done.

Once under the window he desired, he braced his legs and sprang. He barley caught himself on the first window. Taking a small breath, he began to climb passed the window and slowly up to the next. By the time he got to the seventh window he was beginning to feel the strain of exhaustion.

At the eighth window he pulled out a small tool and began to gently cut at the glass. He knew no alarm would go off. This house thought they were well protected and that no one would make it this far into their compound, and if they did then, surely they would be stopped by the around the clock guards.

With a small snort and a smirk, he cut off the small piece he needed. Putting the tool away he stuck his finger inside and unhooked the lock. At least this family would learn one thing in the future, alarms and updated windows would be required in the future.

Well it wasn't his problem. Pushing the window open he climbed silently inside. Looking around until he spotted the bed, he moved toward it as he dug into his bag once more. He pulled a small rag and a bottle out. The smell would be a dead give away that this was connected to the others. Just the way he wanted it to be.

Standing over the bed he pulled the blanket down and frowned. He was expecting one kit not two. There was only supposed to be one heir, but which one was it? Cursing the family that kept their heirs hidden until they were ready to take over, he wet the rag and placed it over the female's face.

The young male began to stir, his pale eyes looking into his own dark ones, but before the kit could react he re-wet the rag and placed it over the young male's face.

"Shhh." he murmured when the male put up a struggle. "Hush pup, I won't hurt you."

Finally the kit stopped struggling. Putting his stuff away he pulled a black cloth from around his waist and quickly opened it. Placing the bottom of the bag on the bed he opened it wide and placed the female's tiny curled body inside. Then he picked up the male and placed him gently beside the female. Once done he picked them up and placed them on his back.

"One more to go." Just one more and he was done. Climbing out the window he made his way back down. Fifteen minutes later he was gone.


With the two kits in his arms he made his way down the rock steps and into a dim room. With a push on the bottom right, with his foot, he went in.

A pale light turned on revealing the other occupents of the warm room.
"I see you brought our next- why are there two?"

"They were both in the heir's room."

"I see... place them on the bed toward the right, Kabuto."

"Yes Lord Orochimaru." Kabuto did as he was told.

"So that just leaves us with the Akimichi's kit." Orochimaru said walking toward his newest residents, both of them as fast asleep as the others.

"First the Namikaze kit, though he is the wrong one, he is still useful."

"My apologies, my lord."

"That is alright. Next the Uchiha kit, the second heir. Followed by the Aburame and Nara kits."

"I tried for the first but he was not there. I was lucky to get the second." Kabuto defended himself. "The other two kits were easy pickings."

"You count almost dying easy?" Orochimaru laughed as he picked up the Namikaze kit and began to pet him like a kitten. "We have the Yamanaka female, and Kaguya and Sabaku males."

"All three gave me a challenge but in the end they are all yours." Kabuto grinned.

"Finally we got the Inuzuka two weeks ago, and now we have the Hyuuga heir, however, since we're not sure which one it it, they will both do. Come Kabuto lets go plan our next capture."

"Yes my lord."


"My lord I'm sorry but I could not get the Akimichi pup."
"What!" Orochimaru yelled as he stood quickly from his chair.

"I was almost caught, the clan set a trap and I almost fell in it." Kabuto explained holding his side as blood slowly seeped through.

"Did you lead them here!" Orochimaru demanded.

"No Lord Orochimaru, but we should move just in case. I'm sure they have my scent now, and soon they could tie it to yours." Kabuto said ripping a curtain to tie his side.

"Yes. Come Kabuto."

Two hours later the house was empty.