One day, a young lady walked down the main street in her town. She was contemplating what to get her mother for Mother's Day, when she, by chance, passed a flower shop.

The lady looked up at the board displaying the business's name and instantly recognized it. She had heard good things about it. She heard the florist there was very helpful and no customer left empty-handed.

So, she opened the door and a bell jingled. Inside, the woman noticed how cheerful the interior was, and was shocked to find no flowers there except for sunflowers.

"Hello. Do you need any help?" A thick Russian accent said from behind her.

The lady jumped and turned around to find a man behind her. A very tall man, with silvery blonde hair and violet eyes. He looked friendly enough, but there was something about him that made the lady uneasy.

"Um… do you have any other flowers besides sunflowers?" the lady asked nervously.

The man smiled, but shook his head, saying, "нет, we only have sunflowers here. It is because sunflowers are the best flowers, да?"

The lady fidgeted with the hem of her shirt for a bit. Then, asked, "Are you sure? It's just that Mother's Day is coming, and I want to get my mother some of her favorite flowers, which are roses-"

"I would never sell roses. They are what you give to someone after they agree to marry you. You are not going to marry your мать, are you?" the man asked, wrinkling his nose.

"N-no! I would n-never ask my mom something like that!" the lady stuttered. She was seriously regretting coming into this crazy shop.

The man smiled again, "So will you buy some sunflowers for her?"

The lady felt sure it was time for her to leave. "N-no. Th-thank you for y-your help, though." The lady turned to leave, but felt a large hand on her shoulder. The man spun her around, looked straight into her eyes, and said, "You will buy some sunflowers, да?"

A strange, purple-colored aura intensified around him and a malicious light sparkled in his eyes. He smiled a twisted and crazed smile as he waited for his answer.

The lady was so terrified of the man that she babbled out an agreement. The aura quickly faded as the man grabbed a pretty, blue, ceramic vase filled with four sunflowers.

The lady quickly purchased them. As she scurried out of the shop, vowing that she would never return to "The Little Flower Shop of Horrors", as she so lovingly deemed it, the man called out cheerfully to her, "Come again soon!"

*~ Mother's Day morning ~*

"Happy Mother's Day!" the lady said happily as she carried in the vase. She tried very hard to hide the flowers for the few days after she had bought them, and she succeeded wonderfully.

"You bought me sunflowers?" her mother exclaimed. The lady nodded. Then, her mother said something the lady would've never expected.

"I love them! They are so beautiful!" The lady was dumbfounded. But she knew she couldn't tell her mother she had been forced into buying them. "They ran out of roses, so I bought these instead," she lied.

"Oh, I never really liked roses. I've actually loved sunflowers, ever since I was a girl," her mother explained, touching the crunchy brown face of one of the flowers.

The lady sighed and smiled a tired smile. "I'm glad you like them. Happy Mother's Day."

A/N: Another random and silly story. So, Russia owns a flower shop. Is that plausible? Maybe. This story is unbeta-ed and I will post the beta-ed version when I get it back. I, unfortunately, don't own Hetalia. I hope I kept Russia in character. Has anyone noticed that all the Hetalia stories I've written include one of the eastern European countries. The only country that wasn't eastern European countries that I've used is America. So, please enjoy and review~! Reviews actually make me spastically happy!

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