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this is a gaanaru fanfic!

warning! FEM NARU

disclaimer: i dont own naruto or any of the charaters, other then that, please enjoy

I watch the blood seep out of my now currently fucked up arm

the thoughts of whether the rain had stop washed away as my vision slowly, yet surely, leaves

as my body numbs, the pain in which is the only thing that tells me im alive is disapearing

I wonder whether my fucked up life is ending,

if I could lay here and die

withought a worry

withought another thought

with no more pain

was it really alright to stay?

have I really been through enough to say my life could end here?

just then, as I was about to give in and die, the image of naruto entered my mind

as soon as the blond angel I know and love popped into my head

I jumped up, ignoring the pain

once I stomped on to my left leg, over whelming

I glance at my leg and winced, where the fuck is the rest of it?

my eyes shot to the left and spotted a big chunk of meat,

luckily, it was in reach

as soon as I grabbed the meat, I limped towards the KNH hospital,

it wasn't very big, however, at this point I dont have an option

luck was at my side as my vision only started to cut once I got to the hospital doors,

once I entered, they all glared,

everything went blank, I knew I was yelling, yet I couldnt hear myself nor could I feel or control my yelling

everything just kept coming out, I dont even know what was

just then I started to regain my hearing


panting, I looked around, still in rains hospital, it was just a dream

I steady my heart

just then, a pink headed lady had entered

"remember anything, naruko?" sakura had asked rather sweetly, her smile seems so gentle and kind

"its amazing and rather scary that of all people, you could put on such a face"

my words were cheery and sweet like usual, as I smiled at her

the pinkettes face completely changed, she frowned and narrowed her eyes

"like you could talk, uzumaki"

her words were bitter and cold

I kept my smile on, and giggled "I have no idea what your talking about sakura, I only learned from the best"

she chuckled, as I giggled

"so, I heard you were moving to suna city" the pinkette spoke rather carlessly

"yeah, im moving tonight" I said, cutting my sweet act and sighed

"you finally cut the sweet bullshit, but the only thing that should be cut is your hair, how long are you going to grow it out for"

as she asked, I glanced at my long blond hair

after choosing which hair ties would be used, my hair was tied up into two pony tails on both sides of my head

she handed me a pair of clothes "here" she paused, then spoke yet again "I'll just marked it as 'regained no memo'"

I had waved her off, then changed

the mirrow reflected my image

I was wearing a black tight tank and skinnys which hugged me tightly, revealing the body I was proud of,

I was told that I had the perfect body many times, with my double DD chest and curves like no tomorrow, my ass was perfect sized,

not to big, not to small and I had a pair of nice legs

im not so vain about it as to brag about it, but I know that im good looking

I walked out of the hospital and sighed

heading towards nursery school to pick up naruto, I smiled, naruto, that blond little angel

no worries, sweet, kind, gentle, strong willed, straight forward, pure, puts others first, loveable, never smirks, only smiles, narutos never up to no good,

and narutos only five

as for me, im nothing more then a devil

mischievous, lies, rough, harsh, unmannered, a bitch, fruad, to strong willed, dirty'd, only puts naruto first, only smirks, always up to no good

so fucking rotten

I pulled out a cigarette and lit it with my zippo, im so depressing

as I pulled up to narutos school, I lit it out and waited patiently

when five minutes go by, my daze drives around the suroundings

this hell hole of a town wont be missed, I was actually going to go to high school, change my name, and re live my life

as a normal sixteen year old girl

"naru-nichan!" was what triggered my thoughts to wash away

just then, I hopped towards naruto, my little SISTER

I dont know why my mother wanted to name my little sister naruto, but its what she wanted

she hugged me tightly, as I bear hugged her back

when I put her down, I couldnt stand her cuteness

she had long blond wavy hair, beautifull ocean like eyes, already had size b chest, her curves were already showing up

but her ass was a bit flat, eventually it'd grow though

she was just to pretty for her age, it sucks that I have to leave her in the nurserys care

oh well, shes going to elementary school soon, school when we get to suna, its the end of the year, and im going to grade ten even though I never went to high school

I had home school from a pro named iruka

I couldn't wait any longer, neither could naruto

even though we were both really pretty, we were shuned by our town because of our father

but know were going to a city where no one knew us, this is going to be fun

before I left, my friends wanted to take me out one last time, some band named sandman,

apperantly the lead singer is amazingly hot and turned down many model deals,

we'll see about that,

theres also a lot of other bands and sandman is only playing once, and this is the end of their road trip and their going back to where they origonally lived

and their suppose to be real good

good thing iruka is willing to take naruto for one last night, were leaving at twelve tonight, sakura was saying she had to go study some sort of health thing

in suna, so this isn't the last of her

also, the people who im going with are ino, shino, shikamaru, and hinata

shikamaru is suppose to be going abroad the next city over suna, so hes going to visit every now and then

I had dropped naruto off, not used to going any where without her, but it was the last night with them, so I had to make it last

before I left, I had changed into one of my tightess low cut tank and black jeggens (almost like skinnys but thin and much more tighter)

shikamaru picked me up, then shino, then ino and we went to some place called the 'under life'

it was an under ground concert area,

ino had been complaining the hole time

I hadn't notice the man in front of me, I pumped into his hard chest and fell over

I had gasped and almost fell over, but someone grabbed my waist and held me up

my eyes fluttered open to see a red-headed boy infront of my, our faces a few inches apart,

my eyes were large as his stayed normal

he then pushed me on to the wall and smirked, he whispered into my ear

"becarful next time"

just as he was about to depart, I pulled his shirt and forced him back

this was the last time I was going to be here, so I might as well have fun and play around

this time, I pushed him againts the wall and grinded my body againts his

"sorry," I started off as sweetly as I could, then continued in a dirty tone "you were so hard my legs gave out" I practically moaned it in his ear

I smirked as a groan came from the red-head

my walk away was shaking my ass in a teasing manner,

I had heard a faint chuckle and a silent 'interesting'

ino had just laughed at the sceen before her

the two guys were obviously not used to my sexual behavior as they stood shock

"who was that guy? all I seen was locks of red hair!" ino screamed

"I dont know, but he was freakin hot" I said, turning red at my own actions

she giggled, "I wish I could hit as big as you!"

"oh come on ino, your amazing" I said, trying to cheer her up, still not knowing the reason why she was upset to begin with

a few songs played, and I got right infront of the stage, then they anounced that sandman was coming up next, everyone shouted even louder then before

as soon as the curtan opened, it surprised me to who was standing above,

the singer looked down at me, and smirked

haha, who knew

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