Dawn: February 3...Stillwater, Pennsylvania

There is no alarm clock that awakens Gibbs the next morning. Instead, it's the chirping of birds outside his bedroom window, and a bright sun peeking its way above pastel colored clouds. There are soft, steady breaths blowing across his chest, and the warm almost naked body of Tim McGee snuggled close to his left side. Gibbs absently strokes Tim's hair and smiles to himself. There's a weight that's been lifted from his shoulders. The curse or maybe enlightenment from the one day repeating itself has shown Gibbs that he's not alone in the world; he has a second chance to love and be loved.

Jack knocks softly on the door and Gibbs gently eases Tim to the other side of the bed as he gets up to talk to his dad. Jack peeks into the room as he asks,

"He gonna be alright son?"

Gibbs lets Jack in and leans on the doorjamb, and they both stand there watching Tim sleep as he softly replies, "Yeah dad, we both are."

The End