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My name is Chad Dylan Cooper. I'm a junior at Mountain Arts Prep High School. I have an amazing girlfriend named Penelope. I am the school's baseball team. Period. And I'm one sexy looking seventeen year old. If I may say so myself. My dad is a film director and my mom is the President of his studios. Sound like a match made, right? It is. And it's sickening. I picked Penelope up this morning in my silver Mercedes. She loved when I had the top down, so it was down. She's been my girlfriend for… two years. She's cute, smart, and gives it up most of the time I want. Or when she wants. Which is all of the time

"Hey handsome..." She gave me a chaste kiss

"Hello..." I smiled and pulled off from her house. We made our way to school on the freeway.

"Are you going to take me home after practice?"

"Don't I always" I shrugged, nodding at the same time

"My parents aren't going to be home"

"So that means…" YES!

"Mhm…" She giggled

"Great..." I smiled and kissed the back of her hand. I made a left, we were blocks away from the school "Your parents are never home"

"And I love having the house to myself. I do whatever I want. With whoever I want"

"Excuse me?" I laughed.

"I'm talking about you of course" A guy on an all black motorcycle pulled up in front of me. Not wanting to hit him, I slammed on the breaks, stopping short

"Shit..." I hissed in frustration. Nobody in California knows how to drive. They sped off in front of me at top speed. I made a right into the schools parking lot and parked in my usual spot. All my friends were leaning on their cars conversing about god knows what. Penelope and I got out, we were immediately greeted. I put my arm around her and leaned on the hood. I was talking to Grady my best friend since forever while my girlfriend was talking to Tawni.

"If we make it to series I will personally walk around with no shirt" I joked with Grady

"You do that anyway" He punched my arm. A roaring engine pulled up next to my car. I looked over and saw the guy from this morning

"Isn't that the one who cut you off earlier" Penelope whispered. I nodded. The guy turned off their bike and shoved the keys into their pocket. This person has to be new. I watched as he put the kick stand down and unclipped the helmet that covered his face. They pulled off the helmet and whoa. He's a she. Her dark brown hair cascaded down her back. She shook it out and turned to me, helmet under her arm. Her skin was the perfect shade of creamy ivory. Her eyes dark brown. She looked at me, smirking. She's fucking hot. I would do anything to get with her.

"You almost hit me earlier. Watch where you're driving" She spat and walked off. AND SHE HAS ATTITUDE! Oh my god

"Who is that?" Grady asked

"I have no idea" I gawked at the beautiful girl as she walked into the school. Penelope hit my cheek

"I'm standing right here" She exclaimed. I kissed her lovingly before taking her hand. Walking toward the school. That girl was hot


I'm one sexy seventeen year old with an amazing body. I love when people get surprised to see me, a girl, get off my bike. My dad taught me to ride when I was fifteen. But then he died. He slipped into a coma after hitting his head on the side of the pool. After four months of waiting for him to wake up, my mother told them to pull the plug. He has seven motorcycles each a different color. That's what he left me in his will. He gave the money to my mother. So here I am in Northern California. Walking into a school I don't want to be at. My mother got a promotional job out her. It's fucking great.

"Hello Ms. Monroe. Welcome to M.A.P. I'm your principal Mr. Sanders" M.A.P is a very shitty acronym

"Hi" I exhaled in boredom

"Here at Mountain Arts we maintain a average of a 'C' but that should be no problem since your transcript says you are a straight a student"

"Can I just have my schedule?" I swung my foot over the other. My black Dr. Martens made a small thud "If you want an 'A' student I need my schedule"

"Yeah" He pulled out a folder with my name on it and gave me a list of all my classes. According for to it. I'm late for trigonometry. I gave a small smile and stood up "Would you like someone to help you to your classes?"

"Not at all" I closed his door. Math was in room 427 and this campus is huge. I stared at the directory area in the middle and made a left "421... 425... 427" I thought about knocking but went in. The teacher looked happy to see me. The class didn't and I didn't give a fuck. I looked around and saw blonde everywhere. A certain blonde that almost hit me this morning's girlfriend. There are three brunettes including me. I walked up to the teacher, helmet still under my arm. "Do not call me Allison. My name is Sonny"

"Class this is Sonny. She moved here from Florida. Would you like to tell us about yourself?"

"No" I chuckled in disgust. I slowly made my way to the back of the class to an empty seat. Everyone watched as I placed my helmet down on the table and leaned against it.

"Okay..." She gestured for the people in my row to pass a worksheet back. "Now who can do this problem on the bored" No one raised their hand "Come on we did this all last week" Transferring in the middle of a semester is fun. I raised my hand "Ah... You know it"

"I have to use the bathroom" She sighed and shook her head

"Go ahead" She waved me off. I don't even know her name. As I made my way to the front of the class, with my helmet, I stared at the math problem. Doing it in my head.

"The answers 3. Once you take the x and replace it with four the f, x cancels out. There for making that answer 5. Five minus two equals three. Oh... Magic" I said sarcastically before I opened the door. I made my way around the huge campus, exploring. This school is way more elaborate and high class compared to my old school. The cafeteria is outside. Nice. But I won't be staying here for lunch.

"Shouldn't you be in class?" I turned around and saw the blonde that was very close to hitting me this morning. He was holding a baseball equipment bag. His blue eyes pierced through mine. He was tall and fit and prominent. He was gorgeous

"Shouldn't you?"

"You're new here?" He stepped closer to me

"No shit"

"No need for the language"

"No need for your presence" I crossed my arms

"Where did you transfer from?"


"Hm... Nice" Why is he still talking to me with all his gorgeousness.

"You have a name?"

"Nope" I turned and walked away from him. I promised myself no boys in this new school

"Everyone has a name" He sped up next to me

"I'm not everyone"

"I think you do"

"I don't care what you think"

"Don't you want to know the name of the person you cut off this morning?"

"Not really" I spotted the girls restroom. I pushed open the door and stared in the mirror. I looked like my mother and I had my fathers skin tone. Great. I heard the bell ring. I opened the door and the campus was flooded with kids sitting at the tables. Some leaning on their cars eating. I guess it's lunch. I'm going to get something. I briskly walked over to my bike and swung my leg over it. I walked it back, taking the keys out my pocket.

"You do know you can't leave for lunch?" I saw the girl Chad was with this morning. He was sitting on the trunk with his boys. I put my riding gloves on and shoved the key in the ignition. Looking at her, I put my hair in the helmet and snapped it shut. I lifted the visor. Revving the engine

"You do know I don't care?" I sped off out the parking lot. God... I hate it here.


I wanted to know her name. And her number. I wanted to get to know her. I watched her speed off out the lot. Damn she was hot

"She's so weird" I heard Tawni say to Penelope "I heard she transferred because she got out of Juvie" Juvie?

"Is that true?" I asked

"That's what I heard. She's in my trig class. A hard ass problem was on the board and she did the whole problem in her head. Then she walked out"

"What's her name?"

"Sonny Monroe" That's a pretty name. I chugged down my soda. I want her

"Dude... She rides a cycle" Grady exclaimed


"I don't think you understand how hot that is"

"Not so loud. My girlfriends right there"

"Sorry... But Chad"


"I want to bang her"

"Nice" I laughed shaking my head

"You telling me you don't want to?"

"I never said that" I laughed "I never said that at all"

"But you don't have to worry about that since you have Penelope"

"Yeah" I sighed. I had Penelope. Shit

"Does she still think you guys lost your virginity to each other?" I put my hand over his mouth. He chuckled and laughed

"Shush, man. She's right there"

"Sorry. Again"

"But she still does. She believes everything I tell her"

"I don't know how you do it" He dumped a bag of chips into his mouth. Penelope went to go get me another soda. I needed one and she was happy to get it. Can't complain about that



"Not at all. I rather opportunist"

"Opportunist my ass" He laughed "I'm going to get, Sonny" No dude

"No you're not" I want her "I call dibs"

"Did you really say dibs?"

"My fifth grade lingo still has use in this situation" He shook his head, snickering "Can't knock the dibs"

"Guess I can't. You suck" He threw his bag of chips at me, laughing. I threw them back. They scattered on the ground "You wasted my lunch"

"No… you threw your lunch at me. I simply tossed it back"

"You're a bitch man"

"I love the complements" I flipped him off. He rolled his eyes.

"Here, babe" My girl came back with a Sprite. I twisted open the cap and quickly drank half of it giving the other half to Grady.

"You love everything…"

"No I don't. I hate shellfish" He narrowed his eyes, pushing me off my car

"That's not what I meant" I heard the roaring engine rip through the parking lot. I then saw Sonny on it. She pulled back into her spot next to mine, McDonalds in her hand. All of us around my car were quiet, waiting to see what happens. She turned her head slowly too us; you couldn't see her eyes because of the black visor that was on her helmet.

"Staring is the highest form of flattery" She took her helmet off and placed it under her arm, bag in her other hand

"Nobody was staring" Tawni laughed

"You damn near broke your neck trying to look at me, blondie"

"Where did you learn to ride?" Grady asked, stepping closer. I definitely called dibs, didn't I? She just stared at him, then shook her head

"Are you going to answer his question?" Tawni asked, again she shook her head "Or mine" No again. Penelope had that envious look on her face. I held back a laugh and put my arm around her

"Wow… you're a bitch" Penelope said, Sonny scoffed and smiled. Her smile was amazingly beautiful. My eyes followed her up and down. They stopped at her wrists. She has one tattoo saying 'stay' on the other wrist it says 'strong'. Nice

"Ah… the insults… I love them. Keep them coming. Usually when a person insults you, which mean they're jealous. Are you jealous?" She didn't answer she just glared

"Why are you here?" Tawni asked rudely

"The same reason you're here" Sonny sadistically smiled and walked off "Oh wait… no" She turned around, starting back to us "I'm here because I have to come to school. You're here to blow most of the male population on the teams. So… actually, I'm not here for the same reason you are" She swiftly turned on her heels, walking away. I damn near snorted as I laughed. Tawni shot me a look. I instantly shut my mouth

"Such a bitch" Penelope muttered and grabbed her bag from the back seat "And you laughed" She sneered at me. I looked at her confused

"It was funny…" I can't laugh?

"Ugh…" She pushed my arm off her and quickly walked off with Tawni. Here we go. I call her name about three-four times, she stops and meets me halfway, I say sorry, we kiss and make up. Same shit every week

"Penelope!" I called following her. She didn't turn around. That was one "Penelope!" Her walking slowed. That's two "Penelope" She stopped. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. "I'm sorry…" Wait for it…

"…It's okay" She turned and kissed me slowly. And that's how the cookie crumbles


I watched as the gorgeous blonde made up with his girlfriend, while munching on my French fries. I had my iPod in my lap, listening to 30 seconds to mars. They stood there as they kissed. As revolting as that was, I used to have something like that. Then I moved. I put my feet up on the empty table I was sitting at. I grabbed my cup and sipped the cold Pepsi. I hate this fucking school. There's no one like me here. But then again… I'm not even making an attempt. I watched Penelope walk off. I know that smile he had on his lovely face. It was a 'this bitch is gullible' smile. He turned and eyed me down. I continued eating the salty fries as he made his way over to me. He sat down. Why? Leave!

"Enjoying your lunch?" He pulled one of the head phones out of my ear. I hate when people do that.

"It's delicious"

"It's McDonalds"

"Sure is"

"What's a pretty girl like you doing on a dangerous bike?"

"What's a boy like you doing sitting here?"


"Obviously. You're girlfriends got you on a tight leash"

"It's the other way around. You didn't answer my question"

"Figure it out"

"Answer the question" Was he demanding me?

"I don't have to answer shit" I rolled my eyes, he smirked

"May I see your schedule?"

"No you may not" He sighed and grabbed my bag from besides me "Hey!" I tried to take it back. He opened it up and pulled out the medium sized card my classes were organized on

"A.P. Chemistry, second period, with me" Shit. I have classes with him "A.P. English, seventh period, with me. Oh… P.E…. now… with me. I'm Chad by the way. You are?"

"Leaving. I'll have those classes changed by tomorrow" I snatched my bag and schedule from him, standing up

"Aw… you hurt my feelings, Sonny" Damnit… he knows my name now

"I don't give a fu-"

"Language" He mocked a gasp

"Fuck" I smiled. He grinned shaking his head. Gah! Stop it. I turned away from him. I found the gigantic gymnasium. The coach gave me a uniform. Red, white and black? Don't most schools have these colors? The shorts were skimp, the shirt was huge and I don't have sneakers. Guess the boots will do. I followed most of the girls in the locker room. They were so prissy and giggly. I almost threw up. They watched me as I got changed. So I quickly rushed out of there, shirt halfway on. The shorts came four inches above my knee. Wonderful. Fucking wonderful

I pulled up in my garage later that evening. My father's bikes lined up in a row. I smiled at the dark blue one. It was my favorite. It was the one my father used to ride all the time. I covered them up for the night so they won't get dusty. I walked into the massive house my mother bought us. My room is the size of six master bathrooms. She was sitting in the kitchen with a bottle of wine and some papers.

"Hey honey… how was your first day?"


"Language" She corrected me

"Shitty…" I grinned

"Watch your shitty language" I laughed at her comeback "Anyways… did you meet new people?"

"I hate it here"

"Did you try to meet new people?"

"No. I sat by myself. And I enjoyed it"

"Any cute boys at you're school?" She suddenly asked. I scoffed

"No" Yes

"How are your classes?"

"Long and boring" I chuckled lowly. That sounded dirty. Wow I'm immature

"Sounds fun…" She brought the red liquid to her lips.

"Bye" I ran up the stairs to my room. I threw myself on the bed and shoved my head into my pillow "DAMNIT!" I screamed. I fucking hate this place with a passion. I cried into the pillow a little but sucked it up. I kicked off my boots, bracelets and socks. The only good thing about this place… is that my fathers bikes came with us. I had to beg my mother to let me take them. If she didn't… all hell would've broke loose


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