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EPILOUGE (four years later)


As I stepped off the plane at JFK airport, it was all too familiar. The international travelers already taking pictures because JFK is so beautiful and they want to take in every moment of New York. Not really. Announcements being made over the intercom, TSA riding around keeping things in check. I threw my carry on over my shoulder and headed towards baggage claim. I graduated three weeks ago from Oxford third in my class. I was proud of it. My school managed to let me record a demo CD so when I come back here I can just go to labels answer if they want to sign me. I'm not going to California, there's nothing there for me. Chad lives in New York since he got drafted to the Yankees two days after he graduated. Damn, he has it made. Baseball is too easy for him. It's like his natural talent.

I grabbed all three of my bags and placed them on a luggage cart, pushing them out into a taxi line. Portlyn and Derek also live in New York. She had convinced him to stay with her. She left Craig after she realized that she liked Derek a whole lot more. Go figure. Daniel is still my very good friend and I talk to him almost every weekend. Taylor had a baby boy that she named Ryan. She and Michael are on good terms and also lived in New York. When one moves, everyone moves. The boxes from England was shipped over to my moms house in California where she found a single, free man. The address I was going to was Chad's parents house, I didn't know the address to his house so I might as well surprise him there. The taxi ride wasn't short but it wasn't long either. His parents lived in a massive house in long island. I paid the man and he helped me take my bags to the front steps. I rung the bell and immediately felt loved when four year old Ryan opened the door.

"Auntie Sonny!" He squealed and wrapped his arms around my legs. He only calls me "auntie" because Taylor thinks it's polite for a little kid that's well apart of the family to be called aunt. I laughed and bent down, kissing the top of his head

"You got so big" I smiled and ran my fingers through his golden hair "What are you doing opening the door?" I teased

"I don't know" He laughed and tried to grab my suitcase "Are you staying for good this time?" He barely moved my suitcase an inch.

"I think so" I replaced my hand with his and pushed my suitcase in one at a time

"What did I tell you about opening the door?" I heard Mrs. Coopers voice come down the stairs. I smiled and waved "Sonny!" She exclaimed, rushing to me and hugging me tightly. I chuckled and hugged her back "How are you?"

"I'm fine, thanks" She let go of me and sized me up

"You look great. How'd you celebrate your twenty first birthday?"

"I drank"

"Of course. You picked up on the accent, I see. It's very light though" She drawled out and pointed to the kitchen "Seth, Taylor and Jack are in the kitchen" I nodded and motioned to my bags. "Don't worry about those, Chad will move them later"

"Where is your son anyway?"

"He went to the store do get some juice for the house. He should be back any minute. Come, come say hi to everyone" She and I walked into the kitchen together. Taylor smiled at me before pulling me into a hug

"How are you?"

"Fine, thanks" I laughed and moved down the line to Mr. Cooper "Hey, Mr. Cooper" I held my hand out but he's getting better with the hugs. He smiled when he let go and leaned on the counter "...last but not least..."

"Sonny!" He exclaimed and pulled me into a hug. "I haven't seen you in six months"

"Yeah, you're crushing me" I squeezed out with a breathless laugh. He let go of me and a whole breath of air ran through me "How are you guys?"

"Nothing new" Taylor said as Ryan ran through the kitchen and to the fridge "I mean, New York is... different. You look great" She gestured to my fitted white short sleeve V-neck and blue jeans that went into my boots. Nothing about my body changed except my breasts. My body is still curvy but slim like it was in high school.


"How was graduation? It sucked that no one could make it but I'm sure you did great" Jack stated. I nodded and leaned on the opposite counter

"Yeah, third in my graduating class"

"Damn, there's someone smarter than you?" Seth folded his arms and smirked

"Were you sad?"

"No, not at all" I narrowed my eyes at the silver band on Seth's ring finger. What? When did he get engaged? "You settled down?"

"I... might've"

"To who?"

"Who else, Sonny? Who have I've been seeing for years now?"

"Aw... you proposed to Chloe" I badgered and slapped his chest "How sweet" I pinched his cheeks and laughed

"Yeah, yeah" He deadpanned with a smile

"So where is she?"

"She is in California with her family for two weeks"

"And you- her fiancé- didn't go? Why not?"

"Her dad..." He trailed off

"Still" I chuckled and pushed my hair back. Yeah, still a habit "But you're marrying her. Does he at least know that part?"

"No because Seth's stupid..." His mother drawled out

"Sounds like you need to grow a pair and stand up to him" I said. He flipped me off and stayed quiet

"I plan on telling him when I leave next week to meet her"

"Oh... and how did she plan on keeping her engagement a secret?"

"By not wearing the ring" He scoffed out. The front door opened and then closed at the end of Seth's statement.

My heart did a flip and my stomach twisted in a full knot. I'm in America for good and I haven't seen Chad in six months. Shit, I didn't realize how much I missed him. All the Coopers eyes were on me, which was awkward. Chad is more... protective if anything. I mean, despite the three inches he grew over time and the much more prominent jaw and muscles, he's like a guard over me. The first time I went back to California he said that I sounded depressed over the phone- which I wasn't- my voice was hoarse from singing so much and I was missing him. That's all. He had checked my wrists for any form of self harm. He doesn't like when I get sick and he's not there. He definitely doesn't like when my voice gets hoarse and he's not there. He's very... protective like I said.

He walked into the kitchen and slowed to a stop. His eyes locking on me. I looked at him with a smirk. Those eyes, my favorite thing to look at. God, those eyes. He placed the bag on one of the counters and folded his arms. Those hands, that smile, just him in general. Fuck, I want him. I mean, I always want him but I want him touching me, kissing me. He made my heartbeat rapidly and my stomach release major butterflies

"When did you get back?" His deep voice ran through me, making me fight a smile. It became deeper over time and it definitely melted my panties

"Today... obviously" I spat of softly "Did you miss me, Cooper?"

"Excuse me?"

"Did. You. Miss. Me, Cooper?" He still hated when I called him by his last name. He strode over to me and kissed my cheek before nuzzling my ear

"Yes, I did and now say goodbye to the family because you are coming with me... pun intended" He whispered. He took too steps back with my hand in his and started pulling me towards the door "Bye, Sonny missed you guys. She might see you tomorrow" Chad announced to his family. I looked back and shrugged

"If she even gets a chance to put clothes on" I heard Seth mumble and Taylor giggle. I glared at him before realizing he was right. Chad moved extremely fast. My bags were in his car within three minutes and he sped on the highway to his house. He lived in L.I. also but his house was much more extravagant. The Yankees must pay him well. I waited until he opened the door when my eyes lit up. Holy shit, this place is... amazing.

"How was your flight?"

"Boring" Is he really going to ask me about my flight when I'm standing here ready for... him

"That sucks..." He chuckled "Well, I'm glad you're back" I couldn't take it anymore. I watched him head toward one of the rooms on the first floor. What the hell? I headed toward him, walking behind him in the house. He turned around swiftly, pushing me against the wall by my hips and pressing his lips to mine "You just couldn't wait, could you?"


"I had something to show you but... I guess it'll have to wait" He placed his lips over mine and swept me up off my feet bridal style. He carried me up the steps and placed me down on my feet before smirking.

"So…smug" I teased lightly

"It's definitely going to have to wait" He murmured, while I pushed his shirt off and dropping it to the floor. He quirked an eyebrow before he lifted me by my hips and dropped me in the middle of the bed. Six whole months without sex is frustrating. When you're alone and have to resort to using your hand to get off, it isn't that satisfying. Even if Chad and I found the time to have phone sex, it still wasn't satisfying enough. Chad crawled over me and kissed me roughly, moving down to my neck and his hands finding their way into my ruined panties and slipping a finger inside my wet core

"Oh…" I moaned out. He practically tore off my shirt and tossed it to the floor carelessly. His hand trailed up my side and cupped my breast, massaging the mound through my bra. I dragged my nails down his bare back softly, stopping at his jeans. I fumbled with the silver button, finally getting it undone and kicking them down with my feet. I wrapped my hands around his member, stroking him evenly. He trembled out a breath before kissing my lips

"Shit…" He hissed in my mouth. I didn't stop even though he withdrew his fingers. Chad froze and pushed himself up fully on his hands. My jeans were pulled off at his movement along with my panties "You're so damn beautiful…" He growled, assaulting my neck with his mouth.

"God, just please…" I groaned out, fisting his hair when he grinded his erection on my core. He reached over in his dark brown nightstand and pulled out a silver foil package. I waited for him to roll it on and get himself comfortable. The sheets were definitely a mess and we were tangled in them. He situated himself at my opening and kissed me again

"Six months…"

"Six long months without you" I panted as he ran the head of his member up and down my aching slit. He was doing it to tease me. He knows I don't like being teased at all. "Chad…"

"Say it"

"You say it first" I wrapped my legs around him and rolled us over so that I was straddling him. I was in control now "I want to hear you say it"

"What do you want me to say?" He breathed out huskily as I held his length into my hand and slowly started sliding down onto him. I bit my lip as he stretched me until I was all the way down "Holy shit…" He dropped his head on the pillow underneath him

"You want me…" I taunted, placing my hands on his chest to steady myself. God, he feels good. He lifted his hands and rested them on my ass "Say it, Cooper. How bad… do you want me?"

"So fucking bad, baby. I'm losing my mind and I'm definitely going to make you say my name if you don't move" He said in a strained moaned. I smirked and pushed my hair out of my face.

"That's not good enough" I rolled my hips a little and listened to him groan. One of his hands lifted off my ass and came down with a smack. He just… spanked me. Surprisingly, I'm extremely turned on. He just went from amazing to fucking extraordinary.

"Sonny… you have to move" He bucked his hips, making me shriek from the sudden pleasure "Move" He demanded, sending lust filled tingles down my spine. I rolled my hips completely and shuddered from the feeling. I moved faster, pressing my hips into his harder. His hands moved to my waist as I rode him, my hands resting on his toned chest.

"Oh…" I moaned softly, he dropped both his hands and moved them to my wrists. He pulled on them, making me fall on top of him; our bodies flush against each other. I grinded on his length faster, gritting my teeth together and squeezing my eyes shut. I listened to the sounds I'm making him make. It was a loud groan in my ear that made the knots in my stomach grow tighter. "Chad..."

"Shit, Sonny…" He grunted and matched my every thrust. I blindly found his lips and kissed him passionately. His fingers wove through my hair and rested there, keeping my mouth to his "Fuck…" He breathed onto my lips. I inwardly grinned and bounced on his lap lightly. He guided my movements by wrapping his arm around my waist. He filled me to the hilt, knowing how I felt at this moment.

"Ch-Chad" I drawled out as I felt my release nearing. I grinded harder on top of him, dropping my head beside his and feeling his chest heave into mine as he breathed the same ragged breath I did. Unexpectedly, he flipped us over- without ever pulling out- and pounded into me. "I… Oh…" I laid under him with my legs wrapped around his waist; causing him to go deeper. He placed one hand on my side and the other holding himself up. "Chad!" I moaned out loudly. The knot was pulled apart instantly. I saw stars and sparks as I came hard around his member. I trembled underneath him, clutching his forearms. He still thrusted into me throughout my high, making it feel like I was never going to come down from it.

"Ah fuck… Sonny" He grunted before slowing his movements and tensing up. He came hard into the rubber as my walls still squeezed around him. I slowly started coming back from oblivion, finding my proper breathing pattern. He soon calmed down after me. I breathed deeply and reached up to his face, stroking his cheekbone with my thumb. He leaned down and kissing me lovingly, taking his time. I enjoyed the feeling on his lips on mine. It reminded me why I actually came back. He pulled back and grew a smile "Welcome home…" I smiled back and brought him down for another kiss.

I'm in complete heaven. Chad... is... Chad. Chad is... my amazing, loving, boyfriend. My life is content and I don't want to be any place else but here. It wasn't the same when I would wake up in Oxford and not have his arms around me or not being forced out of bed. I didn't have that feeling on his hands on me when I woke up.

"Sonny..." I heard a murmur and moved my head. I didn't want to wake up, not yet. I wanted to lay here in his bed just because I was where I belonged. I knew the sun was peeling through his curtains and over my sheet covered body. A weight was on top of me and his arms wove under my back, pulling me up toward him. Despite me being naked from last night's rendezvous, I felt all tingly inside "Baby..."


"I have something to show you..." He grazed his lips along my collarbone lightly before placing a kiss right above it.

"What is it?" I reached up and rubbed his short blonde hair


"I just want to lay here... with you" I felt him smile against my skin before actually hearing the chuckle.

"Trust me, I plan on doing that. I plan on making love to you for hours but I really want to show you" He responded softly "Besides, there's breakfast downstairs"

"You made breakfast?"

"No, my nutritionist did" Nutritionist?

"Are you that high maintenance that you have a nutritionist?" I grinned and opened my eyes a little

"No, he was sent to me by the Yankees fitness and health managers. Everyone of us has one"

"So, show me later. I'm sure it'll have the same effect on me"

"Nope, now" He pulled me out of bed with him and held me close by my waist "I don't think I can ever get tired of waking you up in the morning"

"Hm, then you can do that every morning in plenty of... different ways"

"How about I wake you up... with a kiss..." He kissed me slowly "...then let my hands slide down. Every. Single. Curve. Of your body..." He trailed his hand that wasn't around my waist around my breasts, then my sides, stopping right above my mound "...followed by more of these..." He kissed down to my neck, then making his way back up to my lips "...ending... here" He dipped two fingers between my folds, making my nails press into his shoulder

"I-I wouldn't mi- fuck" I cried out softly as he thrusted his fingers inside me.

"Wouldn't mind what?" He chuckled in my ear. I grinded against his hand, creating the friction I craved "You wouldn't mind me doing this?"

"Chad..." I breathed out, dropping my head onto his shoulder and wrapping my arms around his neck

"Then... I'll add with..." He pressed his thumb down on my bundle of nerves lightly. My body arched into his and my heart raced. God, he's fucking amazing.

"Oh, don't stop" I gritted my teeth as he backed us up until the back of my knees hit the bed. I fell back with him hovering over me. "C-Chad..."

"What, baby?"

"I c-" My walls milked his fingers tightly, making my hips rise off the bed and into his. I saw stars just off his fingers. What he does with all of him... is even better. I came down off my high and breathed through my nose. He smiled and kissed me shortly

"Good morning, Sonshine"

"Good morning..." I breathed out heavily and felt him pull his fingers out. He placed them in his mouth and sucked them clean before I kissed him again

"Now come downstairs so I can show you..." I nodded hazily before getting up after him and throwing on his shirt from yesterday. His shirtless torso and basketball shorts covered lower half kept my eyes locked. He's really fucking toned. We walked through the house and stopped in front of a large white door. We stared at it for a moment before I turned my eyes to him.

"What is it?"

"A door"

"No, shit" I slapped his shoulder and crossed my arms "What's behind it?"


"Nothing is going to scare me or kill me, right?"

"No" He scoffed out in a laugh

"So wha-?"

"Why don't you go and find out?" He kissed my temple before walking off in the direction of the kitchen, I guess. Whats behind door number one? I pushed open the door and turned on the light switch on the wall. Holy shit! I swore I was never going to see these again. All seven of my bikes, clean and painted lined in a row. My father's bikes were in front of me. How? When? I beamed a smile and fought back a squeal. He- Chad... He got my bikes back and kept them. I stepped into the garage and slowly made my way to them. I ghosted my hands over the seats and then over handle bars. He got my bikes back and kept them... for me. I forgot how the seats felt and how the handle bars were. I missed them entirely too much. My feet moved before I could comprehend where I was going. I saw Chad drinking a glass of orange juice at the table across from the kitchen. He placed the glass down, leaned back in his chair and smiled.


"A week after you first left for Oxford"


"We bought them back"


"They're yours and your fathers. I couldn't let you give that away" I padded over to him and situated myself on his lap, crossing one leg over the other.

"Thank you..." I exclaimed happily and hugged him tight "...so, so, so much" I placed a kiss on his cheek and pulled back "Why didn't you tell me earlier? Like when I first came back to California"

"I didn't want to tell you because… it counts as a graduation gift"

"Chad, thank you so much..." I said. He nodded and draped his arms around my lower half "The best gift ever" I kissed his cheek again and exhaled

"You're welcome..."

"Seriously... I can't believe you did that"

"It was for you. I'd do anything for you" I got my bikes back. Well, Chad got my bikes back. All of them. I haven't ridden in four years. I hope I didn't forget how. I probably didn't, you never forget how to ride a bike.

"How should I... repay you?" I said lowly

"You can just stay here... with me"


The manager of the Yankees personally came to see me at USC and offered me a ten year contract with them. I couldn't refuse because my father said yes before I did. College, it was great. Despite the fact that I only saw Sonny... two months out of the year and she only would stay for four days. Nothing had died out with us. At all. The communication part of her being away was strong. We couldn't go three days without talking to each other and if we did the conversation would destroy our phone bills. I was happy she went for her. Even though I would lose my mind when she sounded sad. I didn't know if she was close to her last resort but she hadn't at all. Whenever her voice was hoarse I knew she was pushing herself to hard. I'm happy she's back for good. I feel like nothing is wrong in my life now. I can wake up with the one I love in my bed.

Sonny was sitting on my lap in front of the table. I never forgot how beautiful she was all the time and I never ever forgot how amazing it sounded when she moaned out my name. My name and no one else's. She came back from Oxford yesterday and all I could do is just imagine her in my bed; making us both realize how bad we missed each other. No one on the team understood why I wasn't dating anyone since I was twenty two but I couldn't. There was no one like Sonny, no one could ever compare. No one could compare to this sexy brunette sitting on my lap with my shirt and no underwear on underneath it.

"You can just stay here... with me" I murmured on her smooth shoulder.

"I love you... so much"

"I love you too... more than you can imagine"

"Will do, Cooper" She cupped my face and softly kissed me. I smirked at the sound of her calling me by my last name. No one does that but her. If they do call me by my last name it's 'Mr. Cooper'

"But on the other hand..." My fingers made a long path down her legs before going back up. She smiled and cocked an eyebrow. "...whatever you choose is fine with me"

"What would you like, Mr. Cooper?"

"Hm… what would I like?"


"I would like… you"

"You already have me"


"Yeah, honestly"

"Honestly…" I stood up with her in my arms and placed her on her feet. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a deep red velvet square box and lowered down onto one knee. Yeah, I'm proposing to her. I thought about doing it for two years now. I just never found the right moment to do it. Now seems perfect. I never thought about being married to anyone when I was younger but Sonny changed everything about me. When I say everything... I mean every last thing.

"C-Chad" She stuttered out and pushed her hair back "W-What?"

"Sonny Rae Monroe, my beautiful girlfriend of five years, you don't know how much you mean to me…"

"Oh my god…" She breathed out lowly

"…you're amazing in every way possible and I can't imagine life without you. I just want to spend it with you. Sonny, will you marry me?" I opened the box and watched the expression on her face. She was chewing on her bottom lip and showing a small smile. I heard her exhale forcefully and giggle lightly, her smile growing into a full blown one. Her smile made me happy.

"Yeah… yes" She squeaked out. I beamed a smile and took the ring out of the box. I slid it onto her left ring finger and stood up. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pecked her lips. She rested her arms around my neck and hugged me tight. Sonny Cooper, yeah, that sounds… amazing.


(Seven Years Later)

"Baby, look... It's daddy's turn" I pointed at the diamond from the seats that were literally right behind the padded walls. She jumped out of her seat next to mine and wore the kid's version of her father's jersey proudly. Our dirt bike loving, softball playing daughter.

"Go, Daddy!" She screamed all too loud for a four year old. Her dark brown locks and blue eyes had a little bit of both of us in her. He's just too happy that he has a daughter. He comes home to his "two favorite, beautiful girls every evening" He plays for the Yankees and I got signed to Hollywood records and I only work on Chad's off season so we can all be together and not travel around "Go, Uncle Grady!"

"Boo! Yankees suck!" A group of men about three rows away from us screamed. They were obviously Red Sox fans. Sophia turned around and yelled at them

"Shut up! That's my daddy's team and he's gonna kick your teams butt!" Yeah, she was definitely my daughter. There was no denying that. Chad swung at the ball and it was out of the park. She and I both clapped happily and cheered him on. The crowd cheered at the home game because the Yankees were now winning because of him. Sophia cheered loudly along as I pulled her up onto my hip. We both gave him his props as he stepped onto home.

"He did it for you" I played in her ear. He waved to us with a smile before going into the dugout. On the jumbo screen was 'Happy Birthday, Sophia Cooper' She read it aloud and waved when the screen changed to show her in my arms. She waved at the camera and blew a big kiss to it with both her hands.

Yeah, she's definitely her father's child.


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