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Josef and Emerald chat idly as she watches him cook. She always loves to watch people cook and it is probably because she could never cook very well herself. Josef, of course, probably had many, many, years of practice under his belt. She is almost tempted to ask where he had learned so many techniques, but decides against it. He never seemed to like to talk about his past. When they had first met he had drawled on about how being a vampire was not the most extravagant lifestyle in the world, despite how he lived his life. She finds herself falling back into the memory of when they first met.


"This is my friend, Emerald." Mick stands halfway in between the two he is now introducing. Mick's hand lies on Josef's shoulder as he grudgingly holds his hand out for the girl to shake. He will never understand what Mick sees in these humans, especially this one. She looks no more then nineteen, maybe even twenty. Her hand wraps around his and she gives it a hardy shake, a smile on her face.

"Nice to meet you." She finally speaks, her smile unwavering as she releases his hand. "Mick talks about you all the time." She gives Mick a shove at the mention then turns back to him, "You're Josef, right?"

"That's me." He replies blandly before turning back around and sliding back into his chair.

"Anyways," Mick rubs his brow; Josef can be quite unsettling when he wants to. Despite being in a position of power, Josef never really liked to meet new people. "I need you to watch Emerald for a couple days. She got mixed up in some stuff with Beth and she could be in trouble if she's left alone. I have my hands full with watching over Beth right now and I was wondering if—"

"I'll do it. Whatever – get out of her and back to Beth." Josef doesn't look up from his papers as his hands work daftly to sift through them. Mick turns to Emerald with a smile and gives her a brief hug.

"Don't worry; he'll warm up to you eventually." Mick tells her with a pat on the shoulder. Emerald gives him a small nod and says her goodbyes as he walks out the door. She turns around to face Josef, allowing her eyes to wander around the office. The walls are a dark gray color with lighter shades for stripes and the carpet a lighter shade. The furniture is black, along with the desk. There is a few chairs scattered about. One swivel chair, the one Josef is currently sitting in, and one rather comfortable chair seated in front of the desk. She sits criss cross in the chair in front of his desk and leans forward.

"Is there something you need?" Josef asks with a heavy sight, his looks to meet her eyes. He finds himself unblinking as their eyes lock together. Her eyes are the brightest shade of green he had ever seen and if he had not been so grumpy earlier he would compliment them. He takes a moment to look her over, as she has not said anything. Her hair, which he guesses reaches halfway down her back, is pulled up in a messy bum and strands of hair fall around her face. She's wearing a baggy sweatshirt, some ripped up old jeans, and if he recalls correctly some black converse. Looks like Mick had woken her up in the middle of the night.

"Nothing." She replies with a shake of her head. "Is that all your going to do? Paperwork?" His eyes roll to the side, unamused with her question.

"Yes, that's my job." He rubs the bridge of his nose. This is going to be a long night. He had actually planned on sleeping tonight as well but that is out of the question now. "Why does Mick always have to dump these kinds of things on me?" He groans inwardly and Emerald wrinkles her nose out him.

"Sorry, I'm such an inconvenience to you." She grumbles, throwing her hands in the air, "It's not like I want to be here either!" Mick had yanked her out of at exactly four am and demanded she get dressed. Sleepily, she had complied and pulled herself together. She had barley been awake when he explained exactly why she couldn't stay at home but she understood enough to know that wherever she was going she would be safe.

"Understandable." Josef nods slightly before returning his eyes to the work on his desk. He hears her let out a huff but besides that she is silent for quite some time. Emerald taps away at her phone, sending angry texts to Mick. Josef's eyes lift slowly, watching as Emerald's brows furrow angrily. "Are you alright over there?" He restrains himself from chuckling as her eyes shoot up at his, then immediately back down.

"Is there a coffee shop around here or something?"

"It's around the corner." He motions with a flick of his wrist.

"Rude. Aren't I your guest?" She mutters under her breath before sliding out of the chair and out of his office. Josef's thoughts return to his paper work, flipping through the pages carefully but quickly. Paperwork has always been the most troublesome of his job, but this girl is trying his patience. A soft thud alerts him that she had returned. He looks up only slightly to have a steaming mug shoved in his face.


"Coffee?" Josef offers Emerald a cup, holding it out for her. She grasps it in her hands, thanking him silently with a smile.

"Sorry." She apologizes quietly, "I was lost in thought."

"I don't blame you." He speaks, his back turned away from her. He flips what she guesses is pancakes and pours more mix into the pan. Luckily, with his back turned, she can blush in peace. He doesn't know what she was actually thinking about him. "Regular syrup?" He asks as the last of the pancakes finishes.

"Yes." She replies quietly, sipping at the coffee clasped in her hands. She hopes that the pancakes are as good as this coffee. Maybe she would come around more often then. Soon a plate is in front of her and Josef beside her in the seat next to her. It is quiet, and nice, as she eats. He didn't say anything and she is glad he doesn't. He knows that she needs some sort of normalcy in her life, because from what he can guess, there has not been much of that lately.

"Are you alright?" He questions, his voice soft and his arms are stretched in front of him. She munches on the pancakes, almost to avoid the question. Her eyes are glued to food on the plate as she ponders.

"Yeah." She admits after a moment. Through the months, she had been with Wade, through the physical and mental abuse she had gone through so many people had asked her the same question. For once, she actually means it. She's safe. There will not be any more bruises or mental abuse. She feels safe. "Thanks, Jo."

"Don't mention it." He places a hand around her and pulls her towards him. She falls into him effortlessly, wrapping her arms around his stomach.

"What would I do without you?" She mutters into his. He squeezes her softly as a small smile grows on his face.