I do not own House of Wax, cuz if I did you could bet that the Sinclair twins would not have died.

"You freak!" Bo yelled towards his younger twin brother, Vincent, "Come and eat already, you know just because you are a freak does not mean that you and not allowed to come and eat. Now come before I change my mind."

Vincent was slowly walking up the stairs, after the house and all his work had burned down he was never the same. He refused to work most of the time, he did not kill along with his siblings, he was dead for a better lack of words. As he the top of the stairs he was greeted by the face's of his older brothers. Lester was offering him some deer, while Bo was just mumbling under his breathe something that he could not catch. He walked over to the ridge and took out some milk and went to the table to eat some ceral.

"Vincent you know that you should start to sculpute again, am pretty sure that mom would want you too." Lester was talking to his brother, he was trying to encourage Vincent. However, ever time that he was begining to help him get better, Bo always crashed him down.

Vincent was just staring, he was listening, he had also wished that he could talk and have a full face. So why should I? Just so that it can be burned down again. Vincent was always constantly thinking, but it was to no use, no body ever tried to listen to what he had to say. The truth was that he could talk, but only in a low, scratchy, and whisper type voice. He was truly ashamed of his voice, so he never spoke. Instead, he just nodded.

"Good, I will go down later so that you can do your dog." Lester was smiling, his gaps was showing, he really wanted for Vincent to be happy.

"I just wanted to ask if you would like to come so that we can go get those two cute girls that are just camping up the road." Bo finally cut in.

Vincent did not response nor did he nod. The truth was the he really did not want to kill, he never did, but Bo always told him that is what mother had wanted. So he followed, after all Bo was his older brother, and he could talk and be able to defend him. He loved his older brothers.

With those words both Bo and Lester left the house in search of the two girls.

-Down the Road-

"You see I told you that camping would not be so bad right?" Spencer was telling her best friend, Quin. Spencer was beginning to put her stuff away. The 23 almost 24 year old was standing next to her best friend, Spencer was about average height, with light blue eyes, shoulder length dark brown hair, and was also very curvy.

"At least now you will shut up about me coming camping with you." Quin was telling her best friend. Quin was a week older than Spenc as she called her. She had light green eyes, with dark brown hair that almost hit her waist, she was also curvy but not as much as Spencer. The difference was that unlike Spencer, Quin loves to show off her body, to everyone. "It was really fun though."

"Hey there ladies." Bo said as he walked up to in front of the girls. "I was just wondering if you can just give me a ride back to my house, you see my car broke down, I live just a short while form here."

"Yeah sure thing." Quin said before she even talked to Spencer about letting his strange man into there car. The truth was the she found him kind of hawt.