I don't own the House of Wax. Sadly, however, it is an awesome moive. On with the story.

"Vincent, where are we going?" Spencer asked as Vincent held her eyes closed.

"Do not talk." Vincent replied. He had made her a beautiful sculpture, when she was sleeping. "Open."

Spencer opened her eyes to the most beautiful thing; it was a sculpture of her. "Wow it is beautiful. Did you do this?"

Vincent was smiling on his inside. "Yes. Do you like it?"

"Of course, wow is so shocked. When did you do this?"

"When were you sleeping. Sorry."

"Don't say that, it beautiful, it is an honor to have been sculpted by you."

"You are welcome. Are you hungry?"

"Why yes, I was actually going to ask you if have seen Quinn?"

Vincent was fearing that she was going to leave him. "No, are you leaving?"

"Knowing Quinn we will be here until Bo leaves her or something."

"Good. Let us go get breakfast."


Vincent and Spencer walked towards kitchen.

"Bo please. . . ." Quinn was yelling, "Am sorry."

"Just so that we are clear, you and your little friend now belong to me and my brothers, do you understand that?" Bo said as he was touching Quinn's face with a knife. "And you will do anything that I say?"

"Yes. Yes. Please do not kill us." Quinn said as she was trying to get out the chair that Bo had her tied down.

"Good you are here forever and so is she." Bo said as he exited the room. "Sleep tight my love, tomorrow we will have fun."