The road was cold and lonely, but he took great comfort in the lone road it brought him great comfort and warmth. A feeling that was very unlike the one he received at home. Looking at the road he noticed an amorphous puddle to his left. A puddle that was created by the last night's quick shower that had caused him to stop his work and witness the comfortable noise that came from the rain. Upon closer inception the puddle revealed his monstrous face. How could any person, especially a woman, love and understand the pain hidden behind the wax face it hid behind of. Slowly moving his long black hair away from his monstrous face only to be greeted by the hallow socket, where his eye should have been. Quickly covering his half of the face he remembered that very early in the morning Bo and Lester had taken both of the girls to someplace far away, but they did not tell him where they were taking them. They both had taken Spencer, the one person that had talked to him but most importantly the one that had listened when he talked. But he did not know how she would react to his actual appearance. Bo always said that he was the only one that would understand him and love him for who he was and for what he looked like. However, there was something different now, there was Spencer and she cared and she had not run away as all the people before her did. Slowly getting up Vincent entered the house he was raised in. Going downstairs he began to work again, this time with a new found excitement. No longer was he working for what his mother wanted, but now for what he wanted.