It was November of 1977; Lily Evans, James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin had just started their seventh year of Hogwarts. Since Lily had started dating James, the four had been inseparable. Peter Pettigrew, however, was another story, when he had come back from summer holidays; he had become increasingly distant mostly kept to himself. Not that Lily minded much, she had never liked Peter very much; he always seemed like the other three's charity case, tagging along just to be included.

The newly formed Marauder gang was walking back to the castle after a rather noisy Herbology session. James pulled a translucent fabric out of his pocket and motioned for the other's to follow his lead. Ducking behind a suit of armour he draped his friends in the Invisibility Cloak.

"What are we doing?" hissed Lily, she was barley into her third month of Hogwarts and already she had been caught in the wrong place at the wrong time more than she ever had before. She was Head Girl and had a reputation to uphold, but it was just too easy to let James convince her to do something she knew she shouldn't. Not that James wasn't trying to behave better than he had in previous years; but as the saying goes: Old habits die hard.

"To recover stolen property; consider it a little mission." He replied with a sly grin on his face. "Oh, that stupid map!" Lily cursed James's ego and Filch's hate for all things magical. Two weeks before, Peter had been on a little night-time visit to the kitchens and just left the Marauder's map sitting on a counter. The elves were required to hand it in, as it was against school rules, but, bless their tiny hearts, had wiped it clean and told Filch it was a joke parchment and inked insults to whomever tried to write on it or revel the charms used on it to avoid getting their favourite students in trouble.

Instead of apologizing profusely and begging for forgiveness, as was his norm, Peter only shrugged it off and told Sirius that; "Everyone's aloud to messes up once in a while." This incident was one of the first clues the friends received that something was amiss with Peter.

Crouching low so the cloak wouldn't leave a bit of sneaker uncovered, the four cut through a secret passageway that led straight to Filch's office. With a bit of tricky wand work, Remus was able to unlock the rotting, old door. James closed it behind them and tore off the cloak.

"OK, everyone start looking, there's a good chance it's near the top of whatever pile it's on." said James, riffling through the nearest pile of clutter. Sirius opened a file draw labelled: Magically Hazardous and Remus shuffled around papers on Filch's littered desk.

"Oahh," Sirius gasped loudly, "Look at this!" He said in awe. He held it up in the light for everyone to examine. Unable to recognise the object Sirius held, Lily squinted her eyes trying to look at the glittering gold object in clearer detail.

"Whoa." Remus spoke to no one in particular.

"What is it?" asked the red-head, not as impressed with it as the rest of her friends seemed to be.

"It's a time-turner." said James, dumbstruck. "I've only ever heard of them, I didn't know they actually existed. They're supposedly very heavily monitored by the Ministry." He abandoned his search for the map.

Sirius had a terrible grin on his face and the classic 'Black' glint in his eyes. "I'm keeping this!" he said euphorically. It was like Christmas morning for the ultimate prankster. He could always go back in time and create a solid alibi.

"I don't know, Padfoot. What if someone comes looking for that thing." cautioned James, trying to be more 'mature' and 'responsible'. Sirius gave him his 'you idiot, you have no idea what you just said' look. "You're right. We are now in possession of a freaking Time – Turner!" he said, a little hop in his step as he stepped forward to get a good look at the new find.

"Oh no!" Sirius said holding the gold chain higher in the air and away from James. "This was my find. But don't worry; I'll let you borrow it. On occasion. If you ask nicely. And kiss my left shoe." joked Sirius a smile spreading across his handsome face.

"Come on, what's mine is yours. What's yours is mine and all that stuff." protested James.

Lupin snorted, "Those are wedding vows, stupid." He said to James like someone would say to a very annoying, dense person. He was leaning against Filch's desk, arms crossed with a lopsided smirk on his face.

"Just let me look at it!" begged James.

Sirius huffed but handed the Time - Turner over. When James held it to the light, it shimmered silver and gold. He whistled a low tone. "It's an old one too," he told the group.

"How can you tell?" Lily questioned.

James walked over to show Lily the microscopic scratches in the glass. "See those?" she nodded. "Time – Turners have charms to keep them from breaking, it can take years for the charms to fade and even more to actually damage the glass." he informed her.

"Isn't a damaged Time – Turner really dangerous, especially if it's as old as that one is?" Remus asked James.

"It's not actually broken, it's just a lot more fragile now." shrugged James. Remus pursed his lips, clearly still not trusting the delicate object in James's hands.

"Let's hurry up and get out of here." said Lily. "Filch is going to be back any minute." Sirius nodded in agreement and tried to reclaim his new found treasure from James.

"Wait, let's try to repair the thing before we move it anywhere." said Remus, fully understanding the dangers of accidental time travel. Lilt removed her wand from her pocket; after all, she was by far the best at charms.

The sound of shuffling feet made its way towards the office. James grabbed the cloak from the floor and quickly draped Remus, Sirius, Lily and himself; making sure that they were an ample distance away from the door and the direct path to the desk. The door flung open, bouncing back once it hit the wall. Filch was muttering something along the lines of 'I got him now… no more messing in my school… good for nothing, he is…' Filch riffled trough a messily stack of paper looking for the right documents. Once he found what he was looking for he turned around and jogged out of his office and turned down the corridor. Leaving the door wide open for the Marauders to make their escape.

The four ran outside into the empty courtyard, "Please tell me someone grabbed the Time – Turner." begged Sirius.

"Time – Turner? Oh, this thing?" mocked James. "Here Lily, work your magic." he told her, holding out his palm.

She flicked her wand, "Reparo." The Time – Turner produced a multi-coloured halo, blue on the inside and green on the outside, which then changed to green on the inner ring and blue for the outer. "That's strange." she muttered. "Did anything else change?"

James brought it closer to his face, "The grains are in the other side of the hourglass!" James said with astonishment. "And they're larger than before too," he observed.

"Let's try it out!" an excited Sirius exclaimed, he was bouncing on the balls of his feet. "We'll just go back a few hours! What's the worst that could happen?" asked Sirius rhetorically.

James smiled.

"James, stop turning it!" Lily shouted.

"I'm not it's stuck! I can't get it to stop!" They were panicking now; the thin chain was around all four of them and the time turner was spinning uncontrollably. But before any of them could react to James's words, it stopped mid turn and they were launched into blackness.


The four landed ungracefully on the Hogwarts courtyard, the exact spot they had left just moments before. However this Hogwarts was much different. There were still no students in the courtyard, but it was dark and gloomy outside even though it seemed to be mid-day. It was almost as if all the happiness of the school had been drained.

"We are not just a few hours in the past." James informed the group, just in case they didn't know it either."

"Really?" Lily said narrowing her vibrant eyes. "Come on, let's go look for a familiar face, maybe one of the teachers are still here."

"I think we should go straight to Dumbledore, we're in a lot of trouble." Said Remus. He acted cool and collected, but you could see the fear in his eyes.

James shook his head, "I think we should go to another teacher first. Dumbledore is going to find out, but we might be in less trouble if we solve this by ourselves."

"According to the clock tower, Professor Slughorn has his prep class now, he told me he's always had one now since he started teaching, I'll try him first, you guys hide. I think this might be first year; the Whomping Willow was thicker in our second.


"Have you seen Hermione?" Ron asked Harry. He shook his head; he hadn't seen her all day. In fact, no one had seen much of her all week, the yearend exams were nearing and Hermione was wearing herself thin trying to study for more subjects than she had timetable space for. They were still baffled at how Hermione seemed to be able to be in two or three places at once.

"She'll be at potions, she always is." Harry assured a worried Ron.

"I'm just worried about her you know, she seems to be everywhere and no where all the time." Harry nodded in agreement.

The pair sat down in their usual seats, in the back of the class room. Seconds before the final bell rang Hermione walked in, arms full of books that looked a bit too heavy for the petite girl. The lesson droned on, they were supposed to be making a blood replenishing potion. Harry and Ron's was bright purple in colour instead of the perfect crystal blue Hermione's was.

There was a knock at the door. "Professor?" an unrecognisable female voice came from the outside. Snape froze and paled. A flick of his wand opened the door slowly; he stood to face the new girl wand drawn.

The red haired girl looked down at the rough stone floor, so her face was hidden from view; her arms were folded uncomfortably against her chest.

She looked up, the class gasped when they saw her face and Snape dropped his wand to the floor with a clatter that went unnoticed.

Confusion crossed the girl's face. "Se-Severus? Bu-" she took a step closer, trying to make sense of the scene before her.

The class sat, paralysed. "Who are you?" He shouted at the imposter.

"Sev, it's me. Lily. Lily Evans. Don't you remember me? Severus, I'm in trouble." She said watery eyed.

"No you are not Lily." He spat. "I remember Lily, I asked who are YOU!" He was shaking in fear or anger.

Hurt flashed in her eyes, "It's me, I- we- we were best friends until fifth year; you lived at my house during the summer holidays! I went to your mother's funeral with you!"

"Severus, I need your help. I was there for you, please believe me."

He shook his head a few tears flowed down his cheeks. He wanted to move away from this person, this was a sick joke. "You can't be Lily." He protested but the evidence was right in front of him, no one could charm or transfigure like that and the polyjuice potion wouldn't work with samples as old as, as… that.

"You were my first friend at Hogwarts, we met at the park in Spinner's End; you were the one who told me I was a witch. And I said that wasn't a very nice thing to call someone and you laughed." Lily cried. Why wouldn't he believe her, obviously something went very wrong with the Time – Turner. She was scared; she didn't know what to do. She needed to get back to 1977 and she didn't know if she could anymore.

Her breath came in gasps as she realized the magnitude of what happened. "Your mother died on your birthday. I was the one who read the letter to you that she never got to send. Wh- When your parents fought you invented new potions in your room." She tried to convince him but she couldn't breathe, she could never remember being so scared in her life. She broke into sobs and started to hyperventilate. She needed help and her best friend didn't recognise her.

Against all his instincts, Snape believed her, these were things they had never told another soul and Lily would never betray his trust. He gathered the weeping girl into a hug and he cried into her hair. "Forgive me, forgive me." He sobbed. He was responsible for her death and even though she didn't know it, he needed her to know he was sorry.

She quickly quieted in familiar arms. Lily never returned the love he had for her, but both of them needed their share of hugs and comfort over the summer, when he faced his parents and she tried to cope with her sister.

She looked up at his aged face, "How old am I now?" she laughed through her sob.

Smiling sadly he said, "It's 1993. How did you get here?

"Reparo-ed an old Time – Turner with James, Sirius and Remus... Why does this class look like they've seen a ghost?

Snape opened his mouth but someone else answered. "Because Lily Potter is dead." The voice said with venom.

"Dead?" Lily looked to Snape whose black eyes were now full of agony and painful to look at. "Wait, Potter? Shit, the others. Expecto Patronum." Emerging from the end of her wand was a graceful doe. "Tell them it's 1993 and to run to the potions room, now." She muttered. She turned back to the boy who had piped up.

Lily did a double take. The boy was James, with green eyes. Her eyes. Her eyes! She had a son? Snape led her to his chair and she put her head between her knees. In through the nose out through the mouth. The air she was breathing wasn't getting to her brain, she felt dizzy and weak. She had a son and then she died. No! That's not fair! No. no. She wouldn't allow it. no.

Three pairs of feet were pounding against the cold dungeon floor. "Lily! What's the matter?" James yelled, not looking at Severus, Harry or anyone else for that matter. Banging his knees in the process, he dropped to the floor next to where Lily was hyperventilating. "Lily, honey, talk to me." She grabbed his face and forced him to look at Harry.

Harry's body was standing, tense and his wand was sparking and he clutched it in his grip. James took one look at his soon-to-be son and promptly fainted, not before he noticed he had Lily's eyes though.


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