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The unconscious rat slowly started to morph, he rapidly grew larger. First his shoulders started to expand outwards and become more human-like. Then his knees turned around and his legs began to take the shape of a rather short man. His arms and large midsection were next. Last to become human was his face. His eyes, mouth and nose were those of a rat, while the rest of him had morphed back into his true form, giving him the appearance of someone who was caught in a transfiguration spell gone horribly wrong.

"Peter." Remus spat with venom in his voice. Everyone in the room, save the older Lupin, gasped. The children a Snape believed that Pettigrew was dead. The marauders and Lily were shaken at the way Remus looked at him; they knew he must have done something terrible and unforgivable. Nothing could make a man despise an old friend, like Remus did Peter.

"Enervate." Remus spat.

Peter's beady eyes opened at once, he looked at his left and saw Ron looking at him in utter disgust. His eyes flashed to the right. He saw Remus standing over him, a shaky wand pointed directly over his heart.

"Remus! My old friend! It's been years" Peter tried to look overjoyed to see Remus, but faltered when he realized not one person was buying it. Eyes darting around looking for an exit or some way to escape, Peter got a glimpse of his school-aged friends.

Harry didn't think it was possible, but Peter's face when whiter and small beads of sweat were forming along his brow.

"Peter. What did you do Peter?" James said in a pleading voice.

"I - nothing! Don't listen to him! He's been conspiring with that Black! He's the one who turned you over to the Dark Lord! Not I"

Sirius jumped up, hands clenched into fists at his sides, "No! I would never!" He shouted at the traitor, "I wouldn't! I couldn't"

"But you did." Snape sneered, "They made you their secret keeper and in only a week you had turned."

"Actually. I'm right." Another voice came from the door, heads whipped around to stare at the newest addition to this oddity.

"It's Sirius Black!" someone shouted.

"In the flesh." Sirius mock gasped holding his hand to his heart as he slid into the room

"I told you to wait outside. Why don't you ever listen?" Remus tried to look mad, but seeing Sirius hadn't lost his humour gave him a joy he hadn't felt in years. Everything is going to turn out all right. He thought to himself. Sirius ignored him.

Sirius stopped in the middle of the room, gazing at James and his wife. "Prongs!" whispered Sirius his voice thick with emotion. He never thought he would see James again. "I – I" a tear leaked out of his eye.

"Come here!" shouted Sirius holding out his arms and pulling the younger James in for a not so manly hug. When they finally broke apart, Sirius was crying.

"I never knew you were such a softie" sniffed James.

"Ha" Sirius cried, wiping his eyes and nose on his, now clean robes.

"Si – Sirius…" Peter stuttered. His face now rivalled that of a ghost. If he opened his eyes any wider they just might have fallen out of his face.

"Peter, I would kill you right now, but Remus took my wand while I was in the shower." said Sirius, voice friendly and sickly contrasted with the words it spoke.

"But you… dementors are… everyone…"

"Yes, Peter everyone and the dementors are looking for me, I'm the most wanted man in the country now." Sirius spat eyes ablaze. "Tell me Pettigrew, how does it feel to be on the hit list of the most dangerous man in all of the Europe?" Sirius squared his shoulders. If looks could kill…

"You see everyone." Sirius addressed the classroom. "When Lily and James fist chose me as their secret keeper, I was afraid Voldemort would find me and I would give in. So I convinced the Potters to switch and use Peter at the last minute, because no one would suspect Peter Pettigrew," He spat his name. "And keep it secret so when Voldemort found me, I couldn't give him anything." Sirius explained, "The worst idea I've ever had. Sorry." He said earnestly to the Potters.

"Don't worry about it." James tried to laugh and wave it off but failed miserably.

"When I went to check on Peter that night, he wasn't there. I flew over to the Potter's and I was too late, Hagrid was going to take Harry to Dumbledore, so I knew I wasn't needed." Sirius paused to take a breath and turned to look at the other side of the room. "I went to track him down and met him on a muggle street in London. When he saw I had fallowed him he turned around screamed for all to hear about how I killed Lily and James, cut off his finger, blew up the street and went to roam with the sewer rats while I was being arrested. I never did get a trail, with my family history and me being The Potter's secret keeper and all."

When Sirius was done telling his story he turned around again, looking at all the faces of the third year students and the adults in the room, daring one of them to challenge him.

The students sat frozen in their desks, Harry, the Marauders, Lily and Snape, stood silent at the front of the room. Lupin handed Sirius his wand and drew his own as they rounded on Pettigrew, their so called 'friend'.

"Please, don't kill me. Pleeeaaassee!" Pettigrew begged. "Have mercy." He sobbed. "He was going to kill me! Have mercy!"

"Together on three?" Remus asked calmly.

"One" smiled Sirius. Peter was backing up as the two friends advanced on him.

"Stop!" Harry shouted… His mother's last words were also 'have mercy'

"Why should we, he deserves to die?" Sirius demanded.

"It's not right, you shouldn't have become murders," Harry said quietly. "Just for him. If we bring him to the ministry, then we can clear your name." Remus lowered his wand, Harry was right.

Sirius brow furrowed into many tight lines, Harry was right! He could be a free man…

"He isn't worth going back to Azkaban, Padfoot." James urged gently. "He was our friend; you don't need to kill him."

Sirius looked between James and Peter, "But what he did… I can't just let him… go." He was torn and didn't know what to do. "He was Voldemort's spy for over three years! Before he even left school! Right now! He's feeding him information! He was NOT our friend" Sirius growled.

"But you are and I can't let you do this, Padfoot, please. Don't do this." said James soothingly.

"But – twelve years…"

"Sirius, Azkaban is worse than death, if anyone deserves it it's him, not you. We just want you to be all right." Lily told him in her tender voice. Sirius looked at his younger self, they were right, what kind of future is that to look forward to? Slowly nodding his head, Sirius lowered his wand

"Th-Thank you." Peter threw himself at Lily's feet, not touching her but crying on her shoes.

"Get off me." She backed away, bumping into James.

"Get up you filthy slime." Snarled Sirius. Peter slowly rose to his feet, shying away from the man with the crazy eyes.


Peter staggered under the force of the blow Sirius had given him. The disgraceful man cradled his jaw in his hands, doubled over in pain.

"Stop snivelling!" Sirius barked. "Come on!" He roughly grabbed Peter's arm and started to haul him away. "Let's go to Dumbledore, he'll sort this out." He told the rest of the people in the room.

"We can't let anyone else see you though!" James told him, "And we're supposed to be –to be dead." He finished.

"Harry, Ron, Hermione; you three come with me and Professor Snape. Sirius you can come as Padfoot, but a stag is too noticeable." There were two excited barks, "I meant the younger one, sorry. Everyone else; stay here with the kids, make sure they don't do anything stupid." Remus said as he grabbed a crying Peter's other arm and towed him out of the room, three kids and a great dog following him.


"I see." Dumbledore said, resting his folded hands on his desk. "Well, I will contact the Minister himself, now for the time travellers, I think it's best we send them back tomorrow night, after Harry's game."

"So soon?" Harry asked, hurt in his voice.

"I'm afraid so."


The next morning at breakfast was chaos, the students memories hadn't been altered, as they were key witnesses in the Black - Pettigrew scandal. They had been instructed not to say a word, but it was Hogwarts. Harry couldn't be happier; his parents were going to watch him play and after his dad had promised to fly with him on the pitch. It felt like his insides were glowing. He walked into the Great Hall and all the whispers stopped for a moment then continued, louder than before.

Dumbledore stood up at the podium. "I know you have all heard what happened yesterday afternoon, so without further ado, James and Lily Potter and Sirius Black!"

"Is he insane?" Hermione whispered.

"No, after the trail, he's erasing everyone's memories. Post also can't go out today." Harry explained to her. Five people came into the Great Hall when they heard Dumbledore introduce them.


The hall erupted into cheers and clapping, people 'whoo-ed' for the legendary heroes they grew up hearing stories about. Lily and Remus were uncomfortable with all the sudden attention but the Siriuses and James basked in it, smirking as they made their way to the Gryffindor table. James plopped himself next to Harry, the rest of the bench made room for the other four. James reached his arm across the glittering gold platters for a crape, he smothered it in peanut butter, just as he did every morning.

Ron and Hermione exchanged smirks.

"What?" James sprayed food at the two of them.

"Nothing," Hermione said wiping away the splatter, "Harry just eats his crapes with peanut butter too."

"That's all James will eat at breakfast." Lily laughed.

Wood came trotting over "Potter! Harry and James both looked up. Harry ducked under the table, Oliver had been pestering him all month, trying to give him tips. In Harry's opinion, there was a reason why he wasn't a seeker.

"Good, you're eating something," Wood said breathlessly palms facing him, "Try to eat something other than crapes," he snatched some bacon from a silver platter, "Here eat this bacon, protein." He looked over at the chasers to make sure they were also eating a good breakfast. He rushed over to talk strategy with the twins.

Harry removed himself from the floor and sat down on the bench, dusting off his robes, "Who? Was that?" James asked as everyone else laughed hysterically, Sirius waived some bacon in James's face. He brushed him off.

"Captain. Cup's at stake." Harry said, he had a tinge of green to his complexion.

"Ahhh…" James said understanding, "You would think someone that concerned about your health would make sure they're talking to you though…" James added thoughtfully.

Harry laughed, "Last week he came into charms asking Professor Flitwick about a transfiguration essay."

"Yeah" George said sitting down between Harry and Ron.

"He's had two anxiety attacks this week." Fred said sitting down directly across from George.

"But he is right" George started.

"You should eat something." finished Fred.

"Don't you two dare start with me." warned Harry

They rolled their eyes and got up to leave, "Like father like son, eh Prongs?" the younger Sirius joked.

The twins stopped dead in their tracks. "No…"

"You don't think…"

"Did you say 'Prongs' as in Prongs, Padfoot, Moony and Wormtail?"

"The very same." Sirius responded.

"Did you know about this Harry?"


"TEAM! LET'S GO!" Oliver shouted.


"Come on guys." instructed Wood firmly.

The twins looked longingly at the three friends. They put their right hand over their heart "I solemnly swear I am up to no good." And with that, Wood marched them off to the changing room.


"What position does Harry play?" James asked once he realized he had just assumed he was a chaser like himself.

"Seeker, damn good too, was on the team his first year." Ron responded enthusiastically.

"Seeker…" James smiled. He played chaser, but he was reserve Seeker, he used to pick up the ladies with some tricks with the snitch.

GOOD MORNING HOGWARTS! Lee shouted, he was commentator, as always.

Harry walked onto the pitch, his new Firebolt shouldered. He took his ground position, behind the chasers and beaters.

"Captains shake hands!" Madam Hooch called. Flint looked like he was trying to crush Wood's hand. If it hurt wood's face didn't show it.

"Mount your brooms! Three – Two – One – TWEET!"


Harry soared high into the sky, looking for the snitch, he couldn't catch it until they were in the lead by sixty points at least.


TEN ZERO GRYFFINDOR! Harry spotted the snitch hovering low to the turf on defensive side. Malfoy came up to Harry taunting him. He moved a little to the right to block the snitch from his view.

SEEKERS SEEM TO BE HAVING A NICE CHAT! Lee joked after the third goal had been scored. Thirty zero Gryffindor. Malfoy shot to the opposite end of the field, trying to drag Harry nearer to their beaters. The snitch was still hanging out by the ground, Harry knew this was a play.


Harry smiled when Malfoy slowed down and turned to glare at him , he did make himself look very stupid.


Harry heard the cheering and knew they could win the cup if he caught the snitch now. Wind blew his hair back away from his face as he streaked towards the goal posts. Malfoy was far behind him on the other end of the field. The snitch had decided it wasn't ready to be caught yet and streaked away almost invisible. Harry threw his weight to one side of his broom, trying to keep in pace with the little golden ball.

It was as if all the sound had turned off, his heart was pumping adrenaline through his body. The snitched dived, so did he. It twitched to the left and back again. So did he. The snitch soared almost straight up. So did Harry. Arm outstretched he put one another burst of speed; his fingers closed around the cold metal. The tiny wings struggled to escape his firm grasp, but Harry held on. He won. He won. HE WON!

Holding up the spherical snitch for all to see, Harry let out a triumphant yell.

POTTER'S CAUGHT THE SNITCH! GRYFFINDOR TAKES THE CUP! GYFFINDOR WINS! Harry looked at the commentator box, Lee and professor McGonagall were jumping up and down. McGonagall pulled him into a hug but let go almost immediately and tried to regain her composure. When Harry landed he was greeted but screams and shouts from his team, Wood was on his knees face in the mud, crying in earnest.

The twin went to his side and picked him up by the armpits. "Harry." Wood said grasping his face in between his hands. "I – I love you – so much right now." Oliver crushed him to his chest. "Thank you." The twins and Alicia pried him off of Harry, who was a little creeped. Just a little.


Harry was the last one out of the shower. He wrapped the towel around his waist. I swear I put my clothes right here! He searched the whole dressing room, even the girls section, Fred! George!

Harry tightened his towel grabbed his wand and marched out of the change room.

"Fred! George!" Harry bellowed when he entered the common room.

The celebration stopped, "They're in the kitchen, missing something, son?" James laughed.

"Don't even." Harry growled.

Once freshly clothed, Harry snuck back downstairs, they usually pulled this stunt on Oliver, after a practice.

"There's the man of the hour!" Angelina yelled.

"Harry! I can't believe how good you are!" James told him putting one arm around his shoulder. "You should have seen it! You were like swwishhhh swoomp…" He made sound effects and waved his free arm in front of him.

"I was there…" Harry said slowly.

"Right! I forgot! Did you know you're thirteen and I'm seventeen. That makes me… four years older than my kid. That's not a lot of years." He whispered the smell of fire whisky on his breath. "Well it is, it's four years that's how many but not if I'm your dad."


"Here have some fire whisky!"

"James!" Lily gasped, "He's only just little" She was slightly tipsy too.

"Hey! I don't get to drink with him ever so I'll do it now because he's my kid and I'll do what I want with him."

"Yeah," Harry agreed taking one shot of whisky.

"You're a terrible role model."

"It's just this one time." James protested.

The entire team, the marauder's and Lily ended up getting right pissed that night. The rest of the house over fourth year ended up having at least a little. Dumbledore had come at about six to find the whole common room just having a right old time.

He smiled, remembering his youth and left the Potters to enjoy this time with their family. No one noticed his entrance or exit.


"Harry, Harry!" someone hissed in his ear. He sat bolt upright. Bad idea.

"Professor McGonagall?" He remembered what happened last night. He was lying on top Fred's left arm. "Oh, umm I can explain." He said quickly, trying to find a way to get himself and his parents out of trouble.

"Never mind, this is a perfect excuse to make everyone forget what happened the last two days."

"But what about Sirius? Then how will he stay free if no one remembers what happened? Are you going to wipe my memory too?" Harry had so many questions, he wasn't ready to send his parents back yet. Then they would be dead all over again.

"Hurry up if you want to see them off." She said kindly.

Harry slowly got up, Professor McGonagall handed him a small vial with rich blue liquid inside. He opened the wax seal and swallowed the potion in one gulp. It tasted like socks. The pounding in his head and fuzziness to his vision begun to instantly fade.

"The press will cover Sirius, the teacher's memories, yours, the Weasley's and Miss. Granger's memories will stay intact, along with the ministry members who were involved. Including Arthur Weasley's.

Harry nodded, his throat was tight. He wouldn't cry in front of his teacher.

"Fizzing Whizzbee."

They stepped into Dumbledore's office. Lily was sitting with her head on James's shoulder and he had his arm around hers.

"Let's give them a moment." Sirius said. Everyone nodded and stepped out of the room, leaving the Potters alone.

Lily stood. "I'm sorry, we aren't going to be there." She said quietly, looking down at her hands. Harry sniffed and swallowed. He wouldn't cry. She stepped forward and hugged her son. She smelled like sweet perfume, Harry tried to remember this smell. It was strange to think of Harry as her son. Like James had said last night. He was only four years younger than them.

"We'll try to change the past, I don't know how that's going to turn out, but…" James took a turn hugging Harry.

"We'll write everything down. So you can know us and Sirius too." Lily cut in, she was crying. "I'm also going to ask Dumbledore to give you to Remus…"

"Don't trust Peter. No matter how much he's changed. Don't use him." Harry told them, eyes going from his mother's face to his father's.

Dumbledore and the rest of the crew stepped into the office when they were done with good byes and farewells. This time Hermione and Ron had joined them.


The four nodded, "Don't go after him, for Harry; don't go after the rat." Sirius said to his younger self. "And don't be home Halloween, come to my place, don't trust Pettigrew, use Dumbledore…" His voice broke, "Don't die OK?"

James looked at Sirius and Harry with pain filled eyes.

The Time – Turner was placed around them and Dumbledore tapped it with his wand. Like that they had vanished. Back to their own time, leaving Sirius and Remus heartbroken, and Harry an orphan again.


The four friends materialized back in 1977. Lily looked at James, "Do you remember what happened?"

"Yup. How about the rest of you."

"I remember your kid walking up to his dorm with only a towel on because we stole his clothes." Sirius chuckled.

"Do you really think we can change the past?" Lily asked them. She was crying again, but she hardly noticed.

"Well, remember when… I… took everyone's wands?" Remus asked. "I told me that that wasn't what he remembered, but that's what happened, he – I remembered Sirius coming in attacking Peter and Snape stunning him before they could explain."


"So I'm saying, the future me proved you can in fact change the past."

"So, we'll use Dumbledore as our Secret Keeper? And as of now, no one talks to Peter."

James grinned, "Of course, wife." he smirked.

"If you'd have said that to me yesterday, I would have hit you."

"Well yesterday, you were getting drunk with your son. Teaching him to talk to women. Which; by the way, is my job."

"Because you're such a charmer." She teased.

"I married you didn't I?"