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Ball 0 (Prologue):
Interestingly Enough

Life before everything changed was a blur. All that was ever done was get up, go to school, come home, and sleep. The same routine every single day. It was a bore. Life to Sawada Tsena was a bore. Sure, she had kendo, she had her best friend, her "brother", and so on and so forth, but still, why couldn't anything exciting ever happen?

"Oi, Tsena! Time to wake up!"

"Nnngh... Go away..."

"Tsena~ We're gonna be laaate~"

"Lemme sleep..." He sighed, rubbing the back of his head. He grinned, reaching forward and yanking the blankets off of her. Tsena whined, rolling over so her back was to him. "Go away, Yama-kun. It's too early to be up."

"Ahaha, it's a school day and you have kendo practice," Yamamoto countered, grinning as he leaned over her, peering down at her face. Tsena groaned as she sat up, looking up at him. How could he be so cheerful in the morning? She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stretched, arching her back as she yawned one last time.

"Fine, fine, I'm up, I'm up..."

"Finally! Hurry up and get ready!" The raven-head stood up and headed towards the open window, climbing out. "Meet you outside in a few~"

"Yeah, yeah..." Tsena grumbled, waving him off. Yamamoto laughed one more time before leaving. The girl looked around, blinking her eyes and letting them adjust to the... dark? Her eyes widened as she turned to her alarm clock. With a growl, Tsena picked it up and went to her window, leaning out it and pointing at time. "Dammit, Yamamoto! It's only five in the morning!"

"Ahaha, is it? Sorry!"

"I'm gonna kill you...!"

Every day, Tsena woke up to her best friend, Yamamoto Takeshi. He would come at any random time in the morning and get her up, before waiting for her outside her house. Why did he enter her house through her window? She did not know.

"Ah, morning practice, morning practice!" Yamamoto chanted, jogging to school. He had spiky black hair and hazel-golden eyes, carrying a baseball bat over his shoulder with a catching glove hanging from it. He wore a white collared shirt, a black sweatband around his right wrist, and blue pants, smile never leaving his tanned face.

"Wooh..." Tsena mumbled less enthusiastically, trailing behind him. She had short pale turquoise hair and pale green eyes. Despite it being spring, she wore her school's winter uniform: a white long-sleeve shirt tucked into a blue skirt, and black socks reaching up under her skirt. Around her neck was a large stripped scarf of various shades of green and white, close enough to almost cover her mouth, and thin white gloves covering her hands. Yamamoto just laughed at her, slowing his jogging so he was behind her, before pushing the girl to go faster. "Yama-kuuuun~" She whined, eyes closed as she frowned.

"Ahaha, we gotta hurry to morning practice!"

"I am hurrying..." Still, though, Tsena waved the raven-head away and started jogging on her own, Yamamoto keeping pace with her.

Like any best friend, Yamamoto was a lot of fun to be around. He was a bit on the slow side, but had a lot of heart. There were times Tsena swore she would have died without him. And other times...

When they finally reached their school, though, Tsena remembered something that made her stop in her tracks.

"Huh? Tsena?" Yamamoto looked at the girl, tilting his head. Tsena sent him a wicked glare.

"Wait a sec, I don't have kendo practice this morning.."

"... Ahaha, really?" The raven-head laughed as Tsena growled at him.


She wanted to ring his neck.

Tsena suddenly slumped forward, exhausted for some reason. Maybe it was because he just drained her of energy? Damn baseball freak.

"Hey, now you can watch me practice!" Yamamoto smiled innocently as he closed his eyes, and Tsena could have sworn that, if he were a dog, his tail would be wagging. She eyed him suspiciously.

"... You planned this, didn't you?"

Maybe Tsena gave him too little credit?

"Huh? Planned what?"

... Or maybe not.

Still, though, Yamamoto has been Tsena's friend for quite a long time. She and he were almost inseparable.

Tsena sighed softly, rubbing her temples as she gave Yamamoto a small smile, "Alright, to baseball practice." She raised her fist in the air half-heartedly. Yamamoto grinned widely, punching the air.

"To baseball practice!" With that, he grabbed Tsena's hand and quickly led the way, large grin never leaving his face. Tsena blushed at the contact but didn't complain as she wrapped her small fingers around his larger ones and hurried to his side.

As much fun as Yamamoto was, even he wasn't always able to keep Tsena entertained. Wasn't there something interesting to do?

Tsena thought she was losing it. She could've sworn she saw her "brother", Tsuna, flying through the air in nothing but his blue boxers, but she knew better. No way was "Dame-Tsuna"... 'brave', per say, enough to do that. Even though she knew this, Tsena couldn't look away. The turquoise-head kept staring and staring, wondering if she was losing it. And as she stared, "Tsuna" got closer and closer, and she saw that, hey, maybe she wasn't as crazy as she thought.

"Hm? See something, Tsena?" Yamamoto, decked out in his baseball uniform, turned to the girl, blinking.

"Huh?" Tsena looked up at the tall male, before looking back over at her air-borne brother. She yelped and ducked out of the way as her senpai, Mochida, flew right at her. Where the hell did he come from, anyway? Yamamoto dropped his bat and caught her captain with ease, setting him on his feet but still holding on to the dazed senpai.

"Nice catch!" A classmate called.

"As expected from the Baseball Club!" Someone added as Tsena stood up straight, rubbing her short hair and picking up Yamamoto's baseball bat.

"Kyaa! Yamamoto-kun!" One of said boy's fangirls cried, eyeing him dreamily.


"Senpai, you alright?" Tsena asked her fellow kendomate, who was still dazed. She blinked and looked up at Yamamoto. He looked equally confused, setting the senpai down and standing up straight. The two looked at where Mochida had come flying from to see two of their classmates: Tsuna, a boy with spiky brown hair and equally brown eyes (and was glowing oddly), though his back was to the two, and Kyoko, a girl with light brown-orange hair and golden eyes.

"It's that guy from our class..." Yamamoto mumbled, making Tsena laugh.

"Honestly, Yama-kun. You come to my house and don't even know my brother?" She shook her head, giving the baseball nut a look and passing him his bat. Yamamoto laughed, too, swinging it over his shoulder.

"I break in through your window, not the front door~"

"Any normal person would go through the front door!"

"If you don't want me coming in through your window, lock it next time!"

"..." Tsena ducked her head into her scarf, choosing not to reply. Yamamoto laughed again, ruffling Tsena's hair. "Oi, oi, none of that!" She swatted his hand away, pouting as she tried hard to fight her blush down. Tsena didn't mind him going through her window, actually, no matter how stalker-ish that sounded.

"Sasagawa Kyoko!" Tsuna cried as Tsena waved to Yamamoto, jogging over to her brother. He pointed at her, a determined look on his face, "Please go out with me!" He flattened his hand, holding it out for her to take.

"Huh?" Kyoko looked at him, before taking in his appearance. She cried out and dashed away, face red as she ducked her head down.

"Ouch," Tsena mumbled, patting his back, "rejected."

"Bastard!" A fist came almost out of nowhere and connected with Tsuna's face, knocking the boy flat on his back. "Don't kid yourself, creep!" Mochida growled, glaring at Tsuna before stalking away, but not before giving Tsena a look as well. "Keep your damn brother under control, Sawada!"

Tsena glared at him, sticking her leg out and letting him trip ungracefully over it, before quickly going to Tsuna's side and helping the poor boy up. That's when she noticed he finally stopped glowing. Tsuna covered his head, eyes closed as he looked confused.

"What happened to me?"

"You tell me," Tsena mumbled, blinking her eyes.

"That's thanks to the 'Dying Will Bullet'," a voice above the two explained.

"Huh?" Tsena looked over, before her eyes bugged out at what she saw. "What the -?"

"Reborn!" Tsuna called, staring at the baby as if this was nothing special. Tsena was wondering why a baby was parachuting down to them, carrying Tsuna's things. When he landed, she got a good look at him. He had black hair with weird curling sideburns and matching black eyes, wearing a black suit and a black with an orange strip fedora. Tsena watched as the baby's green parachute turned into a green chameleon, it resting on the brim of his hat.

"Whoa..." Was all the girl could say.

"Ciaossu, Sawada Tsena," the baby greeted, looking at her.

"... He knows my name?" Tsena questioned, looking at Tsuna for some sort of explanation.

"I know quite a few things about you," he said, sly smirk on his face. That smirk made the girl uneasy.

"Oh really now..." She mumbled, not liking that smirk one bit.

"I'm Reborn, Sawada Tsunayoshi's at-home tutor."

"I... see..." Tsena didn't really know how to react. Instead, she blinked at the baby, wondering just what in the world she missed that morning.

"This is the 'Dying Will Bullet'." Reborn turned to Tsuna, holding out a red bullet with a flame on it, "A person shot in the head by this will be resurrected with dying will."

"Eh?" Both Tsena and Tsuna said, though, Tsena was more confused as to what he did to Tsuna. Did Reborn shot him?

"The basis of resurrection is if you have any regrets when dying." Tsuna seemed to understand better than Tsena, who had visible question marks floating over her head. "The dying will time is only five minutes."

"Then what if I wasn't regretting anything...?" Tsuna slowly asked.

"Well, I am a hitman." Reborn looked to the side slyly, as if it were perfectly normal to shot something.

"I would've died?" Tsuna paled, mouth gapped open. Tsena blinked her eyes, looking between the two.

"Uhm, Tsuna... Not for nothing, but what're you gonna do about school?" She asked, eyeing the boy. Tsuna turned to her, before what she said clicked.

"It's too embarassing to come to school anymore!" Tsuna declared, looking at Tsena than Reborn for some sort of advice. "Ahh, and I didn't even feel like confessing!"

"You mean you wanted to, but couldn't," Reborn corrected. Tsena laughed.

"He got you there~"

"Wha - Tsena, I thought you were on my side! And I don't want to hear that from a baby, so shut up!" Tsuna turned to Reborn and stretched his cheeks, annoyed. Reborn, very calmly, threw his fist out, where it collided with Tsuna's cheek rather painfully. Tsena winced.

"Wow... such strength for a baby..."

"But I was fine when that truck hit me..."

"... What?" Tsuna was hit by a truck?

A baby can cause so much to happen? It was simply unheard of! Still, though... Something about him was weird. Soon after, Tsena's idiot of a senpai challenged Tsuna to a kendo match. Everyone expected Tsuna to run - after all, he was Dame-Tsuna - but was shocked when, with shaky legs, Tsuna came into view at the gym.

"This is new..." Tsena mumbled, blinking her eyes as she stared at her brother. "I thought he'd run for sure..."

"Ahaha, wonder what changed." Yamamoto crossed his arms, standing beside a crouching Tsena. Tsena watched with mildly interest as Mochida explained his terms. All Tsuna had to do was get one hit in and he'd "win Kyoko". Tsena scoffed, shaking her head.

"Using Kyoko as a prize... Men can be such pigs."

"Hey!" Yamamoto faked a frown, leaning down beside the girl and pulling at her cheeks. "Does that include me?"

"Yama-kun, you are too alienated for your own good..."

"Ahaha, what?"

"Exactly." Tsena waved Yamamoto's hand away and stood up, twisting her shinai between her fingers. "... On second thought, I don't trust myself." She poked Yamamoto in the side with her shinai. "You throw it, Mr. Pro-At-Baseball."

"Let's go, Sawada!" Mochida laughed, holding his shinai at the ready.

"Tsuna!" Said boy turned to where he heard his name, just in time to catch the shinai Yamamoto threw at him. Without giving him time to adjust, Mochida charged. He wacked Tsuna's shinai once, knocking him flat on his back. With a cry, Tsuna decided to do what he did best: run. He ran around for a while, with Mochida following him. Tsena glared at her senpai, finding the idiot annoying. From the corner of her eye, though, she saw something.

"Hm?" Turning to look at it, her eyes bugged out when she saw Reborn with a sniper, aiming it right at Tsuna! She jumped to her feet and turned to Reborn, but it was too late. The baby fired, hitting Tsuna square in the forehead. "What?" Tsena turned to her brother, seeing him on his back yet again. Oh, shi- was he dead? Suddenly, Tsuna was back on his feet, clothes tearing off for some odd reason.

What was Reborn talking about earlier? Was that... Was that the Dying Will Bullet Tsuna was hit with? In a matter of moments, Mochida was on his back and Tsuna on top of him.

"You think I'd only get one point?" Tsuna shouted, literally ripping a handful of Mochida's hair off. "I've got hyaku-pon now!" Everyone was silent, confused as to what was going on... Before laughing out loud.

"Good thinking, Tsuna!"

"He never specified what you needed to get a point off of!"

Tsena couldn't believe it. For once, the crowd was lauging with Tsuna and not at him!

Was it something Reborn said that caused Tsuna to fight? Just what in the world was he? And how did he get Tsuna to stand his grounds instead of running away? Tsena, along with the rest of the gym, cheered when the referee finally lifted Tsuna's red flag.

"Tsuna won!"

No one could really believe it.

"It was crazy, but it was great!"

Even Tsena herself couldn't believe it! In fact, she probably wouldn't have if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes.

"I have newfound respect for you, Tsuna!"

"Wow," Yamamoto whistled lowly, "that was interesting..."

"... Yeah, you can say that again," Tsena laughed, looking at Tsuna in a new light. A sly smirk appeared on her face, though, when she saw Kyoko walk over to talk to Tsuna. Maybe Reborn was that "excitement" she was looking for in her boring life.

"Wh-What? I'm the Vongola Family's tenth Generation boss? Me?" Tsena stood outside Tsuna's door, mouth slightly gapped. What...?

"I came here because I was requested from the current Vongola Family boss, Kyuudaime, to train you to become an admirable Mafia boss."

'Ma-Mafia?' Oh, that brought back a few memories...

"I don't get it! What are you talking about!" Tsuna voiced cried out as Tsena pressed her ear closer to the door, more curious than confused.

"The Vongola Family's first boss retired and crossed to Japan." Tsena heard paper moving, so she assumed Reborn was writing something? He was doing something with paper, at least. "He's your great, great, great grandfather. In other words, since you inherited the Vongola blood, you are a legitimate candidate to become the next boss."

The way Reborn explained it was like it was okay to randomly announce Tsuna was a boss. "I've never heard about this..." The boy trained off, and Tsena could practically see the non-believing look on his face.

"Don't worry, I'll train you to become a great Mafia boss."

So Reborn was going to train Tsuna to be a Mafia boss? Did that mean him being a home-tutor was just a cover-up? Tsena pushed away from the door, pondering her thoughts. Tsuna, a Mafia boss? She wanted to laugh at the thought. Dame-Tsuna, the Juudaime of this Vongola Family?

'But you never know...' Tsena walked to her room, a smile on her face, 'It might just happen...'

What an interesting day, indeed...