Life Goes On

Tsena had a lot to think about as she stayed huddle in her corner of Vendicare Prison. All around her, hands reached for her. Deformed, frayed, old; hands of all kinds. Tsena long ago thought she would have lost her mind. How many days has it been? What day was it? How many hours passed? Years? Centuries? She couldn't tell; everything looked the same. Every time she wanted to, though, something stopped her: a little voice in the back of her head.

Every time she wanted to quit, there was a voice whispering to her, "Don't give up!"

Every time she wanted to sleep and never wake up, the voice would tell her, "Keep fighting!"

Every time she wondered, "What was the point?" that same voice murmured to her, "I want to see you again…"

And a small smile would appear on her face. She had something to return to, someone to see, and things to do.


During a sad time, is telling you I'm 'sad' being weak?
During a tough time, can I confide in you that it's 'tough'?

Tsena won't lie. There were times she doubted Yamamoto. All she ever did was whine and complain about her life, to tell him when she was feeling down. He rarely confided anything to her – did she ever give him the chance to? She always thought his life was perfect, that he was perfect. How could something so perfect have bumps and cracks in it, right?

Why couldn't Tsena be like him? She didn't want to appear to be weak and tell him when she was sad, and she hated mentioning when she thought things were tough. She wanted to be something as nearly perfect as Yamamoto, her best friend, her first friend, her lover…

She smiled, though.

I've just got to believe.

Believe she did. She believed Yamamoto was still waiting for her, she believed Yamamoto was thinking of her, she fooled herself with hopes that might have been false, but it kept her going. Was she even really believing in him, she wondered. Even if she said she did, deep down she was still worried. Yamamoto… What did he even see in her?

Her thoughts were dark, she knew it. Tsena blamed the barely lit cage she was trapped in. Her joints were stiff, her skin felt disgusting, her eyes were wide and rarely blinked, her hair was growing long and mangy; she felt horrible, like a hermit. Though, what choice did she have? She was forced to sit around and do nothing, to wait for her sentence. She wasn't even with Chikusa, Ken, or Mukuro: she didn't even know if they were alive.

But even when she felt the dark closing in on her, she refused to give in.

One day, they came for her. Tsena was sure she was going to die, that they were taking her away to torment her until she was begging for death. With chains around her neck, handcuffs bounding her arms and legs, they dragged a kicking and screaming Tsena with them.

Where were they taking her?

What did they want?

What was going on?

Why her?

"If you're still able to cause such a riot," a familiar voice reached her ears, "then obviously Vendicare Prison hasn't diminished your spirit." At that, Tsena stopped shrugging. She stared at the elderly man with wide eyes.

"K-Kyuudaime…" She mumbled, her voice cracking. She couldn't even recognize it; she hadn't heard it in so long. The chains and cuffs disappeared and suddenly feeling weak, the girl fell to her knees. Where was she? What was going on? She kept asking herself over and over again, taking in her surroundings. She was in a neat, clean room, with two doors: one behind Kyuudaime and one her prisoners disappeared behind.

"You look horrible," Kyuudaime whispered, kneeling to caress her face, "I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner."

"Wh-What's going on…?" Tsena's voice was small, her throat seeming to ache. Now that she thought about it when was the last time she ate? Drank?

"You've been freed." Those words, they made Tsena's heart clench joyously. She looked up at him, her eyes wide.

"That's… wonderful…" Suddenly, her body felt too weak. She let herself slip into the dark, falling to the ground… or rather, into soft arms.

Even if I have no place to go as darkness closes in on me

Tsena spent the next few days in Italy with Kyuudaime. Despite how desperately she wanted to go back to Japan, the old man told her she needed to regain her strength and recuperate from being in Vendicare for so long.

"How did you even know I was in Vendicare?" Tsena, freshly bathed and presentable, asked from her bed, eating her dinner.

"I told him." Tsena nearly spat her soup out, staring at the white-haired demon. Azuki entered the room, walking to Tsena's bed side.

"You…!" She tried to attack her but Azuki easily held her at bay with a hand to her head. "What are you doing here? How do you two know each other?" Tsena demanded, glaring wickedly at Azuki.

"She and I are old friend," Kyuudaime explained, trying to calm the fuming girl.

"The faster you eat and get better, the faster you can see him." Tsena froze. "He's been driving himself crazy, you know," Azuki chuckled, "He thinks of you often, if not all the time. Slowly, though, he's forgetting how to smile, to laugh, how to be happy again." Tsena settled in bed, staring at her lap. "Well, I suppose that's how it is when you lose the joy of your life."

Tsena was sure how to reply. She couldn't help but to smile though. Yamamoto still cared…

Now you're at my side, so I won't hesitate to step forward
The tears I've cried will surely become shining crystals

"What the – Tsena! For the love of – calm down!" Azuki sighed, frustrated, as she ran a hand through her hair. They had just touched down in Japan and Tsena couldn't be more impatient! "Honestly, what are you even going to say to him when you see him?"

That made Tsena stop in her tracks. What was she going to say? Tsena frowned, her excitement turning to anticipation. Would he be mad? Would he hate her? Yell at her? How would he react?

Azuki shook her head, resting a hand on Tsena's shoulder and leading the way to Take-Sushi. As they walked, Tsena felt scared. What was she supposed to do? What would happen? Judging by the sky's colors, it was a little before evening, so school should be out. Yamamoto should be at home, or would be soon. Could she face him?

"Why not start with 'Hey?" Azuki offered, walking into the sushi restaurant slash home.

"Welcome to Take- Tsena?" Tsuyoshi was shocked. He stared at the girl, speechless. Tsena inwardly flinched, expecting the worse. Would he be the first to explode and yell at her? Imagine going home to Nana and Tsuna. Would they be mad, too? It was Tsena's turn to be shocked as Tsuyoshi hugged her tightly, nearly crushing her to him. "Where have you been? Gosh, we've all missed you!"

We've all missed you…

Tsena smiled, feeling tears at the corner of her eyes. She was missed…

I'll gently hold you,
I'll be with you.
I'll be with you.

Tsena paced the restaurant, restless. It was getting late and Yamamoto still wasn't home? Where was he?

"He's pro'ly practicing for tomorrow's game," Tsuyoshi reasoned, watching the girl with amusement. "Relax, he'll be home soon."

"I can't relaaax~" Tsena whined, pulling at her hair, "I want so badly to see him…"

"What was that?" He smirked, cupping his ear, "Did you say something?" Tsena realized what she said and gasped, hiding her face and trying to control her blush.

"I-It was nothing! I'm going to Yama-kun's room!" She ran off, Tsuyoshi chuckling as he watched. Young love was cute.

"Maa, Azuki-san, was it?" He turned back to the lady in his kitchen. She was well aware of the suspicious gleam behind his happy-go-lucky gaze, "What can I do ya for?"

And by that, he meant what were her real intentions.

"You could teach me how to make sushi." Sushi reminded her of a certain someone from her past and how he loved sushi.

"Is that all?"


It wasn't like she was going to tell him she wanted to keep a keen eye on Tsena, for reasons he most likely wouldn't understand.

You taught me to be myself
So at anytime, I believe as I move forward

Tsena's heart was pounding when she first saw him. He looked appalled, like a deer caught in the headlights.

"H-Hey, Yama-kun…" Her voice cracked. She sounded like a dork, a loser. No wonder he could only stare at her, unmoved and numb. He didn't miss her, it was all lies.

"Ts-Tsena!" Tsena waited for him to yell, awed when he tightly squeezed her. She ravished in his attention, holding him just as tight.

Even when he recited that stupid poem she made, how he laughed at her red, embarrassed face, she didn't mind. She felt something she hadn't felt in forever: she felt like she was home.

Life goes on.

"Go, Takeshi!"

"Great job, Yamamoto!"

"You're amazing, Yamamoto-kun!"

"Totally! An extra-large gorgeous home-run!"

"Gyahahaha! It's all thanks to Lambo-san!"

Tsena, along with Futa, Gokudera, Haru, I-Pin, Kyoko, Lambo, Reborn, Ryohei and Tsuna, cheered for Yamamoto. After many smothering of hugs and questions (and a suspicious, uneasy look from a certain bomber), it was like Tsena never left.

Nothing seemed to change.

Nothing but how Tsena felt.

She's never felt closer to her friends, her family and Yamamoto especially. Tsena thought back of how Yamamoto refused to let her go home, how he literally forced her to stay with him the night, where he held, kissed, and overwhelmed her with love and sweet promises. She wasn't complaining, though. Tsena only felt guilty about doubting him, but as soon as she was back to his side, all those uncertainties disappeared.

"I love you and only you."

Those words melted her heart so. She only wished she could do more for him.

I'm trying to figure out what's there that I can do for you
It looks like there are plenty of things I'm bad at

"Geez, what's the other team doing against someone like Yamamoto?" Gokudera grumbled.

"Huh?" Tsena and Tsuna looked at the gray-head, watching as he stood up.

"If you guys don't get your crap together, I'm going to start something over here!" He yelled, looking serious as he pulled out handfuls of dynamites.

"O-Oi, Gokudera, calm down!" Tsena stared at the boy, her eyes wide and one twitching.

"Gokudera-kun, what are you here for?" It was obvious he wasn't here to support the baseball freak.

"Hey, man, calm down," Ryohei said smoothly. This caused Tsena to give him a look. He was up to something, she was sure of it, "There are better things to do when you watch sports." Ryohei sounded as if he were gently scolding a little kid.

"Is that right, Senpai?" Tsena dared to ask.

Ryohei stood up and cupped his mouth, "Stop playing baseball and box instead!"

"That's wrong, too!" The two Sawadas shouted, Tsena sterner then Tsuna, who was wary.

"Geez, Onii-chan."

"He's always so dangerous." Tsena laughed quietly as Haru and Kyoko gave Ryohei a look.

"Oh no, watch out, Tsuna-nii!" Futa warned, the sound of a bat hitting a ball in the background.

"Hit the deck!" Tsena shouted over-dramatically, causing Tsuna to screech and duck, acting as if it were a grenade instead of a baseball. Bianchi managed to catch the ball calmly, unfazed by anything.



"I brought lunch." In her other hand was a bento. Gokudera's stomach grumbled in the familiar way it always did whenever he saw his sister, and he collapsed to the ground.


"Man down, man down!"

"Bianchi-san, what do we have today?" Haru bravely asked, seeming to be the only one ignoring the fainted bomber. Tsena had to wonder why the brunette was asking.

"Special food basted with love."

'Love that kills, she means…'

"I made something too!" Ah, so that's why she asked. "It's full of love for Tsuna!" Tsena laughed at that, smiling as Haru reached for her homemade bento for Tsuna.

'I wish I could cook…' Tsena grimaced whenever she remembered the times she attempted to 'cook'. Honestly, she was horrible at it. She knew this, Tsuna knew this, Nana knew this – hell probably everyone knew this. Yet Yamamoto didn't seem to mind.

"As long as you made it, it's delicious!"

Tsena shook her head. Yamamoto was cheesy like that, she supposed.

I am to be with you.
I suddenly remember your words and nod my head

"Lambo-san's taking that!" The kid hitman grabbed the bento, jumping onto Tsuna's head to make his getaway.

"Not for you! Will punish!" I-Pin followed after Lambo, taking the same route. Tsena smiled, watching the two.

"Play nice, you two~"

"Hey, stop it, you two!" Tsuna wasn't as kind with his words as Tsena. He huffed after them, annoyed, before sighing tiredly, "Why does it always turn out like this?"

"Let them go, they're having fun." Tsena grinned at Tsuna, who gave her a disbelieving look. Futa chuckled, catching the two's attentions.

"Futa, what's wrong?" Tsuna asked.

The boy stopped and turned to the two, shaking his head, "Nothing, I'm just happy to be with everyone like this." Futa smiled warmly, his eyes big and giving him a long lost puppy look. A puppy that finally found its home. Tsena smiled.

"It's a nice feeling, isn't it…" She whispered in a voice so unlike her own, it made Tsuna stop and stare at her. He contemplated what the two said, visualizing it from their point of view. Both Futa and Tsena were taken away from him and the rest of his friends, leaving them worried and cold, as if something were missing in his life. Now that they were back, it finally felt like he was whole. He smiled at the thought.

"It is, isn't it."

On a night when the stars are close enough to grab, we'll pledge eternal love
The tears I've cried will surely become shining crystals

Lambo's crying ruined their moment. They turned to see that he had fallen, dropping the bento on Gokudera's face.

"Lambo, what are you doing?" Tsuna asked as Tsena picked the boy up, calming him, "You ruined our lunch."

"There, there, Lambo." Tsena rocked the boy gently, easing Lambo until he stopped crying.

"Tsuna… Tsuna's mad at… at Lambo-san…" Lambo sniffed, before starting another crying fess. Tsena smiled daintily, passing Lamb to Tsuna.

"O-Oi, what?" The brunet stared at the turquoise-head, who only kneeled down to dust the food off of Gokudera. He sighed, trying to hold the fussing Lambo still, "Lambo, calm down, I'm not mad."

Gokudera gave Tsena a look close to a glare, but still pretty calm compared to other ones she's seen. It discouraged the girl; she'd have to regain his trust somehow.

With a trembling heart,
You're by my side.
You're by my side.

Tsena sat at the bleachers, staring at the sky. She didn't know why she was there or even what she was doing. The game was over; Yamamoto had won and was dragged away by his teammates. She gave her friends the slip and returned to the bleachers.

It was odd. She was isolated for nearly a month; why would she want to be alone ever again? Still, some times it can't be helped. She didn't expect anyone to appear and was surprised when someone slid into place beside her, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder.

Tsena turned her head, blinking her eyes when lips met hers. Her eyes widened before calming when she saw who it was. Yamamoto lifted a hand to her neck, tilting her head. Tsena wrapped her arms around his neck, returning the sweet kiss.

"Hey," the baseball nut whispered against her lips after he pulled away. Tsena smiled, fingers playing with his hair.

"Hey yourself, Takeshi," she mumbled, their faces still close so her lips would brush against his. He shivered, gently pushing her over the bleachers so he hovered over her. "Take-?" Yamamoto covered her lips again, more forceful and demanding. It blew her away and Tsena tried to keep up. Her heart was pounding, ringing in her ears, as her head started to spin.

Yamamoto pulled away, barely giving Tsena the chance to breath, before kissing her again. He nibbled at her bottom lip, pushing his tongue between her lips and letting it curl around hers. Tsena moaned softly, clawing at his back as she pressed herself closer to him.

"Takeshi," Tsena panted as the boy trailed kisses down her neck, nipping at it and forcing her to gasp, "C-Calm down, Takeshi…" She whispered, lacing her fingers through his hair and tugging it gently. The boy stopped, moving his head to his eyes to meet hers. They told her everything, all the questions she had were answered. She smiled and pecked his lips.

Yamamoto reached for her hand, lacing it with his and holding it tightly.

Even if my voice won't reach you and I feel like giving up
I'll never let go of your hand as I move forward
Life goes on.

"Oi! You yakyu-baka!"

"Maa, maa, Gokudera!"

"C-Calm down, Gokudera-kun!" Tsuna held Gokudera back as Yamamoto laughed clueless, 'hiding' behind Tsena.

"You replaced my dynamites with fireworks, didn't you?" Gokudera accused, growling as he reached to claw Yamamoto's eyes out.

"I didn't, I swear~"

"Liar!" Tsena was covering her mouth, trying not to laugh out loud. Can you imagine the look on Gokudera's face? It was like he died a little on the inside. When was he violated, he had to be wondering. When did 'Yamamoto' switch his weapons for fakes? Where was he when all this was going on? How did he manage to pull it off?

"You probably helped him!" Gokudera snapped at Tsena. She couldn't help it, she fell against Yamamoto laughing. His face! Gokudera's face was just so priceless! He looked crossed yet embarrassed at the same time! His eyes were narrowed in anger and he was scowling, but there was a faint blush on his cheeks.

"It's like someone raped you, I swear!"


"It's not rape if you yell "Surprise!" first." Gokudera paused momentarily to gap at the girl.

"Najika, you too?" Wasn't anyone on his side?

"It's true," Najika smiled innocently, "Then it becomes surprise butt sex."

"…" Gokudera could not believe that just came from her mouth. Tsena collapsed to the ground, holding her sides as she rolled with laughter.

"N-Neko – pfft hahahaha!" The girl tried to say something but couldn't even form a decent line. Najika continued to smile innocently as Gokudera assumed the fetal position.

"She's corrupted you…" Gokudera's life was a sad life indeed.

The wind never stops and pushes us forward
Even as time cruelly flows, you're my sweetheart
You're my sweetheart.

"Having fun?" Yamamoto chuckled, crouched beside Tsena. She was finally calming down from her laughing fit, little snorts and giggles still slipping through.

"Yup~" She pushed herself up, stretching her arms and enjoying the late breeze. "Speaking of fireworks, they start soon, don't they?" She leaned against Yamamoto's chest, the boy setting himself to pull her to him.

"Mm." Tsuna nodded his head, also taking a seat.

"That's why we're here," Gokudera scoffed.

"I hope the others make it in time…" Najika mumbled, looking worried.

"Guys!" As if on cue, everyone else appeared: Bianchi, Futa, Haru, I-Pin, Kyoko, Lambo, Reborn, Ryohei, even Dino and Hana were present.

"Sorry we took so long!" Kyoko apologized, smiling bashfully.

"We had to make sure we made a lot of food for everyone!"

"C'mon, let's hurry and set up!" Everyone pitched in to help, laying out the three large blankets and setting up the buffet big enough to feed everyone's empty stomachs.

"Looks good, looks goods!"

"Lambo-san helped!"

"I-Pin too!"

"We all did!"

"Then why are we waiting? Let's dig in!"

"Thanks for the food!" Tsena watched as everyone dug in, smiling as her friends cheered and laughed, enjoying one another's company. Bianchi was feeding Reborn while Kyoko offered Tsuna some of her homemade origiri, though Haru interrupted by trying to make him have some of hers. I-Pin chased Lambo after he stole her dumpling, running around the area, Dino trying to calm the two kids down. Futa listened clueless as Ryohei tried to explain boxing to him, Hana chatting with Haru, Kyoko, and Najika. Gokudera was arguing with Yamamoto, the raven-head just laughing.

'Why can't it always be like this?' Tsena leaned back and stared at the starry sky. She knew it wasn't always going to be so crazy and wild, so full of fun and cheerfulness. Once they grew up, things would change. Friends would part ways, striving to reach their goals, to broaden their horizon and expand their knowledge. She could only hope they would keep in contact, to remember that they always had a place to return to.

Across the twinkling stars, we'll make the future we dreamed of
So we'll be together when the time comes.

Yamamoto rested his head on Tsena's shoulder, distracting her and bringing her from her daydream.

"Takeshi?" She turned to him.

"You eased into using my first name nicely," he mumbled, looking up at her. Tsena blushed lightly, adverting her eyes.

"… I love you, Takeshi." Did she ever say that before?

"Huh?" The boy looked surprised. He lifted his head, eyes somewhat wide. Tsena shyly met his eyes.

"I love you." Yamamoto blinked at her once, twice, three times. He seemed to be having a hard time processing this. Tsena looked away, feeling shy and self-conscious. She missed the large grin that spread across her best friend's face. Yamamoto wound Tsena in his arms, pulling her to him and holding her tightly. He buried his head in her neck, kissing it.

"Say it again?" He asked softly. Tsena smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I love you, Takeshi." She felt Yamamoto's grin on her neck.

"I love you too, Tsena~"

"Hey, look! The fireworks are starting!" Tsena looked up, feeling Yamamoto rest his head on top of hers as the two watched.

'Even if it can't always be like this, where we can all gather together, as long as we have memories to reflect on, it means we had something worth remembering.'

Life goes on.

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