…Tired of being what you want me to be

feeling so faceless what's under the surface

I don't know what you're expecting of me

put under the pressure of walking

in your shoes…


It was all a game.

No names were exchanged, no phone numbers were given out, and no addresses were given either. It was easier that way to the both of them. Putting a name to a face only meant they could get attached and neither of them wanted that. They have both been there and done that and they didn't want to go through that routine again.

They both agreed.

The one who was married, with brown hair, and deep brown eyes to match. He was married and he had a life and a family. He had a business to run and he had businesses to take down.

He had to make his father proud.

That was his one goal in life. If his father wasn't happy with him, if his father didn't praise him, then well he was simply just shit out of luck because nothing else mattered.

He was a boy.

He was a boy still looking for his father's approval that would never come. No matter what he did, no matter how hard he tried, his father would never be the one to give him a pat on the back.

But she would.

She would love and she would care for him even if he was less than what he was trying to be which in most cases, at least in his mind, he was. She would love him if the company came and went and she would love him even if his father didn't.

But that wasn't enough for him. For the man with no name, but was married, and had brown hair and deep brown eyes to match.


It was all a game.

No names were exchanged, no phone numbers were given out, and no addresses were to be given. That's exactly how he wanted it and he was surprised the other man had agreed to it but he was happy he did.

It made things easier.

The man with no name, brown hair, and light eyes that didn't match thought it would be easier that way. He didn't want nor need any sort of attachment because that wasn't what he was looking for. He had been down that road and he didn't want to go down it again.

He was a man with a broken heart.

He was a man with a broken heart that turned his back on love a long time ago. While most told him to give it another go, he refused to. Love has shown him nothing and in return he was going to show love nothing because that is exactly what love deserved.

He was a lonely man.

He had very few friends and very few people he could count on. Most people he couldn't trust and he knew that. So instead of having a few close friends, he had many distant friends. So late at night, when his thoughts and guilts bothered him, he had no one to call. When he made mistakes, stumbled, and fell, he had no one to catch him.


Love turned their backs on them. It left two men cold and alone and it left them heart broken and ashamed. It left them with no one to call at night and it left them to fall on their own.

It left one man with a wife at home that he did not truly love and it left one man with friends he could not call his own.

Because love did not give them anything they found each other.

With each other they would give love the dose of karma it needed but an eye for an eye left them both blind for they cannot see what will become of neither them nor the people around them.

Because love left them blind and because when they least expected it love found them again.