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Chapter 1

It was three days before Christmas day and the Denali clan had invited us to spend Christmas with them this year because we had them over last year. As much as I shudder to be that close to Tanya and her thoughts for the next week; I am not if anything but a gentleman, so I will endure it...again. Tanya had an obsession with me; she thinks that we should be mates; just so we do not have to be alone anymore. I do not like her in that way at all-don't get me wrong Tanya is beautiful in her own way, but just not for me. If anything Tanya wanted to be intimate with me (shudder) which was never going to happen...ever!

I sat reading while Alice darted around my room packing for me. God forbid I dress myself, but she was my sister and I loved her so why not. It made me laugh quietly to myself as she stopped packing to stick her little pixy tongue out at me. Alice had seen my little silent rant through her infallible visions; it only made me laugh harder so she threw a pair of shoes at my head. I dodged them, and they hit the wall with a less than audible thump and fell into my lap.

"Sorry you missed Alice, maybe you should work on your aim little pixy." I teased her. "Are you packing my clothes for a month, did you leave me any in my closet?"

"You know, you could be a little more appreciative, it's not like everyone gets their own fashion advisor to take home with them! Why must you be so difficult Edward Cullen!" Alice chided.

"Because it's what brothers are supposed to do, and you just happen to be in my room...so I thought I would use it to my advantage." I admitted with a huge teasing grin on my face.

"You are so lucky that you're my favorite brother Edward!" Alice huffed running back into my closet to grab a new pair of brown leather Gucci loafers.

"Hey! I thought I was your favorite brother!" Emmett whined from down stairs, no doubt sulking like a child as always.

"You are my other favorite brother Emmy!" Alice chimed happily shaking her head in disbelief; she knew Emmett liked to play favorites too.

I was his favorite hunting partner and brother; Jasper was Emmett's favorite sparring partner. Apparently I cheat with my extra ability to read minds; it does come in handy every once in a while. Alice was the favorite sister even though she was an annoying little pixie some times.

"Oh!" Alice stopped in her tracks; her eyes glazed over, and went some place in between reality and the very near future.

Alice's vision

"Hello Bella, it's so nice to meet you! I'm Alice and this is my hubby-kins Jasper. Merry Christmas, see you soon. Have a nice hunt."

End of vision

"Yay! A new friend everyone! Her name is Bella, and she is going to be around for Christmas at the Denali's. She is absolutely stunning! I bet my visions do her no justice!" Alice screeched in excitement, running off to find Jasper and rub her new burst of joy all over him; bathing the two of them in happiness and love.

The house seemed to get lighter; everyone's mood shifted to happier thoughts. Jasper practically drowned us in joy and happiness. Alice was radiating it like she was the sun. Alice loved to have new friends that loved everything she did, but she was even happier because this new friend, Bella, was going to me more like a sister to her. Another daughter to Carlisle and Esme; Esme would be ecstatic to gain another child to mother, and love as much as her heart would let her. Esme was the best mother in the world.

I felt an ancient ache flow through me for saying that and not recognizing my own mother, my biological mother, my human mother. I recoiled from the hurt I had caused myself, and decided that I needed a run before someone was alerted to my new mood swing, and tried to drown me in a pity party. I let my book fall out of my hands onto my bed where it shut itself close, it didn't matter I had read it a hundred, thousand times before, and had the book stored away in my photographic memory so I read as I ran.

I ran to the one place I had all to myself, some place where it was quiet and tranquil. No thoughts buzzing around in my head, aside from the stray hiker once in a blue moon; no one to talk my ear off and no one around for miles. I laid in my meadow for hours at a time, sometimes a few days at a time. When the sun would shine down on me and make me sparkle like diamond, I was in no danger of being discovered. It was perfect and it was all mine; my solitude. Only there was no sun out today, it was snowing, the clouds were a mixture of light grey and white; a thick blanket of snow in the sky.

I lay in the middle of the meadow watching all of the eight pointed ice stars fall from the sky and land around me, burying me as if it were a blanket. I was just getting into a good mood when my cell phone rang in my pocket.


"You were not supposed to run off! We are all waiting for you, Edward, it's time to go. Esme had to call Carmen and tell her we were going to be fashionably late. Get your sparkly butt back here!" Alice snapped playfully.

"I am on my way; I take it you know why I left, and thank you for not saying anything Alice. I don't know what I would do without you." I shut my phone and put it back in my pocket. I took off running towards my doom for the next week...Tanya!

Everyone was ready to go by the time I got home; I felt a little guilty for making them wait. I slid into the driver's seat of my Volvo, put the car in drive, and pushed the petal all the way to the floor; I was never late...for anything...ever and I didn't plan on it now.

"What's the rush bro?" Emmett asked chuckling. His head was dangling out of the window like a dog. Does he ever grow tired of acting like a child?

"I am not going to be rude by being late because I was not ready to leave." I said. "Besides the sooner we get there I can hunt and maybe even sneak past Tanya."

"HA! Nice try Edward, that girl is obsessed with you just as much as she is as obsessed with blood!" Jasper laughed. "Maybe you should just give into her...get it done and over with." He teased and Alice smacked his arm and gave him a dirty look.

"Thank you Alice, it's not exactly helpful to be violent while one is driving." Alice only nodded smiling widely in the rear-view mirror. "And as for just giving in...I just can't...I feel like I am searching for something, I just don't know what it is yet. I do not see Tanya in that light at all not even close. I could never love her more than I love Alice or Rosalie, just another sibling to me, another family member. It makes being around her difficult and there are times I wish I could turn off the mind reading thing when she is around."

"Sorry for your luck man." Emmett thought while rolling the window up after Alice complained she was cold. Right. A vampire cold; Alice just didn't want the snow getting on our precious clothes. I just rolled my eyes.

"Your time will come Edward, I know it will." Alice thought, she was sad for my being lonely for the last century.

"Don't worry Edward, you will find someone one day." Jasper encouraged letting out a small tranquil calm; it floated around the car enveloping everyone.

I gave all of them a smile of thanks and they all nodded in synchronization. It was almost midnight, and we were going to be right on time at the Denali house. We were only about an hour from house now. Alice called them and let them now we were close, with luck on my side for once.

"Carmen said Tanya just went hunting, so it looks like you are free for the night!" Alice chirped happily. Trying to lighten my mood which was already better with the news I had received.

But little did I know that my mood and life were going to change this Christmas for the better. And forever; I was getting the best gift that I would ever be able to ask for.

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