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Chapter 14

"Because he loves me…..and I love him." Sam waited for their reactions to his statement, wanting Dean there for comfort but he knew that was a bad idea unless he could make them understand.

"You what!" John demanded and Sam winced.

"I love him Dad. It's not….I don't have to love him, it's my choice, what I want. At first, when he was blinded, I stayed to get answers and because I figured I had nowhere else to go.

"Sam, how do you know it's not making you love it?" Bobby offered.

"Because he doesn't have that power, not with my memories restored. He…..he figured I would kill him when I woke up but I couldn't."

"So where is i…he now?" John asked and Sam shook his head.

"I was his eyes, he learnt to navigate the lake and the house, sort of but he couldn't really do a lot. We really got to know each other and he…..he trusted me totally to look after him. It took time Dad but…." Sam shrugged. "He told me everything, he's never lied to me and I'd know if he did. Anyway, eventually we admitted how we felt and then well…" Sam blushed faintly and Bobby shifted uncomfortably as he understood what Sam wasn't saying. John went white at the thought. "Next morning we woke up and his sight was back." Sam admitted and John stared towards the door.

"It's him! Isn't it? Dean's the Siren?" John got up, hand going for his gun but Sam got in his way.

"Dad no! You can't!" Sam blocked him so Bobby moved to slip past. "You kill him you're killing me too!" That made them pause. "We're linked; if he dies…it'll be kinder to put a bullet through my head as well."

"No Sammy."

"Yes Dad. I…..I'll end up a vegetable if he dies, just a mindless body. I don't want that, please." Sam whispered and they both froze. Killing the Siren would basically destroy Sam's mind? "It's why we never go in the ocean. Mer's would kill Dean and then…well I'm a merman not related to the rest of them and I wouldn't be able to put up a fight or anything."

That made John blanche; they'd use his son as a sperm bank? No way. "Who told you that, the Siren? It could be lying."

"He isn't Dad, we're bound together for life and I don't care." Sam growled and then familiar arms were wrapped around his waist, helping him calm down. He kept his body between Dean and the others, taking deep breaths.

"Calm down Sammy, its okay." Dean murmured and Sam turned around in his arms, putting his back to the hunters as he leant into Dean.

"Sam." John choked out and Sam looked at him.

"I love you Dad and I've missed you so much but I love Dean and I won't leave him. I can't." Sam whispered and John slowly put his gun away to Bobby's surprise. Dean watched the men warily, knowing they wanted to kill him but he couldn't leave Sam to deal with them alone.

"I love Sam." Dean whispered. "I….I'm not human, I've never been human. What I did, it's wrong according to humans, at least Sam says it was. I never wanted to hurt him; he was just so sad and alone, like me." He tried to explain.

Bobby frowned, studying the Siren as he held Sam, green eyes that looked so much older than his body staring at them. He was right, he wasn't human, had never been. How could he be expected to think or feel like one them? He looked at John to see he was considering the Siren's words as well. What could they do? If they killed him Sam was as good as dead so could they accept what the boy had become and his….lover?


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