"War is innocence death." Author unknown

Dear mum

Yesterday was what the army call's being forged in battle. I'm the last member of my squad that survived last night's hellish experience. I and my squad were sent to guard a barren piece of land with barely a chance of getting any support if something happened. We were alone and there was nothing we could do we were just like a helpless lamb about to be lead to the slaughter.

The night was what a person would called pleasant but the feeling that we were about to be attacked hung in the air and no one was ready to let there guard down. We all new if we did it would be the end of us. Then the first shot was fired. The bullet whooshed through the air like a lighting bolt and hit its target with beyond normal accuracy, hitting a private directly between the eyes and out the other and of his skull. The next bullet smashed through the air right next to my head and hit the man right of me in the neck. The force was so great it you could hear the bullet tear through the bone and muscle. Then everything fell silent there were no signs of any enemy infantry just silent's. It was obvious who was surprise attacker was and we had no way to deal with it, God damn snipers!

It was six hours before we got any help, six hours of my friends that I've fought with and shed blood with were getting picked off one by one; one by one there brains were being splattered across the ground. By the time we got help I was the last one left surrounded in a pool of my friend's blood. A man that came with your support walked up to me saying to me that they've captured the guy that was shooting at us and he said something that sent a shiver down my spine. The person that was shooting and killing us was only a little boy. This child, this boy was trying to kill us men, I joined this war to fight men and make a change for the good of everyone not to fight and kill children who shouldn't bear witness to travesty and sin of.

Well mum I best stop writing this letter an get back to my job I'm being resigned to a new squad today, should be nice I'm now leading the new men that are supposed to be replacing the men that were killed from my former squad and train them in survival. Write back soon.

Your son the soldier.