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Chapter 1

A mom and her five-year old son came to the park one day.
It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the mom was glad for they finally had time to spend together.

Her son had spiky brown locks, large caramel eyes and cute pink chubby cheeks. He was a little short for his age yet a lot found him absolutely adorable. He was sweet and an obedient son and his parents loved him dearly.
The only problem was that this boy was too clumsy and was afraid of interacting with others. He was a shy one and would rarely talk in front of anyone he didn't know.

His dad said that the boy was just shy and tried to make him get used to crowds. Sadly, that only made it worse and made the boy frightened of large groups of people, he would cling onto his mom's leg as if it were a lifeline.

That child was Sawada Tsunayoshi,

As they strolled around the park, Tsuna and his mom, Nana, noticed the small playground and the many children playing in it. She then recalled her husband, Iemitsu's words.
Maybe, just maybe, all Tsuna needed was a little push.
So she did what she thought was best.

"Tsu-chan, why don't you play over there while I wait for you?"
The child gave a frightened look and quickly shook his head.
"But it looks fun~. See, the other kids are playing." She pointed out.

Tsuna being the good boy he was did not want to upset his mom and so he complied reluctantly.
Nana clapped her hands in glee,
"I'll buy us some ice cream, alright? I'll be right back~"
She took off before little Tsuna could even retort.

The boy sighed and hung his head low…

He went into the playground and ignored the stares directed at him. He made his way towards the least occupied place which was the swing.
He sat on it and began to swing back and forth, hoping that his mom would come back soon. He didn't like it here. He was scared and wanted to go home. His mind was too clouded in thoughts that he didn't realize the bunch of kids approaching him.
Only then he realized when he was roughly yanked off the swing and was pushed on the ground. His butt grazed the asphalt and had earned a small wound around his leg.

Tsuna winced in pain and tried to glare at the bullies.

"Why d-did you do that?"

The others merely laughed tat Tsuna's feeble attempt to look threatening.
"Because this is our spot!" one replied.
There were a chorus of "Yes" and "Yeah" right after.
"B-but no one was using it when I came."

A taller boy smacked him on the head.
"Idiot! That doesn't mean this isn't taken!"
Another chorus of agreements,
Tsuna tried to fight back the tears…
"Oh? So you're still talking back? How rude." The boy who Tsuna concluded as the leader nodded to the other bullies. They came closer to the small brunette. Tsuna felt scared.
He didn't want to get beaten up.
Where was his mom!

But the bullies never did to get to lay a hand on him, when a raven haired boy stood between them. He had grayish-blue eyes and a short ponytail. He wore a Chinese-like outfit composed of a red garb with golden lining and white pants.

"Hey, you. If ya don't wanna get beaten up like chibi over there, then get lost."

Tsuna was sure that the kid would leave immediately but was surprised when he stood his ground.

"Hey, can't you understand me?" The leader yelled impatiently.
He got a glare from the raven as a response.

"Oh, I get it, you can't cause you're Chinese, fine, have it your way. Get 'em both!" The boy commanded.

The raven made a stance to fight back but was surprised when the small brunette stood up and shielded him.
"No! D-don't hurt him! Just c-cause he doesn't understand Japanese doesn't mean y-you should hurt him!" Tsuna cried out.

It was the first time he had ever yelled for someone Else's sake.

The bully smirked. "Still back sassing us eh? You really are rude. We'll teach you a lesson to respect your superiors."

The boy launched a punch straight for Tsuna's face, but didn't make it when the raven suddenly grabbed it in and flipped him over. Something Tsuna only saw in the action movies his dad watched.

"It is you who is the rude one." The boy spoke in Chinese.

The leader groaned in pain, the others taking note of their leaders pain attacked all together thinking that they could over power the raven. But that was not the case.
Tsuna's eyes widened as it all happened too quickly.
In a flash all bullies fell onto the ground simultaneously and unconscious.

This kid…had defeated them all.
He had saved him,
Tsuna was very amazed and stared at the raven in awe.

Said boy looked at him and gave the brunette a warm smile.
He had been watching all this time from the sandbox; he had seen little Tsuna go the swing looking rather sad and how the bullies approached him. He decided to keep an eye on the other and saw that the boy hadn't noticed that he was being surrounded.

He had already gotten mad when the boy's pushed him roughly on the ground and started ganging up on him, but what really ticked him off was when that taller kid had smacked the little brunette. That was all it took for him to get up and march over there.
He had made sure to leave a few lasting bruises here and there.

"Th-thank you." Tsuna muttered shyly.
The raven patted his soft brown locks lightly.
Tsuna "Hiiie-ed" at the sudden contact.
"Don't worry I understand Japanese." The other smiled.
Tsuna nodded bashfully.
Then the raven frowned a bit. His hand had not yet been removed from the boy's head.
"Does it hurt?"

"That kid hit you earlier…"
Tsuna blushed a cute shade of pink.
He had seen that?

"N-no…I'm alright…"

The Chinese boy nodded in understanding and pulled his hand away.
"My name is Fon, I live in china but we moved here a few weeks ago." Then he gave the other a warm smile. "What's your name?"

Tsuna couldn't believe it.

He was actually gonna make a friend!
Tsuna couldn't help but beam as he replied,
"T-Tsuna, m-my name is Tsuna!"
The other chuckled softly as Tsuna blushed.

"Well, Tsuna-chan, want to play in the sandbox with me?"

The brunette nodded immediately.

Nana who came back after a bit, with two strawberry ice cream cones in hand happened to witness the scene. She cooed in delight at how cute they looked together.
She made it just in time to see him making a new friend.
She could care less about those sleeping children by the swing.
Really, how can parents be so irresponsible about their children. Letting them sleep in the dirty ground like that.

She waited for a bit, observing how the two interacted closely and giggled every now and then. After a while she skipped over to give Tsuna his ice cream, Tsuna then introduced his new friend to her.
She smiled in delight and gave her cone to the raven.
The boy denied it politely, but eventually gave in due to Tsuna's mom's persistence.

Nana didn't mind for Tsuna had finally made a new friend,
And a handsome one at that.

She went back to the ice cream stand merrily and decided to give the two a little alone time.

Fon looked over to the cute brunette who was concentrated on building small sandcastles and smiled at how warm and fuzzy it felt to be around him.
The boy showered him with cute adorable smiles and was pleasant to talk to.
The stuttering still remained but that only made him cuter in the raven's eyes.

"Let's be best friends forever!" The raven announced.
Tsuna blinked for awhile before nodding.

"Umn!" He beamed.

12 years later

a raven haired man stood amongst the crowd and sighed.

He would never forget that day…

"Fon-san~!" A brunette called out.
The man turned and gave the boy a warm smile.
"Sorry I'm late." The brunette muttered sheepishly as he tried to catch his breath.

He had to run the last few blocks since the train had a few technical problems.

"It's alright, Tsuna." The raven replied.

The two had decided to go out and spend time with each other.
Once the two were in the café Tsuna had began chatting away while Fon half-listened and was half- lost in his thoughts.

As the years went by, he realized he no longer saw Tsuna in that same light.
He wanted to be more than a friend.
He had fallen for him.
But Tsuna remained oblivious and only saw him as a best friend.
He suffered from this unrequited love for many years.

He couldn't take it anymore.
It was driving him mad knowing that one day, Tsuna would eventually leave him.
Have a lover and soon start a family of his own.
Fon sighed and decided to call the brunette's attention.

"Hey, Tsuna, do you still remember when we first met at that playground?"
Tsuna smiled nostalgically.
"How can I not? It was one of my most treasured days. It was the day you and I first met, the day I made my first friend."

Fon smiled at this before frowning.
"I'm sorry, Tsuna…" he whispered.
"Huh?" He didn't quite catch that.
"Hm? Oh I said that the cakes here are delicious~" Fon grinned.
"Yea! The strawberry cheesecakes are the best!" Tsuna then began to ramble on.

Fon sighed again.
He almost slipped.
Not now…
He would wait just a little longer.
He would be able to tell Tsuna soon…

I'm sorry Tsuna…
Because apparently I can't keep my promise,
I can no longer be just your best friend.
I want to be more than that.

Someday, I will be able to tell you…
Fon recalled those cherished days he spent with the brunette.
He loved him…

The Chinese looked over to the brunette who was messily eating his desert.

Fon chuckled a bit.

"Eh? Fon why are you laughing?"

Fon leaned in to wipe the small icing on Tsuna's upper lip before licking it.

"It's nothing." He replied, amused as Tsuna's face flushed red.
The raven sighed as he concluded that Tsuna was simply to die for…

He'll be able to tell…

Very soon…


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