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Chapter 2

"I love you, Fon!" Tsuna beams cutely.

They were at the school's rooftop and the sun had begun to set. The orange rays made the brunette radiate with an ethereal glow. Fon had fantasized this moment so many times that he had lost count, each fantasy different from the other.
Fon swore that his heart stopped that very moment.

"You're my best friend~!" Tsuna added cheerfully.
Then the Chinese felt his heart drop, his stomach churned.
He smiles sadly in return.
"I love you too, Tsuna…"

So much for getting his hopes up…
How could he even believe that this cute oblivious brunette would confess to him,
How silly.

Eventually the two headed home and parted ways.

The next day, Fon was shocked for he was suddenly tackled by a tearful Tsuna.
Luckily it was their break and the raven brought the brunette to an empty classroom.
The brunette wouldn't let go of him the whole way, he just cried and mumbled incoherent words, finding comfort in the raven's warmth and scent.

Fon waited for the brunette to calm down a bit before asking what was wrong.

"A…A girl that I l-liked confessed to me," Tsuna began, his voice shivering.

Fon's grayish-blue eyes widened, his stomach curled with bitterness, he felt envy but immediately brushed it off as it came. Tsuna needed his help right now and it was not the time to be jealous.

He forced a smile and patted the brunette's soft locks gently.

"Then what's wrong? Isn't that a good thing?"

Tsuna shook his head, his face still buried onto the Chinese's uniform.
"I-it's not…" The voice was muffled but Fon heard it.

Fon felt it harder and harder to smile…his heart clenched and unknowingly his hold on the boy tightened. "And why is that?"

His uniform had begun to feel damp again.
"I'm sorry, did I make you cry?" Fon states sadly.
Tsuna shakes his head and muffles a soft "No."

"Then why do you weep?"
No answer
"Isn't this, what you wanted? To have someone you like confess to you…"
The sobbing didn't stop; Tsuna still buried his face on the Chinese's clothes, trying to hide his face from the world. Fon smiles sadly at this.

"Just open your eyes…" He whispers.

The sobbing softened but Tsuna still refused to let go, his hug tightening.

"Just open your eyes, Tsuna…"

Slowly the brunette looked up. His eyes had become red and puffy, the tears had given it a glassier shine and his cheeks were in a cute shade of pink.

Open your eyes and know... that I am always here for you…
No matter how long it takes for you to realize…
I'll always remain by your side…
To wash away your pain and to dry up your tears…
I will be the storm who will protect you.
So please stop crying…
and open your eyes, cause I'm right here, Tsuna, I'm right here.

Slowly the raven leant closer to the brunette as they made eye contact.
"Promise me that you won't hate me after this, but I'll understand if you do…"
"F-Fon…? I don't understand…"

"I just want to make the pain go away…"

"So please, Tsuna…don't close your eyes."
'Eh? That's a weird request…" The brunette thought.

"And don't hate me afterwards…"

Before Tsuna could reply that he could never hate Fon, the raven had leant down to seal his lips with a warm kiss. The brunette's eye's widened and blushed furiously.
The reason he was crying was because he didn't accept the confession.
And he wondered why.
His heart ached and he immediately wanted to see his best friend.

The reason why he ran…why he couldn't accept that girl's feelings was because…because!

And now his best friend was kissing him.

He couldn't believe it.

After all those years spent on trying to hide it…

…The undeniable truth.

Why hadn't he opened his eyes earlier? Fon had always been there for him, always.
Tsuna smiled into the kiss before gingerly kissing back.
He was glad that the raven had his eyes closed or he would've been totally embarrassed.

He couldn't believe it…

Fon had liked him too.


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