Snow and Broken Bones

"Put me down; let go of me!" Harry began struggling, too panicked to realize he would fall if she let him go.

"Hold on, Harry; let me find someplace to land."

She landed on a cliff in a patch of snow. The mountain she chose was secluded and there were no other people for miles. Harry continued to struggle as she touched down.

"Fine!" she said, dropping him from her arms and placing her hands on her hips.

Harry jumped up on wobbly knees, shaking snow out of his torn robes. "Thanks."

Kara touched the back of her hand to his forehead. "You're still a little pale."

Harry pushed her hand away, "I'm fine!" He looked around. "Where are we?"

"I think somewhere in the Canadian Rockies," said Kara. "Come on, we need to get back to Hogwarts. Your friends are worried enough as it is."

"I'm not going back."

"What?" asked Kara, surprised, "Why not?"

"I can't. Ron and Hermione- they saw me." He was breathing heavy, almost hysterical.

"They're your friends. It doesn't matter what they saw. They just want you home safe."

"You didn't see their faces!" he yelled. "They were afraid of what I did; they were afraid of me!"

"I'm sure that wasn't it, Harry. They're worried about you. Please calm down and come back with me."

"Calm Down!" Harry shouted. Kara tried to shush him, eyeing the snow higher up the mountain. "How can I calm down after everything that's happened today, after everything that's been happening?"

"Maybe it'd help if you talked to me about it. I understand what you're going through."

"How can you possibly understand? You don't know," Harry said, near tears and pacing back and forth.

"I know more than you think. Now can you please keep your voice down? We're on a mountain in case you haven't noticed."

Harry wasn't listening, "I've never felt like such a FREAK!"

He bellowed the last word, his voice magnified to fifty times its normal volume. It echoed all around them in the still air. When the echo died down, they heard a rumbling sound.

"Oh, that's just great," said Kara. She snatched Harry up and sped off before hundreds of feet of snow collapsed on top of them.

Before Harry realized what was happening, they were a safe distance from the mountain. He looked up to see the avalanche of snow make its way down the side of the mountain.

He looked up at Kara.

"You've got to be more careful now with all the things you can do. We're just lucky there was no one around to get hurt in the avalanche."

Harry gulped and took a deep, shuddery breathe. "What is it that you think I can do?"

Kara put a hand on his shoulder. "You're incredibly strong," Harry nodded, "You may or may not have noticed, but you don't get too hot or cold no matter what the temperature is."

Harry thought back to the past few weeks and found that she was right. There were many days over the summers that were miserably warm, yet he never broke a sweat. And more recently he hadn't been fastening his school cloak to block out the cool autumn wind.

"You also don't tire easily and you can run really fast." She spoke gently, not failing to notice the pained confusion on his face.

He cleared his throat and said in a small voice, "What's happening to me?"

Kara held his face in both hands, "Come back with me. I promise that Clark and I will tell you everything."

He hesitated, and then nodded slowly.

Ron turned round the corner, panting. He looked back.

"Hurry, Hermione; run!"

"I'm running as fast as I can!" she clutched at a stitch in her side as she caught up with Ron.

Ron began running again, but he ran into something solid and almost fell to the stone floor. Someone caught him by the arm, holding him in place.

"Ron?" Hermione rounded the corner to find Ron trying to struggle free of Clark's grip. "Let go of him!"

She grabbed Clark's wrist to try and pull him off, but it was no use.

"You guys don't have to run. We're not going to hurt you!" he tried to say over their yells and the sounds of struggle. "Just calm down until Kara gets back!"

"Save yourself!" Ron told her. She let go and ran down the corridor.

"Help; someone help!" Hermione called, her voice echoing through the empty corridor.

"Hermione, please," she heard Zatanna say before she saw a faint purple light pulsed in front of her before she ran into an invisible wall. . "People can't know that we're not students."

"Who are you then?!" Ron asked, still struggling. "You're death eaters, aren't you? And Kara's gone to take Harry to You-Know-Who!"

Ron felt his arm jerk, before he was thrown to the ground with a thump and an, "Oof!"

"Don't say that!" Clark yelled angrily. "We would never do anything to hurt Harry!"

Ron stood up, rubbing his wrist. Then he held up both fists.

"You can't fight me, Ron," said Clark in a serious tone.

Ron didn't listen. He pulled his right fist back and threw all of his weight into the punch, striking Clark in the jaw. But Clark didn't even flinch.

"Ow; Bloody Hell!" Ron held his aching wrist, his hand hanging limp. "I think it's broken!"

"I told you," Clark smirked.

"Both of you cut it out!" Zatanna yelled. "Let me see."

She reached for Ron's hand without giving him an opportunity to object. "D'nah D'nem."

With a sickening crunch, Ron's hand straightened itself out.

"Ah, mother-!" Zatanna held up a hand and in a flash of violet sparks, Ron was instantly silenced.

"What do you want then if you're not here to hurt Harry?" Hermione asked with her arms crossed.

"We only want to help him," said Clark.

"Help him by kidnapping him, eh? What'll that accomplish?" asked Ron, cradling his hand again.

Clark glared. "You need to trust us."

"If you want our trust then give back our wands," said Hermione.

Zatanna and Clark exchanged glances. "Fair enough," said Zatanna, pulling the wands from her jacket pocket.

"Thank you," said Hermione stiffly, taking hers. "Now what was wrong with Harry and why did Kara take him away?"

"And how could she fly like that?" asked Ron.

"It's a long story," said Zatanna.

"And it's for Harry's ears only," said Clark. The younger two were going to argue, but they all heard a familiar yowling nearby: Filch's cat.

"Let's take this to the common room, shall we?" asked Zatanna. "We can wait for Kara and Harry there."

"Fine," said Hermione. They all began running in the opposite direction just as Mrs. Norris peeked around the corner.

"Where are they, my sweet? We'll catch them this time," Filch came running after his cat. He ran smack into the invisible barrier and was knocked on his back, out cold.

Author's Note:

I hope everyone enjoyed this. It took me awhile to work out the set up for this chapter. I hope I did alright in making the characters' reactions believable.