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AN This story begins after the Invasion of Pain arc and before the Five Kage Summit arc. It is a bit AU and Tsunade already woke up from her coma. For the inconvenience and so that you guys/girls wouldn't flame me for this being plagiarism, some bits of this story would come from Lazy Hermit's, 'Fox Trapped at Yokai Gakuen', and lord of the land of fire's, 'The True Monster', which are both amazing stories and very good reads. All in all this story has its own plot.

Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, toad sage and jinchūriki of the Kyūbi no Yōko, was sitting in a bus, quietly waiting for the ride to reach its destination. There was no one else on board except for him and the bus driver, who was smoking a cigar. Staring out and looking at the window, he couldn't help but admire the beauty of the countryside and the clear blue sky and started to feel at ease because of the warm sunlight. Today is a good day, he thought.

"Are you that new foreign student the Headmaster told me about?" the bus driver suddenly asked, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Um, yeah, I am."

They started to enter a dark tunnel. "Hmm, you know, the place where you're going to, it's kinda dangerous. No wait, scratch that, it's a very dangerous and horrifying place." The bus driver said, looking over his shoulder at him. Naruto was able to make out his eyes and noticed that they were glowing.

Naruto scoffed, "I've seen worse."


Naruto was dropped off in front of a scarecrow with a pumpkin head. Up ahead, about a mile or two away, he could see a building which he assumed was the school. He was wearing a black strapped hitai-ate, with the symbol of Konoha engraved on the metal, and his sage clothes, but without the scroll on his back and was carrying a suitcase and bag. Dropping his bag and suitcase, he started to remember the mission the baa-chan Gondaime gave him.


The day before

Naruto knocked on the door of the makeshift Hokage office in the evacuation centre of Konoha. A few seconds later, Tsunade called for him to come in. As he entered he saw that the room was not very big, with only a desk and two chairs for the receptions and a plain office chair where Tsunade was seated at. On the desk, there was a massive stack of paperwork.

"Ah Naruto, your here, come sit." Tsunade said, looking up from her paperwork and gesturing to the seat at her left-hand side.

Naruto walked towards the seat and sat down. Tsunade then stopped signing and laced her fingers together and looked at him with a serious expression. After a few seconds of staring, Tsunade started to speak.

"You will not interrupt me when I tell you this so listen carefully. You are to attend a school called Yokai Academy in order for your protection against the Akatsuki. They do not know of the existence or the location of the place and the Headmaster has sworn that he would protect you. Once you arrive, report to him immediately. You will be enrolling as a student, so you will have to abide by the school rules or you will be punished, by both the Headmaster and me. Do not mention this to anyone except for Kakashi and Sakura. This is classified as an extended S-rank mission and may take years before you will be able to return. You will leave tomorrow morning and will be escorted to a nearby 'bus' stop and shall be picked up there. Now you are dismissed, go now and start packing your essentials and say goodbye only to Kakashi and Sakura." Tsunade ordered.

Naruto slammed his hands on the table. "What? Why? I can take those bastards on! I defeated Pein so the rest of them will be no sweat. I can't just leave Konoha unprotected! When this village's enemies find out they'll attack us and we'll be overpowered! You guys will need me and I can't just abandon the village now that they have finally accepted me. I refuse to accept the mission." Naruto said defiantly.

Tsunade was able to keep her composure and continued looking at Naruto. If this were one of those other times, she would have slammed him into the wall for this. But she understood what he feels about the mission and, finally, after all the years of abuse and criticism, was able to get the villagers respect and admiration, and leaving them now for him felt like he was abandoning them. She waited for him to finish his outburst and then spoke.

"You are to accept this mission. As your Hokage, I order you to. If you do not, I will kick you out of the village and declare you a missing-nin. You will be hunted by the hunter nins and ANBU and never be able to return. Do you understand?" Tsunade warned while staring at him with fire in her eyes.

Naruto was taken aback. 'Where was all of this coming from?' he thought.

"H-Hai... Hokage-sama." Naruto hesitantly said. He gave her a stiff, tense bow and was about to leave before Tsunade called him back.

"Wait Naruto, I want to give you something first."

She stood up and walked over to Naruto. At first, he thought she was going to punch him, but instead she lifted his hitai-ate and kissed him on the forehead.

"Wow Naruto, you really have grown. You're not that obnoxious little twelve year old boy anymore; you're growing up to be a fine man now. Just like your father. I'll miss you baka." Tsunade said, with tears starting to form in her eyes.

Naruto didn't know what to say, so instead, he enveloped her into a hug.

"And I'll miss you baa-chan, just make sure that by the time I come back, everyone will still be here." Naruto said and quickly left before she saw the tears falling from his eyes.

Tsunade stood there for a second, but then shook her head and wiped her eyes and went back to her paperwork. Suddenly, another knock came to the door. She called for the person to come in and was shocked to see that it was Naruto.

"Oh yeah, about that paperwork, why can't you just use Kage Bunshins? When they dispel, the knowledge they get goes back to you." He cheerfully said and closed the door and left again.

The last thing he heard was a loud 'thud' and different types of swear words coming from Tsunade's office.


According to Tsunade, the mission might take years before he would be able to return. He remembered the heartfelt goodbye he gave to Kakashi-sensei and Sakura-chan and made them swear to make sure that the village would be safe while he was gone. They both assured him that they will not let any harm come to the village and its people and before leaving; he went on top of the Yondaime's head and took one more glimpse of the now rebuilding Konoha. The village would survive without me, he thought. He then shook his head and was about to make his way into the school until...

"Look out!"

Naruto turned around to see a girl staring at him before hitting and plowing him with her bike.

They both went tumbling into a pile. When they finally stopped Naruto found himself lying face to face on top of the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. Her hair was long and pink and she had the most dazzling green eyes, even better than Sakura's. She was dressed in a green school uniform, which he guessed was the academy's attire, and noticed that he could feel her breasts pressing up against his chest.

'Damn, my senses must be getting sloppy.' "Oh, Sorry!" he quickly sat up and got off her. "I didn't mean to..."

She stood up and gave him a shy and embarrassed smile. "No it's alright, it's my fault and I should be the one apologizing. It's because of my anemia that I was starting to feel dizzy." She looked at his cheek and noticed a cut. "Oh you're bleeding."

Naruto felt something wet flowing down his cheek and put his hand at the source, sure enough, there was a trickle of blood. "It's alright, it'll heal eventually."

To his surprise, the girl leaned forward and her face was only inches away from his. Back in Konoha, he tried to ask Sakura out on many dates but every time she rejected his advances. To have such a pretty girl this close to him, he felt his heart start to beat faster and his cheeks and body felt hot.

"Umm, what are you doing?" Naruto asked shakily.

"Your scent," he could feel her hot breath against his skin as she spoke. "It's so gooooood." Suddenly and without warning, she put her mouth against his neck and he felt a bite.

"What... what are you doing?" It wasn't really that painful, since he suffered worse during his life. It was more like a mosquito bite to him and was only surprised because a girl was suddenly biting him. So instead of pulling away, he just stood there and waited for her to finish. A few seconds later, the girl pulled away. He put a hand to his neck and could feel the Kyūbi's healing ability already kicking in. What just happened? He thought to himself.

He looked at the girl and noticed that she was blushing and had a dreamy look in her eyes. "Thank you so, so, so much! Your blood is absolutely delicious! The best I've ever tasted."

He stared at her and a sweat drop formed at the back of his head. Do beautiful girls have to be this weird? "Did you just drink my blood?"

Now looking embarrassed she nodded. "Yes, I'm sorry for not asking you first, it's just that your scent smelled so good that I couldn't resist." She smiled, "I'm a vampire you see."

"A... vampire?"

Something in his tone worried her. "Do... do you not like vampires?" she asked worriedly.

Naruto smiled, that wasn't a really big shocker to him. It just took him by surprise. "That depends, are all vampires as cute as you?"

Immediately, the girl went red in the face. "A-ah...umm..."

Seeing as he embarrassed her he rubbed the back of his neck and hoped that he hadn't ruined things between them. He had always seemed to have a way to say the wrong things to girls. "Sorry, I was just kidding. Of course I haven't got anything against vampires. In fact, what you just said doesn't really shock me, just took me by surprise that's all." He smiled sheepishly.

She was surprised at his reply; most monsters would cower in fear if she told them that she was a vampire, but was relieved that he didn't automatically dislike her. "In that case, would you like to be my friend?"

Naruto mentally patted himself on the back, it hasn't even been five minutes and already he's friends with an incredibly beautiful girl. "Sure, I don't see a reason why I can't be."

With a pleased smile the girl introduced herself. "My name is Akashiya Moka."

"I am Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, pleased to meet you."

"Are you a new student here like me?"

Naruto nodded. "I sure am."

Moka's face brightened up at that. "Really? I am too! This is so wonderful! I was worried that I would be all alone again, but now, I have a friend who I can do things with! Oh I hope that we would be in the same homeroom!"

He smiled at her excitement. "Yeah me too, but wouldn't a pretty girl like you have lots of friends?" he instantly regretted his words as Moka suddenly blushed again and looked away. Why do I always say the wrong thing! He screamed in his head. "No wait, it's not like that. It's just because you're acting like I'm your first one, that's all."

Not wanting to look at him she said in a small voice. "Well... you sort of are..."

Naruto instantly pitied the girl and remembered the loneliness and resentment the villagers gave him during his childhood. For years he had tried to earn their respect and committed a lot of numerous pranks and mischievous activities to try and get their attention. Only now that after he defeated Pein had they finally acknowledged him. He knew exactly what she must've been through.

Naruto lifted the bike of the ground and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Well then, I'm very glad to be your friend. Would you like to walk with me to the school?" he said, offering her his hand.

She looked back at him and shyly took it. "I would be happy to."

As the two of them began walking towards the academy Naruto felt some hope for the future.

But of course, the life of a ninja was never easy.