Another thing I would like to mention before I completely retire this story. Unlike Lazy Hermit's fic, there are to be no remakes of this story in any form or shape. It may be used as inspiration, but not 'A remake of...' or 'a rehash of' and etc. I have received a PM where someone wanted to adopt this story. No. I'd rather keep it as it is and its legacy to stay that way, despite it being abandoned midway. I probably shouldn't say this, but this fandom needs more creativity, and with the number of remakes Lazy Hermit's fic has, it wouldn't be healthy if the fandom got swamped by basically the same premise. LOTLOF's True Monster is one of the most reviewed stories on this website, and it's a crossover of Naruto and Rosario + Vampire. If LOTLOF's story has that much credibility and renown, then who's to say that others can't emulate its success? This shows how much untapped potential this fandom has. It might be cruel and selfish on my part, but I'm tired of reading the same plot but with a different author, so with disallowing any remakes of this fic, it'll lessen the chances of the same thing happening again, thereby creating more entertainment for everyone. However, there have been promising authors who have created their own variations and plotlines, and to that I'd give you a mighty pat on the back. You guys are a cut above the rest.

I've given my last two cents, now this fic can be retired.