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A sigh escaped Queen Amelia's lips as she drew back the regal purple curtain and peered out the window over the castle courtyard. On most mornings, the Queen would open the curtains and gaze outside at nothing in particular, just letting the morning light refresh her and allow her to finally relax and think about life for a while. But today was different. This time, Amelia had her eyes on two figures out in the courtyard, and instead of feeling refreshed, she felt completely heartbroken.

She watched in silence as one of the figures—a young woman with a lavender dress and short, pixie-cut brown hair—ran over to the edge of the courtyard fountain and plopped down on the rim, motioning for the other figure—a handsome man with flowing brown hair and a vest—to sit down next to her. With a shrug, the man complied, and walked over to the fountain, settling right beside her. The two talked for a while, all the while the young lady nestling her head against the man's chest, and occasionally, the man would kiss her hair lightly. Eventually, the girl jerked up, laughing at something the man said, which caused him to chuckle and flick water in her face. The girl quickly responded, and Queen Amelia could only laugh as her daughter shoved poor Eugene Fitzherbert into the fountain with a huge splash. But within seconds, her laughter faded into another sigh.

How on earth am I going to tell her? she thought hopelessly, watching as Eugene rose, soaking wet, from the fountain and began chasing the princess across the courtyard. As Rapunzel ran, she threw back her head and laughed, and the Queen could hear her let out a squeal as Eugene finally caught up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, twirling her around. Just look at her!

She was so lost in her thoughts that a gentle hand on her shoulder gave her a jolt, and Queen Amelia whirled around to see her husband, the King, his expression tired and defeated.

"Did you find anything, Edward?" she asked pleadingly, gazing into his eyes. But his sullen expression already revealed the truth.

King Edward shook his head. "I'm sorry, Amelia," he apologized, pulling out a book and laying it on a nearby table. Queen Amelia watched, her heart sinking, as the King flipped through the pages and finally stopped on one, scrolling his finger down to a paragraph. "Everywhere I've looked it says the same thing. We may be King and Queen, but we can't repeal laws without the consent of the royal council."

"And they'd never go for it," Queen Amelia sighed. "You know how they feel about Eugene."

King Edward exhaled through pursed lips as he shut the book, and then he laid his hands on the table, gazing straight ahead in silence.

"But, Edward!" the Queen spoke up, taking her husband's arm and leading him to the window. She drew back the curtain once again, and the two of them looked down desolately at the two lovers in the courtyard. Eugene, still dripping dry, was now sitting with Rapunzel nestled in his lap, making an unsuccessful attempt to position flowers in her hair. He lay his hand back down in failure, and Rapunzel giggled, plucking a flower from her hair and sticking it in Eugene's. The two stared at each other in silence for a while, but then Eugene said something that caused Rapunzel to double over in laughter. Pretty soon, Eugene was laughing as well, and the more they laughed, the more it broke Queen Amelia's heart to see them. She looked over at her husband, who looked just as sad to be watching such a scene as this.

"Look at this," Queen Amelia pointed out, flinging out her arm towards the couple. "How can we tear that apart…for something as stupid as prearranged marriages?"

King Edward looked down with a sigh. "I…I don't know."

"There must be some way," the Queen was persistent as she went back to the book on the table. "After all, Rapunzel's suitor was chosen years ago, when she was an infant! Couldn't laws have changed since then?"

King Edward walked over to his wife and laid a hand on her shoulder. "I think of all people, we'd know, your royal highness."

Queen Amelia sighed for what seemed like the millionth time and finally shut the book, laying a hand on top of her husband's.

"I know," she turned to gaze up into his eyes. "It just…seems like we aren't even royalty any more. Like the council runs this kingdom and we don't. At least," she caught one last sight of Eugene embracing her daughter around the edge of the curtain, "not for the important things."

"I know how you feel," King Edward agreed. "But I'm afraid there's just nothing we can do. I can speak to the council about this, but I'm pretty sure I know what they're going to say. They'll say that Rapunzel needs to marry royalty, as her parents did before her, and so on and so forth. And like you said, their feelings towards Mr. Fitzherbert make it look like we shouldn't get high hopes about changing their minds."

"I suppose you're right," the Queen finally gave in. She walked back over to the window once again, sliding back the curtain all the way. Her daughter and the reformed thief were now laying in the grass, hand-in-hand, and a smile peeked through Queen Amelia's lips at the sight of the little orange flower still tucked into Eugene's hair. She turned back to face her husband, who gazed at her with crestfallen eyes. "I have to tell her. Now. Before word of this gets out and she hears it from someone else before we have a chance to explain." She turned back to gaze at the two figures in the grass. "She's…It's going to be hard. I hate to break up a moment like this, but if we tell her at the last minute, she'll never forgive us."

"Would you prefer if I told her?" the King asked.

"I'll call her in," Queen Amelia sighed. "We'll both tell her. Her reaction…I'm sure it's not going to be pretty."

King Edward took his wife's hands in his own and nodded. Queen Amelia responded with a fond embrace, which the King tenderly returned. The Queen thought how lucky she had been—she had actually fallen in love with the man whom, at birth, she was destined to marry, and it was true love as well. Then again, she had never loved another man before him, so she never had to experience that hurt of losing the one she truly cared about…

…Like her daughter would have to.

The two finally ended the embrace, and then, with one more nod, Queen Amelia turned and began walking down the hall, leaving King Edward standing behind in silence.

The hallway was huge, and practically empty. Every now and then the Queen would pass a guard or a servant or such, and they would give her a respectful bow. The Queen barely acknowledged them—she was so lost in her thoughts. How on earth was she going to tell her daughter that she would have to let go of the only man she'd ever loved for someone that she'd never even met?

Deep down, Queen Amelia felt like it was her own fault. Just a little while after Rapunzel's birth, the Queen was required to assign her a suitor, whom she would marry when she became of age. The Queen hadn't agreed with this one bit, but because of royal practices, she was forced to make a decision. She had decided on Prince Robert, of the kingdom of Crepacuore, because he was around Rapunzel's age and also, both Corona and Crepacuore were allying kingdoms—it would just be easier that way. After Rapunzel had been kidnapped—a memory that still sent chills down Queen Amelia's spine—the issue had never really come up again, because, honestly, who really knew if the princess was ever coming back? And as soon as Rapunzel had returned to Corona, people hadn't really mentioned the issue of Rapunzel's marriage either; they were too busy celebrating the return of their lost princess after all these years. But months had gone by, and the issue couldn't be avoided much longer. Rapunzel was practically an adult, and she was ready to marry. But the law stated she must marry royalty—the suitor assigned to her all those years ago. Little did anyone know that when Rapunzel came back, she wouldn't be returning alone. At her side would be Eugene Fitzherbert, or, as he was better known as all those months ago, Flynn Rider. The reformed thief had saved Rapunzel from her captor, and returned the lost princess back to her kingdom. But that wasn't all.

He had fallen in love with her.

Upon Rapunzel's request, the King and Queen welcomed him into the castle with open arms. They were so thankful to finally have their daughter back that, thief or no thief, this man was going to get the reward he deserved. Queen Amelia had to admit, she was a bit wary at first, as was Edward, but within just a few weeks she had seen Flynn's—or, rather, Eugene's—true colors. The former criminal had truly changed his ways, all for the girl he loved. And watching the two of them in the courtyard, Queen Amelia had no doubt of both the princess and the reformed thief's affections for each other.

And now, this news was going to tear them apart.

As much as Queen Amelia hated doing this, the law was the law, and there was nothing they could do about it. She knew. Edward had checked. And even though she wouldn't stop searching, even after they had told Rapunzel the news, deep down, she knew she probably wouldn't find a solution, nor persuade the council to change their minds about the law. As accepting as she and Edward had been to Eugene, the council was a whole different story. It seems they couldn't get their heads out of Eugene's criminal past, and were just waiting for him to slip up so they would have an opportunity to kick him when he was down.

The realization of it all was overwhelming—it didn't look like there was going to be any solution to this mess. Queen Amelia sighed once again as she laid her hand against the courtyard door. Should she really do this? Then again…what choice did she have? Either way, Rapunzel had every right to know. Taking in a deep breath, she slowly eased open the heavy door, and squinted as the sunlight flooded her vision. Her heart sank as she caught sight of Eugene and Rapunzel lying in the grass, and at the sound of the door opening, both of their heads perked up.

"O—Oh," Eugene stammered, quickly stumbling to his feet and plucking the flower from his hair. He bowed respectfully as Rapunzel rose to her feet. "Your highness…"

Queen Amelia held up her hand with a soft smile, and Eugene ended his bow with a slight chuckle. Again, her heart sank. For a thief, Eugene was always so respectful to her and Edward…Just another reason she hated to be the bearer of bad news.

"Hi, Mom," Rapunzel greeted the Queen with a smile, completely oblivious to the depressed feeling her mother felt eating away inside of her. Queen Amelia tried to keep up her smile, but she just felt so fake that she finally abandoned the act. Rapunzel noticed her sigh and gazed at her curiously. "Is…is everything alright?"

Best to get straight to the point, the Queen thought, taking in a deep breath. "Rapunzel…Honey, your father and I need to have a word with you. Would you mind coming inside? It's quite…It's quite important."

"Oh," Rapunzel shrugged, the smile on her face still there, but not as cheerful. "Of course." She then turned to Eugene, who had been standing silently next to her. She stood on her tiptoes to give him a quick kiss on the cheek, and then giggled as he pulled her into a hug and planted one on her forehead.

The sight was almost too much for the Queen to bear, and she almost felt thankful when Rapunzel pulled away from Eugene with a friendly wave. Then she trotted over to her mother's side, where she walked on with a smile on her face, completely unaware of the bad news she was about to receive. It seemed, almost, as if she had her head in the clouds, and she was in a whole different world.

And, draping a hand over her daughter's shoulder, Queen Amelia could barely hold back the pain she was feeling.

For she knew, within minutes, that world would come crashing down.

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