The Dursleys abandoned Harry in Japan after reluctantly raising him up to four years old in the streets. Months later, he was found by Minamino Shiori who raised him as her second son. Upon gaining a family, Harry felt the need to pay this woman back...somehow. YYH X-Over

The Unwanted Freak

Minamino Shiori, a young woman of 27 years old who married at 23 had a goofy and loving husband named Yuzuru and they had their first child months after their marriage. They named their son Shuichi, meaning 'The first to excel'. She and her husband had high dreams and hopes for their dear Shuichi who was very quiet for a little boy and seemed very observant, the way he looks at things. Her little boy In all other respects, their son proved to be, as his name meant, quite intelligent. He was extremely observant and dexterous, exploring everything in his surroundings. When the mother would take him to the park, he would watch everything avidly: the birds, the squirrels, the plants, the other mothers and their young.

But he would not socialize. The mother watched the other infants acknowledge each other and make attempts at socializing, but her son would only sit and observe. Then she would watch him and notice his eyes. They occasionally seemed cold and distant...not typical baby behavior and then the moment would pass and she would tell herself that she was being silly. But his quiet nature worried both her and her husband and consulted the doctor who told them that Shuuchi was in perfect physical health and showed no signs of a hindered intelligence. In fact, Shuuichi understood all instructions given to him and showed high visual and spatial intelligence. The doctor told the worried parents that their son simply seemed to be choosing not to speak. But he could not tell them if their son would eventually choose to do so. That had been over a year ago. Now her son is three-and-half years old who has yet to speak even in babbling form, socialize with his fellow kids and play with them but he would rather stay quiet, watch, and he seems more interested in learning how to walk properly and not waddle in his diapers.

She sometimes SWORE he looked frustrated when he waddled like a duck, typical movement of a child still in diapers. And months later, he spoke for the first time saying he doesn't want diapers anymore...and spoke in a straight sentence that shocked the bejeezus out of her and her husband's wits. Their three year old boy spoke straight! No stammering or sputtering whatsoever! Well, Shuichi proved that indeed, he no longer needed diapers but still needs help using the toilet. But her happy husband suggested that Shuichi go to a pre-school...and Shuichi looked like he swallowed a bug upon hearing that, but complied nonetheless. And half a year later, his pre-school teachers commented what a fast learner he was but he hated afternoon naps and would always hide if it was time for afternoon naps. His performance was also excellent.

Yet at the same time, Shuuichi continued to be an enigma as time passed by. His preschool and kindergarten teachers all said that he was a bright, well-behaved, friendly, and polite little boy who learned things the first time he was taught them. He played well with the other students, never showed anger, and was exceptionally calm. The teachers couldn't seem to praise him enough. Yet, Shiori knew how unusual these descriptions were for a child of Shuuichi's age. And there was the fact that he still did not socialize with children outside of the school setting. And soon, he'll be in Grade One at six years old yet at such an age or maybe before that, he was fiercely independent and mature he was practically the favorite of his school and their neighbors.

Then one day...

Upon coming home from work, she had come across a child. A very skinny child who looked foreign and not japanese. He wore clothes that were too big and too dirty for him and he was crying. 'Doushita no, bouya?' the little boy only gave her a confused look. "Hm..." 'Little boy, what are you doing here?' she asked the child in her not-so-good English and he looked sadder than before.

'Uncle Vernon left me here. He says I'm a freak.' Here was another child who can speak straight but just for this intelligence he was called a freak? Her blood boiled for the first time and Minamino Shiori was a sweet-tempered woman but somehow, this just made her angry. Shouldn't family be happy that their children are intelligent?

'Freak? Why would he call you that?'

'I dunno...Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon hates me lots...then...' the little boy sniffled. He was a cute child with bright, distinctive green eyes. A shade lighter than her husband's and had black hair similar to hers. Upon adoption, he could easily pass off as their child in time.

'It's OK...' Shiori reassured the little boy softly as she gave him a hug. The boy stiffened at her hug and she thought he had never known a hug before he relaxed. 'I'll take you home and see what I can do, OK sweetheart?'

'Um...OK...' and Shiori took the little, abandoned boy home.


'Okaeri Shiori.' Yuzuru her husband greeted, before his eyes fell on the child Shiori had taken home. 'Who is that child?' and Shiori told her husband about the boy's plight and her wish to adopt the poor child who grew up knowing he was hated and unwanted...he was even called a freak by his aunt and uncle! After some chatting, Shiori and Yuzuru squatted down on their legs to be at the child's eye-level.

'Little one, what's your name?' Yuzuru asked the little boy.

'Freak.' this surprised the couple. 'My name is Freak.' the couple exchanged worried and shocked glances.

'That won't do dear. You see, we decided that we'll be your mommy and daddy from now on.' Shiori told the little boy who looked surprised and...disbelieving.

'Really? You want a Freak like me?'

'Dear, you are not a freak. You are an intelligent but misunderstood child.' said Yuzuru as he patted Freak's head. 'I am Minamino Yuzuru and she is Minamino Shiori. We'll be your mommy and daddy from now on. And our son Shuichi will be your brother. How old are you?'

'Um...' and Freak held out four fingers on his left hand.

'Four? You look two!'

'Neglect, verbal and emotional abuse...' Shiori choked in horror. 'Yuzuru we have to do something!' she cried. 'I can't stand this! Our Shuichi could have ended up like him if we weren't here!' she cried angrily. 'This boy is just as intelligent as our son but he...!'

'I know. This'll take a lot of paperwork at Social Services...we'll go with him tomorrow morning and we'll have to tell Shuichi that he'll have a new baby brother. Come and join us for dinner after your mother cleans you up some. I'll explain to our son. Shiori, We still have Shuichi's old clothes that could fit right? He could use those.'

'Sure. Come with me sweetie.'


Youko Kurama, a.k.a Minamino Shuichi in his current human body. He had been shot and killed by a Reikai Hunter six years ago on a heist, and since he was unwilling to die, his weakened soul fled to the human world and possessed the unborn, lifeless child of the woman Minamino Shiori and became her son, and lived with the human couple for six years who indeed loved him, or rather the body he lived in, unaware that he wasn't their real son. He took 'Shuichi's body for himself, forcing the soul meant to be in this body to go elsewhere looking for another vessel to reincarnate in. And due to his mindset, his human parents were baffled about his maturity and fiercely independent behavior but thought it was just a copy from observing how his parents moved about and had no clue how to act like a child.

As if!

Then while he was playing video games his father just bought him upon coming home in hopes he could be a 'real kid' and play games, his father approached him while playing. 'Shuichi, we need to talk son. Pause that game for a bit.'

'What about, tousan?' Kurama asked his human father who looked rather nervous.

'Shuichi, your mother and I decided to adopt a boy who would be your younger brother soon, as soon as we fix the papers.' What? 'Your mother Shiori found him on the streets and he says he was abandoned here by his Uncle...not wanting a freak in their house. We think its because he was like you, an intelligent boy who could speak straight at just four years old. And he believed all his life that his name was 'Freak'.' he said in distaste. 'He's an emotionally and verbally abused child purposefully neglected and malnourished. We were shocked when he told us he was four but he looked two. And he was surprised that we were willing to have him when his own family wanted nothing to do with him. Your mother is giving him a bath right now and will be using your old clothes we stored in the attic. They'll fit I what do you think about your future younger brother?'

'...I'll see with my own eyes, tousan.' said Kurama with a small smile. 'Maybe his abandonment here is a blessing in disguise.' Yuzuru stared at his son incredulously.

'Y-you say it's a blessing?' he gawked with wide eyes as his glasses slid a bit down his nose.

'Would you rather they keep him and he would still be treated horribly by his own family?'

'Of course not Just surprised at your answer before you gave me the reasoning son.' said Yuzuru as he shook his head. His own son can be scary sometimes with his insight he just wondered how and where he got it. 'Blessing nice to him OK? Right now I'm trying to think what name we should give him. His relatives called him Freak since day one he thinks it his name. I'm surprised such people existed its beyond me and I've never seen your usually-sweet mother so angry either and I just learned a new lesson tonight.'

'What lesson tousan?' Yeah, what lesson? Be compassionate to unwanted kits? Compassion is a rare trait in where he came from, Makai. Begging was common but compassion and kindness isn't. It's a trait only seen in humans. his human parents at least.

'It's always the quiet ones. At first they're unassuming but if given enough provocation, you can be sure they'll scare you enough.' and his father left, muttering about names. Kurama began thinking. He would have an adoptive human brother who is mistreated by his own family and was heartless enough to abandon him after suffering neglect, verbal and emotional abuse. He can't wait to see what kind of child...'freak' was.


In the bathroom, Freak was being given a thorough bath and grooming by his adoptive mother Shiori. He was thoroughly scrubbed, nice-smelling soap rubbed on him with an equally nice-smelling shampoo, and after that, his long nails and toenails were trimmed. He also got to wear clothes that fit him for a change! 'There! You're pretty cute when dolled up!' Shiori smiled brightly. 'But your hair is a little hard to tame.'

'Um...its always like that and I always get yelled at for it.' Freak mumbled.

'Well, not while you're in this house.' Shiori chuckled. 'Let's go down and have dinner, and meet your older brother Shuichi. He's two years older than you. Six.' and they went downstairs with Freak being nervous on how would his 'older brother' react to him. Upon arrival at the kitchen, he saw his redheaded older brother-to-be who had cat-like green eyes and scarlet-red hair who STARED at him.

He gulped.


Kurama stared at his little brother-to-be who was so tiny due to malnutrition and he's four! His old baby clothes DEFINITELY fit him. He had messy black hair, almond-wide bright green eyes, small straight nose and thin, rosy lips as the younger human boy looked at him shyly and nervously. But there's something about this child. He had a powerful presence and an evil one centered on his forehead for some reason. He will keep an eye on this child.

Curious...very curious indeed.

'So what name should he have?' Yuzuru asked his family as they reverted to Japanese, and the poor kid looked confused. In fact he watched his parents like a tennis match going on.

'His name huh? A good one.' said Yuzuru as the couple thought of various names that have relations to character as a person and virtues while what Kurama had in mind, were relations to nature. His little brother-to-be appears shy, submissive, and meek and none of what his parents came up with suited him. Nature-related names it is but something his mother said somehow suited him. And it does relate to nature.

'He came into our lives in spring, so he should be named Shugo. Written as Spring Child.' said Shiori.

To Kurama though, it does suit the boy but TOO masculine and the boy was anything but.

'Shusui.' Kurama spoke out. 'Written as Emerald Jewel.'

'Shusui?' Yuzuru blinked at his son who nodded.

'His eyes are like those.' Kurama pointed out. The couple looked at Freak christened Shusui by Kurama and found themselves agreeing.

'Then Minamino Shusui it is.'