The Dursleys abandoned Harry in Japan after reluctantly raising him up to four years old in the streets. Months later, he was found by Minamino Shiori who raised him as her second son. Upon gaining a family, Harry felt the need to pay this woman back...somehow. YYH X-Over

A Simple Life...not!

The twins got reunited in the Minamino Residence, and Yukina was glad that she found her brother with the help of humans. Originally, she thought humans were cruel and greedy-until she met the brothers and the Reikai Tantei who saved her and gave her refuge until Hiei had arrived to ensure her safety. But Hiei was still nervous. He didn't know anything about family. All he knew is that Yukina is his twin sister and their mother Hina but he never knew what family interactions were like. All he knew is that he had to protect her.

Well, he got brotherhood 101 from Kurama, while he had Shusui distract Yukina whilst the two older brothers have a private chat upstairs...and after they were done, Hiei had taken Yukina away to stay in the coldest regions of Japan, Hokkaido in the mountains for Yukina to recover properly from her ordeal. It had been a week since then. But then again, another job came up. The Shiseijuu of Youma City. It was too easy with a B-Class Human on their side it was just too pathetic. But then again, Reikai's Reikai Tantei isn't being properly trained...

Yes, he gets battle experience but he doesn't get stronger nor his tactics look better. In fact, he needs more knowledge in fighting AND tactics, he nearly died fighting Suzaku when he used up all his reiki, and reiki is a power generated by one's soul, just as youki was generated by the 'core' of a youkai. Shusui had to save him by using both his wizard magic and reiki just to keep him alive...although as a result, Yusuke gained Telekinesis, the ability to move objects with his Shusui had to teach him how to use Telekinesis, and Kurama had to teach him how to fight properly against different types of opponents...with a catch.

If he screws up on his lessons...

Kurama will make him do something horribly embarrassing...IN PUBLIC. If Yusuke protested, Shusui can simply control his body and still make him do it.

That got Yusuke's serious attention. They gave him tactics and drilled the very word into his head just in time for his next mission, where he had to go compete in a tournament to be Genkai's heir to the Reikohadoken, and he has to go alone. 'Niisan, that guy will really be OK, right? I mean, Genkai's a famous psychic and all...'

'He'll be fine. Genkai-shihan was the most powerful known human but due to age, her skills naturally weakened in age but her reiki remained strong. And Rando is a C-Class Demon but considering how we trained Yusuke, he'll be fine.' "I think." Kurama thought with a chuckle. Yusuke was brash, loud, the kind who jumps in gads. He hoped that time with them helped him develop some went on as normal.

But he also wondered about Hiei and Yukina. How were those two managing? There were a few rules to keep Yukina safe and hidden away. Do not hurt her lest she cry her teargems. Do NOT hurt her when Hiei is around lest he kill you and three, they should live away from humans in peace, in order to keep Yukina's secret a little while longer. Preferrably, they should live in the mountains!



Koenma was keeping an eye on two worlds, which added to his workload. Upon investigating people behind Shusui in the Magic World, he discovered another thing: those who were killed by the Avada Kedavra curse have their souls trapped in the wands of the witch or wizard who cast it, as he had found in certain records about people connected to Shusui. He had to make a trip to Europe again, to where Peter Pettigrew hid the wand of Voldemort, and also tracked down the snapped wands of caught Death Eaters, and freed their souls for judgment. Some went to heaven, some went to the purgatory, some stayed in limbo, while others chose reincarnation because there were things they still wanted to do but could not do in their lifetime. But reincarnation literally meant starting over with a blank slate, but fate will lead them to their 'unfinished business' and deal with it anyway, before they die a second time in peace.

Those who remained in limbo...become employees for Reikai. But with two become worker ogres, and women...become ferry girls. He hunted down every wand that cast the Killing Curse, and released the souls trapped within, and placed a Reikai Curse on every wand every witch and wizard held, and every wand in stores, to always fail in casting the Killing Curse and instead, blow up in their faces, and give them a one-way ticket to the Purgatory, no questions asked. He also implanted a spell in every wandmaker to place the spell he taught them on every wand they created to make the wand incapable of using the Killing Curse, and a powerful compulsion to do it.

He had done the same in every magical community all over the world and it took him until the Ankoku Bujutsukai to get finished, too. All this, was because he can't let his father find out that the humans had created such a heinous technique...he'd wipe out the magical race! Even children when in reality, the knowledge should have been wiped...but his father had quite, the hot head in contrast to him, who had a level head and a logical mind so he could deal things, with less mess and...blood.

'Maybe I inherited my cool head from mum...'


A month and half before the Ankoku Bujutsukai...

Yusuke was training with Genkai for two weeks.

Hiei and Yukina came to visit with a train and fight against Shusui(every after school), while they stay with the family for the time being, as Hiei wasn't about to let Yukina disappear again, after looking for her for twenty years! But the fact that the twins appear no older than Shusui...and Yukina explained that youkai age slowly the stronger they get, and it depends on the race as well. She, a full-blood koorime would start puberty when she hits 100 years old and that's ten years from now and to appear like an 18 year old human, Yukina must be a millennia old. Hiei who had the blood of their father, a fire demon, might live a little longer than she.

'Er define a little longer dear.' Yuzuru croaked over dinner.

' depends on niisan...or any youkai for that matter.' said Yukina as she shook her head. 'Youkai who make a living as warriors live longer and age slower because of their extremely potent and strong youki gained from training or in experience in battle. Fighters can live for several thousand years, assuming they weren't killed. But to peaceful species like mine, our lifespan is six millennia. Assuming we're also not killed by then.'

'...we'll be fossils under the ground by then like dinosaurs!' Shusui croaked with wide eyes as he glanced at Hiei. 'Is that for real Hiei?'

'It is.' said Hiei with a nod. 'Life can be mundane with such a long life, we'd need excitement or we'll go insane from boredom.' he grunted. 'Not much to do in the darkness so in a way, humans are enviable as they created various ways of entertainment even with their short lifespans.'

'Well...that's one way to put it because unlike youkai, we do have short lives...even shorter since humans can die from accidents, getting murdered by a criminal, family, lover and even a friend for different reasons, and from illnesses.' Shiori giggled. 'We have to enjoy our lives to the fullest thus.'

'That made sense, even with the gloomiest way you explained it to the kids hunny.' Yuzuru deadpanned.

'Well, somehow, these kids are mentally older and they understand the way life works. They shouldn't be coddled anymore and instead, learn to face reality to enjoy life better while hopping over bad things sweetie.' Shiori smiled.


'Ano, Kurama-san...' Yukina asked Kurama as they watched at night by the riverbank, where Shusui and Hiei sparred with reiki and youki flaring, while a barrier was put in place to keep humans away from seeing them. The two observers sat on the stairs dressed in casual clothing. 'Will niisan really be OK?'

'He'll be fine. To train to get stronger, you always have to fight with someone stronger.' Kurama explained to her. 'Because once you get used to your current opponent after hard work, that means you leveled-up. Shusui is a B-Class Human...due to an unfortunate childhood my human mother saved him from.' he said with a sad smile. 'A sad way to gain power though and I wouldn't wish such on anyone.'

'...does Shusui-kun know you're a youkai in a human body?' Yukina asked him curiously.

'He does...but we can't tell our parents...if they receive too much shock, one day they might snap.' Kurama chuckled. 'There's a limit to how understanding and accepting they can be, partially because we're their children.' he pointed out. 'It's a shock that Shusui gains Death Prophecies about us, his power, my power and now you two. Let's let them have a break before we surprise them again.'

'...point...' Yukina squirmed as they continued watching until midnight...and they have to be home then...lest the parents put their foot down, and ground Hiei's trainer. If Hiei had reached B-Rank strength...he would be fighting Kurama next, and Kurama has the sharpest mind, and his name was still feared in Makai since his long death. Compared to him, Shusui was beginner level in terms of tactics and tricks.

If Hiei faced Kurama...a battle of wits would occur. Literally. Two weeks later, Yusuke returned from hell incarnate.

'Well, how's your experience with Genkai-shihan?' Kurama asked the thoroughly annoyed delinquent who came home very cross. And filthy.

'Torture incarnate!' two words to describe it all. 'That old bag is crazy I tell you! I prefer Shusui's megaton punches anyday than her batshit ideas of training I nearly died from!' Yusuke sputtered out. 'I counted man and I died 150 times tops, if it wasn't for the fact that her reiko-thingy put my soul back in!'

'Actually...nearly-dying is the only way for reiki users to get stronger.' Kurama deadpanned as Yusuke froze. 'Reiki is energy generated by the soul. And the closer the soul is to Reikai via near-death experiences, the stronger they become and generate more reiki as a form of 'obstinacy' or preferrably we'd call it a 'stronger will to live'. The more reiki capacity you have, the stronger you are and the longer you'll last in a fight.' he explained. 'Even I had Shusui beat me to near death during training to get where I am now, and we hide it from our parents by fixing me up quick.' Yusuke blanched at the mere thought. 'His 'megaton punch' as you put it, works nicely.'

'Near-death to get stronger huh? Why such an insane way and not just through normal training that does not belong in the Weird-shit-o-Meter anyway red?' Yusuke sighed.

'Unless you're just a normal martial artist, nope. You're a reiki user so your only way of getting stronger is nearly meeting your maker.'

'...I'd rather face you anyday!' Kurama smirked ferally.

'You sure about that...?' Kurama asked him in a creepy smile that gave Yusuke a sense of ill foreboding.

'W-what have I gotta lose?' Yusuke laughed weakly. 'I'm hoping you're no crazy old lady!'

"I'm much, much worse." Kurama thought with a dark smile. He was a three millennia old fox. A young fox yes, but a seven-tailed, A-Class feared for his brains and cruelty more than his power. Needless to say, Yusuke regretted training with him for a month. He showed how much crueler he was than Genkai, and Yusuke nearly-died approximately 331 times more than what Genkai did to him!

'Glad to see everyone's working hard.' Everyone by the riverbank stopped to see Koenma.

'Koenma!' Yusuke croaked. 'If it's another job, I need a holiday first!' he groused out.

'Actually, you have a week before I need all four of you.' Koenma told them.

'All...of us? And what do I have to do with this anyway?' Hiei grunted as he dispelled his black-flaming fists.

'It's time for the Ankoku Bujutsukai I'm afraid, and the humans need representatives, and that's tradition every century.' Koenma told them. 'The tournament locates the strongest humans and whether they like it or not, they have to join.'

'If not, then what?' Yusuke asked him challengingly.

'They, their families, friends, lovers, and all connected to them will die, and your records in society erased just to erase your existence...and that's a lot of people dead for one's refusal.' Koenma explained grimly as the Minamino brothers, Hiei and Yusuke gasped at the high death toll. Hiei on the other hand, didn't give a damn about the Koorime in Hyouga but he sure as hell gave a damn about his sister who was the only one who cared for him...and that was before they even actually met!

'And I came here before they can discover Shusui's real level. I came here to give him a limiter, which he can remove for when he really needs his full power.' he said as he gave Shusui a choker with a silver fox face accessory. 'Putting that limiter on, will suppress half your level, to trick people into thinking you're a mere C Class. I can't have youkai find out about B-Class Humans running around or your family won't hear the end of it. Soon, you will receive invitations to the tournament by youkai emissaries. Make sure you're not at home then unless you want them to know who your families are.' and Koenma was gone.

'Well crap...none of us are goin' home till we meet these shitheads.' Yusuke swore. 'Can't let em' know about my mom, she's drunk most of the time...she won't know what hit her.'

'Drunk...most of the time?' Shusui asked him curiously while his words screamed 'single parent'.

'Partying with questionable friends till wee hours in the morning, eat nothing but take-out ramen and no stable job, which makes me wonder how the heck does she send me to school and get funds for drinks?' Yusuke griped. 'She's on a hangover 95 percent most of the time it's just a matter of time before she gets Cirrhosis or something.'

'Don't worry, if Shusui got a Death Prophecy about her you'd be first to know.' Kurama drawled wryly. What's with his company and their dysfunctional families anyway...?