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"One last dance," she trailed after him with a longing that shattered tears around her eyes. "Just one more chance," her hands grasped onto him, beseechingly, as if he was her life line.

I look in your eyes…and I...and I don't know what to say...

"Sasuke," the words fell out of her lips like a drop of tinkling glass.

It feels like I'm drowning in salt water.

"Please." Her heart was being slowly broken. "There's still a few hours left till the sun's going to rise."

"Tomorrow will come." His eyes were cold, hard flint, piercing her as much as the words had pierced her soul .

Its time to realise that our love has finished forever...before it could become.

"I wish to...come with you,"

His eyes hardened, a rejection dripping out of his mouth.

"I wish we could make it through, together!"

She was forced into this level.

"Just one last dance," she begged, "Before we say goodbye."

She could no longer cry. It was as if her oasis had been sucked dry by Sasuke's betrayal.

When we sway and turn around, and round. Like the first time. Hold me tight and keep me warm…please.

"The nights are getting colder"

And I don't know where I belong.

"Just one last chance."

I'll never forget how... dare I say, romantic they were?

She winced as she felt the skin on her hands open. She had not thought she could still feel pain.

"I know, Sasuke,"

I know tomorrow I'll lose the one that I love.

"I know, there's no way to come with you. It's the only thing to do." She refused to let the torture that was creakingly rupturing her body creep into her eyes.

Just one last dance, Sasuke!

He was gone.

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