Chapter 1 A different kind of normal.


I was normal, really I was.

At least that was what I kept telling myself. But somehow, I couldn't help but wonder if maybe I didn't have something wrong with me, something that made me more abnormal than I already looked. Was it normal for a girl my age to be so…horny?

When I went in for my female checkup, I asked my doctor if there was any way to turn my hormones down. She smiled at me kindly and told me no, but I would outgrow this phase in a few years. She may or may not have told me to take part in some much needed self-pleasuring, but of course, that wasn't my style. Besides, just because I had been on birth control since I was fourteen didn't mean I knew anything about how to handle myself personally. So basically, I was a live wire of horny, so much so that even Mike Newton was looking good.

Chess could be sexy, right?

See, the problem was, I wasn't sexy myself. I was not hot, that was obvious by the fact that no males at my school had ever noticed me or attempted to approach me. The only reason I would even consider Mike was, well, I was in the chess club, too.


I had been going back and forth between exploring myself further and asking Mike for help. I knew he had his eye on Jessica, though, and I didn't think I really had a chance. Even chess nerds had some standards.

I pushed up my thick glasses and checked my braces for salad in the bathroom mirror and then combed my frizzy bangs smooth, double checking the hair clip holding the rest of my long hair back. Dang, the humidity here made it hard to keep my hair looking decent some days.

I was giving a presentation today in biology and I would not make the same mistake as last year, when I spent the whole second half of school sporting spinach in my teeth. I had been adamant about checking ever since. I eyed the giant zit on my chin and considered popping it. It looked about ready to burst on its own, so I quickly grabbed some tissue paper and pinched it, being careful not to get the zit causing bacteria on my skin. Of course, now it was red, swollen, and bleeding. I applied pressure in hopes to quell the bleeding, but when I looked at my watch, I saw that I was going to be late. I was going to have to run down the hallways with tissue on my face.

I headed for the door but it swung open quickly, slamming into me hard, throwing me back across the small bathroom and onto the floor. My chin was burning with pain. I heard giggling and then a worried gasp.

"Oh, just leave her, Alice, she's fine," Lauren whined.

"She's bleeding!" Alice, whom I had only ever seen once or twice in passing, squealed.

"Isn't she always? She's so disgusting. Don't touch her!" Lauren shouted at her but Alice came to my side with a wad of paper towels.

"Are you okay? Is anything broken?" Alice asked.

"Yeah, her face!" Lauren laughed. "No wait, it always looks like that."

"Just shut up already if you're not going to help!" Alice growled. I was actually surprised that she was even talking to me. I just nodded and cringed.

"Let's get you to the nurse. Can you stand?" Alice asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay, really. I, um, have to go," I mumbled out and looked at my watch. I clenched the wad she had on my chin in my hand, hoping to stop the bleeding before my presentation.

As I was running down the hall, I noticed my glasses were sitting wonky on my face. I was sure the frame was bent. I scrambled over to my desk in the front middle row and ignored the giggling. I was sure I probably had toilet paper on my back or something, but at this point I didn't care. I just wanted to get this presentation over with and get home.

Angela, who was sitting next to me, saw the bloody paper in my hand and offered me a wipe. "Door?" she asked. I nodded yes.

She was nice to me because she had to be. My parents attended her father's church and frequently complained that I was not fitting in, so she was assigned to be kind to me. Really, it was pretty pathetic, but I would take what I could get at this point.

"Thanks," I mumbled and gently moved the paper towel and carefully dabbed at the cut I was now sporting. At least it camouflaged the zit. She passed me a little mirror and I could see a two-inch gash on my chin. I cringed, but I had gotten it to stop bleeding and cleaned up all the smeared blood thanks to Angie's wipe. I took a moment and looked at my glasses, trying to bend them into the right position, but it wasn't working. They were almost broken.

"Ms. Swan?" Dr. Banner addressed me. "Are you ready to give your presentation?"

I got a crazy idea. See, I had been preparing for this presentation for a month and had it completely memorized. I decided to leave my glasses off, hanging them on my top button so I could find them if I changed my mind.

I stood, picking up my series of posters that I had numbered and color coded thankfully, because I would be able to see the colors and know exactly what was on them without really having to look carefully.

I held up my first poster and there was a collective gasp. I just smiled, realizing I couldn't see anyone's faces and I didn't feel anxious or embarrassed at all now. I knew my study on the reproduction organs of rabbits would be an attention getter.

What? I told you when I started this I was horny. What else did you think my biology report would be on?