A Regular Fanfic For A Regular Show

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I find it very surprising that I haven't written a fanfic for Regular Show yet. Why? Because, I am a lazy insane person. And I need a wake up call. That, or it's cause of this stupid keyboard. Anyway, enjoy, everybody! Squadalah, I'm off!

It was a cozy Friday, and after mowing the lawn, Mordecai and Rigby were relaxing on one of the benches, sighing as they looked up at the clear blue sky, then glanced back at each other.

"Hey Rigby." Mordecai started as he sipped his soda. "Rigby Rigby Rigby Rigby."

Rigby scratched underneath his neck as he looked at Mordecai. "Yeah, Mordecai? What is it?"

"I was just thinking. What if we did something, for Pops?" Mordecai openly stated.

Rigby's right eye twitched. "What? No way."

Mordecai opened up his arms. "Come on, dude. Pops is a bro. He helps us with our chores, he let's us borrow his things... I'm sure the least we can do is-"

Rigby jumped off the bench and shook his head, waving his hands at Mordecai. "No. No no no no! I rather get my head shot off by Benson!"

"What was that about your head being shot off?" Benson stated as he appeared right in front of Rigby, nearly giving the mammal a heart attack.

"Ehhh... nothing! Heh heh heh... oh..."

Rigby squirmed in fright as Benson sighed, walking away back to the house. "Idiots."

"So... you want to go see pops?" Mordecai suggested as he approached Rigby, chuckling from what just happened.

Rigby was about to agree, when the ground started shaking violently. Suddenly, the clear blue sky turned red as evil laughter was heard, fire raining down on the park as the trees, bushes, and grass all caught on fire. Mordecai and Rigby screamed as they ran to the house, wondering what happened.

"I don't get it!" Rigby exclaimed as he tripped, being picked up by Mordecai, "We didn't even do anything remotely close to stupid! Why is it suddenly raining hell on us?"

"I guess something must have happened to Pops!" Mordecai suggested, as the two ran into the house.

Inside his room, Pops was sniffling as he was mourning his dear fire porch, which finally was placed out of order. Pops bawwed loudly as it rained more flames outside, Mordecai and Rigby reaching inside just in time as the entire park was scorched alive except for the house.