A/N Hello, everyone! :D Drabble #1 here is the most canon of canon pairings, Kyo/Tohru. It doesn't quite fit into any particular place in the manga- he shouldn't have been in her hospital room this early- but I like how it turned out, so yeah.

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She was lying quietly in the white hospital bed, eyes closed and chocolate-colored hair spilling out in sweet, dark waves and rivulets over the clean, pale pillows. In her sleep, she wasn't smiling—an odd sight on the face of Tohru Honda.

She looked like a goddess, Kyo decided. A goddess of kindness, of generosity and…purity. Sitting hunched forward in a folding chair beside Tohru's bed, he suddenly remembered earlier, seeing her sprawled on the dirt like a broken doll, running thoughtlessly over to her limp form. He remembered seeing the clear blue of her eyes for a moment, and taking that chance—perhaps his last chance—to bend forward and press his lips against hers.

He hadn't known if she would make it, at that point. But now she was safe, they said. She'd be bruised, but alive and mobile.

Still, Tohru looked so still. She was a lively, spirited, endlessly cheerful girl, usually, a perfect girl. One that Kyo couldn't help…falling in love with.

We'll make it, he thought to her, watching the rise and fall of her chest in the room that was silent save the beeping of hospital machines.Once you get better, it'll be just the two of us. Yuki can go die in a hole or whatever. But that doesn't matter anymore. No more pretense. I love you, Tohru. I love you and that's what matters.

That's enough to get us through this.