Project Tempest: Winds of Change

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Project tempest: Prologue

Cadmus labs

New York: June 9th, 2000

The sun was burning like any other hot summer day. Families and friends playing around, enjoying their summer vacation; but little did they know that a secret laboratory was buried deep below their very feet. Many years were taken in its constructions, but more years were taken into a very important project. The project was known as the Dimensional Rift Gate (DRG). The facility was under the eyes and orders of Cadmus. This gate will allow him and his men to travel into a dimension known as the Elemental Countries. This was possible thanks to newly form ally and member, Madara Uchiha.

Madara was the funding member of the Konohagure no sato or the Hidden Leaf Village. He consider himself betrayed by his former clan and the Senju clan when he tried to wrestle the leadership of the village from the Shodime hokage Harishama Senju in the battle in the valley of the end, when he was pushed to use his personal summon the fox demon known as the Kyubbi no Kitsune.

The fox demon was known to be the strongest of the bijuu and the queen of makai. It was her who created the Sharingan the uchihas bloodline took control of the bijuu and critically injure Madara; but lucky for him, it didn't killed him, thanks to a last minute effort to use the power of the Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan to transport himself to another and hopefully quiet dimension, where he may heal himself and give the shodime a false sense of victory over him by allowing Harishama to think he had been killed. At the end of the fight, Madara arrived in at the front steps of Cadmus. Soon he realized he was in an unknown dimension he has ever gone to. He was in ours.

Cadmus took him in and healed him in exchange of his service. So their partnership shortly grew and both men exchange information about their world. It was then that Cadmus decided to aid Madara with his plans in his world, allowing a few of his scientist to join Madara when he returns to his world; by doing so, creating a sister organization parallel to Cadmus. The organization came to be known as Akatsuki.

After a few years of the formation of Akatsuki, the DRG was finally completed, allowing Cadmus to finally send help and supplies to their comrade without the use of Madara's dimensional abilities. The DRG project was spearheaded in the corporation by Prof. Isaac Mills and Madara. Both men were extremely knowledgeable in the fields of space, time dimensional physics and have created their gateway back into the other dimension.

A specialist group, led by, the Guardian –which was the head of the security at Cadmus- was sent to the elemental countries. He was also accompanied by Cheshire, a konuichi that Madara kept an eye on while staying at Cadmus. Madara teach the group in his dimensioin and a couple of genomorphs that Cadmus created to help both organizations.

So begins our story…

A group of scientist was putting the finishing the final check ups on the DRG under the watchful eyes of Prof. Isaac when the group arrive, guided of course by the Guardian.

"Good morning professor. Is the gate ready?" asked the Guardian.

"Ah, Cheshire. Yes, of course. Madara is expecting your arrival. Remember, you're under his orders as they were from Cadmus. After all Akatsuki is our sister company," said Issac

"Oh course, we know professor. No needs to worry professor about anything, so skip it cause I am ready to start my new training under Madara sensei and sitting around talking nonsense is making us late for our arrival," said Cheshire

"Take it easy Cheshire the prof. is just making sure that we know our priorities before departure and also remember that he will not begin your training before he first finish his two personal missions that entail the destruction of his former clan and looking for the one who holds the Kyubii," said Guardian.

"My apologies, but you can't blame a girl like me for being excited to learn under one of the most powerful shinobis of his dimension," said Cheshire.

"Profesor, everything checks and ready to open the gate," said one of the scientists.

"Perfect. Guardian have your team in place for the departure and remember you will be called back here to head the security at the labs of metropolis for project kr," said Prof. Isaac.

"Let's just get this over with so we can proceed. Cheshire, genomorphs we are moving out," said Guardian

Elemental Nations: Amegakure

Akatsuki HQ

"Ah took you long enough to get here Guardian, and as for you, Cheshire. I thought you weren't coming old friend," said Madara

"We're late due to some last minute check ups on the portal." Said Guardian

"No worries, after my attack failed on that former village of mine with the demon fox, I have been on edge lately. That foolish Yondaime just had to seal her away in a human again like that, Harishma and I had freed her from her second host and he used his own son at that dawning him to the fate of being a jinchuriki stupid boy doesn't he know the fate of all like that foolish man indeed," said Madara

"Sensei, what is a jinchuriki and why is it bad to be one any ways?" asked Cheshire.

"Yes, I would like to know that as well," said Guardian.

"Very well, listen carefully. A jinchuriki or power of a human sacrifice is what is called a host of one of the Nine Bijuu that walks this dimension where their power is derived by the number of tails they have. Ichibi, being the weakest to Kyubii the fox demon, I could summoned Kyubbi, because of a special contract I had with her. Its bad being a jinchuriki, because of the bad treatment they received just for being a host and the rank from complete isolation, beatings, being turned into weapons of war and the list goes on and on right into the most darkest and despicable acts that humanity can commit that happens to the host since they are but babies themselves just cause they cant let go of their rage and anger towards the demon that has being sealed in them and forget the facts that the had no say in the sealing in a very dangerous thing to be cause it can result in the host being very hostile to other people around them with no exceptions," said Madara

"That's horrible, no one de-deserves that," said Cheshire.

"That's deplorable for any human being, not even Cadmus would do that and you are telling me that has happen to every host even Kyubii host," said Guardian.

"No, not to every host the Nibi and Hachibi's host in Kumo no they are treated with the utmost respect and like the Guardians of their nation a pity not every nation is like them in regards to their jinchuriki but that's why we akatsuki are allies with them.

"In regards to the kyubii's host my spies tell that the old fool of the sandaime has discarded his successor's wish that his son is to be seen as a hero so that his village could have the weapon they have desire by letting him be beaten like a dog just enough for him to play the hero for the boy and gain his loyalty its sickening really," said Madara.

"Are we going to save him Madara, because if we are I want to be a part in this rescue," said Guardian.

"Count me in. I want to be part of the action," said Cheshire

"Oh don't worry he has already planned a rescue. It's just happening to coincide with the genocide of my former clan and you are more than welcome to join Guardian, but not you Cheshire. You are just too young and inexperience to join. You will stay here with Konan as she will begin you training here in my absence," said Madara.

"But that's not fair I want to go and help rescue the boy," said Cheshire.

"You will follow Madara's orders Cheshire or I will send you back home if I have to and you will miss your training here. Are we clear?" asked the Guardian.

"Yes, sir; but who is this Konan and is she any good?" asked Cheshire.

"Konan is my third in command and an S rank ninja and someone that can teach you a lot and prepare you for your future training under me," replied Madara.

"I understand can I see her now so I can start my training?" asked Cheshire.

"Yes you can and I applaud your enthusiasms my young apprentice. If you survive all you training you'll become very strong. Konan come and meet you student for the next couple of years," said Madara

In a shushin of paper, unique to her enter Konan the only female in all of Akatsuki also call the Angel of Ame due to her bloodline ability to control all the paper around her to make her wings that she uses to fly around the Village high control of wing chakra.

"You called me Madara? What's this about a student for me?" asked Konan.

"Ah Konan, I present to you Cheshire the female ninja I told about. I have no doubt will impress you and one that could become a future asset to us so I want you to start her training as soon as possible," said Madara.

"Very well, come with me, we have much work ahead of us," said Konan.

"Ok, farewell Guardian," said Cheshire.

As both women left, only the men and the genomorphs were left in the arrival plataform Zetsu appear with a report from Konoha.

"Madara sama, Itachi has begun the elimination of Uchihas if you want to retrieve him and the kyubii boy it would be better to do it now that the boy is under lax guard by the Hokage word to deal with Itachi's suppose treason the only one guard that the boy has is one of the one that hates him so it would be easy to snatch him," informed Zetsu.

"Thank you Zetzu. Do keep an eye on the boy for now until Guardian here arrives to take him to safety is that clear," order Madara.

"As you wish," said Zetzu as he disappear.

"Very well Guardian. Shall we go recruit our newest member as well as key member of Cadmus and the Akatsuki's pet project?" asked Madara.

"Yes, let's go meet Itachi and the boy that will bring peace to this dimension. Genomorphs lets move out," said Guardian

And as the left in both dimensions the wind of change began to blow bring uncertainty, doubts, fear and finally hope that a new dawn was coming and what that dawn was uncertain but the feeling of everlasting peace resonated inside every soul in both dimension. The activation of PROJECT TEMPEST BEGAN TONIGHT.