Project Tempest: Winds of Change

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Chapter2: Awakenings and team arashikage is formed


November 10,2000

It's been six months since the beginning of the project and today was to be the awakening and Madara was heading towards the chamber were the boy was sleeping to advance the healing of the boy's body so it could adapt towards the intensive training that he would receive, so the plans for peace could finally move forward. When Madara entered the chamber were tempest slept in his meditation and healing capsule he was met face to face with tempest personal medic and the head of Ame's and Akatsuki medical program, Tsunade Senju and her assistant Shizune. The two met madara and his group on the town of rainbase that was on the border between Mizu no Kuni and Ame no kuni the two stayed there with Mikoto Uchiha and were briefed on what has happen in Konoha since their departure of the village six years ago and were horrified to what they heard specially the treatment of the jinchuriki of the kyuubi. The two waited for two weeks until Madara's arrival and saw the faces of exhaustion on the group and the almost dead eyes of a small boy that was with them covered in blood when they asked what happen the response made them concerned for the boy's emotional state and furious towards a certain one eyed war hawk and his hidden root organization lets see what happen


June 20, 2000

Mikoto, Tsunade and Shizune were staying in a Hotel near the entrance to the town so they could see when madara's group would arrive to escort them to Amegakure after Tsunade's confrontation with her family's enemy Madara Uchiha one she specially doubted was still alive after all these years even after Mikoto's account that he was alive and was the one who sent Mikoto so they could talk a possible rebuilding of the alliance between them their two clans and also about a work offer that he wanted to give her regardless if she didn't or did accepted the alliance between them.

"When are they going to arrive mikoto you said they would have arrive a week ago and it's been two WEEKS!" said an irritated Tsunade.

"Calm down lady Tsunade Iam sure the are just delayed something must have happen to them," said Shizune.

"Yes, it would do you some good to listen to your assistant Tsunade-sama after all you are only mad. because of your loses at the casino," said an amused Mikoto.

"WHAT you little bit…" started to say Tsunade until she was interrupted by Shizune.

"Wait, I see them entering the town," said Shizune.

And she was right at that moment they saw Madara's group enter the town, but saw the shape they were in wasn't the best or the expected specially when they saw the blood covered child among them, but what scared them most wasn't the blood that the young boy was covered with it was the almost dead look in his eyes that scared them they saw nothing. His eyes were filled with sadness, anguish and endless pain that seem to emanated from his very being but what his eyes were converging his face was nothing, but a blank slate not even a twitch of the of a muscle for a frown or a smile could be seen in his face all they could see were tears emotionless tears cascading down his face showing the complete lockdown of his emotions to the outside world that was the result of the final assault by konoha towards him that resulted in the awakening of his dormant bloodline and the massacred of his assailants.

"What the hell happen to him Sochi-kun?" asked a worried Mikoto.

"I do not knot, but I'm also want to know about it. Usually only shinobi veterans has that kind of face after fighting in the last war so spill it and also what are those things," said Tsunade.

"Very well but lets go inside the hotel before we do shall we but first Itachi, Guardian and take young Naruto to the hot springs to clean himself and put him on one of the new outfits we got him and then return here for lunch, got it?" ordered Madara.

"Hai, madara-sama! Lets go naruto-kun, we have to go," said Itachi.

Guardian just nodded and followed after them with the genomorphs forming a protective circle around naruto so no one would catch them off-guard until they reached their they left their sight, Madara and the others enter the hotel to get everything explained and get to the real business for their reunion as soon as they close the door Madara took off his mask and to the surprise of Tsunade and Shizune he looked the same as when he "died" before they could talk madara activated a privacy seals so that no one could hear the conversation within the room.

"Very well before I start I suggest you all take a seat, calmly see and listen to this without interrupting until the end of the jutsu and then you can tell me your reaction," said Madara with a tone of voice that left no disccusion.

The girls just nodded and got confortable while Madara prepare himself to show them what happen to them before their arrival to rainbase when they were ready they look at Madara to show him they were ready, but before they could start Tsunade ask a question that had been eating at her since she saw the you boy .

"Before we begin I have to ask was the boy was the same Naruto Uzumaki that was Minato's and Kusina's son and if he is, why is he alive when I was told by Sarutobi-sensei and Jiraiya that he died during the sealing of the Kyuubi that night so is that him or not?" asked Tsunade.

"Yes, he is the one who has been abused and neglected by almost all of Konoha civilians and shinobi alike with the exception of a few clans that help the boy any way they can while keeping it a secret from the Hokage and the council and I can't tell you who they are cause of a promise I made with young naruto to keep their identities hidden so does that answer your question Tsunade," said Madara.

Tsunade nodded with a calm look on the outside, but on the inside she was a raging inferno angry at the village for treating her godson that way and with her formersensei and teammate for lying to her that night before she left devastated for that loss to her life.

"Very well, be ready for this and pay attention cause I am not showing this ever again, got it?" asked Madara.


As soon as madara unleashed that jutsu they found themselves is a strange world were everything was black with white outlines and a red sky and moon.

"Welcome to my world Tsukyomi. It will be in here where I'll show you the event that led towards young naruto temporary emotional lockdown so you can know what happen and understand why he will be cold and unapproachable towards you until you gain his trust and accept you as a possible friend understood," said Madara.

The group nodded and Madara started showing them the event that happen six days before their arrival.

(Memory flashback) (Naruto's P.O.V)

June 14, 2000

"So Naruto, how do you like your new clothes?" asked Madara.

"I love them nii-san. I finally look like a real ninja I can't wait to start training" said an exited Naruto.

"Well we better pick up the pace boys otherwise Naruto will get ahead and reach Ame before us just to start nagging us to train him," said Guardian.

"Hey it's not our fault you can't handle your sake and you ended up with alcohol poisoning that lasted four days and a hangover that just let up," said Itachi deadpanned.

"Now, lets not argue among ourselves remember we are still within the fire country so let not be off- guard shall we," said Madara seriously.

The three boys nodded and ended there conversation and open there senses to their surroundings to detect anything unusual with different methods the uchihas with their sharringan, Naruto with his enhance senses and Guardian with the genomorphs to use their shared telepathy scanning in every directions for enemy presence and as soon as they did an ambush of three groups of anbu attacked them effectively separate them in small clusters one group fought the uchihas, the other guardian and the genomorphs and the slightly bigger group attacked Naruto forcing him to run from the battle knowing that he couldn't fight them with the skills in his arsenal but was able to distract and slow them enough to get a large distance gap between him and the group of anbu pursuing him until he reach a cliff with a bridge some twenty miles north of his position but couldn't start to reach it due that the group that was pursuing him had reached him and surround him not giving him time to run for it.

"Why are you after me why can't you leave me alone?" asked Naruto trying to buy some time to either plan an escape or to let the others come and help him.

"Because by order of Danzo-sama you are to surrender yourself to be brought back to konaha and become a weapon for him if you refuse we will kill you demon," said the leader emotionlessly.

"No I'll never go back to that hellhole and I'll will not become a whatever your master wants me to be I am free of them and that's how it will remain and nothing you can do will stop or change me," said Naruto with a determined look in his eyes where one could see the true will of fire turn shine brightly in them.

"Then you have seal your fate die demon as this place will become your grave kill him," said the leader getting his men to start their offence against him.

As the anbus got close to kill him everything froze in time for our young uzumaki as he knew there was nothing he could do to stop it the cold grip of hopelessness and fear started to get a hold of him and his life started to pass him by in front of him and remember everything he has done in the last three years the pranks he played on the village, the clans he befriended, the moment he met his adoptive mother and her guidance in every part of his life till now, the training he had done, all those important things and more passed by his eyes but the most important came in the memory of the promise he made to Hana.

A promise that rekindle the fierce determination to live to see another day and fulfill that promise no matter what stood in his way and started to fight back against his attackers by dogging the first attempt to kill him as he move between them they couldn't believe in the way he was moving it was like the very wind was guiding him through out their first assault with unbelievable grace as Naruto dodge them he moved directly behind them moved his hands to his back pouch and retrieved his brass knuckles he got at the village where he got his clothes and started his own assault at the astonished anbus still moving at the same pace Naruto struck them in the knees, thighs, ribs and most painfully in the groins all of them at full force of his hits as the anbus fell in pain of their injuries inflicted on them by their on carelessness they found out the truth to the old saying that goes "A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal" (1).

When Naruto finish his assault he became surprised at what he had done and knew that it was luck and his determination that guided him in his victory against them but he had forgotten about the group leader; the one that send the group to attack him had suddenly disappeared during Naruto's assault and was now nowhere in sight Naruto just in case stayed on guard in case of an attack by him and it proved to be wise cause the leader of the group appeared suddenly behind Naruto and Naruto heard his voice saying "If my master can't have you be his weapon the I'll make sure no one can die demon boy" and with that Naruto spun around surprised at the leader appearing behind and saw that his Tanto was unsheathed swinging in for a for a downward strike when…

(Moments before)

The Leader as he gave the order to strike down Naruto jump on a nearby tree to see the young Jinchurriki's demise was surprised when Naruto's face change from scared knowing his death was certain to the return of the determined look with fire in his eyes that he had before when he refuse to surrender and be brought back to konoha. In that instant he wanted to know what brought that change in him, and was awed at the grace and style of the boy's dogging because it look not only that wind was guiding him no it wasn't that it was as the boy and the wind became one and the same never before had he seen such display of skill in one so young not even in the most experienced and veteran in root or any other shinobi within the elemental nations even when the boy went on the offensive the two still were one; it looked like a wild, fast and unpredictable dance of pure pain as the boy hit critical parts of his opponents with such force and precision that he immediately saw why his master wanted the boy so badly because if the boy was this good with so little to no actual training the boy undoubtedly could become something great in the future or in his master's hands the most powerful weapon in all the elemental nations with no equal certainly the boys was one of those one in a lifetime people who would leave an inerasable mark in history but alas he would have to kill him before that happen because if his master couldn't have the boy then he would made sure no one could at that moment he use his speed to reach the boy's unprotected back and said "If my master can't have you be his weapon the I'll make sure no one can die demon boy" in that moment saw young naruto turning around as he unsheathed his tanto and swung it for a downward strike when…

(Back in present)(Flashback)

Naruto saw the strike coming to kill him and dodged as fast as he could but still wasn't enough as the blade stuck him deep in his leg effectively bringing an end to his dodging while Nyx worked as fast as possible to heal the wound so Naruto could move again. In the meantime Naruto was on the ground in the middle of the group that Naruto had beaten before his current situation holding his leg in pain as he ripped a part of his clothes in an effort to stop the bleeding when he was covered by the shadow of his opponent when the anbu spoke this words "Any last words before I kill you demon" with those words Naruto knew he wouldn't last any no longer and the fear that he had shaken off before the fight was back even worse and was threatening to overcome him until something inside awoke very violently something that even amazed Nyx herself within the mindscape when she saw it coming it was the bloodline of her previous container its name was the kaze-no-chi (Spirit of the wind) and it assured her of at least one part of her current container and son lineage be cause only an Uzumaki that was part of the royal family of uzukagure-no sato could use the bloodline but it worried her the brutal way that it was awakening because she always saw awaken in a soft and gentle way and knew that everything surrounding her son would be destroyed and the place with her son's attackers would become a bloodbath that was going to traumatize Naruto for a long while until she could at least help him understand what happen and sooth his nightmares that were sure to come with this event that was unfolding right in front of her and her container.

Naruto screamed not of the pain in his leg but because of how his insides felt during the activation of his bloodline if he could describe it would be like everything inside of him was being ripped apart and reassembled over and over again until the force doing it found a way out in a form of a vicious tornado to was ripping and slicing everything to pieces and that included the group of shinobis that were beaten on the ground and there leader that was caught within the bloody looking tornado and was ripped apart alongside his group when it stopped that very place looked like a war happen in there due to the sight of complete carnage with Naruto in the middle of it covered in all there blood in that moment Madara, Itachi and Guardian arrived and saw the results of said assault on Naruto and were shocked by how it looked and by Naruto's being covered in head to toe in blood and couldn't believed that he did it when they approached Naruto they saw that his hair was blocking his eyes when they asked him if he was all right what greet them were Nyx's red eyes and told them "Naruto is within the seal at the moment healing mentally and emotionally from what happen just now so you will be dealing with me for the time being boys" Said Nyx

"So Naruto did this Kyuubi-sama?" asked Itachi

"No this was the result of his bloodline rude and violent awakening as you can see everything around us, and this ningen are nothing more than broken and unusable things as not even there heads exist due to it been sliced to nothing more than chunks of rooting flesh on the ground," said Nyx.

"What bloodline could he have that could do this much damage?" asked Madara curiously.

"It was the kaze-no-chi from uzugakure-no-sato," responded Nyx.

"That means that he his…" said a shocked Madara.

"Yes he is the son of the lost princess of whirlpool and he is the heir to that throne that has been vacant for years now," said Nyx.

"Hey Madara, what the hell those that mean, huh?" asked Guardian.

"I'll tell you both later when we are safe at rainbase for now lets go are you ok with that Kyuubii sama, boys," Said Madara.

With that both men nodded and Nyx said, "I am ok with that and we can talk about how are you alive and what you want with my container got it."

With that Madara nodded and knew that it was going to be a long journey for him.

(Flashback within a flashback end)

When the girls saw what happen were left speechless and could understand why Naruto looked the way he looked he was trying to deal with he had intentionally done to those men and was clearly hunting him it was then they saw that Madara had dispelled the genjutsu and started asking questions about what happen afterwards and he told them about Nyx's inquiries about how he survived, about Guardians origins, the explanation he told Itachi and Guardian about the Uzumaki's bloodline and why it was so important to their village in the past before the royal family vanished without a trace in the third great shinobi war and how exactly made Naruto very important not just to the Akatsuki but to Uzugakure as well it was then that Tsunade decided to ask about Madara's offer to Naruto and herself.

"Madara, what is exactly what you want from the boy and me in terms of the offers?" asked Tsunade.

"What I want from Naruto is to become the first and hopefully the only candidate for a very special project that Akatsuki with the help from some the scientist from Cadmus have devised to become the very person that will help usher an era of true peace and justice to all the Elemental nations. I hope to present him this offer to him while we are here at rain base village and what I want from you Tsunade is to become the head of the new medical program that I am starting in Ame in the next couple of months and also to become the main medic to our little project to make sure that everything goes well for the candidate does that answer your question Tsunade," said Madara.

"Yes, it does and I accept the job for the medical program but for the project I want to know its name," said Tsunade.

"Very well, I think that's acceptable the project's name is TEMPEST I know that the name is sort of symbolic due to young Naruto's bloodline, but it also stands for the revolution that it will bring to all the nations and believe me and all of Akatsuki have looked all over to find a suitable subject but alas none were found to be a fit for it not even in suna but what I see in young Naruto is exactly the goals of not only Akatsuki, but of the very project itself now what do you say are you in or out," said Madara with a smirk.

"I'm in, but only if Naruto is the candidate otherwise I'll only join you to be the head of the medical program that is if you find these terms of mine acceptable," said Tsunade.

"Very well, I can accept those terms after all I wanted was your expertise in your field to lower the number of loses me, our shinobis so we can at least become the sixth great shinobi village," said Madara.

The two other women were in shock at the deal-making between the two it was almost as the animosity between the two clans was non-existent and could finally become allies again after all this time since the founding of konoha.

"Well, lets go celebrate this new alliance with the boys after all we have been her too long and it's almost time for lunch anyways," said Mikoto.

"Yeah, let's go. I want too meet Naruto-san and get to know him better after all I always wanted a little brother," said a Shizune.

"They are right we have been here to long and we have to find the boys before they get themselves in trouble again," said Madara.

(Flashback Ends)

Since that day six months have passed and everything has gone smoothly Naruto accepted the offer to become the candidate for project tempest, Tsunade became the main medic for the project and left Shizune and Mikoto run the Hopital in her absence with Shizune helping her every now and again with Naruto's recuperation of the nutrients that his body has lost in the six years his been in konoha. From there on Naruto has been in stasis for all six months with two genomorphs helping him connect with the outside world by talking with Tsunade who became a grandmother figure to him, with shizune and Cheshire both girls that had become his sisters in all but blood and Guardian who became his uncle figure also in those six months of stasis Naruto learned all that Nyx wanted to teach him in respect of controlling her youki to such a degree that naruto already could use three tails without harmful effects to his body for as long as he needed when he ask why he couldn't handle more Nyx told him that he had to wait for his body to mature so that his body could adapt and use more of her youki also he learned all about his bloodline, who was his real Mother and also how control his bloodline to such a degree that he didn't need much chakra to use it or any of the futon jutsu that Nyx taught him in his mindscape.

A week before his awakening from the pod Guardian was called back to Cadmus to head the security of the Cadmus facility in Washington D.C. So he wouldn't be there to help with the training as he wanted but orders were orders so he said goodbye to Naruto and left a couple of books of different martial arts that are not in this dimension for Naruto to learn from and incorporate in his fighting style when he was ready.

Madara shook himself of the memories as he approached Tsunade to get a status report from her as to how much time is left for Naruto's awakening.

"Tsunade, how's everything is he ready for the awakening or not?" asked Madara letting them know he was there.

"Everything is fine just running a final check of his overall health and Nyx is having Naruto run his chakra thru his coils to make sure that they are indeed stable and haven't suffer any damage from the six months of intense training from both his bloodline and her youki," informed Tsunade.

"Tsunade-sama everything checks out ok from both ends," said Shizune.

"Thanks Shizune. Well let's bring him back to the world of the living," joked Tsunade with a small smile.

"Hai," said Shizune.

While they were getting ready Nyx was having a final face to face conversation with her son before he left the mindscape.


"Naru-chan listen I want you to be careful out there even if you control over my youki and your chakra and bloodline have come a long way this six months I want you to continue your training in chakra control because your reserves are always growing due to me being here and my youki is slowly being transfer to you and remember not to lose control of your emotions otherwise your bloodline will become very dangerous to everyone around you ok," Said Nyx

"I'll remember. I still have the training that Madara-jiji will put me thru when I wake up along side Cheshire-neechan so we can be ready to do missions outside Ame," said Naruto.

"I know Naru-chan, but still I tell so you don't forget because at the moment you are good to fight high gennin –to low level chunin in a jutsu fight so don't get cocky and listen to your teachers and if you do I may teach you a new jutsu. Oh look you are waking up," said nyx.

"Ok kaa-san, I'll continue training after all I have a dream to achieve and a promise to keep and I'll not give up until there are both accomplished no matter what," said Naruto with determination shining in his eyes as he goes away.

As they lied down the pod so that Naruto didn't fall down as he awoke they opened the pod and pulled out the various tubes that help in curing Naruto's malnutrition and kept him alive in the six months he was there and proceeded to awake him.

When Naruto awoke the first thing he saw were the binding lights of the chamber he was in as he adjusted he saw Tsunade and Shizune smile ling down on him as he sat up Tsunade gave him a glass of water as Madara approached them.

"Welcome young Naruto, how are you feeling after all this time asleep," inquired Madara.

"I feel fine no better than I felt six months ago thank you Tsunade ba-chan, Shizune-neechan," replied Naruto.

"No problem gaki," said Tsunade.

"You're welcome Naruto-kun," said Shizune.

"Very well are you ready for your training Naruto ready to become Tempest, the very storm that will bring change and justice to the Elemental nations," said Madara.

"Hai madara-sama," said Naruto.

"Very well stand up and receive you mask that will mark you as Tempest. No one but those in this room, Akatsuki and the Ame anbu will know that you Naruto Uzumaki and Tempest are one and the same to the rest you are tempest one of the best gennin that amekagure has to offer," said Madara.

As Naruto stoop up and walk towards Madara to receive his mask saw that it was a gray Kitsune mask with a red cloud on one side and yellow bolt on the other as he put it on Madara handed him a cloak with the same design as the mask but in brown and green as he put it on as well he felt as being tempest was something he was born to become and welcome the challenge that the training.

"I feel like ready to begin training Madara-jiji when can we begin," asked Naruto.

"We will begin right away but be ready training will be intense as you and Cheshire will train together from now on as both of you will become the first two man team in the history of the Elemental nations both of you will be know as arashikage understood," said Madara.

"Hai Madara, I understand I have a lot to lose not completing this training and not becoming Tempest and that something I will not allow to happen under any circumstances so bring it on I am ready," said Naruto, looking seriously at Madara and everybody in the room.

"Let's go tempest. We have no more time to lose to begin your training," said Madara as he left with Naruto fallowing right behind him.

"Is Naruto-kun ready for such training Tsunade-sama?" asked Shizune.

"Yes he is. Have faith in him, because if it wasn't for him we wouldn't be here now and we would still be loyal to Konoha and to Hiruzen and wouldn't know the truth about his upbringing until too late to change it," said Tsunade spiting Konohas name and her sensei like poison.

"You are right Tsunade-sama," said Shizune.

(8 years later)

January 15, 2008


As team arashikage finished the last of their training they were called by the Amekage for a mission that will mark it as their tenth one in their careers as they approached the office they were let inside to see the amekage.

"Ah tempest Cheshire you are here already good now are both of you ready to receive the mission," said the Amekage.

"Hai, we are," replied Cheshire.

"Very well this will be your first b rank mission and it will be…" said the Amekage before he was interrupted with the arrival of an old friend.

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