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Author's Note - I know a lot of these have been done, but I've never seen a Pokemon one, so I made this! Completely pointless (may have a plot if I decide to expand on it) with some pokeshipping and hints of egoshipping. Please review, and let me know your thoughts!




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Misty Waterflower joined the group Sensational Sisters of Cerulean City.

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Brock Slate wrote: I see they finally promoted you? Congrats, Misty.

Misty Waterflower wrote: Bleugh =P

Daisy Waterflower is like, TOTALLY excited! New water show tomorrow, 8:00 pm, Cerulean Gym! Everyone, like, please be there!

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Georgio wrote: Is Misty taking part too, this time?

Daisy Waterflower wrote: Like, totally! She's the main character! ;)

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Lily Waterflower wrote: I would be a MUCH prettier mermaid XP

Misty Waterflower hates being a freaking mermaid. Damn you, stupid sisters.

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Violet Waterflower wrote: You are being like, so ungrateful.

Brock Slate wrote: Hahahahahahahahaha… too bad your true prince isn't here this time, huh, Misty? O_o

Tracey Sketchit wrote: Aw, it's not so bad, is it, Misty?

Misty Waterflower wrote: STFU Brock, or I'll set Gyarados on you.

Daisy Waterflower, Misty Waterflower, Lily Waterflower and 24 others are attending 'The Magical Mermaid: Part 2'

Brock Slate Amazing show, girls, truly sensational! Daisy, Violet and Lily, you were stunning. Misty, I'd compliment you too, but you would hit me if I tried.

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Daisy Waterflower wrote: Thank you ;)

Misty Waterflower wrote: Damn straight, Brocky.


Misty Waterflower is now friends with Gary Fucking Oak.

Gary Fucking Oak wrote on Misty Waterflower's wall:


Nice show. You looked sexy ;)

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Misty Waterflower wrote on Gary Fucking Oak's wall:

Uh, thanks, I guess.

Why were you even in Cerulean?

And what's with your name?

Gary Fucking Oak wrote on Misty Waterflower's wall:

Gramps sent me with Tracey. I'm suppose to check up on your Psyduck actually. Heard it has some sort of medical condition? I'm researching Pokémon disease right now…

And the name… well… it's who I am, baby ;)

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Sarah wrote: Gary, Gary, he's our man! If he can't do it no one can!

Chloe wrote: Gary, Gary, sex on legs! If I was a Pokémon, I'd lay his eggs!

Garys#1Cheerleader wrote: Fuck off, sluts, he's mine. GARY, GARY, ABS LIKE ROCK! ALL GIRLS WANT HIM, TOO BAD BROCK!

Brock Slate wrote: Whyyyyy :'(

Misty Waterflower wrote on Gary Fucking Oak's wall:

Oh Mew.

Am I going to get spammed by fangirling every time you post on my wall?

By medical condition, do you mean utterly and hopelessly RETARDED? If so, then YES.

You can drop by the gym to check on Psyduck (and take him back with you. Please. Consider him your permanent guinea pig.)

Jeez, you narcissist =P

Gary Fucking Oak wrote on Misty Waterflower's wall:

Haha, possibly. I'm just that awesome ;)

Is tomorrow morning fine with you? 10 o clock?

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Gary#1Cheerleader wrote: You're more than just awesome! GARY HAS SUCH GORGEOUS EYES! THEY'RE ICY BLUE LIKE CLOUDLESS SKIES!

ILoveGaryOak wrote: omg lyk whts wrng wd you? theyr lyk, GREEN you hoe!

Misty Waterflower Aaaaargh! PSYDUCK! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?

Gary Fucking Oak wrote: Sorry, but there technically isn't anything wrong with him. You just have a really weird Pokémon. That Gyarados was cool though ;) Wanna meet up for a battle sometime?

Misty Waterflower wrote: Haha, thanks, he's my baby =D I'd love to!

Gary Fucking Oak wrote: ;)

Misty Waterflower is now friends with Ash Ketchum.


Brock Slate wrote: Oh, Lugia… not this again… (though it makes me rather nostalgic)

Ash Ketchum wrote: Um...hello misty =3

Brock Slate wrote: Ash, how come you added her and not me? I'm insulted =P

Ash Ketchum is now friends with Brock Slate, Tracey Sketchit, Gary Fucking Oak, and 10 others.

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Ash Ketchum wrote on Misty Waterflower's wall:

Hi misty!

sorry its been so long, ive just been crazily busy with battling and stuff, just got back from sinnoh…

I placed top 4 in lily of the valley conference you know! cool right?

pikachu says hi back, and gives you a hug. he misses you like hell.

how are your pokemon?

hows everything at the gym? i saw your wall, are you still doing water shows? that's kinda awesome.

though im shocked at the promotion. how much did you threaten your sisters to get em to letcha in, huh, scrawny? XP

(haha cant mallet me for that one, can ya, mist)

anyways, once ill call you tonight! maybe you can come over to pallet and visit, or ill come to the gym! im thinking of reentering indigo league

gotta go now, to the lab! im gonna meet all my old pokemon! bulbasaur and the rest, im so excited!

see you soon, hopefully

-the future pokemon master

p.s – nurse joy gave you the bike back, woman. stop pestering me about it!

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Misty Waterflower wrote on Ash Ketchum's wall:

Say half of that to my face, you wannabe Pokémon master!
And sheesh Ash, can't you punctuate and capitalize like a normal human being?

Congratulations on Lily of the Valley, though I knew already ( I watched it on TV). That's great. You're really improving =) Though don't let your head bloat, Ketchum, 'cause you're still a baby to me! Who sent out a Caterpie to fight a Pidegeotto! XP

It's awesome you're thinking of re-entering Indigo! We have to meet soon and catch up… though your mom already invited me over!

I gotta go, Azurill wants food, but we'll talk in detail later!


Gary Fucking Oak wrote: A bug type against a bird? LMFAO! Ashy, you loser!

Ash Ketchum wrote: SHUT THE HELL UP GARY, YOU ASSHOLE! (See, Misty. I can punctuate corectly if I want. And did you HAVE to bring that up?)

Misty Waterflower wrote: You spelt *correctly wrong, douchebag.

Ash Ketchum wrote: You meanie!

Misty Waterflower wrote: Imbecile

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Ash Ketchum wrote: RUNT!

Misty Waterflower wrote: TWERP!



Brock Slate wrote: Ah… young love! -_-

Misty Waterflower wrote: HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!

Ash Ketchum wrote: SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!

Tracey Sketchit wrote: Denial…

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Misty Waterflower wrote: Tracey, just go and sketch something, you loser! And Brock, don't you have some Nurse Joy to be hitting on? Just because you're a horny bastard who gets off on every girl he sees doesn't mean everyone is like that!

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Ash Ketchum wrote: Ooooh. BURRRRRRNED! Like, flamethrowered! Do you need an Ice Heal, Brocko?

Brock Slate wrote: Very funny, Luvdics XP

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Gary Fucking Oak wrote on Ash Ketchum's wall:

Hey Ashy…

Saw you're retrying Indigo League.

Guess what?

I might as well.

Get ready to get your ass majorly whooped, sucker!

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Sarah wrote: Gary, Gary, he's so hot! He can do what Ash cannot!

Rachel wrote: Gary, Gary, for the win! Ashy should rot in a bin!

Ash Ketchum wrote: what the heck is this? you stupid airheads! Ill show you! im gonna be the next greatest pokemon master! you wait and see gary! ill destroy you like I did at the silver conference!

Ash Ketchum wrote: and by the way, I thought you were a resercher!

Ash Ketchum wrote on Gary Fucking Oak's wall:

im gonna beat you gary, just you wait!

though are you really getting back into training again?

thats great if you are.

oh and when and why did YOU go to mistys gym?

Gary Fucking Oak wrote on Ash Ketchum's wall:

I've improved a lot since the Silver Conference, retard (remember Electivire?)

As for going to Misty's gym… well that's for me to know, and you to find out, Ashy-boy ;)




Author's Note - Well, that was annoyingly fun, though the formatting was ridiculously tedious. Review please, let me know if I should bother continuing this!

Sorry for the generic names I gave to Gary's fanclub, but the anime didn't name them - I was just using the prettiest girl names I could think of =P I would use my own actually (I love Gary) but that may give me away... unless I already did! XP And yeah, I ripped the cheers off from one of my other fics =P