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As for this chapter, it's based on Sam's explanation for Kurt finding out and should take place somewhere at the start of the episode. Only after writing this, I realised that Sam also could've meant that Kurt heard about him delivering pizzas, or Sam delivering a pizza while Kurt still went to Dalton (which is also strange, because as far as I know, Kurt didn't board, so he wouldn't be there at night). Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy the chapter :)

"And you're sure they're treating you right there?" Kurt frowned inwardly as Trent asked him this. It wasn't that he didn't appreciate his former team mates' concern, but Trent was at least the fifth Warbler who'd asked him the same question in a time span of less than an hour.

When Blaine had urged him to come to this Warblers bonding night, Kurt had expected that something like this would happen. Nevertheless, the Warblers had become his friends in the few months he had spent at Dalton, and he would be lying if he said he didn't miss them.

And it seemed like they missed him too – he couldn't count the number of hugs and happy greetings and fist bumps and claps on the shoulder and concerned questions he had had. He also couldn't count the number of times someone had told him that they couldn't imagine ever doing a routine like their Sectionals one ever again, all thanks to him, or the number of people complaining about Blaine's sudden inability to look away from the screen of his phone during practices – apparently, this was very much like the situation was in the weeks before Kurt transferred to Dalton.

Kurt was also more than happy to tell them about what had happened at McKinley in the short time he was back – the Born This Way performance (which they all wanted to see), Brittany's new web show (which they had already seen, much to Kurt's surprise), and the general antics of the students there. He was proud to say that he'd only had one slushy facial so far, and that everyone mostly ignored him now rather than bullying him.

After that, the Warblers told him everything that had gone down at Dalton since he'd left, something Blaine strangely enough hardly did whenever he and Kurt met up. Kurt was also very relieved that none of them seemed angry at him for going back to his old team. Just when they were about to pop in a DVD to watch, there was a knock on the door.

"Ah!" David exclaimed. "That'll be the pizzas!"

Kurt pulled a face. "You ordered pizzas? Do you know how many – " He was cut off by Blaine swiftly kissing him – not that he minded.

When Blaine got up to help David carry in the pizzas, however, Kurt caught a glimpse of the delivery boy and frowned.

"Sam?" he asked, loudly enough for said boy to notice him. "What are you doing here? Since when do you deliver pizzas?"

"Kurt!" Clearly, Sam hadn't expected him to be there. "I – what are you doing here?"

Kurt raised an eyebrow. "I'm visiting my old team, Sam."

Sam seemed to think this over for a moment. "Yeah. Of course," he said awkwardly. "Makes sense."

"Why are you delivering pizzas, Sam?" Kurt repeated his question, standing up and making his way towards the door. "I didn't know you needed the extra money."

Sam's face seemed to fall at this. "Well, I do," he answered somewhat nervously. "Listen, Kurt, can't you just pretend that you didn't see me here and just… enjoy the rest of your evening and tell no one at school about this?"

Now if that wasn't suspicious Kurt didn't know what was. Shooting a glance at Blaine, who was still standing there (as opposed to David), he said quietly, "I'll be right back, okay?" Closing the door to the Warblers' meeting room, he turned back to Sam. "I won't tell anyone," he promised Sam, "if you tell me what's going on. Something's wrong. Maybe I can help."

Sam glanced around the hallway. "I doubt you can help, but fine. I'll tell you – but only if you promise not to tell anyone. No one. Not even Finn."

Kurt smiled slightly. "Contrary to popular belief, Sam, Finn and I do not share everything now that our parents are married."

"Okay, good." Sam took a deep breath. "My dad – he lost his job. And… after moving here from Tennessee, we didn't have a whole lot of money left, so we're living in a motel room now – one room for my parents, my younger brother and sister, and me. So far, my parents haven't been able to find a new job, so I took up this job. It's not much, but it brings in some money."

Kurt wasn't the type of person to go around, hugging people, but Sam looked like he could use a hug now. "That's awful, Sam," he said quietly. "I'm really sorry. You're living in one room with five people?"

"Pretty much, yeah," Sam sighed. "We don't have much left anyway – we got kicked out of the house, just like that. Everything we do still own fits easily in that room, and my dad's car."

Kurt couldn't imagine living like that. "Is there any way I can help?" he asked. "Like – do you need anything?"

Sam shrugged as if everything was okay. "It's just the basic stuff," he said. "We don't really have room for much else. All the money we don't use to pay for the motel room goes to food."

"You need clothes," Kurt guessed, and if the look on Sam's face was anything to go by, he had hit the nail right on the head.

"Sort of, yeah," Sam admitted. "We couldn't keep a lot of stuff, and I mostly helped my brother and sister pack."

Kurt smiled. "You sound like a good brother, Sam. Tell you what – give me the address of the motel, and I'll stop by tomorrow evening to bring you some of my old clothes." He was well aware that, even though he and Sam were around the same height, they didn't really have the same build. Still, he was certain that he had to have some clothes that would fit Sam.

"Are you sure?" Sam sounded a little doubtful. "Really, Kurt, you don't have to do this."

"But I want to," Kurt replied. "That's what friends are for, right? And if you won't accept it any other way – see it as a repayment for getting yourself hit in the eye by Karofsky for me back in November."

"That was really no trouble," Sam told him, and Kurt smiled triumphantly.

"Neither is this. Just text me the address later, alright? I think I'd better go back inside to see if everything's still in its normal state…"

"And have some pizza," Sam said. When Kurt looked at him sceptically, he added, "I think they also ordered some healthy pizza. You know, as healthy as pizzas can get."

"We'll see about that," Kurt muttered. Then, he continued in a louder voice, "I'll see you at school tomorrow. Take care, Sam."

"Thanks," Sam said with a small smile, "for helping me. And for listening, too."

"It was my pleasure," Kurt told him. With that, he opened the door again and went back inside. There was chaos all around, just like he had feared.

Before he could fully grasp what the Warblers had done in his short absence, Blaine already reached him. "What was wrong?" he asked somewhat worriedly.

Kurt smiled reassuringly. "Sam's going through a bit of a rough time right now," he responded quietly. "I'll tell you the full story when it's all over."

Pulling him onto the nearest couch, Blaine said, "So I guess I'll be seeing less of you in the very near future because you're going to be helping him out?"

Kurt studied his boyfriend's face for a moment. Blaine didn't really seem upset, and knowing him, he would be more upset if Kurt told him that he wasn't going to help Sam than if he replied that yes, Blaine might be seeing a bit less of him this upcoming week. "I guess so," he answered in the end, and indeed, Blaine smiled.

"As long as you make it up to me next weekend," he muttered softly, laying his head on Kurt's shoulder as they watched the rest of the Warblers tear the room apart. At least Kurt wouldn't have to help clean up this mess in the morning.

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