STORY SUMMARY: What does it take to be human? 100 drabbles of 100 words. Prompts from drabbles100 LJ community.

DISCLAIMERS: Nothing's mine.

CANONICAL NOTES: I'm playing fast and loose here. I once knew the entire storyline up to "Viva Las Vegas" and bits of pieces of everything after that. Now, I've been away from the fandom a while. I don't feel like researching. It's the concepts of the peeling back the characters' skins that has me excited more than anything, and that's the way it oughta be.

Prompt: 001. Beginnings

Author's Note: Couldn't find a beta for these, so any errors are on me. Anyone wants to beta these, I will love you forever.

Knife Edge

- 1 -

They're on the knife edge of humanity. Late night; the Crashdown closed. An alien book on the table between them; seated at a human diner. All of them know what it says. None of them speak.

Tess is the only one not looking, though Isabel quickly turns away from the others across the empty diner, speaking quietly among themselves, pretending they don't know they're being watched.

"So..." Michael says, snapping them back to the book, the moment, and their perch upon that knife. "What now?"

They all look to Max. He accepts this without question and answers, "We tell them."