STORY SUMMARY: What does it take to be human? 100 drabbles of 100 words. Prompts from drabbles100 LJ community.

DISCLAIMERS: Nothing's mine.

CANONICAL NOTES: I'm playing fast and loose here. I once knew the entire storyline up to "Viva Las Vegas" and bits of pieces of everything after that. Now, I've been away from the fandom a while. I don't feel like researching. It's the concepts of the peeling back the characters' skins that has me excited more than anything, and that's the way it oughta be.

Prompt: 003. Ends

Miles to Go

- 3 -

Miles to go before I sleep...

The words Liz had found played through Maria's head as she watched them lower her friend's casket into the ground. She couldn't look at the Czechoslavakians, couldn't make herself feel anything beyond cold, hard grief. It was their book that had destroyed him and their Tess crying soundlessly after she had ended him.

Maria filed into the Crashdown with the rest of them when the funeral was over, but she found herself walking closer to the humans and avoiding Michael's eyes.

Vaguely, she wondered if their friendships—and romances—had been buried with Alex.