"Where's Sam?" asked Dean as Bobby handed him a glass of water to clear his dry throat. Bobby looked into Dean's eyes for a brief second before turning his back on him and walking into his office. Bobby walked behind his desk and sat in the chair. Dean watched as Bobby put the two picture frames down on his desk, pictures facing down. "Bobby?" His voice was still hoarse and hurt like hell.

"He's, uh…he's married kid," said Bobby rubbing the back of his neck.

"Married? Huh…wow," said Dean as he walked a few inches to the chair in front of Bobby's desk and sat down. He placed the glass on the desk, "To who?" Bobby avoided eye contact then leaned his elbows on the table. "Come on Bobby it can't be that bad, to who?"

"Kid, I don't want you going down there and beating down the door and demanding answers now you hear?"

"Bobby what the hell I just want to know…it's not a dude is it?"

Bobby shook his head, "No…far from it."

"Then who?"

Bobby gave Dean a sincere look with a small frown towards Dean, "Katherine."

Dean just stared at Bobby, "Katherine…my, my Katherine…Kiki? No…no they wouldn't…they always saw each other as brother and sister." Dean's hand hovered over the tattoo on his right wrist that read Kiki. The same place Katherine had Dean's name. He looked down on it and traced her name with his thumb.

"It sort of happened, Dean. She got…" Dean looked up at Bobby when he paused, "She got pregnant."

"By Sam?"

"No…Dean, the child is yours. She was scared and alone. You were dead when she found out. She was three months pregnant. She had no symptoms; no morning sickness…her stomach wasn't even that big for God's sake, you would have thought she was just suffering from PMS. But three months went by and she had no…womanly problems. She went to the doctor and she had an ultra sound. There it was, your baby on the screen. She went to Sam and he told her he'd help her out. Before I know it the two were married two months later, she was five months and…"

"Didn't you stop them?"

"I tried kid, I told them maybe they are thinking wrong but Sam said he didn't want your baby growing up without a father like the two of you did."

Dean wiped his mouth with the back of his hand staring at the wall beside him. After staring for sometime Dean looked at Bobby and asked, "Where are they?"

Sam jogged down the stairs of the house and walked into the kitchen, "Hey," he said to Katherine and kissed her cheek.

"Morning," she said with a smile and went back to feeding Charlie. Charlie was five months old now. He looked over at Sam and smiled.

"Hey Charlie," said Sam sitting next to Katherine, "How's little man today?"

Charlie made some baby noises blowing bubbles out of his mouth and Sam smiled. He opened the newspaper and began reading.

"So you going in today?" asked Katherine turning her head to look at Sam.

"Maybe…I don't know something is telling me to stay home today."

"It's because you're going to miss us," she teased.

Sam laughed and leaned over and kissed her lips softly, "Maybe."

She grinned at him and the phone rang, "I'll get it," said Sam getting up and Katherine went back to feeding Charlie.


"Sam…it's Bobby."

"Oh hey Bobby long time no see. When you going to come down and see your God son?"

Bobby chuckled nervously, "Oh I'm on my way now actually."

"Is that Bobby?" asked Katherine and Sam nodded, "Tell him I said hi."

"Kat says hi."

Bobby glanced at the passenger side at Dean and then back at the road, "Uh, tell Katherine I said hi. Look I'll be there in about two, three hours. You're going to be around right? You're not going into the shop today?"

"Nah, something was telling me to stay home today. Looks like I listened to my instincts…is everything alright?"

"Yeah, yeah…everything's fine. Just…got a little surprise for the three of you that's all."

"Ok, well we'll see you when you get here."

"Alright, bye kid."

"See ya Bobby."

"You hear that?" asked Katherine taking Charlie out of his chair, "Uncle Bobby is coming over."

"He says he has a surprise for us."

"Oh jeez…what could it be?"

"Knowing Bobby…it could be anything. Here, I'll take him up to his bath."

Katherine smiled giving Charlie to Sam, "Go to daddy." Charlie leaned his head on Sam's chest and Katherine ran her hand through his dark hair. Sam leaned down and kissed Katherine one more time before heading upstairs with Charlie.

Katherine sighed and smiled to herself as she did every day, trying to get through the days that were hard for her. She looked down at her right wrist and ran her thumb over Dean's name. It's been almost a year since Dean's been gone. She still wasn't over him.

Just like Bobby said in three hours there was a knock on Sam and Katherine's door. Sam got off the couch and opened it to see Bobby.

"Hey Bobby," he said with a grin and hugged him.

"Hey, Sam," he said with a somewhat smile and Sam could tell something was wrong. He looked over at Katherine who was coming down the stairs with Charlie who just woke up from his nap then back at Bobby.

"Everything alright?"

"You may need to hold onto your ass for this one." Bobby glanced towards his right and Sam took a step out and saw Dean.

Sam's heart felt like it dropped to his stomach. His breathing was heavy and his eyes were wide. Many questions and thoughts ran through his head but nothing came out of his mouth. "Is…is it…"

"Yeah it's really me Sammy," said Dean.

"Sam is everything alright?" asked Katherine putting Charlie in the playpen.

"Ye-Yeah, everything's…good."

"Then let Bobby in. Quit standing there and being the door blocker." Dean looked towards the door and then back at Sam. Sam shoved his hands in his jean pockets as Bobby walked by Sam.

"Hey Katherine," said Bobby, "I think you should sit down."

"Is this about the surprise?" she hugged Bobby with a grin on her face and let go placing her hands on his cheeks, "You're looking good Bobby…don't stay away too long anymore we missed you."

"Missed you too Kat…look really I think you need to sit down."

"What's going on?"

"Katherine…just listen to Bobby," said Sam looking at her, "and sit down."

Katherine knew something was wrong and her stubborn ways got the best of her, "No! Now tell me what the hell is going on or so help me God I'll…"

Dean walked through the door making Katherine stop her threat. She felt a slight chill run through her staring into his eyes and her heart pumping against her chest madly.

"Dean…" is all she said before she hit the floor. All three men were at her side in seconds as they picked her up and placed her on the couch. Charlie started crying and Sam walked over to him and picked him up, soothing him. Sam turned around to see Dean looking over at him and Charlie. Sam didn't know what to say. He bounced Charlie a bit and walked back over to Katherine.

"It's ok, look mommy's just sleeping," he said and felt Dean's eyes on him.

"Charlie…" said Katherine waking up slowly.

"Give her some room to breathe now boys," said Bobby pushing them slightly away.

Katherine could hear Charlie crying and opened her eyes seeing the men staring at her. Her eyes landed on Dean and she sat up quickly.

"Oh my God…I wasn't dreaming."

Dean gave her a small smile as Katharine reached up and touched his face. He felt real. A small tear escaped from her eye and down the side of her face. "You're alive," she whispered.

Dean didn't say anything but just gave a slight nod. A small coo from behind her took Katharine out of her trance of staring at the beautiful man in front of her that she longed to come back to her. She looked over her shoulder, "Charlie." She got up and walked towards Sam and Charlie. Sam looked at Kiki and saw the tear and wiped it with his free hand. Dean frowned watching the intimate moment. He closed his eyes standing back up from the couch and looked around. He saw the pictures on the wall, the toys in the corner; the playpen…Sam had a home something Dean had secretly longed for.

Katherine took Charlie in her arms and looked at Sam, "Can we have a minute?"

Sam smiled, "Take your time," he kissed her forehead and him and Bobby walked into the kitchen.

Katherine took a deep breath and turned with Charlie in her arms watching Dean look around at all the pictures of their small family. Katherine's heart broke seeing the look on his face. She took another deep breath and cleared her throat. Dean looked at her and she gave him a small smile.

"You want to sit?" she asked and he nodded as the two walked over to the couch.

Charlie was playing with Katherine's necklace putting it in his mouth and taking it back out and looking at it.

"So…uh," started Katherine taking the necklace out of her son's mouth and smiled, "Charlie," Charlie looked up at her placing his hand in his mouth and chewing on it. She smiled again at her son, "I want you to meet someone." She turned him on her lap so he was facing Dean, "This is your daddy."

Dean looked at his son and felt his heart pound quickly against his chest. He watched the young Winchester's head look towards the kitchen.

"No, no," said Katherine and grabbed Dean's hand he heart raced at the touch, "This…this man right here sweetie," she placed Dean's hand on Charlie's free one, "this is your real daddy."

Charlie looked up at Dean again. Their eyes locked and Charlie gave a small smile breaking Dean's heart. This was his son.

"Dean meet Dean Charles Jonathon Winchester." Katherine smiled at Dean when she saw a grin on his face, "We wanted him to have your first name but also our father's names as well. But we call him Charlie for short because for a long time…" Katherine stopped herself because of the tears swelling in her eyes and her breath hitched. She swallowed the lump in her throat and closed her eyes breathing heavily, "It- It was hard not to hear your name and feel the worst pain ever."

"Kiki…I'm sorry," he said shaking his head, "I am so sorry but I'm not going anywhere. I'm here for good."

Katherine looked at him smiling at the old nickname he had given her a long time ago. He placed his hand on her cheek and she felt warmth spread through her body like it always had whenever he touched her. Dean leaned forward a bit but she looked away.

"Dean…I can't. I'm married and I made a promise."

Ouch. That stung. Dean looked at her seeing the pain in her face for having to say that. She still loved him, he still loved her but she was married to his brother but she had his child. This was so fucked up.

Sam and Bobby watched the two from the kitchen, "What are we supposed to do now?" asked Sam running a hand through his hair.

"What do you mean?" asked Bobby looking away from the three on the couch.

"I mean…Dean's back, Katharine and I are married, we've formed a relationship and Charlie and I…we're so close. This is going to put a strain in me and Dean's relationship, me and Katherine's…" Sam was at a loss for words. How was this all going to work out? The two looked back at the small family on the couch things were surely fucked up.

Authors Note: Ok so I've had this in my files for over…six months now. I'm going through all my stories and everything I have written and never posted. Thought I'd share this one. Be nice and let me know what you think and if I should just delete or move forward. Thanks.