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Chapter One: In the Beginning There was…

The Bloodriver Dynasty: one of the three original clans at the beginning of the Vampire race. The house of Bloodriver competes with the other Houses of Origin: the Tenmei and the Fuhai. Each has their own distinct set of powers, gifted to them by their creator.

The Bloodriver house: granted unmatched strength on the battlefield. One would not walk away from a battle with a Bloodriver without serious injury if at all. The Fuhai house: gifted with knowledge over seals and dimensions. They are the commanders on the battlefield, being the most intelligent of the three. The Tenmei house: gifted with supreme control over their yoki, making them ideal for support on a battlefield and to use the knowledge of the Fuhai house.

Each head of house was gifted and "birthed" by Lord Shinso, the creator of the Vampire race and the Original Vampire. In turn each head turns his house into Vampires and thus the race of Vampires is born. Lord Shinso is the most powerful Vampire ever to exist. It is said that his voice alone can break solid stone and disintegrate a body.

Because Vampires draw strength from the blood of those they drink from, Lord Shinso never let anyone access his blood outside the founders of each House of Origin until at such times as he names a successor. Each house would submit a candidate for consideration every few years, hoping to gain favor and leverage over the other houses. However, Lord Shinso declined them all.

This process is repeated for twenty Millennia. As the Vampire race expands and grows in power, other Vampire clans also submit their candidates, but still none are chosen. Then something changes.

The year is 1463. Vampires now number just above a hundred thousand. The Vampire nation is spread across most of Europe and parts of Africa and Asia. Grand castles spring up under the pretense of "feudal lords" but those lords are nothing more than puppets.

The largest and grandest castle lies on an island off the coast of the New World. It is an island close to the nation that will be called Jamaica. Of course nobody, even the Vampires, knows this. All guests and visitors pass through a dimensional gateway that takes it right to the island. This island is protected by the most advanced and powerful seals and dimensional rifts. It would come to be called the Bermuda Triangle.

Akasha Bloodriver, daughter of Isario Bloodriver and Belicia Tenmei, at seven years old is lost. She is with her parents as they present one of the Bloodriver clan to Lord Shinso because she wants to see if the rumors are true about his extravagant castle. She is told to wait outside the Grand Hall as they present the male. But curiosity got the better of her. She goes around the corner, captivated by all the pretty colors in the walls.

She walks around, looking from painting to painting, not paying attention at all where she is going. She walks for hours, completely enthralled and captivated, her full attention is on painting of all kinds. She only notices her surroundings when she runs into a sold door. Rubbing her nose, she closes her small hand around the doorknob and opens the door without a creek.

Inside is a bed chamber, but not just any bed chamber. This room puts the largest ball room in her house to shame. It is easily half the size of the Bloodriver castle. In the middle is the largest canopy bed she has ever seen. Piled high with four of the softest matrices, Akasha runs over and, with much effort, climbs up on top of it. She gives a squeal of joy as she begins bouncing around on it.

She jumps higher and higher. Her dress completely wrinkled and disheveled, but she doesn't care. All she can even think about is how much fun this bed is and how she wants it for herself. Her silver hair bounces up and down, in desperate need of a good brushing. Her red eyes shining as only a child's can.

Suddenly she hears a cough and looks to see a man standing to the side of the bed, watching her with interest. She looks back at him, not bothering to stop her bouncing. This man has a very light shade of red hair and green eyes. A loose cloth shirt covers his torso and has black slacks on.

"Wanna join me?" she asks the strange man.

The man gives her a smile while chuckling. "I'm a bit too old to be jumping on my bed."

Akasha shrugs and with one more bounce, she lands on her butt only to be shot up again to her feet and resumes bouncing. The man chuckles more.

"You are most interesting. Tell me child, what is your name?"

Without missing a beat, she answers, "Akasha Bloodriver. I'm here visiting this castle with my parents to see some lord or something. I didn't really care about meeting the man but I wanted to see if the castle was like the rumors say.

"It is so colorful and beautiful! There are so many pictures and faces and stories that come with each picture!" she says with an excited squeak.

The man's eyes glow with amusement. He snaps his fingers and Akasha stops in mid air. She throws him a small glare and crosses her arms at stopping her fun.

"Aaawwwww. Why did you do that?" she half whines.

"Because I have something to discuss with you child. And I would appreciate it if all your attention was turned towards me."

The man directs Akasha off the bed and lets her drop to the ground before gesturing to a small table with a few chairs. A steaming tea pot and two cups were sitting on the table, seemingly waiting for them.

"Tea?" he offers.

Akasha shakes her head. "Mom and dad don't let me drink it. But I can have milk!"

With another snap of his fingers, a cup containing milk appears right in front of her. She smiles in wonder and grabs the cup and drains it. As she pulls the cup away, then man sees a thin line of milk just above her lips, in a classic milk mustache. The man outright laughs and wipes the milk off her upper lip.

"Thanks mister. So you must be the Lord person or master person or someone who lives here because you said that was your bed," she asks in a very childlike manner.

The man nods. "I am Lord Shinso, ruler of the Vampires and most of the Youkai in the world. Now why do you not fear me as most do?"

Akasha shrugs. "I don't know. My dad always tells me that you gave the Bloodriver and Tenmei our powers and rule the world, but left everything else out."

'Intersting. She knows who I am but isn't afraid that I will kill her.'

"Now Akasha-san, how would you feel if you were no longer related to your parents?"

Akasha's eyes go wide. "What…what do you mean?" she asks cautiously.

"I mean that you would lose all relation to the Bloodriver and Tenmei families. But in return, you would gain something more valuable than anyone has ever dreamed of."

Akasha is no fan of her parents but they were still her parents. They always push her to be aristocratic, proper, fearsome, and completely unforgiving. The only time she really sees them are at dinner and when they "instruct" her. She however, never listens and does her own thing. This has gotten her in a lot of trouble over the years. She was allowed to come with them because they believed that a visit to the most powerful Vampire would set her straight. A last ditch effort so to speak.

"How do you know about my heritage?" she asks.

"Because it is my business what the Houses of Origin do. I am quite aware that your parents only got together because their fathers decided to have an experiment and you are the result of that experiment. It's it a fun thought to know that you are here only because of a whim? An experiment and not a person to them. You are an investment that requires payment and they will take it out of your flesh if they have to. I can help you."

That gets her attention. "I'm listening," she says the caution.

Shinso smiles. "I would inject you with my blood, which would completely eradicate all traces of Bloodriver and Tenmei blood within you as my blood is far superior to theirs and yours. In return, you would gain all the powers of the three Houses of Origin, but it would be far greater. The only thing is you would have to do is study seals and dimensions, but the knowledge in these halls are also significantly more advanced and thorough than the Fuhai house. Your appearance would change and would physically be the closest thing I would have to a daughter."

Akasha can't believe what she is hearing. A chance to get out from under her family's expectations and constant berating. But there are still a few questions.

"Why me?"

The man smiles widely at her. It seems that she is very complex. She can be a bubbly child, enjoying the little things the next she can be intuitive and thoughtful, anylizing enough to ask good and important questions at such a young age. This is going to be very interesting.

"Well, you are the first to not fear me. That has a great deal to do with it. You would be surprised the amount of fear one smells around me, afraid that I would kill them just because I could. Another point is that you seem to do what you want, despite what others think and the norms of society. I have seen Vampires with sticks so far up their asses it is possible to be visible if they opened their mouths. But you are different.

"The final reason is that you have great potential. Being a descendent of two of the Houses of Origin, you already have great things to come in your future. I'm merely making that potential much bigger and your future that much brighter. Those combining factors have weighed on me and you have proven worthy of being my heir."

"Your heir?"

"My successor. The one who will take over when I decide to move on. I know eternity seems like a good thing, but when you have lived for as long as I have, you grow weary and with no one to love I have no reason to continue on. So if you accept and when you feel ready to take over, I will hand over the throne to you."

Akasha listens. This seems like a very good deal for her. But there is always a catch. Nothing of value is without payment of some type.

"What's the catch?" she asks. This is the question she is most scared of.

"Absolutely nothing outside of keeping all that you learn that is beyond the Houses of Origin levels to yourself or your children should you chose to pass on the Shinso blood to them. I must also ask you not to pass on my blood to anyone that is not blood related to you except for your chosen successor and only them."

Akasha only nods. She appears deep in thought, but that is just a mask. On the inside she can barely contain her excitement. She will be the next ruler of the Vampires! She can order her parents around and they can do nothing about it! On top of that, there will be nothing on par with her power and knowledge.

"O…Ok. I accept your proposal," comes the small answer.

Shinso only nods. He gets up and gestures for her to follow him. He leads her out of his bed chambers and along a complicated series of hallways. He winds his way through passage ways, past doors both open and closed. Eventually coming to a large double door.

"Alright. Follow me and don't speak unless spoken to. You might want to straighten your dress and hair first."

Akasha hurriedly takes out a comb out of…somewhere and after a quick and through brushing, her hair is once more straight. Suddenly a roller and a steam canister appear in her hands. She proceeds to use the steam then straighten the dress with the roller. In less than five minutes, her dress is once again pristine.

Just as fast as the items appear in her hands, they disappear. Shinso raises an eyebrow at her.

"Where…did those items come from?"

Akasha smirks. "Can't tell you. Girl secret."

Even with all his knowledge of seals and of dimensions, he has no idea what this…mallet space is. It seems as if every female has access to it and only women. It also seems to have no limit on how large the object can be, having once seen a cannon appear beside a woman.

Shrugging, he opens the double doors wide. Inside are a large group of assembled vampires. All have glittering silver hair and glowing red eyes. These are the elites, a class of their own judging by how shiny their hair is. All eyes turn towards Akasha as she follows Lord Shinso. She meets the eyes of her parents who have a surprised but extremely angry look.

The look of her parents seems to be copied by every Vampire in the Hall. Akasha shrinks back under the glares and tries to make herself as small as possible.

Lord Shinso seems unaware of the looks his heir is getting. Either that or he doesn't care. He leads the girl to the center of the room where a throne is sat atop a large set of stairs. As Lord Shinso reaches the throne, all of the Vampires seem to snap out of their glares and bows. All except for Akasha's parents.

They step forward to the first step and bow low.

"My sincerest apologies my Lord. Our daughter had instructions to wait outside. Believe me when I say that she will be punished for such blatant disobedience. I hope that she did not bother you too much."

Shinso sits on the throne, Akasha standing/hiding behind it.

"And pray tell, why should you punish her? Is she not a child who indulged her curiosity when it is her parents who should have been watching her and not neglecting her?"

Both Akasha's parents go stiff. Before either can answer Shinso goes on.

"I have had a long discussion with Ms. Bloodriver here and I have decided...that she is going to be my heir."

Whispers erupts from the assembled crowd. Them come the cries of outrage. Akasha's own parents can't believe it.

"By my Lord, surely you should pick someone more worthy and qualified. Akasha has a rather…wild streak that is not suitable for Vampire nobles."

Shinso flares his yoki. "Silence!" The room immediately falls deathly silent.

"I chose who is worthy and who isn't. All the Vampires that have been brought before me have been sniffling, arrogant, and unworthy to scratch my ass! My decision is final and no amount of arguing, groveling, or begging will change my decision!"

The room remains so silent that you could hear a pin drop. They are remained just why he is the ruler of the Vampires. From behind him Akasha smiles, happy to hear him defending his choice and her. The pressure in the room returns to normal as Shinso stops flaring his yoki.

"All but Ms. Bloodriver's parents are to leave immediately." In less than ten seconds, a hundred Vampires clear the room.

"Akasha-san, step forward. Isario and Belicia approach me."

Immediately Akasha steps forward, not wanting him to go back on his decision. Akasha's parents also zoom forward, not wanting to get on Lord Shinso's bad side even further.

"Isario and Belicia, once the process is complete you will no longer have a daughter. She will be related to me and only to me. All her blood will be completely replaced and not a shred of Bloodriver or Tenmei will remain."

Isario gathers the courage to speak. "My Lord, while I question your choice, I dare not dispute it. If it is your will then it shall be done. But might I implore you allow her to return with us? As she is only seven, she requires training and a proper education as well as a firm hand."

Shinso narrows her eyes. "Are you insinuating that I do not know how to raise a child or that you can do better in teaching her than I?"

Isario begins to sweat under the very dangerous question when Belicia saves him.

"Of course not my Lord. He is just saying that she might do better in an environment that she is familiar with. As someone she knows well, she will may be more comfortable and more receptive to us teaching her."

Shinso eyes her too. But after a minute, he lets her off. "I agree. Akasha-san will return to the Bloodriver estate for education and training. After three years, she will return here and finish her education and training. However, if I hear of undo punishment there WILL be consequences. You will do well to remember while you birthed her, she will no longer be your daughter. Now leave us and come back in a week."

They immediately bow very low and leave the hall quickly, lest he change his mind. As soon as they are out of the room, Shinso stands.

"Come Akasha-san. It is time to perform the ritual."

Time Skip-one hour

Akasha stands naked except for her panties in the middle of a medium size room not even a fifth the size of the bed chamber. All around her are seals written on the ground so complex that she can't even begin to decipher them.

A door opens and Shinso step into the room. She immediately covers herself.

"Have no fear Akasha-san. I will not harm you. You do not have to worry about your modesty."

She feels slightly better at his words, but keeps herself covered. It is just too much to drop her self-consciousness completely with someone she met not two hours ago. Shinso appears deep in thought as he inspects the seals on the ground.

"What is going to happen is I will drain you of as much blood as your body can. Then I will inject my blood into so that your body has no choice but to use it and there is no chance of it diluting. Once the process starts, it will take a few days for the blood to change you and grow you. During that time, you will be in utter agony as it is reconstructing your very DNA. You will pass out from the pain and likely won't awake until the process is finished. You will still most of the same physical features but you will be much stronger.

After you awake, it will take a few days to get used to your new body. After you acclimate, I will send you off to the Bloodriver house. You will use the name Shinso as your last name as you hold no relation other than looks to that house. Do you have any questions?"

She nods. "Will I be the same age or will it make me look older?"

"It should keep you the same age, but as I have not done this before, I do not know for sure."

Akasha nods and tells him that she is ready. With a snap of his fingers, a tube and several containers appear. Moving faster than she can even comprehend, he pierces her heart with the tube. Blood gushes through the tube and into the containers. Her skin and heart heals, but with the tube longed inside it, it pumps a majority of the blood into the tube instead of her arteries.

Akasha's limbs grow heavy and numb within a minute. Eventually she falls forward unable to keep her balance as she is feeling extremely light headed only to be caught by Shinso to keep her upright. Container after container is filled with her blood. When the flow starts to taper, Shinso pulls the tube out and elongates his fangs. He sinks said fangs into her neck and floods his own blood into her. Akasha screams in pain as the more potent blood reacts with her body the moment it touches her veins. She then passes out not ten seconds into the transfusion.

Shinso holds her still as she continues to thrash around, the searing liquid flowing through her veins, tearing her body then repairing it not an instant later only for the cycle to repeat itself. After a full ten minutes Shinso pulls his fangs out of Akasha's neck.

Shinso picks her up bridal style and snaps. A fluffy bed appears right in the middle of the seals. He sets her down under the covers and straps her down as to keep her from hurting herself. It will be a tiring few days for her.

The seals on the ground are a combination of complex seals, each more complex than the next. One is a yoki suppressant, another is a yoki inhibitor (a suppressor will keep the yoki from getting out of the seal while the inhibitor will slow down the production of yoki), yet another will alert him to when she wake up, yet there are more seals contained in that array.

Shinso leaves the room and turns off the lights, seemingly immune to Akasha's moans of pain in her "sleep".

Time Skip – 4 days

Akasha jerks awake. Her eyes open wide in shock and confusion. 'Where am I? Why can't I move? Why do I feel different?'

As if reading her mind, a voice calls beside her. "Arise Akasha Shinso."

She turns her head as much as possible to see Shinso standing beside the bed. Seeing him, the memories of the…process come back to her. She suddenly twitches at the phantom pain that her body still remembers.

Shinso releases the straps holding her down and holds out his hand to help her up, which she gratefully takes. But…

Suddenly she shoots across the room...or that's what would have happened had Shinso not been holding on to her. Instead she shot forward as she tried to get up and Shinso had seen this coming and used her momentum to swing her around and she slams on the bed, causing her no harm except her pride as Shinso chuckles in amusement at her own expense.

"What happened?" she asks, compelled to learn why so that events don't repeat themselves and cause her more humiliation.

"Your new body is several times stronger than it used to be, therefore your brain needs time to adjust to how much pressure, speed, and force to use. You will be doing that for the next few days. Try again."

Akasha frowns. This will be a lot harder than it looks. She gingerly tries to get out only for the same result to happen, but not as severe. This time Shinso catches her completely and stops her momentum.

Muttering a small thanks she hesitantly takes a step forward, but even that is too much force to push off with and she shoots forward about ten feet before landing on the ground. She uses a foot to stop herself, but makes a crater in the ground from the force she used to stop her momentum.

"You know, why don't I carry you out? I can take you and get you dressed in some things I got you while you were out then you can go and try to walk again."

Akasha blushes as she realizes that she is still very much naked with only panties covering her genitalia. Her arms fly to her chest only to be smacked back by the force she used. She curses her own strength as she feels Shinso pick her up.

She blushes madly and turns away from him to hide the embarrassment. After a few minutes he lowers her on a couch and tosses a shirt at her. It is a grey cloth shirt. Then a pair of pants of the same shade of grey.

"Those clothes have seals on them, making them incredibly durable. I have three other outfits in red and blue here so if you don't like that color, there are others."

He walks over to her and lifts the pants to which she blushes and tries to snatch them away from him, all the while telling him that she can dress herself.

"No you really can't. While these clothes may be stronger than most clothing, you still have zero control over your body so even with the smallest force used you would rip these clothes to shreds. It's not like I'm going to change your underwear. It's only a pair of pants."

Akasha agitatedly leans back and as slow as she can, lifts her legs and allows him to slip them on. When it came to pulling them all the way up, he merely lifts her with one hand and slips them on. He repeats the process with the shirt and just like that she is dressed again. He takes the time to get some shoes on her as well.

He then lifts her and takes her outside to a track. He sets her down on the track and explains her task.

"I want you to go around this track until you can walk properly. In a few hours I will return with blood for you to feed on. Oh I almost forgot."

He snaps his fingers again and a full length mirror appears. Akasha is shocked by what she sees. Silvery hair is now turned bubblegum pink. Pink for crying out loud! Akasha is completely in love with her new hair color. Pink always has been her favorite color. Her face is sharper, leaner, her body seems to be taller, but not by much.

Red eyes, her glowing red eyes are now deep emerald green with human-like pupils.

"Why do I have the eyes of a human?" she asks.

"You don't. They only appear to be like a human because this isn't our "true form". When we become agitated or release a high amount of yoki our eyes will become slitted like a normal Vampire. And even like this, our vision is still far superior to that of a human's. Now hurry and start walking. I want you to be running by tomorrow. Then we can begin working on your hands."

With that he disappears. Not leaves, not fades, just vanishes. Akasha sighs. This is going to be a long day.

Time Skip – 4 days

Isario and Belicia stand in the front foyer waiting for Akasha. They would have been their yesterday to pick her up, but a message told them that she wouldn't be ready that day.

Isario growls in annoyance that Akasha is making them wait. Just who does she think she is? He will have to teach her some manners when they get back to the Bloodriver mansion. Belicia puts her hand on her mate's shoulder. Over the decades they have grown used to each other and find comfort in each other. Theirs was an arranged marriage, but like a lot of couples of arranged marriages, they grew very fond of each other.

Belicia's touch has the desired effect and Isario visibly calms himself.

Then a door opens and both parents are stunned. There is Akasha, but different. Her perfect, shiny silver hair is a disgusting shade of pink and the Vampire trademark eyes are a shade of vomit green. She is wearing a solid pink dress that has the skirt flaring out like a hoop skirt and goes to just above the ground. She has earrings in both ears and she has on an expensive looking necklace on.

"Who the hell are you and where is my daughter?" Isario shouts.

"You daughter does not exist," Akasha says simply. "I am the daughter of Lord Shinso and you will treat me as so!"

Both parents are taken aback. Never before has she outright talked back to them. Isario lets loose a low growl and his yoki, intent on scaring her, but she shrugs it off.

"Is that all you have? My left pinky can produce more yoki than that. I assure you that despite my having your daughter's first name and physical characteristics those are the only thing we share. Now if you are quite done I would like to go."

Akasha strolls right past Isario and Belicia and out the door. Isario gives Belicia a look that she doesn't like but she is too late to stop her mate from doing something rash.

"Now hold on here. I am the master of the Bloodriver house and as such you will obey me. I command you to stop and turn around."

Akasha does stop but doesn't turn around. "I recognize your authority as Head of House, but I transcend that." In a show of great speed, Akasha appears behind Isario in the blink of an eye. "You will not order me around like some common house slave, you will refer to me as Lady Shinso at all times, you may still retain control over your house except for those I chose to serve me. Do I make myself clear?"

Isario, slightly disturbed that she got behind him so easily turns around to glower at her. "What are you going to do? Call your 'daddy'?" Belicia almost face palms herself, knowing he went too far with that comment.

"KNOW YOUR PLACE!" Akasha roars.

She lashes out with her foot faster than either Bloodriver can keep up with. Isario is launched through the solid Oak doors and goes a hundred feet before touching the ground to which he skips and slides another fifty before grinding to a stop.

"Isario! What the hell did you do that for?" Belicia roars at Akasha who takes on a blank look.

"I settled our differences the way that all Vampires do and believe me when I say that was less than a third of my total power. I will not tolerate such blatant disrespect again. I will kill the next person who challenges my authority and stature. Do I make myself clear or do you need me to teach you your place as well?" Akasha gives Belicia a very dangerous look.

Belicia growls in annoyance, but doesn't say anything. She turns on her heals and runs out the doors where Isario is being picked up by the driver. Akasha turns back to a dark corner where Lord Shinso appears.

"Well done my daughter. I know that wasn't easy for you, but it is better in the long run if they know not to mess with you. However you must still be on guard. They will attempt to sabotage your learning and poisons so watch what you eat."

"I know father. That is why I will have my own private staff. I will see you in three years." She runs over and gives him a hug quickly to which he returns. He pats her back before ushering her towards the broken door to which she skips out.

Time Skip – 1 year

Akasha wakes in her large bed. She had taken her old bedroom in the Bloodriver House and usurped some of the Bloodriver maids and staff. They and they alone cook, handle, and teach her. She hardly lets anyone from the Bloodriver House get near her, mostly out of paranoia, but well deserved paranoia.

She yawns and crawls out of bed. She changes into another dress, pink of course, and exits her room to the bathroom. Once there a maid combs her hair and straightens the dress. After which she exits to the main dining hall. She finds the now first born of the Isario and Belicia also eating breakfast, her ex-brother, five year old Hikaru, born of a different Tenmei, one not approved by Belicia. The extra Vampire was quick to exit, but they kept the child.

She sits and her breakfast of consisting of a huge plate of eggs and sixteen ounces of high protein blood are ready for her. She immediately drains the glass of blood then devours the eggs. She is done in less than a minute. Hikaru looks at her with envy and hate. That is something that hadn't gone well at all.

When they got "home" Hikaru had nearly jumped Akasha but stopped once he say her new looks. But he shrugged it off and pounced her anyways, but Akasha wasn't in the mood. She flicked him and he went into a wall. Confused he asked her and she said his sister is dead. He didn't understand so his parents dragged him away to "explain" what happened. He believes that this Akasha killed his sister and is trying to impersonate her.

He does everything he can to sabotage her. From sneaking into her room and ruining her dresses to ripping up her school books to almost making her cry with malicious teasing. Of course Akasha has no doubt that is her 'parent's' doing. She doesn't like or enjoy being mean or cruel but in a dog-eat-dog world where her own birth parents try to derail you or worse it is necessary.

Just as she is about to get up, she is hit with something wet. She puts her hand up to see what it is and discovers that it is some form of oatmeal (or whatever the equivalent is back in the late 1400's). She turns to Hikaru, a huge grin plastered on his face. Her eyes become slitted and take on a harsh look. Instantly she is beside him, making him fall out of his chair in surprise. She chuckles to herself as she turns away to go wash herself.

"Hey, don't turn your back to me!" he shouts apparently having gotten off the floor already, his red eyes burning a hole in the back of her head. But Akasha keeps walking away. She hears something whistling in the air and leans her head to the side to see a knife go right past her head and lodge into a wall twenty feet past her.

'So Isario and Belicia upgraded him from pranks to outright assassination attempts huh?'

She doesn't even bother to turn around and walks to her room. She shuts the door and chucks the dress where a maid comes in and takes the dress to wash it and hopefully get the food off of it. On her bed she sees a scroll addressed to her. She gets about three scrolls a week, all from various people wishing for her hand.

As soon as they returned, it was "leaked" that the hair of Shinso was at the Bloodriver estate and that is when the letters started arriving. Vampires of all ages from centuries to a few decades all sent letters. Akasha read the first few, but after being permanently scared from those letters...On the other hand, such letters could also contain a poison or something that could hurt or possibly kill her.

She cautiously opens it, careful not to cut herself and tilts the paper to open towards the floor. Usually she has a maid open the letter after an assassination attempt just after a month when she got back to the estate.

When nothing happens, she turns the letter over and begins to read.

Dear Lady Shinso,

My name is Takumaru Tenmei. I request a meeting between us. I wish to offer you marriage…

She doesn't bother in reading the rest of the letter. All of the letters she has been getting the past year have been proclamations of love, marriage proposals, offers to have "fun". She shivers at the last part. Damn Lolicons.

The stress of the past year has been growing on her. From the lessons to where her servants loudly remind her several time a day that "You must learn a lot today if you are going to make a worthy successor to Lord Shinso" or "I expected better from you" to all the suitors to the outright hatred that is being poured at her from almost every person in the mansion. She doesn't know how much more she can take.

She has written several times to her father, Lord Shinso, to see if she can take a break from the Bloodriver House. However, she never receives a reply. Deep in her heart she fears that she is no longer special, that she has been replaced.

She shakes those thoughts out of her head. She can't allow her doubt to overcome her. Lord Shinso is a very busy man who can't do something at the drop of a hat because of her. Yeah, that's it. He is just really busy.

Akasha dawns a new dress and brushes her teeth before exiting her room again. She goes through her door and to her lessons. Today they are starting modern (modern for them) from 1000 a.d. to now. The first thing she "learns" is Battle of Svolder where King Olaf Tryggvason is defeated by an alliance of his enemies in a naval battle of the Viking Age.

After that her lesson goes on for five more hours with her drawling instructor with no breaks, she takes a written and oral test. Both of which she fails miserably. Her instructor, who reads directly out of the history book, simply shakes his head at her.

"I expected more from you Lady Shinso. Maybe your father was wrong to choose you."

That's it! She can't take it anymore!

"Oh yeah? Why don't you drop the book, let me read it too you and see exactly how much you remember and retain!"

The instructor is slightly taken aback. She never talked back before and she is usually very quiet. "I'm not the one expected to rule over the Vampires so I have no need to test my own knowledge."

Akasha bares her teeth. "If you were truly sincere about me learning you would at least have breaks. I'm eight! You're expectations of a child are way too high you miserable old goat! I don't know, how about you change up the lesson structures every now and then, give me a chance to assimilate the knowledge or get me my own book so I can at least follow along!"

The instructor snarls. "How dare you question my methods! I have been teaching far longer than you have been alive!"

Akasha's temple twitches. She grabs his tie and pulls him forward. "Now listen here you musty sack of shit! You seem to have forgotten that you work for me. I pay your check and you will teach to how I desire. Got it?"

The instructor smirks but before he can answer, there is a knock at the door. The door opens to reveal one of her maids.

"I have a letter for you Lady Shinso."

Akasha rolls her eyes. Great, more fan mail. She takes it from the maid and dismisses her. She opens the letter immediately, again careful not to cut herself.


I am most disappointed in you. I thought better of you, but know I know the truth.

You are dismissed. I will not have such an unworthy child such as yourself be my successor and lead my people to ruins. You will no longer hear from me, speak to me, or even speak of me. You are a disgrace to the Vampire name.

Be grateful that I do not end your life.

Lord Shinso

Akasha reads and rereads the letter over and over again. Tears well up in her eyes as she processes the information. At the bottom of the page is the Shinso seal, a special ink stamp at the bottom that is only able to be put on by Lord Shinso himself.

Over her shoulder, her instructor reads the letter.

"Oh and it looks like your…well he isn't your father anymore. It looks like he has come to his senses and realized that you are a mistake."

Akasha only cries harder. Just when she thought that someone really cared about her, her heart is wrenched out and ripped into a thousand pieces.

"That is what you are Akasha, a mistake. Nobody wants you and you don't even have a House anymore. You are lower than the humans we feed off of. You aren't worthy of a House."

With an anguished cry Akasha races out of the room and sprints to her room where she slams the door. Out of the corner of the study a shadow moves.

"Ah, Lord Isario. I see the foxes agreed to your terms and put an illusion over the paper."

Isario steps out of the shadows to the Instructor. "Yes but it wasn't easy. I had to give them back part of their original lands to do this and judging from her reaction she fell for it."

He takes the paper and dispels the illusion.


I thought I would have heard from you by now, but I assume that you are busy with your education and training. I am curious if you got any of my letters?

Anyways, I was wondering if you would like to visit for a week. It has been a while since I have seen you and I would like to again.

If you don't respond to this letter, then I will take a trip to the Bloodriver estate to visit you myself next month.

I hope you are well my daughter,

Lord Shinso

Isario reads the letter and chuckles to himself. He has been intercepting all of the letters between the two and burning them after he reads them, but Lord Shinso coming to the estate will be a problem.

"Well done. I shall use your services again. You are dismissed."

The Instructor bows deeply. "As you wish my Lord."

With Akasha

Akasha cries on her bed, not even caring if the tears stain her dress. One of the maids comes in to see what all the commotion is.

"Lady Shinso, what is the matter?" she asks. This is Akasha's favorite maid. Her name is Elizabeth and always takes care of her very well. After a few minutes of consoling, Akasha is able to calm down enough to speak.

"My…well he isn't my father anymore. He abandoned me! He said I'm a disgrace and I will never be his heir. He…he replaced me!" Akasha lunges and weeps into Elizabeth's apron. Whenever Akasha would be upset, Elizabeth would be the one to calm her down and tell her it would be alright. All she wants is for someone to tell her that everything would be fine, that this is all a dream.

But that doesn't happen. Elizabeth tosses Akasha away into the wall. A very startled look on Akasha's face.

"Thank Kami! I thought I would never be free of you!"

Akasha stares wide eyed at her, but Elizabeth continues her rant.

"That annoying little brat, always crying on my like some baby. But since she isn't Lord Shinso's daughter anymore, I'm free! What shall I do with my free time? Oh, I know. I'll throw darts at her!"

Elizabeth takes needles used for sowing out of her apron and spears them at Akasha. She gives a horse cry of pleasure seeing the needle dig itself several inches into the young Vampire's skin.

A teary-eyed Akasha doesn't even feel the needle.

"Wh…why? Why is this happening?"

Akasha breaks down. She collapses and weeps and wishes for someone to either end it or help her, but neither come. Elizabeth continues to stab her with needles. The maid gets up close and rips the dress right off Akasha, but the girl doesn't even make to cover herself.

The maid takes a needled and punctures Akasha's left nipple. Once, twice, three times with separate needles. Then she repeats the process with the right nipple all the while a sadistic look on her face like she is absolutely enjoying this.

Akasha just looks on, her world collapsed. She has no father, no mother, no siblings, no friends, no one to care for her. She feels the maid twisting the needles in the nipples like a corkscrew trying to rip them off. She doesn't care. There is nothing left for her to live for.

But them something awakens inside her. Something primal and dangerous. Suddenly the maid is blasted back by a burst of youki. Akasha slowly stands, the shreds of her dress dangling off. Her eyes are glazed over, her pupils the trademark Vampire slits.

Akasha walks limps over to the maid who is regaining consciousness after slamming her head into the wall and blacking out. The maid looks up to see Akasha standing over her with monstrous eyes, the eyes of a Vampire relying solely on survival instinct.

The maid tries to get away but Akasha's hand rockets out and catches her wrist and slams her against the wall. The maid trembles in fear as Akasha pulls the needles out of her chest, one by one until all six of them are in her hand.

Faster than anyone can see, Akasha staples the maid to the wall, using two of the needles through both wrists. Then she rips a needle into both her nipples and succeeds where the maid had failed and rips them off the maid. As the last thing, Akasha drives the needles into the pupils of Elizabeth's eyes, right through and so deep that not even the eye of the needle is showing.

The maid writhes with pain, but can't do anything as her wrists still pinned to the wall cries out in pain. Akasha looks down on her with emotionless and uncaring eyes. Suddenly Akasha's eyes go back to normal, her mind kicking back in, taking over from her instincts. She loses her lunch at what she did.

The urge to flee suddenly becomes extremely strong, almost a pulling. She takes off her dress and squirms into a shirt and pants before jumping out the window and landing on the ground below. She runs off out of the grounds.

She slows slightly as she nears the edge of the barrier. There is a clearly visible line of growing grass and live trees on the outside of the barrier and barren wasteland on the inside. She has no idea what will happen if anything will happen once she crosses that line, but she doesn't have a choice. She takes a deep breath and takes a running start and leaps across the line.

A brief second of nausea before she is running through a thick forest. Not bothering to stop and wonder about how she got out, she sprints as fast as her Vampiric legs will take her, which is really fast even for Youkai standards.

Back at the mansion, Isario registers that the barrier has been breached but from the inside going out and recognizes the youki signature of who had passed through it. He grins broadly as he knows what must have happened. Beside him, Belicia watches her husband.

"Wipe that damn grin off your face. It creeps me the hell out."

Isario only chuckles. He gets up and makes his way to Akasha's room. Where he finds Elizabeth, one of the many servants that he had paid off stuck to the wall still groaning in pain as her body tries to heal itself.

His grin only grows. Oh this is going to be fun indeed.

With Akasha

She fights off another wave of tears as her runs freely away from all the pain. She has no idea where she is going. All she knows is that she has to keep going.

She has lost all track of time and just runs. However, nobody is inexhaustible. Eventually her muscles grow tired from the constant channeling of youki into them and grow heavy and she slows to a walk.

Breathing heavily, she stops and leans against a tree. Just how long had she been running? Hours, days, weeks? The only thing her body is registering is pain and exhaustion.

As she rests, her hand wanders the tree when she feels something carved into it. She gets on her tip toes, ignoring the pain all the while. She can clearly make out some runes etched into the wood. Having some knowledge of plants and trees, these markings look to be extremely old because it isn't just the bark that is carved, but deep into the wood that has grown out and expanded.

She finds it very strange that runes would be carved into a random tree in a forest away from everything. Curiosity gets the better of her and she searches the other trees in the area on a whim. Out of ten trees, she only finds one that has markings identical to the original. Her fingers trace the runes and she feels a slight pull on her youki.

Suddenly an arc of youki jumps across the area and connects to the other runes covered tree. She backs up and a purple portal opens in front of her. She had heard of such things only in stories how each one opens up to a different dimension or parallel universe. Then a thought comes to her.

'Well, I have nothing left for me here. Might as well see if I can start over somewhere else.'

She takes a deep breath and jumps into the purple youki only for it to collapse right after she jumps in.

Akasha can't describe how she feels. She just knows it feels…weird. In this…void for lack of a better word, time is impossible to tell. It has no concept here just like gravity or sound or light. It is like nothing exists here except her.

Then without warning the ride ends and she is slammed down on the ground hard. The wind is knocked out of her and she rolls on the ground trying to regain her breath.

Eventually though it returns like always and she begins to looks around.

The area is almost exactly like the one she just left. Very green with a lot of trees and grass. But unlike the ones in her world, these are soft and welcoming in looks and appearances, not brittle and almost dead looking.

As she becomes more aware of her surroundings, she hears sounds. The more she listens, the most it sounds like that of a battle. Once again with curiosity getting the better of her, she makes her way to the sounds. But her common sense hasn't left her completely. She deeply scars a few trees with youki that lead to the portal.

As she gets closer to the sounds, she can hear with more clarity. It sounds like shouting then a loud noise, a few clangs of metal on metal, then another shout then more loud noises. She chances by a clearing in which the combatants are fighting.

One is very big and burly. Wearing tight clothing that has several metal plates on it for armor and a headband with a symbol carved in it with a large gash through said sign. He is holding what looks like a double edged black knife with a triangular head. He is slashing at a much smaller opponent in terms of muscle.

He is tall and lanky with gravity defying gray hair. This man is wearing a white mask and dressed in a similar fashion to the first man. On his back is what she can only guess is a sword. She watches and is enthralled by the battle. Both men are attacking and defending and fighting like has never heard of. Her interest peaks when the skinny man jumps a considerable distance back and does something with his hands.

He makes a long string of symbols with his hands then shouts something. "Raiton: Raiko Inmetsu!" (Lightning Release: Lightning Distruction!)

The man then slams his hands down on the ground. Then the ground underneath the burly man nearly explodes. Rocks and large pieces of the ground crack and burst apart as a large surge of…something erupts out of the ground, knocking the large man to the ground, parts of his clothes burnt.

Then another shout as the masked man races forward with impressive speed with…a glowing hand. "Raikiri!" (Lightning Cutter!) A loud sound comes from his hand and it forces Akasha to the ground, covering her sensitive ears. She watches in fascination as the glowing hand then is shoved through the other's chest, creating a very large hole, much larger than one would think possible with an arm.

The husky man's eyes go wide and then roll back and falls dead on the ground. The grey haired man slumps and is breathing heavily. She stares at the man, wondering what kind of magic this man just did. It is obviously very advanced magic as he doesn't have an artifact to which to channel nature's energy with.

She has been standing there for who knows how long when her exhaustion catches up with her. Unable to keep herself up, she collapses on the ground with a thud, alerting the man to her presence.

"A child? What would a child be doing out here in the middle of nowhere?"

He goes over to her. He rolls her over and sees just how pretty this girl is. She can't be older than eight o nine. Her clothes are torn and her long pink hair is dirty and has leaves and twigs in it. Where ever she comes from, it is clear that she has been traveling for some time.

Deciding he just can't leave her here, he cuts the head off of the man he just defeated and burns the body. He then takes off with a poof of smoke.

Konohagakure no Sato, Hi no Kuni

Kakashi lands in front of the main gates and sees the same two guards that were there as he left. Do those two ever get assigned to do anything else?

"Yo!" he greets them.

"Ah, Dog-san. It is good to see you. I trust your mission went well?" Izumo Kamizuki asks.

Kakashi only nods, knowing that he isn't at liberty to discuss any of his missions with nobody but the Hokage.

"Whose the girl?" the other guard, Kotetsu Hagane asks, point to the pink haired girl tossed over Kakashi's shoulder.

Kakashi shrugs. "I found her after I finished with my mission. He had collapsed and from her clothes it looks like she has been moving for quite a while so I brought her here. What did you guys do to get guard duty again?"

Izumo throws up his hands in defeat. "I swear the next person to ask us that is going to get my boot so far up their asses the water on my knee will quench their thirst."

Kakashi looks at him like he is crazy when Kotestu shakes his head. "You better believe him. He has done it before. You would be surprised at how strong he can fight when he wants to put that boot up someone's ass. Sometimes I think that he could put it up the Hokage's ass if he wanted to enough."

Kakashi chuckles. "Look, I got to go and report to the Hokage. Can I go?"

Izumo stops his ranting as he looks down at a sheet of paper. "Yeah, your good to go."

With that Kakashi shunshins to just outside the Hokage's office scaring the piss out of the secretary. It's ok because he happens to be a "fuck buddy" with her and he knows just how much she loves what he just did.

She grins at him in a very provocative way that tells him that she just did piss herself.

'I'm so gonna score once this briefing is done.'

"The Hokage will see you now." She flashes what can only be called a slutty smile to which he returns in kind.

Kakashi opens the door and ignores the very surprised look on Sarutobi's face. He sets the still unconscious Akasha down in one of the plush chairs and takes the other one for himself.

"Kakashi when I sent you out on this mission I didn't mean for you to bring someone back with you. Who is this girl?"

Kakashi proceeds to tell him about his fight and how he found the girl.

Sarutobi looks over the girl. She is sweating slight and her skin is very pale, not that they know that is her natural skin color.

"Hmmm…well, you made the right decision in bringing her here. I will have an Anbu take her to the hospital to have her checked out."

Kakashi nods and makes himself scarce from the office and walks right up to the secretary.

"So…did you ruin another pair of panties?"

She gives him a sordid look. "My dear Kakashi, what makes you think I had any on to begin with?"

Time Skip – 24 Hours

Sarutobi walks into the hospital to check on the girl. He has no idea where she is from. Her looks are completely foreign in nature. There are only two people who he knows of that have pink hair but they look absolutely nothing alike. Perhaps a distant relative. After this visit he will pay Mrs. Haruno a visit.

He pulls up to the correct room, 825. This is a three story hospital. The first floor is completely for patients as there is no means to get injured people up stairs. The second floor is for the physician offices. And the third lab is for Research and Labs.

Just before he goes into the room a doctor stops him.

"Did you bring in this girl?"

Sarutobi nods. "I ordered an Anbu to take her here yes. Why?"

The doctor gives him a look. "Well…we here at the hospital don't know what to make of her. When she was brought in we thought she had an infection of some sort with the sweating and pale skin. But every diagnostic scan we did didn't reveal any sickness of any kind. In fact from what we can tell, she has never been sick. Not even the common cold.

"But that isn't half of it. We tried to get an I.V. in her to keep her from dehydrating and the second water touched her, sparks of electricity literally flew off her skin. But this is where it gets weird. We tried to hold her down to some kind of water in her and she threw us off of her. There were ten of us and we all slammed into a wall some ten feet away, even your Anbu. We eventually gave up.

"The last thing is we can't get a needle to pierce her skin to get a blood sample. Every time someone tried the needle would be repelled by a barrier of something. It is like chakra but a lot more potent. After that, nobody can get near her without that barrier activating. Oh and did I tell you that she was asleep during all of this. She wasn't even trying and her body is reacting!"

The doctor starts mumbling incoherently about what are kids becoming these days and walks off. Sarutobi's mind is racing.

'Could it be? I need to check this more thoroughly.'

Time Skip – 20 Minutes

Sarutobi is fishing rather violently through his things.

"Damn it Biwako! If you threw that journal away…" His wife of forty-eight years had never appreciated all the historic things he collected over the years. They were married at sixteen through an arranged marriage and was always condescending to males. She of course died the same night that Kyūbi attacked Konoha because of Uchiha Madara. At least she died quickly and didn't suffer. In this life, that pretty much all you can ask for.

Shaking his head clear of the cobwebs of the past he continues to destroy his study, searching for one scroll. This scroll is from the Senju clan, a present from his student Tsunade for his thirtieth birthday since she has no interest in history.

Muttering to himself, he continues to dig through the mounds of scrolls he has collected over his sixty years.

'Damn, I should really organize this. Maybe I'll have time to once I retire. Finally!'

He pulls out a big blue scroll with the Senju clan crest on it. It contains journals from pre-Konoha era directly from the clan leaders. He unfurls it scans quickly over it, looking for key words. Most of it is day to day things, more than a few contain descriptions with the Uchiha clan. He continues to skim over the material until he gets about half way.

I met an interesting fellow today. He called himself Takahashi. This man was different. He had stunningly silver hair, glowing red eyes with slits for pupils, pointed canine teeth, and almost deathly pale skin. He spoke as if I and my fellow clan's men were dirt beneath his feet. Beside this man is a woman. Extremely long hair of the same shade of silver as the man and the same glowing eyes. They are frightening to be completely honest.

Takahashi said they were scouting from a different dimension through some kind of portal. He said they are of a race called Vampires, creatures that feed off of living beings to gain their blood. While they assured us they wouldn't "feed" off of us, I am more than hesitant to completely trust them.

Then something weird happened. He requested a mock battle with me. I didn't know what to do except accept the challenge. We moved to a clearing and the battle commenced.

What terrifying creatures these "Vampires" are. Stronger than anybody should be physically and faster than I could almost keep up with, I was hard pressed to fight. One hit and I was thrown back thirty feet and felt like I just got hit with an Earth Dragon.

However, it appears that these Vampires do have weaknesses and a large one at that. Water. Whenever they get wet, sparks fly from their skin and gravely slow them down and weaken them. I will instruct my clan members to learn as many water jutsu as possible to prepare for a possible invasion.

This Vampire had never seen a jutsu before. His eyes were wide as he saw me pull water out of the nearby lake and use it against him. I used a Mokuton, but since I haven't perfected or even come close to finish learning how to combine water and earth it wasn't all that effective but it did throw him off. It also appears that these Vampires have amazing healing capabilities.

I won the duel but only because I learned his weakness. Whatever these people are, I do not envy those who battle them who don't have a water affinity. They truly are terrifying creatures…

Sarutobi closes the scroll and leans back.

'I always thought they were a myth but now I have a real life Vampire sitting in my hospital. It seems I have three choices. One: I can kill her before she becomes a threat. Two: I can make her leave the city. Or three: I can accept her and hope she has children with someone here. Just think of it…ninja with the natural super strength of Tsunade and the speed of a Jōnin. Yes, I think the benefits out way the risks. Plus we know their weakness so there won't be too much risk. I can always have an Anbu tail her. '

Then a thought hits him. 'And if I make it sound like a saved her, then the Will of Fire may be ignited in her and become a loyal servant to Konoha. Oh yes, the risks definitely outweighs the risks.'

Having made up his mind, he shunshins to the hospital where he asks a nurse to get him three blood transfusion packs. The confused nurse asks what for and Sarutobi tells her to just get them, using a tiny bit of KI to make sure she did it quickly.

A minute later, she returns with the transfusion packs to which he hides them under his robes and makes his way to 825. Once there he opens the door to see the girl with bright pink hair whimpering and sweating in her sleep. He dismisses the Anbu after much protesting from said Anbu, but he obeys and moves outside the door.

He uses a bit of chakra to open the top of the pack and waves it in front of the young Vampire. He remembers a few more entries about just how aggressive Vampires can get and how arrogant they were. The ones after this Takahashi weren't so open minded and ordered them around like servants. How one let slip that unless they are killed, they will live forever. He would have to be careful with her if he doesn't want to anger her too much.

His attention returns to the present as the Vampire visibly calms and her nose starts to twitch. Then she starts to rouse from her sleep. Her eyelids slowly open and reveal the greenest eyes he has ever seen. However once she sees the blood being held out in front of her, her eyes become slitted like the stories say and they glaze over. She snatches the bag out of his hand and sinks her fangs into the bottom and drains it completely.

She throws the used package and stares at Sarutobi with those glazed over eyes and looks at him like her own personal juice box. Not liking that look at all, he hastily holds up his other blood bags and she snatches them both and quickly drains them. Once the third packet is finished, she slumps into the bed and closes her eyes. When she reopens them a few seconds later, they have no glazed look in them and back to a round pupil. Those eyes are wondering around the room. Then her eyes fall on the old man next to her.

Hiruzen smiles at her, or as much as he can with his pipe in his mouth still.

"Wh…who are you?" she asks meekly. Akasha is terribly confused. One moment she was watching an enthralling battle then she faints due to hunger and exhaustion. Now she is in a room where the walls are a lifeless white and several sizable dents in it. On top of that there is a very weird smell here.

"You are in Konohagakure no Sato. This is a ninja village and I am the leader, the Hokage. My name is Hiruzen Sarutobi. One of my subordinates found you while on a mission and brought you back here."

Akasha is quiet for a while, processing the information. He seems like a nice man, but she knows all too well that appearances can be deceiving. She doesn't trust this man further and she can push him with her pinky. Her eyes continue to wonder and find the three empty blood bags.

"Did…did I?" she asks shakily.

"Did you drink those? Yes. I brought them here so you could and yes I know that you are a Vampire."

Akasha goes quite still. "How?" is the only intellectual thing she can think of.

"A few of the journals from before the village was founded a few hundred years ago records having encounters with Vampires. Although you don't look like the Vampires he described. He said they have silver hair and red eyes."

A pang hits Akasha's heart as she remembers her rejection but shakes those depressing thoughts away. Now is not the time for a pity party.

"I am…different. Most of my race is exactly how you described them. But what is this place? You said your ancestors have records of us but in all my history lessons your world was never mentioned once."

Sarutobi thinks for a second before answering. "Well, this world is called the Elemental Nations. There are five major countries: Fire, Water, Wind, Rock, and Lightning. There are others, but those aren't important right now. We are located in Hi no Kuni or the Land of Fire, the third largest of the Elemental Nations. While most nations have a hidden village, our hidden village of Konoha is the strongest ninja village.

"I don't know if you know this term, but we are all humans."

That what that smell was. Human odor. It is coming off the walls, the floor, even her bed. It is permeating the air with its scent. But that means that she is all alone here. She is in once again in a world controlled by humans. That means that she won't be able to feed on a regular basis.

A thought pops into her head.

"If that guy with the silver hair is your servant then what was that thing he did?"

Sarutobi sighs. This is going to take a very long time. Luckily there is a Shadow Clone doing his damn paperwork for him right now so he has all the time in the world.

Time Skip – 3 Hours

Sarutobi wet his mouth with the glass of water that was sitting on her table when she was ready to drink it, but fat chance of that ever happening. She had surprisingly picked up the concept of chakra very quickly and asked intelligent questions.

"So basically this chakra is like our youki. That is how Vampires are so strong and fast. We have the ability to turn youki into raw strength and use it to enhance our muscles."

Sarutobi nods, cataloging the information. "Well, I do believe I have talked enough. Tell me about yourself."

"My name is Akasha Sh…" she can't go by that name anymore nor can she go by the Bloodriver name. She has no House, no family to which she belongs to. "It's just Akasha. I came here because I have nothing left for me in my world. I was hoping for a new start."

Hiruzen couldn't be happier. She has no ties, nothing to make her go back. If he plays this right she will be Konoha's secret protector along with Naruto. Oh how things are falling into place.

"Well, Ms. Akasha, I have a proposal for you. I will allow you to stay here in Konoha on condition. That condition is that you will enter the Ninja Academy where you will learn about our history and how to be a Ninja. In return I will smuggle you these blood bags every now and then but not too often. I don't want you "feeding" off the civilians so is there another acceptable source of blood?"

"It tastes disgusting but animals will keep me alive. Also Vampires eat normal food too. It helps calm the thirst for blood, but it never goes away completely. Oh and tomato juice works the best."

"Well, then I will give you an apartment and some income. You will be able to buy yourself food and on the nights where food isn't enough you can slip out and feed off of some of the livestock but don't kill any. I don't need villagers asking questions. Once every two weeks I can supply you with blood bags for you. How does that sound?"

To her is sounds like a pretty good deal. She gets to live here and all she has to do is go to some school. It shouldn't be that hard. But she doesn't know about drinking the animal's blood on a regular basis. It is the lowest quality of blood and offer the least amount of nutrients. But beggars can't be choosers.


Sarutobi smiles at her. "Good. Now a couple more things. You shouldn't reveal that you are Vampire. People around here are not too accepting of those who are different than them. Second is that you should hide your true strength and speed during the Academy. While you may by extremely strong and fast, you would kill most people with just a single shot. Humans are not as…resilient as Vampires or so I've read."

Akasha nods. Keeping her identity seems like a good plan. What she is worried about was is earlier statement. The people around here aren't to accepting of those who are different. Unless her secret gets out, then she will be ok. She hopes.

Time Skip – 3 Weeks

Sarutobi had given her three weeks to adjust to the city and the human lifestyle. She can honestly say after learning firsthand what their lives are like that she would never want to be human. Their sole existence limited to a smattering of years. And even then they waste so many of those years doing stupid things like drugs or having sex with anything that has two feet and a dick/breasts.

Having enhanced vision and hearing Akasha has caught many of the stares and side conversations and to say that she is disgusted is a gross understatement. Many lewd comments had come her way. An eight year old! How she wishes that she could puts these…she doesn't know what to call them as any word she uses would insult the word. How she wishes she could just put them in their place…twenty feet under.

But today is the day she starts the Ninja Academy and she is definitely nervous. The Hokage explains that the Academy goes on for five years and she would be skipping the introductory course since she already has a firm grasp of chakra conceptually, once she learns how to find and mold the chakra she would quickly advance. Of course she didn't tell the Hokage about her ability to perfectly control her youki and just how vast her supply really is.

She was informed that because war with one of the other ninja villages named Kumogakure no Sato is likely all non essential classes have been cut. This suits her just fine. She has no need for flower arranging, home décor, furniture arranging, and matching colors. She briefly wonders how such subjects came to be in a ninja Academy in the first place. One would think that with killing as a profession one wouldn't care about what colors go with what or how to make a living room seem bigger.

She is brought out of her musing when she finds the Academy the building is housed. It is a four story building with a lot of windows and a large play area in the front. Currently there is no one in the play area as classes have already started. That was another thing she was told. "Be fashionably late" the old man had told her.

Shrugging as she really doesn't care why he did it, she can't help the feeling that his kind words and gestures are not genuine, like he expects something of her. 'Oh well. If he tries anything, I'll just beat his ass and that will be that.' She doesn't even realize the arrogance of that statement.

She trudges through the playground not really paying attention and walks into the school. She walks to her classroom of 23B. It is a lecture hall with desks and a big chalk board. She slides open the door and walks in.

The phrase "Silence is Golden" doesn't compare to the instant utter silence that ensues. There is no sound. Not someone scratching, breathing, or moving. Complete silence so much that it is pressing in on her ears to the point where she can't stand it.

"Um…hi?" she smiles at the class.

Instantly most boys have hearts as eyes and an enormous, "SO PRETTY!" goes up, except for two boys. A dark haired on along a wall and a blond one in the back row. She feels the glares sent her way by the female population as well. Akasha almost sweatdrops at the stupidity of the human race.

By that point the teacher, one Iruka Umino has snapped out of his daze. "Ms. Akasha?"

She just nods, her eyes picking up most of the male population following her every movement.

"Good. Hokage-sama said we were getting a new student today. Step forward please."

She does so as Iruka pulls forward a weird ball looking machine. It has ten indentions on it and a display (This machine is not mine! I don't know whose it is, but it is his/her creation! I take no credit in coming up with this).

"Place your fingers on these indentions and it will read your chakra levels. Since we are preparing for a possible war, you will be learning many higher level jutsu and we need to know how much to push you."

Nodding, Akasha places her fingers on the cold metal and Iruka starts the machine up. The display lights up for a second and then…nothing. A minor explosion goes off and the instrument is destroyed and smoking.

The class is speechless. Either this girl has enough chakra to overload the machine or it is just really old and it would have broken anyways. So the obvious choice is the latter.

"Well, I guess it was time to replace that machine anyways as it was getting really old. Anyways, Ms. Akasha please find a seat and we will resume class."

She finds the only seat left which is in the far back corner, furthest away from the board. It is just fine with her as with her natural eyesight she will have no problems reading what is on the board. Plus she won't be surrounded on all sides with either hungry stares or hateful glares. That is until she starts to smell…something. Whatever it is, it makes her want to throw up.

Completely ignoring Iruka on the history of the shinobi world, she shifts her eyes around looking for the source. Her eyes land on a male with wild brown hair and a dog lying on his head. That is where this stench is coming from. She has to cover her nose and take shallow breaths to keep from passing out. But doing this is a double edged sword. Taking shallow breaths means that she doesn't get all the oxygen her system needs. It is a battle of time. Can she hold on long enough to get away or outside or will she pass out from the lack of oxygen first?

But it seems that fate is on her side as at that second, Iruka stops the lecture.

"Alright class. Let's go outside for weapon target practice." Akasha is the first one out the door, slightly scaring and stunning most of the Academy students at her speed.

With a burst of fresh air, Akasha greedily takes in all the oxygen her body was deprived of for several minutes. This gets several strange looks from her classmates but she ignores them. When a girl intentionally bumps into her, Akasha turns to face her assaulter. At first glance it appears that they look alike. Though the hair and eye color that are almost an exact match in shade, it appears that those two things are the only things they share in common. While Akasha's face is angular and has high cheekbones making her have an elegant and regal look this girl has a much more rounded face, a small nose, a darker complexion, and a serious attitude judging by the way she is standing,

"How are you and why are you trying to steal away my Sasuke-kun?" she demands once the class as all done by.

Akasha just gives her a blank stare having no idea what she is talking about. "What are you talking about?"

The girl pokes Akasha in the chest with a skinny finger. "You know what I'm talking about! Trying to look just like me to get my Sasuke's attention away from me! Nice try but you missed a few things while trying to emulate me, although I can see why you would. I am the top kunoichi of the class."

Akasha gives her an incredulous look. "What planet are you from? One: I just got to this village three weeks ago and I know only a few people here. Two: I haven't emulated you at all. This is my natural look. Three: I'm not interested in your Sasuke-kun. I don't even know who that is!"

This girl gives her a disbelieving look. "And why wouldn't you be interested in Sasuke-kun? He is the coolest guy in the world. And he is an Uchiha!" She says that as if it has any actual bearing on the subject at hand.

Akasha just rubs her forehead in frustration. "Look. I don't care if he is ruler of the word. I'm…not…interested!" She storms off after the rest of the class leaving a still disbelieving girl. Said girl convinces herself that it is a ploy to steal her true love. This means war.

Back at the class, Akasha caught up just as Iruka is explaining what they will be doing. Beside him is a man with straight silver hair with a giant shurikan on his back.

"Alright class. You will each take twenty shurikan and throw them at the targets. We will be doing this for the next hour. Mizuki and I will be floating around helping out. Now take your targets and weapons and begin."

Akasha grabs a handful of dull shurikan and goes to the farthest target away from the class. This has the added benefit of her being able to keep an eye on the others and it keeps her out of unnecessary conversation.

She takes a shurikan in her hand and throws it over hand at her target twenty feet away. It misses. Of course she did this on purpose. She could hit it from a hundred feet away and it would still go through the target if the shurikan were actually sharpened. She prepares to throw another just like the last one when a hand on her wrist stops her. She instinctively rips her hand out of the offending grip, startling the owner and tipping said owner off balance for a second.

When she turns she sees the dubbed 'Mizuki'. He has a calculating look on his face. Akasha puts on an embarrassed look even though that the last feeling she would ever have in this situation.

"I'm sorry. I'm not used to being touched and you startled me." While not lying about the not being touched part, which was true even back in her world, she knew he was there and had seen him out of the corner of her eye but wasn't expecting him to grab her.

'What strength but that couldn't have been a normal thing. It must have been her panicking. But if that is the strength she has now she could rival Tsunade in that department. Hehe…I could get lucky. She is the looker now but when she grows up she will be the envy of every woman in the village. I could make her my bitch,' Mizuki thinks to himself, believing that he had just won the lottery.

"Here, let me show you how to throw it properly." He moves behind her and presses himself against her, a dark smile on his face. He grabs her hand and goes through the motions of how to throw the shurikan properly. That is of course it seems he can't show her properly without slipping his other arm around her stomach. A nerve twitches on her head. Never before has someone dared touch her in such a familiar fashion. Not once. Who does this guy think he is?

However she is momentarily distracted when she sees out of the corner of her eye the pink haired girl from before approach Iruka. Using her enhanced hearing she eavesdrops on the conversation.

"Sakura why are you late? We have been here for a full five minutes."

Sakura gives him a fake sheepish look. "Sorry sensei. I had to go to the bathroom."

Iruka gives her a questioning look but with nothing to dispute it he lightly admonishes her. She sees this "Sakura" give her a very harsh glare before turning to practicing.

That is when she is forced to return her attention to herself when Mizuki's arm on her stomach moves upward. Tired of his boldness and sheer audacity, she uses about five percent of her total strength and elbows him in the sternum, forcing the air out of him and knocking him onto the ground.

This has the unfortunate side effect of drawing the attention of the entire class on her. Iruka comes over to see what the commotion is all about and why Mizuki is on the floor.

"What is the problem here?"

Akasha hides a smile. She can make an example out of Mizuki. "The problem is this 'teacher' has touchy hands. He came over to show me how to throw a shurikan. That wasn't the problem. The problem was when he pushed himself up against me and wrapped his arm around my waist. Then he had the gall to raise that arm to my chest!" To say that she is enjoying this is a vast understatement.

Iruka looks from Mizuki to Akasha and back, but Mizuki is giving his best innocent face. "That is not true! I came over to show her and when I lightly gripped her wrist she attacked me!"

Akasha inwardly scowls. She hadn't planned on this but that doesn't mean that she can't use this to her advantage. "Oh, you mean I need help when I can do this?" Several shurikan find their way into her hand and with flawless technique she throws all ten then less than five seconds at the dummy. Seven out of the ten hit the target bulls-eye while the other three hit on the outside of the outside edge. With her natural abilities she could have easily put all them through the target at the same spot. While the Hokage said to hide her true ability that doesn't mean that she can't take advantage of the system and show these people what a true predator is.

"Does it look like I need help?" She glares daggers at Mizuki, though she is careful to keep youki out of her eyes. She doesn't need them to change at this moment. This human is not going to get away with this, not after practically violating her. She suppresses a shiver at the thought of being touched by a human like that.

She is oblivious to the looks she is getting from her class. 'Who is this girl' is the collective thought of all but one. The lone person is fuming. To her, this is just another attempt to seal something away from her.

Iruka's eyes harden as they turn to Mizuki and said person pales.

"Class is dismissed for the rest of the day. Please be on time tomorrow as we will be going through mind strengthening exorcises," Iruka addresses the class without taking his glare off of Mizuki. Once the kids leave Iruka literally drags Mizuki away, Akasha watching from a distance and snickering to herself.

'That will show that human not to be so forward.'

Time Skip – Next Day

Akasha walks into class early, very early. She arrives at 8:15 when class doesn't start until 9:00 to make sure that she doesn't sit by that disgusting excuse for a male again. She chooses the other side of the class, the back right corner. With nothing to do, she idly wonders what became of Mizuki. Obviously he wouldn't be allowed to stay as a teacher in her class.

'I hope that bastard got a servant's job like scrubbing the bathtubs with a toothbrush.'

She is knocked out of her thoughts when the door opens and sees one of the two boys that haven't tried to flirt with her walking in. He is in a hideous orange outfit that needs to be burned. The boy storms up the stairs and plops down on the same level as her but against the far wall with a huff. The boy stares off into space as soon as his ass is in the chair.

'What's his problem?' she thinks to herself.

Akasha spends the rest of the time thinking of what this 'mental training' will be. Torture? No, these softies would never do that to their own children. Enhanced interrogation? Na, they wouldn't last two minutes with a professional. Get their first kill? That had Akasha's attention for a good fifteen minutes imagining and counting all the colorful (most dealt with red) ways to kill a person. She got up to forty by using a garden hoe to take out the eyes and then stuff the metal end down the throat when the door opens again.

The room fills with her classmates. She hears 'ooohhh's and 'aaaahhh's from the males and feels very weak KI from most of the girls. She ignores both. She hears the chair next to her scrape against the floor as it is drawn out.

"Hi. Can I sit here?" asks generic male #10. Akasha turns her head and sees a boy with no obvious qualities that stand out. Limp brown hair, dull muddy eyes, and a smile with a slight tint of yellow. That last one made her throw up a little.


The boy looks ecstatic and immediately sits and tries to engage her in conversation.

"So…what's your favorite food? Where do you like to eat? What's your favorite color? Is it pink? I thought so. Your hair gave it away. What are your hobbies? You say you like sowing? Me too. I'm making a quilt right now for my future wife and children. I also made them a few sweaters too. Wanna go out with me?"

Akasha blanches. 'Dear god. Did he even take a breath? How is he still living?' On top of that, Akasha has never even been in this type of situation before. All her suitors, she shudders at the word, had been through letters or had been sent away by Isario. She has never had to deal with one herself.

"Well…I…uh…" she mumbles out despite herself. She curses her brain and mouth for not simply rejecting him or ignoring him. Luckily though she is saved.

Suddenly the boy gets shoved out of his chair. A slightly taller and better built male stands over "Male #10".

"No you idiot! She doesn't want to go out with you! She will go out with me," states the new boy. Akasha takes one look at the boy and dubs him "Generic Male #11". This new boy isn't much better in her opinion of smarts or looks.

She hears another shout and several more curses and suddenly her quiet corner becomes a brawl between 95% of the male class. Only the clan heirs and the orange loving fool don't get involved. It appeals to her vanity that so many males are willing to fight for her hand having only "met" them not 24 hours ago is quite an ego booster.

However, as much of an ego booster it is, all the fighting is getting on her nerves. Sighing, she gets up and jumps over the desk to the row in front of her. In the seat occupying the wall/window is a black haired boy with equally black eyes. They creep her out as she can't tell where the pupil starts and the iris begins making his eyes look like bottomless holes that will swallow someone up.

The boy turns around and looks her over that make her shiver. She can practically feel him undressing her with his black hole eyes. The very thought makes her want to wretch. Once again she is saved when said boy turns with a, "Hn". She blinks before going to the front of the class and waits for the teacher to get here, completely ignoring the brawl still going on in the back of the class, none of whom realize that their "prize" has gotten away.

She lets her mind wonder until the door opens again and two people enter. One is their instructor and another is a man with long blond hair and greenish eyes and has the same symbol as one of the girls in class on his back.

Iruka steps into the classroom slightly nervous that his class will make a bad impression on his guest. His worst fears are realized when he sees all but six of the boys slugging it out in the back of the classroom. Several are knocked out and others have massive bruises and black eyes. Luckily nobody had the idea to use kunai or shurikan.

Suddenly Iruka's head grows to a grotesque five feet wide and tall.

"EVERYBOY SHUT UP!" he roars. Instantly all the fighting adolescents stop in mid strike.

"What the hell is going on here? Answer me!" Everyone cows, having never seen Iruka get angry before.

Sputtering and mumbles come from the back of the room before one of the girls rats them out.

"They were fighting over the new girl."

Iruka looks briefly to her then back to the boys.

"Everyone who was involved in this fight get two weeks of detention, removal of all privileges, and has extra homework for a month. Those who are able to continue class find a seat. Those who are not will go to the nurse's office but will not be an excused absence, so chose carefully." With the ninja Academy, if a student has too many unexcused absences then they will be expelled. If the civilians don't like it or think it is too severe…tough.

Most of the males decide to stay. Several clones of the guest Iruka brought take the unconscious ones to the nurse.

"Sorry you had to see that. I apologize for their actions," Iruka says politely and bows slightly.

The man smiles and waves a hand. "Don't worry. My daughter has gotten in plenty of fights over guys so I know what it's like."

A girl that has the same shade of hair and eyes stands up, shaking with rage.

"Dad! Shut up! You're embarrassing me!" she shouts at him.

Instantly the man is in front of his daughter, his hand cupping her chin and none too softly. "Did you say something?" he asks dangerously. Akasha notices that the girl shrinks back. She hears a small, "no sir" from the girl. It seems that not all the parents coddle their children and let them be disrespectful. That man just earned a higher level of respect from her.

Iruka coughs into his hand to bring the attention back to himself. "Now we can start class. Who can tell me the benefits to training your mind?" he asks.

Akasha tunes him out and who ever answers right then and there. This lecture wouldn't be helping her. Her ears twitch slightly when she hears quiet talking going on in the back of the room.

"Yo Naruto, what's your deal today?" asks a kid.

"Shut it kibble breath. I'm not in a good mood today," this 'Naruto' returns.

"That's exactly why I'm asking. You are hardly ever in a bad mood even when getting rejected by Sakura most of the time. So what's going on?"

She hears 'Naruto' sigh. "I'm being pulled from the class. Some old guy is going to train me from now on."

"Wow…wait. Why are you upset about that? I thought you would love the extra attention."

"Because I don't want special treatment!" Naruto hisses. "I like being in this class with my friends even if I am at the bottom of the class."

"Naruto!" Iruka from the front shouts. "Is there something so important that you must interrupt me…again?"

Naruto just shakes his head no and Iruka continues.

"Now this is Inoichi Yamanaka. He will be probing your mind and testing your defenses."

Akasha's eyes go wide. Not because someone can do that but the implications of her mind being read. Sure she has a stronger mind that most human adults but it is a lose-lose situation for her. On one side she can let him read her mind and find out she is a Vampire and things she wants to keep hidden or she can own his ass and be put under suspicion.

One by one Iruka calls the class up. So far the one who has done the best is the boy in the coat with the collar turned up and has sunglasses on…while inside. But one big surprise came when this 'Naruto's' name was skipped and goes straight to the next person.

Then the moment she is dreading. Iruka calls her forward. She hadn't decided what to do yet but she is leaning towards kicking has ass. Time seems to slow as she walks forward. All too soon though, she reaches the front of the class. Apparently she has on a frightened look on her face.

"Don't be afraid, it won't hurt at all. When you feel my presence in your mind just concentrate and try to push me out of your mind."

His hand reaches out to touch her forehead and she shuts her eyes like a child waiting to be punished.


The classroom door swings wide open and hits the wall, denting it and making a GIANT crack. In the doorway is a woman whose features are blacked out by the light behind her.

"Sorry Inoichi but I can't let you do that," the woman calls as she steps into the room.

"Anko-san. How delightful to see you again. How are things going in the TI department since I gave Ibiki the job?"

Anko shrugs. "It's been too boring lately. You know how I like my mornings…very screamy but since that kidnapping attempt, we have had a record low for numbers of tort…enhanced interrogation."

Inoichi nods. "Now what was that about you can't let me proceed with my exam?"

Anko shrugs. "I have instructions from the Hokage that she is to be my apprentice. And as her teacher I will test her mental strength my own way." The smile she gives makes the entire class minus her and Inoichi shiver.

Anko uses a finger to gesture to Akasha to follow her, which she gladly does. However she isn't all bubbles and smiles. She is silently wondering what the hell the Hokage is on about. He put a condition to be in this Academy and now he takes her out. What is that old goat up to?

Anko walks with Akasha tailing behind, not saying a word. Akasha follows, paying attention where they were going. Anko just keeps on walking and leads Akasha to a side of town she has never been in. About fifteen minutes of just walking Akasha decides to speak up.

"Where are we going sensei?" she asks, the last word dripping with sarcasm.

At this Anko stops and turns around. "Not bad. Fifteen minutes. Most kids would go an hour before speaking up and questioning me. I like kiddies that question and doesn't just accept what I say to be either correct or the only answer. Too many people die that way if a squad leader makes a mistake. To answer your question, we are getting something to eat."

Anko wheels around on her heels and walks off at a faster pace leaving Akasha no choice but to keep up. She takes fast strides, almost jogging to keep up with Anko as she is almost two feet shorter than her (average height of an eight year old girl is 3'8" and Anko is 5'6").

Anko suppresses a smile at watching the pinkette jog to keep up. She rounds the corner and suddenly stops. Akasha pulls up and looks at the sign.

"Dango Shop? Why are we here?" she asks.

"I told you. We are getting something to eat," Anko replies. There is a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"…but dango sucks."

Anko's life suddenly slams to a crashing halt forcing her to stop more suddenly than if she got hit by Guy. She turns slowly to face her apprentice with a look of pure…something Akasha can't identify. Whatever it is, it's creeping her out as Anko's head has now turned to the side, almost completely horizontal.

"Um…please stop doing that," she asks politely hoping that it would snap her out of…whatever she is in. Unfortunately it doesn't work.

"Did I hear you correctly? Did you just say that dango sucks? Answer me!" she roars.

Akasha jumps slightly and that startles her the most. She never jumps in either fear or from being startled.

"Um…yeah I did. It's too sweet and it hurts my teeth when I eat it. I had it two weeks ago and I swear that I could see the glaze drip off every piece." Vampires are not ones for sugars and sweets as it is the arch enemy of their hollowed out fangs and with no toothpaste it can become rather…uncomfortable over the centuries. A most Vampires lose their fangs between the ages of two hundred to five hundred or so as there is no real solution to keeping their mouth clean (a convenient solution wouldn't come for another five hundred years on Earth). So the defanged Vampires would have to wait a few years for new teeth to grow and set in and it is not a painless procedure. More than one Vampire has been killed for being extremely irritable during a re-teething.

Anko looks surprised for a second. "Which shop did you go to?"

Akasha looks confused for a second. "The one off of Main and Business Street."

Anko has an understanding look. "Yes…that one is an affront to all dango. I can understand why you think dango..." Anko forces herself to swallow and force out the next word. "sucks, but make no mistake. Dango is awesome. If I could eat for every meal I would. The only real times I don't are when I want to avoid the village or out on a mission. Now come on we are wasting precious dango time."

Anko spins around quickly and briskly strides into the dango shop. With no other options, Akasha follows her. The moment she enters a pleasant smell greets her. It smells of sweets but she is only getting a tingling and not a full out toothache from just the smell. She finds it a pleasant smell and not overpowering but still present.

Akasha finds Anko already seated, her menu lying on the table in front of her. When Akasha sits and grabs the menu Anko pins it to the table.

"I'm ordering for us both."

Akasha raises an eyebrow but wisely keeps her mouth closed. When the waitress comes by Anko grabs her attention.

"We want one water, two orders of Nikudango (meatball style), and a very rare 12oz steak."

Akasha eyes Anko very closely who catches the look. As soon as the waitress is out of ear shot Anko speaks.

"Before you ask I know who you are and what you are. The Hokage felt that after your ordeal with Mizuki that it wouldn't be a good idea to keep you in the class full time. It was a good thing that I stepped in when I did."

Akasha nods. "So what happens now? I heard another person say that they are getting apprenticed but what does that mean?"

"It means that I will personally train you in the ninja arts. You will not go to that…class everyday but you will be required to show up on test days to pass the class. Before I decide on what to teach you I need to know your abilities. Your full abilities so that we can improve upon your weaknesses. I know that your very hesitant to tell me but know that whatever you show me, whatever weaknesses you tell me, whatever you tell me about will stay with me. I don't like this village that much and I don't really feel much goodwill towards this village so I won't tell anyone. Not even the Hokage under direct orders."

Akasha stares down Anko using her sensory abilities to judge if she is telling a lie. She couldn't. Not even when Anko said that she didn't like the Village.

"You realize if I tell you then I am trusting you beyond anybody that I have every trusted anyone save one. You betray that trust then I will drain you and enjoy doing it." The whole time Akasha stares right into Anko's eyes as she channels a bit of youki into her eyes, making them slitted.

Anko stares right back into those snake-like eyes to match Akasha's intensity, never letting up once. Satisfied, Akasha lets her stare drop.

"I can turn my youki into raw strength, use it to strengthen my skin and muscles. I am extremely fast, how much so I don't know. I've never had a means to measure it with or against. My youki is at least three times more potent than your chakra that I can tell. I have absolute control over my youki. I don't know how to channel my youki outside my body but I hope to amend that soon.

"I can detect youki signatures and possibly chakra signatures. It is possible if I feel raw chakra then I may be able to detect other chakra signatures. I heal fast…extremely fast, like absurdly fast. I never get sick, if I do get injured I'm pretty much healed in a day from a grievous wound.

"Due to my healing factor, I will live forever unless I get killed or I decide I've had enough. I'll stop aging around my early twenties and age about a year every five decades or so after that…unless I decide to stop aging altogether. But that's something only I can do.

"I am weak to water…very weak to water. It has purifying properties that weaken my own unless it has certain herbs that are quite common here. Lucky me. I am weak to holy objects but I haven't come across anything that even resembles a holy object."

Anko takes in the information. "Well, I think the obvious thing we should work on is channeling your youki outside your body. Usually we ninja use hand seals to channel our chakra correctly. Over time, we can learn to channel it correctly without using hand seals. This takes years or an absurd amount of training. And with you not dying, you could probably learn all the jutsu in the world and eventually be able to perform them without hand seals.

"Although the first thing we are going to do is change your hair color. Nothing says "Here I am!" than your hair color. Except maybe an outfit made entirely of orange." Both shudder at the mental image.

Akasha looks down. While she isn't extremely fond of her hair, she is proud of it and the level of care she puts into it. It also represents her Shinso blood…but not like that means anything here.

Just then the food comes. A three plates and a glass of water get places on the table followed by two sets of silverware.

Anko looks over at Akasha. "Another reason I like this place is because the proportions are gigantic."

True to her words, there in front of Anko are two plates with fifteen skewers on each plate. Even Akasha's steak has a HUGE side of mashed potatoes. So much that it is more than half her plate, even with the steak.

By the time that Akasha takes in the portions Anko is already on her fifth skewer. Deciding it wouldn't do well to not eat Akasha digs in. A half hour later and 60% her food gone Akasha leaves the dango shop with instructions to come to the Academy tomorrow at 6 a.m.

Seven Years Later

Fifteen year old Akasha walks into the Academy for the last time. Over the years she has grown to 5'6", her former pink hair is now dyed black but is still the same length but put into an elegant bun that takes all her hair and makes it so it doesn't even go past her neck.

She has on dark blue battle kimono that only goes down to mid thigh with threads of steel and iron running through like chainmail but lighter and less noticeable. Underneath that she wears a mesh under armor to protect her skin along with underwear for support. While at first she didn't like showing that much skin, she eventually got used to it. Her bust had increased drastically, making hers a firm large C cup and measuring into a high 89cm (the cup size may not be right. I tried to look up what 89cm would actually be but there is no straight answer). While not monstrous like a certain blond, they are still large.

Some say that silk comes from her skin, judging by the look of it. Pale and firm, soft and silky. Not that she really lets anybody touch her besides her hands. On one occasion, some guy had slapped her ass…that ended badly…well for him. That guy had ended up a crater. As they investigated that guy, he got landed thirty years in jail for liking little girls…a little too much.

As she walks, she turns the heads of everyone, even the girls. It is clear that she is in a class of her own. Hell you could fill a 5,000 gallon swimming pool off of the men's drool. It doesn't help that she walks with a confident and powerful stride that screams deadly.

She walks into the classroom, glad to get away from all the stares. She walks to the corner where sits in the same corner as the one six years ago when Anko took her away from this abysmal class. She would have to agree with the Hokage's assessment of the class all those years ago. She would not have gotten along well in this class alone.

Some had cried favoritism, well it was, but he had squashed all claims of that stating that she requires extra help to get up to the ranks of the others. That of course had been bullshit and by the second year Anko had officially requested Akasha to be her apprentice so there wouldn't be any problems from the council claiming favoritism.

Speaking of said fat people…they had tried to force the CRA on her. That hadn't gone well either. Hiruzen told the council that she has a bloodline that gives her super strength and speed and they tried to get her in an arranged marriage but she wouldn't have any of that. She broke the table and told them that if they even tried that she would leave the village after making "quiet a mess" of Konoha then selling the secret entrances, defenses, number of shinobi, quality of shinobi, and important buildings to the highest bidder. They would have believed it an empty threat had she not put a piece of paper on the back of everyone in the room without them knowing and listing off all of the Anbu entrances and exits as well as the Anbu headquarters and the Anbu hospital. Needless to say they backed off.

Her back flash is interrupted by the door bursting open to see her "arch nemesis" Sakura Haruno battling to enter the room ahead of the blond haired girl knows as Ino. Akasha watches in mute horror as they fight over who gets into the room first. When will these little girls figure out that real ninjas don't fight over something so petty and childish?

When they finally do make it in, they are instantly beside "The Uchiha". A self proclaimed 'elite' of Konoha and everyone should hand everything and worship the very ground he walks on. Well she will burst his bubble today. Akasha tunes out the high pitched banter for who would sit next to the Uchiha when the doors open again.

Several males enter the classroom, most of which had most of the clan heirs, talking quietly between themselves. Nara, Akamichi, Inuzuka, Aburame, and the blond boy. Suddenly a guy pops in front of her, blocking her sight.

"Hi. Wanna go out with me?"

Her only answer is to hit him in the face and watch him fly across the room and get embedded in the wall. Everyone is instantly quiet and looking at her with severe interest…or that's what would have happened if someone didn't ask her out every time she came here for a test. Every person who asked her out ended up in the same wall. Honestly, one would think that they would eventually get the hint.

The others don't even blink an eye but Akasha catches a glare from Sakura to which she rolls her eyes. That girl imagines a competition when there is none. Sakura doesn't openly confront her anymore since Akasha got tired of it and put some fear into her.

Flashback – 5 years ago

"Admit it. You want Sasuke-kun for yourself! That's why you try so hard. You just want his attention!" she screams. Sakura had "cornered" Akasha for the third time.

Akasha growls at Sakura. "How many times do I have to explain this. I. Am. Not. INTERESTED!" she pauses between words for effect.

"ppfffff! As if! Your just trying to throw me off so you can steal him while I'm not looking. I bet..."

She is cut off as Akasha has had enough. Using her natural Vampiric strength and speed, Akasha moves forward and is lifting Sakura up by her neck clean off the ground. Sakura gazes into now slitted green eyes.

"Now listen here you hussy. Do not question me again over this or you will regret it. I have zero interest in him as a mate or even as a person. He is conceited, stuck up, condescending, and arrogant without something to back it. Do not interrupt me!" she shouts as Sakura's lips twitched to defend her Sasuke.

"He acts like there isn't anything in the world that is better than him and if there is then he should have that ability or power. He doesn't want to work for it, he preys on those not as good as fighting as him, and he definitely doesn't even come close to interesting me. I didn't even know his name until you imagined my interest in him."

She tightens her grip making Sakura struggle for air and Sakura sees black spots.

"Now…we will go our separate ways and when we do you will not talk to me about this again. Am I clear?"

Sakura just stares at Akasha; the black spots cover most of her sight now.

"I didn't hear you!"

"Yes! Just let me down!" Sakura shouts at the top of her lungs. Akasha holds her there for a few more seconds before dropping her. Sakura coughs as Akasha walks away.

Akasha rounds the corner only to see her teacher leaning up against the wall.

"Well that was fun watching," she says, her eyes closed as thought she was asleep.

Akasha shows a small smile. "It was fun."

End Flashback

She allows herself a smile. She could always hold that over her.

The door opens one more time and Iruka steps in with two other people with masks on that have painting on them that makes it look like an animal. These must be the Anbu Anko was so diligent to tell her about.

"Good morning class! Today is the day you will become a Genin of Konoha. These two Anbu here are to ensure non biased testing. Pay no attention to them. I believe in all of you so do your best."

One kid raises his hand.

"It's not fair that a lot of the people in the class got extra help."

Iruka looks to the kid. It is one of the children of a civilian.

"There is no such thing as unfair. Are you going to say it isn't fair if someone blinds you with sand? Are you going to cry foul in the midst of battle if your opponent does something you consider underhanded? In the ninja world there is nothing underhanded or unfair. We use every advantage we can. They had more of one so how is it unfair that they use something that they have available?"

The kid stays quiet, having his argument smashed into the ground.

"Now if there are no more questions let the testing commence. The test will consist of a written test of battle situations and a brief history of Konoha followed by several rounds of sparing with your classmates and one with an Anbu. After that will be the jutsu test where you must perform any type of clone, a Kawarimi, Henge and three elemental jutsu. The elemental jutsu may be substituted with clan techniques or medical jutsu."

Iruka makes five clones and they pass out the tests. Akasha looks at her test and dispels the Genjutsu. Once she attuned her senses to chakra, she has been able to detect even the smallest traces of chakra whether it is a jutsu or pure chakra manipulation so detecting the mid-level illusion was no problem.

After dispelling the Chūnin level Genjutsu, Akasha breezes through the test. If Anko was anything it she was prudent that she keep up in history as well as theory instead of just practical knowledge. Anko knew it was important for her to know history not for its usefulness but to gain the title of Rookie of the Year. She has to get a perfect score in order to gain that title.

After an hour and a half Iruka's clones collect the tests and begin grading them as the class goes outside. One Anbu stays in the classroom and while the other follows Iruka out to several sparing fields completely passing the throwing range. Once there Iruka turns to the group.

"Alright class. Now we begin your sparing battle evaluation. This will be slit up into several rounds. First round will pit student against student. The second round will be between you and me in which I will attack and you will use only counters and defense. The final round will be between the Anbu known as Horse. This time you will attack Horse with everything you have. Even jutsu. Other than the last round, nothing but Taijutsu will be used. It will be a test of endurance so no soldier pills or other supplementary items. If you use any, you will be instantly failed and have to repeat the entire year as punishment.

"No killing strikes, no strikes that will cause more injury than a heavy bruise. If you do you will be failed for endangering your fellow comrades."

The class nods in understanding.

Iruka then divides the class into pairs. Akasha could care less about who she got paired with as she would beat them down in to a pulp. There aren't enough fields so the class goes five groups at a time, all supervised by a clone of both Iruka and Horse.

Having no surname, Akasha is drawn first alphabetically. She is paired with a blue haired girl named Ami Abensaru. She has a wide face and dull grey eyes. From her pose Akasha sees that she never put any real effort into training. Shame.

The first five groups move out the fields and the class moves to see which fights they want. Akasha doesn't really care who sees her fight.

While she may be used to showing more skin than before she will not be eye candy for undeserving people. She throws up a Genjutsu to hide what she really is doing, making people think that she is just standing in the field waiting for the match to start. While not made for hiding it is effective for all kinds of things one doesn't want to get caught doing. Once the Genjutsu is in place she starts to stretch. Only Iruka and Horse pick up on the Genjutsu.

She stretches for a good ten minutes before dispelling the Genjutsu. One must not underestimate the importance of stretching before intense physical work. It can greatly improve chances of winning and not getting injured or pull a muscle that was not ready to do such an action. She had learned that courtesy of her training while back in the Vampire world.

The real Iruka and Horse walk to their ring and motion for Ami and Akasha to get ready. After seeing they are, Iruka starts them.

Ami immediately and stupidly charges forward. While little Ami is moving faster than a civilian would, it is a snail's pace compared to any real ninja. Akasha feels ten times older when Ami finally reaches her. She dodges several clumsy and sloppy punches and brings her knee up and snap kicks Ami in the chest.

She had not used even one percent of her total strength and yet Ami is sent back five feet from the kick before falling to the ground and stopping. Iruka rushes over and finds Ami having trouble breathing. He calls the match immediately and creates a clone who takes her to the hospital.

"That wasn't necessary. I should fail you for excessive force," Iruka says.

Akasha rolls her eyes. "If anything I did her a favor. If she can't stand up to one attack then she doesn't belong as a ninja."

Iruka has to reign in his temper, lest he lose it.

"That may be true while dealing with normal shinobi but you are different. You could send people almost across Konoha with your strength."

"But she attacked me knowing full well that I possess such strength. It is her lack of judgment, her sloppy and bad technique, and her slow speed. She chose to attack not me. It isn't my fault that she neglected her training and it isn't my fault that she decided to hit me first.

"And besides…I used less than one percent of my total strength. I can't hold back anymore than that. Any less and the weight and speed of my leg just falling would do more damage."

Akasha wouldn't back down. She has worked too hard over the last seven years for that.

Iruka is about to answer back when Horse puts a hand on his shoulder.

"She is right. She passes," he says in a deep voice.

Iruka looks like he wants to argue but when Horse's grip increases in strength Iruka caves in.

"Winner…Ms. Akasha," he says in a very unenthusiastic voice. "Since you got done so…fast. We will go on with your test."

Iruka creates a clone and gets into a fighting pose.

"Remember…you are not to attack and use counters only. Begin," says the real one.

Clone Iruka charges in. While much faster than Ami, he is still slow. Akasha dodges wild but well aimed strikes with ease. Her spar draws the attention of most of the class away from the other who are still going.

Side kick. Left punch. Spinning backhand. Back kick. Clone Iruka flows from one attack to the next and Akasha dodges them all. One of the many things Anko had worked on is her agility. Vampires are not known for their flexibility and quick movements. While they certainly can move fast, it takes a while for them to get to full speed. Anko had worked with her on instantaneous acceleration, decreasing the amount of time it takes to reach full speed. And it is showing.

Clone Iruka is getting frustrated. He is going two thirds his full speed and he can't hit her. Time to take it up a notch.

Suddenly Iruka's strikes get faster but still Akasha dodges. This goes on for a full five minutes before Akasha has had enough. Clone Iruka brings in axe kick down and Akasha grabs the leg at the top and pushes, making him fall back. Clone Iruka twists in mid air and lands on his hands and pushes up.

Or he would have if not for a weight on his back. He turns his head and finds Akasha sitting cross legged square on his back. Clone Iruka tries to shake her but finds a finger at the base of his neck. With a quick burst of youki, Clone Iruka falls to the ground with enough force to dispel it.

The real Iruka raises an eyebrow at her.

"Before you open your mouth I used no offensive techniques. That burst of chakra is similar to what the Hyūga use and I reversed engineered it but I use it to disrupt the nervous system instead. It's better to have the opponent not able to move due to their nerves not responding then just them not able to use chakra. A kunai can still kill as much as any jutsu. And besides I used it in more of a submission than offense."

Iruka can say nothing about that. Technically she is correct. The Hyūga won't be happy to know that someone developed their trump card, especially not a fifteen year old girl. He nods at Akasha who pushes through the crowd of students and sits with her back to a tree and closes her eyes.

Iruka sighs. "Alright…let's continue with the matches…" he lists off the next group.

Thirty minutes later Akasha is awoken by a gentle shaking. She opens her green eyes and sees the male blond gently poking her with his foot with a kind smile.

"The spars with Iruka are almost done and up next is your spar with Horse-san," he says softly before walking off.

Akasha grumbles slightly as she gets off the ground and dusts herself off. She will have to stretch again but this time most of the attention is on the spars so she doesn't have to put up the Genjutsu.

Five minutes later Iruka calls an end to the spars.

"Alright everyone, now it is time for the last round and mix things up a bit. We will start at the back of the roll. Uzumaki Naruto, step forward."

The same blond haired male steps into the arena. Now she gets a better look at him. He is 5'7", long, shaggy hair, deep blue eyes. He is wearing a long white cloak, and Anbu style clothes underneath it. The last part she finds out when he takes off the cloak and hands it to Shikamaru, the resident genius. They say his IQ is over 210.

She is brought back to the present when the spar begins and Naruto launches a set of lightning fast strikes. They are so fast that Akasha herself is having trouble keeping up. After a full minute of straight Taijutsu, Naruto switches it up. He jumps away and five copies of himself appear. All the clones charge. Horse jumps into the air and does a spinning side kick (yeah it's fandom but it looks awesome), hitting all the clones at once, creating a giant smoke cloud.

Once the smoke is gone, Naruto is standing in the exact same spot. More clones are created and they charge one at a time. Horse swiftly defeats them but suddenly a pair of hands shoot out of the ground and grab his feet and pull him underground. The real Naruto pops out of the ground and stands above Horse, whose head is only above ground.

"Two minutes, ten seconds," calls Iruka. "If you would release the jutsu now and go behind the school. Horse and I have a clone there waiting for you to do your elemental techniques."

Naruto nods and helps Horse out of the hole.

"Not bad kid. Keep it up and you will definitely be someone of great strength," Horse says quietly to Naruto who only nods and makes his way to the back of the Academy.

"Uchiha Sasuke, step forward."

Akasha goes back and lays under the tree, not bothering to watch as she will be the last one to go and none of the matches will interest her enough. What she misses is the frown on Sasuke's face when he sees her walk away from the arena. That was his chance to show her what a real shinobi can do.

An hour later Akasha is called to the arena. Most of the class didn't land a hit on Horse until the five minute mark when he actually let them hit him. The only notable exceptions are the clan heirs and Naruto. Those are the only ones that made Horse either actually try to dodge or make him take it seriously.

Akasha steps forward into the arena and looks at Horse, analyzing him. What she sees she likes. He is controlling his breathing, but is still breathing harder than normal meaning he is getting tired. His stance is a little narrow, meaning he can't shift weight efficiently between legs and maintain balance at the same time.

As soon as Iruka starts the match, Akasha sprints into action. Horse is immediately on the defensive and losing ground.

Akasha adopted Anko's Hebi style, lightning fast with deadly precision. Of course with her natural speed and power it is far more effective as her hits hurt every times she hits you no matter where that may be. Using this style, she can literally get caught in an ambush and come out completely untouched. It emphasizes superior speed rather than blocking or power which is something she has in abundance.

The match is short. Much shorter in the others…thirty-four seconds to be exact. That is how long it took to land a solid hit. And she only used Taijutsu and isn't even breathing hard.

"Very good. I see your sensei taught you very well. You have the most potential of anybody I have seen in years. Do not give up and do not lose sight of the goal. You can go far in this life."

Akasha smirks at Horses' words. Of course she would go far, she is a Vampire after all and compared to these mostly weak humans she would rise quickly. But the question is how long is she going to stay here? She doesn't have to stay but where would she go? Any of the hidden villages would be ecstatic to have her but what she really wants she can't have. Shea wants to go home to the Vampire world…to be with her own people. But that is not an option.

She walks calmly to the back of the Academy with Iruka and a panting Horse. They reach their destination to find it empty except for another Iruka and Horse.

"Alright Ms. Akasha. You're the last one so give us at least three jutsu for at least two elements."

"I have a question first. Where are all the students?" she asks.

"This is a private session. While you are going to be paired with two others from your class if you pass, they don't need to know what you can do. Plus you will either get your Hitai-ate here or not and others don't need to be around to see if do or don't."

Akasha nods before forming a few hand signs.

"Katon: Zukokku!" (Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work!)

Flames burst from her mouth and hits the ground. Fire erupts from the ball of fire and covers the ground in a searing fire; the very air looks like it is burning. After a few seconds, Akasha lets the fire die down, leaving nothing but a charred patch of earth.

Iruka is about to comment when Akasha continues.

"Katon: Karyū Endan!" (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet!)

More flames burst out of Akasha's mouth, but this one takes on the likeness of a western style dragon. Huge wings, long neck and tail, and short stubby legs. The dragon zooms forward towards the tree line when it suddenly angles up. It soars into the air then turns back to the ground. Closer and closer it gets to the ground, yet it doesn't change course. Then the dragon impacts the ground, sending flames all over the place. Horse erects a barrier to protect them from the flames before they could become incinerated and liquefied along with the ground.

When the flames die down they see a pool of molten rock where the dragon had "landed" and where the flames had been hottest.

"Um…I hate to rain on your parade but can you…um not inciner…oh shit!" Iruka exclaims as Akasha inhales once more.

"Katon: Endan!" (Flame Release: Flame Bullet!)

A tiny flame comes out of Akasha's mouth and lights a pile of wood into a nice camp fire. She turns to face her testers, a smirk evident on her face.

"Do I pass the fire element?" she asks coyly.

Iruka can only nod. Another smirk from Akasha as she does more hand seals.

"Raiton no Yoroi!" (Lightning Release Armor!)

Lightning encases Akasha. She walks over and touches Iruka. He jumps away as he is shocked from the lightning and his hair is now standing on end.

"This not only protects me from harm, but it makes my reflexes and response time faster so if I'm ever in a pinch I can just use this and go ape shit on them."

Clone Horse nods along with Clone Iruka as they jot down notes of her techniques. She drops the jutsu and makes more hand seals.

"Ninpō: Ikazuchi no Kiba!" (Ninja Art: Fangs of Lightning!)

She holds up her arms and lighting chakra bursts from them and shoot into the sky. Said sky darkens and looming clouds of doom appear over head. Akasha spies some targets for throwing weapons about two hundred feet away currently not being used.

With a mental command, lightning reaches from the clouds and smites every one of the targets, leaving nothing but a small amount of splitters. The rest is instantly evaporated.

Iruka and Horse only stare in disbelief as Akasha cuts her jutsu, sweat on her brow and breathing a little heavily.

"That technique takes the most out of me and takes the most concentration to control. With my lightning chakra, I can direct lightning strikes that are hotter, bordering on plasma to any range. Well, not short range for obvious reasons. To use that technique drains a full third of my chakra at once."

Jaws drop. That technique only drains her a third? It would suck almost anybody dry just using it once and she used it after three high level techniques! How much chakra does this girl…no woman have?

Akasha sighs and forms more hand signs.

"Raiton: Ranshinshō!) (Lightning Release: Important Body Points Disturbance!)

She walks over and touches the real Iruka, who slumps to the ground in a heap. He tries to get up but when he uses his right arm to push himself up, he moves he left buttock. He tries to use the left arm and it turns his head to the right.

"What the hell did you do?" he asks/yells.

"This technique was developed by Tsunade. It crisscrosses the electrical signals in the brain, making it almost impossible to move correctly. I'm sure you figured out that part. Usually the effects last a few hours or a few minutes depending on how fast the victim pieces together what moves what.

"It takes a fair amount of concentration but it is really handy when capturing someone or not using lethal force."

Akasha makes the same hand sighs and releases Iruka from the jutsu.

"Congratulations Ms. Akasha. I believe you pass," Iruka says after his clone disperses.

"Wait, don't you need to see my three basic moves?" she asks.

Horse is the one to answer that. "If you learned and can do three B-Rank jutsu and two A-Rank, I'm pretty sure you can do three E-Rank. I am however curious if that is all you can do and where did you get all those techniques from."

"You would be surprised at the things you can find in the shinobi section of the library. I went in there with my sensei and practically tore the place apart and almost got banned."Akasha then looks down at the ground. "As for what else I can do…I can do Suiton but I don't like to. I much prefer fire or lightning."

Iruka turns to Horse. "Well can you show us a low rank Suiton just to note down that you can use it?"

Akasha nods hesitantly. This might not end well. She frowns as she forms hand seals once more.

"Suiton: Takitsubo no Jutsu!" (Water Release: Waterfall Basin Technique!)

The ground starts shaking and Iruka and Horse have to use chakra to plant themselves on the ground to keep them steady. Suddenly and piece of earth falls away and a geyser of water appears a hundred years away from them.

"That technique is one the Nidaime Hokage when he created the lake that is under Konoha and his brother used that water to make the forest around Konoha grow so rapidly and so tall. It normally is used to create a waterfall but since I don't have an earth affinity I can't raise the ground to create one."

Akasha cuts the jutsu and the water recedes back into the hole which is covered up by Horse who does have an earth affinity.

"Well you are dismissed for lunch. Here is your Hitai-ate and meet back in the classroom for team assignments at 1:30pm later today."

Iruka and Horse shunshin away leaving Akasha alone. She ties the Hitai-ate around her left arm before walking off to get lunch with her ex-sensei.

Hokage's Office

Iruka and Horse appear outside the Hokage Tower and walk in. It is common knowledge that the tower has an anti-shunshin barrier up for security purposes and is always powered by two Anbu at all times. The only ones allowed in have to be individually keyed in and are usually only Anbu and the Hokage. But the last part isn't common knowledge.

Iruka and Horse walk into the office and see the Hokage and a dozen Jōnin instructors inside the office, waiting for the results.

"Hokage-sama, I am pleased to report that the exams are finished. Here is the list of those who passed, their scores on each section, the jutsu they performed, comments, and who they would work well with."

"Thank you Iruka-san. You are dismissed."

As Iruka leaves, The Hokage skims over who passed and their strengths. He specifically takes a look at Akasha's report.

Name: Akasha
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Clan: None

Written Score: 100

Spar One Opponent: Ami Abensaru
Spar One Score: 100
Spar One Time: 10 seconds

Spar Two Opponent: Umino Iruka
Spar Two Score: 100
Spar Two Time: 5+ minutes

Spar Three Opponent: Horse
Spar Three Score: 100
Spar Three Time: 34 seconds

Spar Notes: Uses Hebi style that both Mitarashi Anko and Orochimaru use. Brutal in application.

Estimated Strength: Tsunade strong
Estimated Speed: beyond Anbu
Estimated Chakra Level: Anbu

Jutsu Elements used: Fire, Lightning, Water
Clan Techniques used: none

Elemental One: Katon
Jutsu One- Katon: Zukokk – B-Rank
Jutsu Two- Katon: Karyū Endan – B-Rank
Jutsu Three- Katon: Endan – B-rank

Elemental Two: Raiton
Jutsu One- Raiton no Yoroi – C-Rank
Jutsu Two- Ninpō: Ikazuchi no Kiba – A-rank
Jutsu Three- Raiton: Ranshinshō – A-rank

Clan Techniques:
Jutsu One-
Jutsu Two-
Jutsu Three-

Jutsu Notes: Used three B-Rank and two A-Rank jutsu and was barely winded. Also used a technique developed by Tsunade and another technique previously thought to only be able to be used with Kiba of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. She said she found them in the shinobi section of the library with her sensei. Also used Suiton: Takitsubo no Jutsu and created an underground spring.

Overall Assessment: This is no Genin. Mitarashi Anko trained her extremely well and is level headed and smart. If it were me, this girl would be a Jōnin by now.

Class Rank: #1, Rookie of the Year

Personality Assessment and Potential Teammates Continued on the Next Page

Sarutobi reads the report with a satisfied smile. His gamble had indeed paid off handsomely. He quickly reads the noteworthy students.

"Rookie of the Year goes to…Ms. Akasha. Second place goes to…Uzumaki Naruto. Third place goes to…Uchiha Sasuke. With that in mind are there any requests?" the old man asks to the stunned crowd who thought that the Uchiha would surely get the Rookie of the Year title.

Two raise their hands.

"I would like Hyūga Hinata. She and I have grown to be friends and I believe that I can help her the most," the red eyed Kurenai Yūhi said.

"I would like Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, and Haruno Sakura as a team. Naruto and Sasuke are big hitters and Sakura is a medic that can patch them up afterwards," a silver haired Kakashi Hatake states.

Sarutobi grunts to himself. "Kurenai, I approve of your request. It says that Hinata-san has confidence issues. I assume you are going to be helping with that?"

"Of course Hokage-sama. I will help my students however they need it," she responds with a small bow.

"Kakashi, I must deny your request on the simple note that Haruno did not pass. While she didn't fail, she isn't good enough to become a Genin. She will go through remedial training. It says that she has frightening low stamina and while she has perfect control over her chakra that is only because she has so little of it. If there are no other requests then come back in one hour for your teams."

One Hour Later

"…Team Seven will be Hyūga Hinata, Yamanaka Ino, and Nara Shikamaru led by Yūhi Kurenai and will be a support team. Team Eight will be Inuzuka Kiba, Akimichi Chōji, and Aburame Shino led by Sarutobi Asuma and will be an assault team. Team Ten will be Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, and Akasha led by Hatake Kakashi and will be an assault/infiltration team. Team Eleven will be…"

Once the assignments are finished one of the instructors raises a question.

"Isn't having the top three students a bit much? Wouldn't it be better to spread them out?"

Sarutobi looks at the young man. "Normally I would agree with you but war could break out any day with Kumo and we need teams are strong as they can be. If I can do that by putting the top three in the same squad then I will. If those three push each other then it will push the others to not fall behind them.

"Now meet with your students at 2pm in 23B. Dismissed."

Dango Shop

Akasha walks in and finds her ex-sensei sitting in her usual corner. Anko spots her Hitai-ate immediately. She gets up and glomps her apprentice.

"Congratulations! I knew you could do it. I already ordered you some dango and your favorite rare steak. Now tell me everything!" she exclaims happily. Akasha is slightly nervous having never seen Anko is such a state before.

A half hour, thirty sticks of dango, and one very rare steak (she swears she heard it moo) later and Akasha finishes telling her how she had passed with flying colors. Anko liked the parts where Iruka and Horse were dumbfounded, especially the jutsu parts.

"It took quite a long time for you to learn those seeing as how those are meant for those with chakra not youki. I should kidnap and rape that Iruka for wanting to fail you," Anko says with a malicious smile that scares many a customer away.

Akasha sighs. "Anko-sensei, we both know you aren't that kind of woman. While you may act like a whore or slut, you have actually had sex a total of three times and one of those was when you were passed out so that doesn't count." Anko actually blushes in embarrassment. Her apprentice knows her too well.

The next emotion is anger at the guy who she had brought home while drunk once with every intention of having sex but then passed out. The guy didn't seem to like that and got his rocks off anyways. She had woken up on the floor covered in bruises and sperm all over her lower regions. He hadn't even used a condom or a birth control jutsu! It is only luck that she didn't get pregnant. Akasha had found her a few minutes later and helped clean her up.

"You know me too well. I wish I could get you to sign the Snake contract," Anko pouts.

Akasha rolls her eyes. "We've been over this a hundred times Anko-sensei. I don't want a summons. I don't know how long I will be here and I don't know if they will work in my dimension. Besides, why would I want some giant snake that requires human sacrifices or will try to kill me if I don't have those sacrifices? It's tough enough to get human blood much less an actual body."

Anko's eyes light up for a second. "That reminds me. When you get home, look in your refrigerator. I got you a present I've been saving up for."

Akasha is quite confused but drops it as she will find out later.

"So…who is likely to be my instructor?" Akasha asks.

Anko sits quietly for a second, contemplating her answer.

"Most likely it will be Kakashi. Those fools on the council will most likely put you there hoping you and him will hook up with the Uchiha who is going to be on Hatake's team no matter what to train the Uchiha in the Sharingan."

Akasha nearly chokes. "That asshole? Geeze. I hate that prick. He is always undressing me with his eyes and watching my ass. I don't think that guy could get any creepier if he tried. Well, I'll take that back in hope I didn't just jinx myself."

Anko has a laugh at her expense. When she calms down enough Anko has to stifle a chuckle at Akasha's glare.

"Well Kakashi is the guy who brought you here all those years ago. He is the tall guy with gravity defying silver hair. He is also a chronic masturbator and a perv. Be careful of him. While he won't actively be trying to spy on you that doesn't mean he won't take advantage of a situation. He always carries around his precious Icha Icha books. If you ever want something then take that and threaten to burn, shred, or evaporate it.

"Oh and he is three hours late to everything even to meetings. Here are a list of places that he most likely to be. Oh and when he tells you to be somewhere at a certain time and not to eat, always eat." Anko then slides a piece of paper across the table which Akasha pockets immediately.

"Well sensei…uh, ex-sensei, I have to go now. I'll see you around. How about dinner tomorrow? Three Forks?"

"Only if you're paying," Anko smirks at Akasha.

Academy 1:50PM

"Congratulations! You are now a Genin of Konohagakure no Sato. You are now considered an adult in the eyes of the law and other shinobi so act like it. Here are the results of the tests.

In first place and Rookie of the Year is…"

Sasuke stands to go and accept the award, the majority of the girls clapping and cheering for him. Then Iruka's voice interrupts.

"Uchiha Sasuke where are you going?"

Sasuke gives him a glaring eye. "What does it look like? I'm accepting the Rookie of the Year plaque that hangs on the wall."

Iruka gives him a blank look. "Yes, that would be true if you were the Rookie of the Year but you're not."

The class is stunned quiet. It stays that way for quite some time before Akasha has had enough.

"If not duck-ass over there then who is it?" she gets a few snickers from the people not infatuated with the Uchiha.

"It's you actually. You got a perfect score on your test and had the highest overall score…"

"You're lying! There is no way some clan-less bitch could beat me, an Uchiha, an elite! Go back and recalculate the tests and do it right this time!"

Iruka's face darkens. "And who do you think you are? Questioning my work ethic, my integrity, my passion? You're just some snot nosed kid who has a serious entitlement complex. By all means if you think you can take the top spot from her then try but know this…you didn't even get second place. That honor belongs to Uzumaki Naruto. You got third."

Sasuke turns towards Akasha and charges her. She gets a nod from Iruka, allowing her to do with him as she pleases. As Sasuke nears, he activates his Sharingan, one tomoe around each eye. He cocks back his fist and throws it at her.

Akasha yawns and catches the punch with one hand. Sasuke then tries again, only for it to be caught again. Rage seethes through him as he throws a round house kick. Akasha again catches it but this time throws his leg up, forcing him off balance.

As soon as he hits the ground, Akasha has him turned over and pinned.

"Now listen here, Uchiha. I am the number one here. I worked for it and I earned it. Now as for your actions you just attacked a shinobi which is punishable by death if serious enough. Now I suggest you reign in that ego of yours before it gets you killed and I am the one to dish out the punishment."

Akasha keeps Sasuke on the floor despite calls of, "You can't do that!" and, "Get off of him you whore!" Akasha ignores all of them and nods to Iruka in thanks.

"You can continue now. I'm quite comfortable where I am now."

Iruka looks sheepish for a second.

"Actually that is all I have. Hokage-sama is coming by to announce the teams in a second. Speak of the dev…angel," he corrects himself quickly.

The door opens and the old man himself walks into the room.

"Good afternoon Genins. I am…well, you know who I am. I'm proud of each and every one…of…you. Iruka-san, why is Akasha-san sitting on Uchiha-san?"

"That is just a rank dispute. Uchiha-san thought he deserved the Rookie of the Year title so he challenged Ms. Akasha to a fight and that is the result."

Sarutobi nods. "Ms. Akasha please let him up. I promise you he won't attack you if you do."

Akasha get off him with no argument. Nobody missed the fact that with that one line, he told Sasuke that she is off limits.

Said boy get off the ground and rotates his arm a few times to get the kinks out before sitting in his corner and starts brooding immediately.

"Anyways. Congratulations! You all have worked hard to get here and it has paid off. Now for the team placements."

He starts listing off team numbers, team members, the Jōnin instructor, and their classification. Akasha drones him out for the first part. It seems that the low number teams are support and medical teams that assist and back up the more forward teams. She pays attention to the important people from her class.

"Team Seven will be Hyūga Hinata, Yamanaka Ino, and Nara Shikamaru led by Yūhi Kurenai. Team Seven will be a support/interrogation team.

"Team Eight will be Inuzuka Kiba, Akimichi Chōji, and Aburame Shino led by Sarutobi Asuma. Team Eight will be an assault/trap specialist team.

"Team Nine is still in circulation from last year. They consist of Hyūga Neji, Lee Rock, and Karasuma Tenten led by Guy, Might. Team Nine is an assault/recon team.

"Team Ten will be Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, and Akasha led by Hatake Kakashi. Team Ten will be an assault/infiltration team.

"Team Eleven will be…"

Akasha again drowns out the Hokage. It seems that what Anko said is true. The council is trying to get her to marry again. Oh well. They will be severely disappointed.

Her thoughts turn to Uzumaki Naruto. He seems nice and not stuck up or stupid. He is pleasant to look at she admits, for a human anyways. Akasha wonders just what his skills are.

"Alright, take this time to meet your teammates . Your Jōnin sensei will be here shortly." And with that Hiruzen takes his leave.

She hears the scraping of chairs and the shuffling of feet as people move into three man cells to talk to each other. Then she hears the chair next to her get pulled out and sat in. She looks to her right and sees the blond sees the blond she was just thinking about sitting casually next to her. He doesn't look at her or say a word, just sits with his feet on the desk, his eyes closed like he is sleeping.

This is the first time that a male her age has sat next to her and not tried to engage her in conversation. No…this one is different than the others.

"You know I might melt with how intense you're looking at me," he says without opening his eyes.

For some reason, a blush crops up on her face. She has the urge to look away and hide, but she fights it. She pulverizes her blush until it is gone and wills her face to remain passive. If she could make it through seduction training in her underwear while looking at dirty pictures without a blush then she certainly can talk to a guy without one!

She holds out her hand to him. "Akasha."

He takes the hand, once again not opening his eyes. "Uzumaki Naruto." Then he opens his eyes.


The door opens revealing several people in the hallway. They start calling down teams and three at a time, the class files out of the room. After ten minutes of only being the students in the classroom, Akasha takes out the slip of paper Anko gave her.

"What do you have there?" Naruto asks her.

"Oh just something my old sensei gave me on the most popular places our "sensei" likes to go. She also told me that he is always three hours later to everything. Wait here, I'll be back in ten."

Akasha shunshins away. Not a minute later she returns with an orange book in her hand and tosses it to Naruto.

"Keep it out of sight and don't say a word," she tells him. She quickly grabs a text book about the same size and puts a Genjutsu on it. And not a second too soon. The door is ripped open and a fuming Kakashi enters the room.

He is instantly in front of Akasha who has a innocent look on her face.

"Where is it?" he demands.

She puts a slim finger to her chin as if in thought. "Where is what sensei?" she asks cutely.

He glares at her. "Don't play games with me! I know you took it and you better give it back before I make you life a living hell!"

Akasha's innocent look turns sadistic. "Oh really 'sensei'?" she fires out her arm and flicks Kakashi into a nearby wall. She saunters up to him and holds out his "Icha Icha". Kakashi is about to make a move when Akasha's voice stops him.

"Ah ah ah. Now listen here. If you value your precious Icha Icha then you had better learn to be on time. Do I make myself clear? Because if you don't then this will happen on more than one occation."

Akasha snaps her fingers as Kakashi lunges for it and lets out a loud, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Just before he reaches it, the book turns to ash and he falls to the ground, crying into the ashes.

The three of them watch in mute horror as Kakashi wails into the ashes. Akasha quickly runs out of patience. She picks him up by the back of his vest and tosses him upright against the wall.

"Now if you don't want that experience repeated I suggest you be on time. Do I make myself clear? I didn't hear you. DO. I. Make. Myself. Clear!" she shouts at a still sobbing Kakashi.

He nods his head in understanding. "Good." She looks at Naruto and gestures for him to give her the book, which he does. He has an awestruck look on his face.

Akasha shoves the book in his face and he immediately latches on to it and starts to whisper…things to it.

"Ok, creepy. Next time it won't be a Genjutsu," she says dangerously before backing off. Kakashi stops whispering and takes the Hitai-ate off, revealing the Sharingan. He sees a chakra signature around the ashes of the book.

"Was that all a Genjutsu?" he asks.

"Nope. It was an actual book with a Genjutsu over it to make you think it was your 'precious'. It leaves less of a chakra signature and takes less time to create it. Well, technically it is an illusion but illusions are under the Genjutsu branch."

Kakashi nods and wipes the tears from his face.

"Meet me on the roof," he says before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

End Chapter 1

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