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Chapter 6: The Changes are Permanent

Naruto, Akasha, and Moka all stand outside Shuzen castle, or the remains of Shuzen Castle. Rather large chunks of rock and stone still jut up from the ruin that spans a good three acres at the very least. The ruined castle is almost exactly as they left it with the exception of the growing plants that are slowly consuming the rubble. Moss and grass can be seen covering some rock as they grew exceptionally fast in one year.

Of course that in of itself is a miracle considering that most barriers don't allow vegetation to grow at all.

They returned here because they are going to be picked up by the Bus Driver as the location of Shinso Mansion isn't exactly public knowledge and this is where he dropped them off to begin with.

Naruto stands with Akasha's back up against his chest, her right hand in his as it crosses her midsection as they wait while Moka leans on his other shoulder. Moka has grown in height a tiny bit in the time since the destruction of the school, allowing her to draw nearly even with Naruto in height. She also has her fingers interlaced with Naruto's as they wait.

"You know I'm going to miss you right?" Naruto whispers into Akasha's neck. The sensation of his warm breath on her neck makes her shiver.

"I know but we will deal with it. After a few years, you can have trained a replacement and then quit and come live with me full time."

"I like the sound of that. I'll have to see about seeing if I can take some time off before the school year is out or you could come visit me. I'm sure Mikogami would like a visit from you as well."

Akasha brings up her left hand and absently strokes the beard covered cheeks.

"You need to shave. I liked it better without a beard and I'll think about it. However, it won't be anytime soon. I'm giving Father a crash course on current technology. It should take a few months depending on how fast he grasps the concept of near infinite space on something that is the size of your palm. That and digital data."

Just then the bus is seen entering the grounds and true to form, it is on the brink of being out of control. It is still a ways off but moving quite fast.

Akasha spins around and captures Naruto's lips in a brief kiss.

"Now you be good. I don't want to be summoned by Mikogami because you destroyed something you shouldn't have."

That gets a pout out of Naruto.

"And when have I ever gone overboard?"

Both Akasha and Moka shoot Naruto a 'Are you stupid?' look.

"Remember Moka's training?"

Naruto feels Moka shudder against his shoulder.

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad."

Naruto gets gibb-slapped by Moka.

"You had me climbing a mountain with 500 hundred kilos of water (is equal to just over 1,000 pounds) on my back. And once I got to the top, you had me cross the rest of the mountain range by nightfall or I would have to start over another morning you asshole! That went on for months!"

"And don't even get me started after I learned water walking…"

Naruto rubs his head sheepishly with the hand Moka had been previously holding onto but is thinking something different.

'That was a good couple of days…'

Naruto thinks he is being sneaky but both Akasha and Moka can see the perverted thoughts on his face. However, unlike the reaction most women would have, righteous anger and all, both allow him the thought since one is having wild sex with him five out of the seven days a week and the other wants to feel that legendary toe curling, limp inducing pleasure he gives.

Naruto's expression clears and looks to Moka with an unreadable expression.

"Are you complaining? Not only did it work wonders for your stamina and strength but I knew a girl who carried almost twice that amount everywhere she went, even into the mountains on her trips twice a year. Not only that but she was human…for the most part. You're a Vampire and naturally many times stronger than humans."

Akasha searches her brain for someone fitting that description.

"Who was it and why did she keep that large a container of water with her?" She is very curious about just who made that amazing feat.

"Her name was Fū, a kunoichi from Takigakure. She was the Jinchūriki of the Seven tails, which is why I said mostly human. When you're a Jinchūriki, the yoki changes your body slightly to compensate for the leakage into the host's system.

"Anyways, she kept it because she used that water for her jutsu. While she was a Jinchūriki, it is almost impossible to pull water out of thin air and when you travel over mountains as often as she does, there is no guarantee that water will be around to be used. There is a reason only the Nidaime Hokage could pull water out of the air."

Akasha files the information away for later and claims his lips again briefly as the bus is almost there.

"I'll miss you and stay safe."

Naruto pulls her close and kisses her forehead.

"You don't have to worry about me. I'm a nine tails remember?"

"And I'll be there to keep him in line," Moka says from the side, now standing beside Akasha.

Mother and daughter embrace tightly.

"You be safe too. Oh, and good luck with your…plans," Akasha whispers as quietly as she can into Moka's ear.

Said girl blushes briefly at the words but quickly hides it and hopes that Naruto didn't see it. It wouldn't be good to tip him off…

"Well, I'm off for remedial training for Father. I'll try to visit sometime," Akasha says as she steps away.

Both Naruto and Moka nod, smile, and wave at her as she sinks into the transportation seal as the bus pulls up to them.

"Ready?" Naruto asks.

Moka takes his hand and pulls him towards the bus.

"I can't think of how I'm not. Let's get this show on the road."

The two enter the bus and sit next to each other after depositing their luggage in the seat just behind them. And by sitting next to each other, I mean that Moka is in Naruto's lap and resting her head on his chest. If one were to listen closely, they would hear very light snores coming from her.

The biggest question would be how does she sleep on this rollercoaster of a ride? Seriously, the Driver didn't even wait for them to sit down. The moment the luggage was secured, he floored the pedal, nearly sending them both crashing to the back of the bus in a heap.

In no time at all, Naruto managed to count to five seconds of air time on three separate occasions, they are right in front of the school. He has no idea how humans don't see an obnoxiously yellow bus weaving through traffic like a race car on the brink of flipping out of control. His only guess is that the bus is hidden by some sort of illusion. That or they are too afraid of getting hit by the bus that they just leave it alone.

Naruto sighs as he tries to shake Moka awake but she only snuggles closer much to his confusion.

Seriously, how could she not only fall asleep on that course made for BMX bikes but done with a bus but also be so asleep that in the five minutes it took to get here that she doesn't want to wake up? Well, no point in walking her up right this second.

So he uses the most useful jutsu he has and creates two clones. He directs them to take their luggage to the PSC (Public Safety Commission) headquarters. He'll get Moka's dorm room and have a clone move her things then.

He picks her bridal style and starts to exit. However, he doesn't miss the extremely creepy lecherous grin from the bus driver. He puts a stop to that by flaring his yoki, making the man's hat blow off his head. The Ayashi driver was so quick to turn around that even Naruto missed what was hidden in the darkness afforded by the hat.

'Must be enchanted…'

However, the curious part of Naruto's fox nature starts to come back with a vengeance.

'Just what is he hiding under that hat? I'll have to try to figure that out.'

As Naruto watches as the man replaces the hat on his head, he creates six more clones (without the smoke) and instantly has them henge them into different things. One is a piece of dirt, another is random scrap of paper that litters the floor, and yet another is gum on the bottom of seat.

Naruto exits the bus, his two mule clones in tow. The second the two clones get outside, they Shunshin away to their destination with further instructions to clean up whatever mess has been made.

The real Naruto turns around and gets his first look at the new school…

And it looks exactly like the old one, even down to the growing moss and vines on the side of the walls.

'Geeze. I understand that the greatest insult to just rebuild exactly like it was before but this is a little absurd.'

Already knowing that the inside will also be the exact same if the outside is any indicator, Naruto walks into the building as the bus burns rubber on the way out. He walks up several flights of stairs, all the while his nose is twitching from the moldy and stale air that has been perfectly replicated.

In fact, if hadn't witnessed the building's demise, he wouldn't believe that this is a newly built building.

The layout doesn't seem to have changed. In fact, the only thing Naruto can tell that the building is new are the pipes. They are nice and quiet, unlike the previous building. Even the faucets are rusty, at least the parts you can see are.

It is quite obvious that a lot of effort has gone into making this place feel like it used to.

With Naruto's mind being occupied, he reaches the Chairman's office quite quickly. Once he reaches the door, it is time to wake Moka up.

"Moka, it's time to wake up."

The only response he gets is a groan and her hold on him increases.

So he does something that always wakes Akasha up. He sits on the floor for better leverage and kisses Moka very lightly. He stays with her lips for a little before trailing across her gorgeous face to her eyes, then across to her ear.

And just like her mother, her ear is the weak spot. Moka starts to squirm and fidget in his arms. He can't help up grin as he lightly nibbles on her ear, though he is careful to keep away from her neck area. They haven't gotten that close yet.

Moka cracks open a green eye and glares at Naruto.

"I hate you so much right now."

Naruto chuckles as he stops his nibbling. He sees the light blush that shows up very well on her pale skin.

"Oh and why is that?"

Moka closes her eye and leans her head against his chest again.

"Because I was having a good dream."

"What about?"

"Can't tell you."

It would be safe to say that Moka is a little wet between the legs right now from her dream. It would be really embarrassing for him to discover that she is having those kinds of dreams about him.

From the way Moka said it, Naruto gathers that she doesn't want to go any further into it.

"Well, now that your awake we should go see the Chairman. We are outside his office and he probably knows where here by now."

Moka sighs in annoyance but gets up. She lends a hand to help Naruto up who takes the offered hand. Only Moka pulls harder than necessary. The result is Naruto colliding with her in a searing kiss that could have melted his lips off.

Minutes tic past before Moka reluctantly ends the kiss with lust in her eyes and a fire between her legs. She wants more but their present location prevents such actions in public.

"Wha…what was that for?" Naruto asks when he finds his tongue again.

Moka gains a sultry grin and leans forward. Naruto, in anticipation of another kiss, leans forward to intercept her. Just millimeters away, Moka pulls back, again with the same not-so-innocent smile as before.

"No reason."

And with that, she spins on her heals and opens the door to Mikogami's office. In her wake is a highly confused and bothered Naruto. However, he decides to shelve it for now and enters.

Inside he sees the ever faithful Ruby at her desk. She is chatting with Moka about…whatever that girls talk about.

Currently, Ruby is somewhat tense but is being polite and trying not to show it. Her stiffness probably comes from talking with this Moka. Between not getting let out often and when she was let out, true Moka was always in a bad mood, Ruby never had a chance to talk much with the vampire.

Ruby seems to ask a question and Moka leans forward. Ruby hesitantly reaches forward and touches Moka's hair. She seems to be inquiring about Moka's changes.

Naruto allows them a few minutes of conversation before walking up himself.

"Hello Ruby."

Ruby turns and her face says it all. She is really happy to see him.

"Hello Naruto."

Naruto's mind however is occupied with what Moka is going to do to her should Ruby act on her feelings.

He doesn't have to wait long when Moka slams her hands onto the desk. Her hands have no doubt dented the thick wood.

"He is mine, so keep that in mind."

Naruto almost laughs at Ruby's expression to Moka's declaration. Almost being the key word. He would have if the situation had not been what it is.

"Now Moka, Ruby is a friend. She is allowed to be happy to see me especially after such a long time."

Moka turns to glare lightly at him but he then turns to Ruby. "And yes Ruby, Moka has claimed me so I'm off the market. I hope that doesn't make things awkward for our friendship."

Ruby looks disappointed. Not surprising considering their conversations in the past. However it wouldn't do well to piss off a vampire in any situation.

"I understand and I would be lying if I said that I'm not upset. However, you have made your decision and I will abide by that. I wish to still be friends and get to know you better. That is if it is ok with you?" she asks Moka.

For Moka, she doesn't want any others to get close to him, specifically females, however if she denies him this, she is robbing him of a friend. Besides, denying the request would mean that she doesn't have faith in her mate.

Also it would mean that Naruto would get to do the same thing to her but with males. And her pride can't have that.

Moka thinks it over for a few more seconds before coming to a decision. She will allow him to retain Ruby as a friend. However, she only needs to make sure that Ruby knows her place for two reasons. One is to make sure that Ruby doesn't try anything. And the other is to make it seem like she is in control.

"It's fine with me. But…" She turns to Ruby. "But you ever try anything I will beat you until there won't be enough to identify you by your teeth."

The combination of Moka's slitted eyes and power-filled voice, Ruby finds herself sweating and nodding her head very quickly. In an instant, Moka is back to her 'chipper' self.

"Good, have a nice day."

Moka strides past Ruby and to the door that leads into the office.

"Sorry about that. She can be…possessive. Comes with being a Vampire. I'll talk to you later."

Ruby just nods, still trying to stop shaking from Moka's overwhelming presence. Naruto walks past her and grabs Moka's arm and whispers to her.

"You need to tone it down. I don't mind you being possessive but you nearly killed Ruby with the amount of KI you pushed at her. There are going to be times when women are going to be interested and flirt with me. Hell, my job may even require me to flirt back. However, you cannot lose it and let your jealousy out every time it happens."

Moka, being the proud Vampire she is puffs her chest and crosses her arms. She opens her mouth but Naruto puts a finger gently over her lips.

"Before you speak check yourself. Is what you are going to say have to do with pride or selfishness?"

Moka glares at him because that is exactly what she had to say.

"Maybe you need more lessons in humility. I am not going to cheat or be unfaithful. You know this as I have said so many times. So please just keep a lid on your jealousy until we are alone."

Instead of letter her answer, he takes her wrist and pulls her into Mikogami's office.

"Ah, Naruto and Moka. It's good to see you two after such a long time."

Naruto grins. Even after such a short time of knowing Mikogami, he was the one responsible for him finding Akasha and for that he will always be counted as a friend.

"Likewise. Oh and I love what you've done with the place."

The sarcasm wasn't missed.

"Good. I didn't want to design another school so I just rebuilt the old one. Sit and tell me of your extended vacation and about Moka's appearance."

Naruto and Moka find their seats and settle in. This is going to take a while.

A half hour later, Naruto finishes skimming over the important parts.

"So let me get this right…Shuzen Castle is destroyed, Lord Shinso is awake, Moka awoke her Shinso blood, and you have become the mate of both Akasha and Moka. Did I get everything?"

Naruto thinks for a second. "You missed the part about me fighting Shinso."

Mikogami's head nearly explodes in surprise.

'He fought the most power Vampire to ever walk this planet and he yet draws breath? The power of a Nine Tails is truly fearsome …'

"Well congratulations on finding Akasha. I wish the happiest to both of you." Naruto nods in acceptance of his words. "Now onto you, Moka. Are your new powers going to cause problems at my school?"

There is an unmistakable underlining to that question. 'Are you going to stir up trouble?'

Moka shakes her head. "No, I don't think I will be the one causing trouble this year."

Mikogami doesn't miss the frown on Naruto's face, though he doesn't know the reason for it. He is assuming that the reason behind Moka's future good behavior is linked to the reason Naruto is frowning. But that isn't his business.

'But when has that ever stopped me?'

"Very well. Moka, the only reason you are allowed to hear this is because you are the mate and the daughter of two people I trust. Betray this trust and believe me, expulsion will be the least of your worries."

Now Naruto would normally stand up for her when being threatened but he knows that Mikogami doesn't really mean it. He just has to make sure that she knows he means business. Never mind the fact that she could probably take him in a fight now, not that she would come out unscathed…

Back to Moka, she hears his words and sort of believes them. In the back of her mind and deep down, she knows that neither Naruto nor her mother would allow anything serous to happen to her. But that doesn't mean that they won't let her suffer for a bit because of something she did. One still must have consequences from their own actions.

"I understand."

"Outstanding. Now then, I assume you have seen how little things have changed around here, yes?" he gets a nod from both of them. "That is in part to help cover up what has changed. When people know something has changed drastically, they tend to try to find out everything that has changed. So I took extra care to replicate it exactly like it was. I even called in some favors to have a few witches come in and age the wood and encourage mold to grow once everything was put together more than half a year ago.

"A large part of why 'repairs' took so long is this."

Mikogami flips a switch under his desk and a section of the wall adjacent to them flips over. On it is a screen that currently has a map of Yōkai Academy.

"All around Yōkai Academy, sensors have been installed. These sensors record and transmit the location of every yoki signature it detects and displays on this board. It will assign threat levels to the higher signatures. It will also flag any odd behavior if a signature, say hangs out in a location that isn't the dorms, school, or other sanctioned location such as the festival committee for too long. It will also flag signatures if there are a large number of high threat levels in one place for an extended amount of time.

"In addition, motion sensors have been placed at the edge of the Great Barrier both just outside and inside. We will know if someone is trying to sneak in."

So far Naruto likes the changes though that can't be the entire reason it took so long.

"Headmaster, I like the sensor grid but…"

"I have had a panel just like this one installed in your office and Ruby loaded the software onto several mobile devices that can be activated with a voice password and fingerprint. I have one here for you and only you can use it. It is set to only react to your yoki and even then you must have the correct vocal password and fingerprint to gain access to this."

'I can see why he doesn't want just anyone to have this. In the wrong hands, this could be a dangerous tool…'

Naruto is handed a small pad almost the twice the size of a large post card. However, instead of messing with it now, he tucks it away for later.

"Now the dorms have also been improved. Along with doors that lock automatically at night, which requires a key code to open the doors to get in after curfew, the windows will all have screens laced with steel that have been welded on to prevent unauthorized excursions. The same will be for the main buildings in which only you, Ruby, and I will have the combinations.

"Any questions so far?"

Naruto shakes his head.

"Good, in addition, the staff too will be under curfew and their classrooms subject to random searches. I'm sure you heard of Ishigami Hitomi's…break in school policy that led to her being released from teaching, yes?"

Another nod.

"This policy is an attempt to prevent such an occurrence from happening again. However, it is also to protect the teachers as I tire of having to constantly hire new ones in the middle of the school year. The more the teachers feel they are being watched, the less likely they will go off on a tangent and harm the students. You and Ruby will be the only ones authorized to be outside past curfew at this point in time…that Is besides myself.

"Also, the staff will be arriving in a week."

Something tells Naruto that finding suitable teachers hadn't been an easy thing if there is such a thing as a suitable teacher for yōkai.

"There is one more thing you should be aware of about the campus. Running underneath the ground of this school is something that I hope should never get activated. It is a last line of defense if you may. I won't tell you exactly what it does but it is my deepest hope that it never warrants action. All you need to know is that it can be activated from any screen or device with our security grid, key word Pricilla.

"On a happier note, I have some additional duties for you this year."

Naruto doesn't know how that makes him happier but remains silent all the same.

"With your…unique talents, the Public Safety Commission has only one member yet you have been extraordinarily effective. You have eyes and ears everywhere, completely loyal and expendable help, and unmatched power. While the term, 'don't mess with success' has a point, I wish to change the PSC into what it was.

"This year, I want the PSC to be a club in which people can join up, gain experience, and get stronger as a whole. With the massive drop in…well everything from outright illegal to simple rule breaking to fighting, I believe that this would be beneficial to the students without placing them in too much harm.

"I'll leave the scheduling and everything else to you to dictate. I will only allow four extra students to be out from under the curfew but I'm sure that won't be too much of an issue."

Naruto shrugs. He figured that with the monumental success he had last year, the only blemish being that the school blew up, that his duties would be expanded.

"I…I don't have anything."

Moka and Naruto can almost feel the grin on the Dark Lord's face.

"Well, sign me up as the first candidate."

Naruto looks sharply a Moka.

"Are you sure? You are already part of the Newspaper Club and the others won't be happy as it is. I'm afraid that if you quit than it will push them over the edge."

Moka leans over and smirks.

"Is that fear I hear in your voice?"

Naruto makes a grimace immediately.

"Hell no but as the head of the PSC, I don't want to instigate a fight with some of the school's more powerful monsters. Mizore and Kurumu separately may not pose a threat but together, they have excellent teamwork."

"As interesting as this conversation is going to be, please discuss it elsewhere. That being said, I see no problem with her being in two clubs given her unique situation."

"Oh that reminds me." Moka nearly dives to the side and grabs an object Naruto would rather not see again. "In order to maintain peace here and to give my other self a chance to say goodbye, I have another Rosary here that I will wear most of the time. It does have some different features but it will suppress my yoki all the same and allow my other personality to surface."

'That is what she meant by it wouldn't be her specifically doing the trouble making.'

A nod from the Headmaster is the only response they get. That is the reason. Naruto was avoided by the 'other' Moka, hence the reason for his frown as it will happen again.

"If you have no questions, Moka I have your dorm room number and key with Ruby. You may retrieve it on your way out."

As Naruto and Moka get up to leave, Mikogami speaks once more.

"Oh and just for the record, please refrain from threatening my staff."

Moka takes it as it is intended, the opposite of a suggestion. Instead of submitting, she just raises her nose at him.

"I promise nothing."

But before Mikogami can say a thing, Moka hauls Naruto out of the office and to the PSC headquarters pausing only long enough to stop and get her room number and key. The poor witch is so startled when they just disappeared that she nearly had a heart attack.

Over the past year, Moka has not only gotten used to traveling by Shunshin so she doesn't feel the normal effects of a greenhorn in traveling in such a manner but she learned the jutsu too. And because she is used to it, she is able to 'attack' Naruto the instant the jutsu is over.

Naruto however, is unprepared for the sudden assault so his body reacts the way it would to Akasha. Using her supernatural strength, she pushes him until his back hits something. What he hit she doesn't care to find out. She shivers as Naruto's hands roam her sides and back. Her hands aren't idle either as they grab fistfuls of his hair.

She fights a smirk when she feels something hard press into her. Using her balance and the trust that he will keep her balanced, she wraps one long leg around his and pulls him to her. He groans and pulls her closer making her moan as their clothed genitals rub against each other.

And just as suddenly as it started, Moka pulls away from him. Both are panting slightly and their cheeks flushed but there is no denying that they both enjoyed that immensely.

"Wh…what was that for?"

Moka shrugs and takes a seat on some random piece of furniture. She motions beside her and Naruto joins her and she immediately wraps her fingers through his.

"Are you sure you want to join the PSC? I would love you have you but I'm not sure It's such a good idea."

To this Moka smirks.

"If they don't like it, they can…

"They can what? Deal with it? There is only so much people can take at once, especially if they are emotionally connected."

Moka smiles at Naruto, making his stomach flutter.

"I'm glad that you are trying to play peacemaker but this is my body. I decide what happens to it, what it does. Besides, the Headmaster said he didn't see a problem with me being in two clubs. In fact, it is better this way. If I'm in the club, the Newspaper has an inside source that can extol the boundless virtues of the PSC."

Both get a good chuckle out of that. Almost immediately after though, Naruto grimaces.

"More likely, your other self will use it to get every piece of dirt on me that she can find and then blow it way out of proportion."

"Well then, I'll just have to make sure she knows her place."

Naruto sighs. "Look, I'm very glad you want to help me but aren't you relying a bit too much on 'I'll stop this' or 'I'll deal with it'? I know you are a Shinso Vampire and all but I'm just worried."

Moka's hands find Naruto's face and makes him look directly into her eyes.

"I don't care if they have an army or just three. They couldn't compare to me before my transformation so they can't touch me now with my new powers and training from two of the most powerful Ayashi in the world."

"It isn't direct combat that I'm worried about. They aren't stupid enough to do that. I'm worried what the others will plan. Well more like what Tsukune will plan with your other self as Mizore and Kurumu will probably be glad to have you out of the way but we can't count them out. Many powerful beings have fallen to those 'inferior' to themselves because of a good plan."

Moka frowns. "I guess you have a point. I suppose I can only come out every other week on the weekends."

Naruto nods and kisses the back of her hand. That is the most compromise about Tsukune and company are going to get.

"In the meantime, add me as your first recruit. I can float between the PSC and the Newspaper Club. In addition to keeping you honest…" Naruto scoffs at that. "…We can have monthly PSC people with exemplary performance posted in the Paper or events such as Fairy Tale awareness month."

Naruto chuckles at her humor. He feels pride and joy at being one of three people who knows her enough to get her to open up. Once you get past her titanium exterior, you find that she is a unique person who loves and feels and enjoys gardening of all things.

"If nothing else we can sit down with the Newspaper Club and have them suggest ideas."

Moka only shrugs as she could really care less about what the Newspaper Club prints. Well, as long as it isn't slanderous or complete lies about her mate or her family.

Silence reigns and Naruto stiffens when he feels Moka's hand on his inner thigh. Though she keeps her face forward and completely stoic, her hand, very lightly and slowly, moves up and down making him a little hot under the collar.

"So…ah…ah…" His brain works overtime to think of any excuse to get away from the situation. "Oh, I better move your stuff to you dorm room."

Naruto is about to jump off when but Moka's hand clamps down on his though and stops him from moving. Naruto fights off tears in his eyes because her thumb is digging into the muscle. Normally this kind of thing wouldn't be a problem but since Moka's training and transformation, her raw strength has increased by a factor of 10 and that is without yoki. Naruto looks to the owner of the hand when the owner of the hand finally eases up and finds her green eyes slitted with a serious expression.

"I don't think so. At home, Mother always has you at night and now that I have a chance, I'm not going to waste it. I stay here until school starts."

Naruto hangs his head. Moka is more like Akasha than she will ever admit.

They just sit there for a while and Naruto is a little worried because Moka hasn't moved her hand. This in of itself is both a good and bad thing. Good that she isn't caressing his leg and bad because it is still there.

Just as Naruto opens his mouth, Moka hops off the makeshift chair.

"Want to show me around?"

Time Skip – Next Day

Moka walks beside Naruto with heavy eyes and a heavy heart.

She did not sleep well beside Naruto.

She was tired enough but while Naruto slept, she was unable to get a wink of sleep. Thoughts of being a terrible mate and wife plague her mind, further draining what energy she has left. What mate can't sleep next to the one they love? Does it mean she doesn't really love him? Maybe she doesn't trust him?

Naruto tried to get Moka to liven up and asked her what is wrong at breakfast but she avoids answering him. Eventually, Naruto has rounds to do, things to inspect, new technologies to experiment with and can't wait around for Moka all day.

He suggests that she rest but she hasn't left his side, internally claiming that while she may be a terrible wife she won't drag him down in his duties. She is trying her best but can't concentrate because she is both mentally and physically exhausted.

Two more days of sleeplessness and shear fatigue pass. She is so tired now that she is constantly stumbling, her focus is next to nothing, and the only reason she is still on her feet is because she doesn't want to be an even bigger disappointment to Naruto.

She is so dysfunctional and tired that she doesn't pay attention to where they are walking. They are making their rounds on the outskirts of the grounds, inspecting the edge of the barrier and making sure that there really is only one way to get inside. Suddenly Naruto stops but she keeps walking on, not paying attention until he stops her.

She looks around and her bloodshot eyes widen a smidgen. She would have walked right off the edge of a cliff if hadn't been for him.

She finds herself being pulled backwards and doesn't fight it. Soon she finds herself wrapped in Naruto's arms as he looks out from the cliff.

"Moka, what's the matter? I've never seen you like this."

"It…it's nothing."

Naruto frowns. "It isn't 'nothing'. You're completely exhausted. Hell, you look like a guy I knew back in my world, and he looked like a raccoon. I know you haven't been sleeping well but that isn't all of it. You're unfocused, uncoordinated, distracted. Tell me what's bothering you."

It starts a tremble in her lips. The quaking of her soft and cherry lips is the first sign. Next it travels to her hands. Her manicured and powerful hands slowly shake even as she wills them not to. She bows her head and clasps her hands in front of her, trying to hide the symptoms. Her eyes water even as she wills her body even more to not show her weakness.

However, the combined effects of days without sleep and mental fatigue, Moka finally breaks down. Naruto can only comfort her and hold on tighter as large tears stream down her face as she openly sobs. It is a little surprising, seeing Moka cry. She always acts so tough and collected, never letting others know her emotions or at least trying her best to not let them show.

With speed only an Ayashi above S-class can pull, Moka spins in his grip and launches herself at Naruto. She holds onto his neck even as she knocks him to the ground. Naruto's tails appear and halt his collision with the ground. However, instead of pushing them back up, he lowers them to the ground.

Now safely on the ground, Naruto pulls Moka side saddle onto his lap and wraps his tails around both of them.

Now Naruto isn't the daft kid he once was but even he doesn't know what is affecting Moka. His only option is to wait until she calms down enough to talk to him.

And soon she does. She is red eyed, puffy, and flushed but she isn't crying anymore. Naruto increases the firmness of his embrace and speaks in a low voice.

"Are you going to tell me what's the matter now?"

Moka only hides her face in his chest.

"I…I can't sleep with you."

There are so many things he can say to that but chooses only one.

"Excuse me?"

"I can't fall asleep with you in. As much as I try, I just can't. What kind of bloodmate can't fall asleep next to the one they want to spend the rest of her life with? I'm a terrible wife."

Moka prepares for a tongue lashing and possibly a physical one to.

"…well that's stupid."

Moka freezes and tenses.

"'You can't fall asleep.' That's the reason for this? Why didn't you just sleep in then?"

Moka hides her eyes from him.

"Because I didn't want to hinder you and your responsibilities. I made a commitment to help you any way I could."

"But I don't want your help if it costs you your health. Listen Moka, it doesn't matter if you can't fall asleep next to me. It doesn't matter if you don't help me with the PSC. What matters is communication. If our relationship is going to work, you must talk to me. I need to know what is going through that head of yours. And you need to know what's going on in my head.

"And what's more, you think that not being able to fall asleep next to me is being a bad wife? Listen, everyone has trouble sleeping next to someone at first. Akasha and I had trouble after the first night. You have never slept in the same bed with someone in what…ten years? It is only natural. Our bodies want to keep doing the same thing day in and day out. It is easy that way. So when something changes, sleep is hard to come by."

Moka listens and she is very relieved when he says she is just being stupid. It feels like a huge weight is…

Naruto looks down and finds Moka asleep. He chuckles and moves a strand of silvery pink hair out of her face. He gives her a kiss on her forehead and stands, never setting her down. He shunshins to his…their room and lays her underneath the covers. From there he makes several clones to carry out his inspection while he gets under the covers himself.

He holds her against his chest as she slumbers and eventually falling asleep himself. They both sleep until the next day, not having to worry as the clone's do the work for them.

Moka opens her eyes and immediately see the blond next to and curled up against her. Unknown to her, he specifically made sure that they faced each other so the first thing she would see is him. Her normally sharp mind quickly has the gears going, now well oiled with sleep and ready for more work. She sees his peaceful expression and his shaggy beard.

She runs her slim fingers through the course hair on his face, feeling the texture of the hair. It is rough and tickles her. With his face so close to her's, it is very easy to move the rest of the inches between them and gently kisses him.

Naruto groans and shifts, the soft flesh on his lips disturbing his slumber. Slowly, Naruto returns the kiss and Moka finds herself looking into his piercing blue eyes.


Naruto smirks. "It certainly is, walking up like this."

Moka returns the smirk for a moment before pulling back slightly.


She finds a finger across her lips.

"You don't need to apologize. You, like I used to, have little knowledge about things like this. You and I never had an example to go by. It wasn't until I got a teacher and a mentor who really cared about me that I learned things like that. But you never had anyone to teach you or show you.

"So don't beat yourself up over it, ok?"

Moka nods and moves forward to kiss him again, which he meets halfway. They have a small make-out session before Moka's stomach growls.

Chuckling, Naruto rolls Moka on top of him and cranes his head to the side, allowing Moka access. She blushes at their position and in (slight) embarrassment before leaning down and draining him of blood and yoki.

A minute later, she is full and retracts her fang. She lets out a content groan as she settles on his chest, now sleepy again. Not thirty seconds later, she is fast asleep again.

A clone poofs into existence with instructions for breakfast. Naruto is satisfied to just stroke Moka's hair and hold her to him while the meal is being made. When the clone comes to get him, he uses Kawarimi to switch with the clone, who is very happy to be able to cuddle with a girl as himself. Shadow Clones are so abused.

After eating at a sedate pace, Naruto grabs the mobile device he got from the Chairman and activates it. Instantly, the screen initiates and boots up. While he does this, he walks to his office and props his feet up on the desk.

Once up and running the device asks for a vocal password and finger print. But suddenly the device goes dark. Naruto starts to wonder if it broke but then a large screen flips out of the wall. It lights up and shows the exact screen that the tablet did.

When prompted, he uses the name of someone who nobody but Akasha and Moka would.

"Kushina Uzumaki."

The board computes the words, analyzing tone, pitch, unique voice modulation, and stress level. When it is ready, it asks him to say his password again, which he does. It does the same thing, making sure that the two voice patterns are close enough to pass.

Suddenly the screen has a dark block on the lower left side corner with a hand print on it, prompting Naruto to put his hand on it. He does so and feels a large pull on his yoki. It is sudden and it startles him to the point where he tries to take his hand off it. But to his surprise, he can't move his hand. Panic starts to set in and prepares a Rasengan but as sudden as it starts, his hand is released.

Naruto dispels the technique and flexes his hand, hoping that was a onetime thing.

His attention is drawn back to the screen when it pulls up words and the board speaks them in a monotone male voice that has a synthetic quality about it.

Name: Uzumaki Naruto
Authorization Level: 9 of 10
Position Title: Chief of Public Safety Commission
Yoki Threat Level: 15
Species: Yoko
Classification: Beyond S-Rank

Access to all functions, displays, and files at Authorization Level 9 and below: Granted

Naruto eyes the board. Mikogami's board probably did the same thing but he might have done so before he and Moka entered the room.

He clears away the message and goes to the main page. It has a menu table with several options some of which are Logs, Registry, Current Conditions, and Settings.

He plays around with the board for a long while, getting used to it. It turns out that it takes voice commands to and can have multiple maps on the same screen, all functioning without any lag. He can't even begin to imagine the computing power and the software needed to develop this. Mikogami must have been planning this for a long time and was just looking for a way to implement it.

He continues exploring the device and what it is capable of. He finds the school rosters and looks through them, the paperwork already been filed for this year. Many of the first years don't have pictures but all the second years and above do.

He flips through the files, noting down people of either power or status, the likely trouble makers and those who have proven themselves to be troublesome.

He loses all track of time until a pair of slim arms wrap around him. Her scent invades his senses and knows that she just had a shower if her shampoo and the smell of water on her have anything to with it.

"Good afternoon"

Naruto starts.

"Is it that late already?"

Moka nods as she puts her chin on his shoulder in her embrace.

"What are you doing?"

"Oh just playing around with my new toy. This thing is amazing. Did you know that the motion sensors Mikogami talked about yesterday had cameras in them? Or the fact that I can access nearly anybody's file with a vocal command be it teacher or student?"

"That's useful."

Moka pulls away from Naruto and walks to the board.

"Show the file of Moka Akashiya," she orders.

"Incorrect voice pattern. Request denied."

Moka pouts and turns to Naruto who rolls his eyes.

"File for Akashiya Moka."

The display instantly has Moka's file up as well as two pictures. One of her pink haired sealed self and surprisingly how she looks now.

Name: Akashiya Moka
Position: Student –Second Year
Club: Newspaper, PSC
Authorization Level: 1 of 10
Yoki Threat Level: 12
Species: Shinso Vampire
Classification: Beyond S-Rank

Prone to rule breaking and violence. Recommend surveillance at all times

The file goes on to a psyc-evaluation but Moka is fuming and Naruto stops scrolling with his recently found remote control in his top desk drawer.

"I never started any of those fights…though I sure as hell finished them. 'Prone to rule breaking and violence'. I should kick the Newspaper's club asses for giving me a reputation of a hoodlum."

"And you don't see that the file does have a point?" Naruto asks with an amused look on his face.

Moka turns and gives him a pleading look. "Not you too…"

Naruto just chuckles at her expression and the resulting cute pout. "I'm sure that will be fixed with you being little miss perfect this year right?"

Moka gives a small laugh at his joke. "Ok so may have earned my reputation. Doesn't mean I have to like it. To a vampire, reputation is much more important because we don't die and reputations stick for centuries. It is almost impossible to redact one event, even if it is a relatively minor one."

Naruto shrugs at the knowledge. It isn't anything that is neither ground shattering nor world changing.

Suddenly Moka gets a devilish look in her eyes that Naruto doesn't like one bit. She turns and walks right in front of the screen.

"Can you…edit files?" she asks carefully.

"What do you mean by edit?" Naruto asks just as carefully. He really doesn't like where this is going.

"Can you update or change a file…say the name of a student?"

Now Naruto knows what she wants.

"No. No way in hell I'm doing that."

Moka sashays her way to her (yet to be official) mate. She loves the way his eyes are glued to her hips, the way she rolls them from side to side, as she saunters to him.

"But dear, it is a perfect way to constantly remind them of the changes. Plus it is a good way to get back at them for my…reputation as a troublemaker. If I recall, I never once took my Rosary and broke the rules. I always defended myself or reclaimed my stolen honor."

Naruto shakes his head.

"I refuse to change your name to Uzumaki. With all the things they are going to go through, this is just throwing fuel on the kindling."


"No! I'm drawing the line here." Moka gives him a pout and the puppy dog face. It is super effective against Naruto's Will Meter but there is enough HP left after the attack that he stands firm.

"I understand why you want to. Besides reminding them of the changes, you want to be marked as mine in that weird possessiveness you Vampires all possess, pun very much intended."

But Moka doesn't like being denied. She argues with him for the sake of arguing or making it seem like she isn't giving it up for another hour before letting it drop. They explore what other features this new system has after Moka's pride has been sufficiently appeased.

They go back to exploring the system, Naruto showing her the map with the yoki signatures on it. Right now there are a dozen signatures being tracked but all but three are shadow clones. One is himself and the other two are Ruby and Moka. It appears that the Headmaster made his yoki unable to track.

After a few hours, Moka makes some excuse to leave him for a while. Naruto finds it odd but shrugs as she needs time to herself too. He finishes looking over the student and teacher dossiers and watching as the clones test the perimeter to catalog any weaknesses.

But after hours of neither seeing nor hearing from Moka does he start to worry. As he prepares for bed, he is still worried. So he goes over to the mobile device. Just as he is about to activate it to find her, his nose smells something.

He turns and sees Moka in a babydoll, a chemise-like garment that in no way can be described as decent. The only thing keeping her modesty is the black lacy underwear she has on under it. The babydoll itself is also black and completely see through with a slip up the middle that stops just below her breasts. It has frilly lace on the edges and doesn't cover the matching underwear on her lower half, her bra visible as if she were wearing a wet t-shirt instead.

Naruto's mouth goes dry. Sexy lingerie is still new to him as Akasha doesn't have much in that department. He feels himself pitching a tent just from the sight and from Moka's grin, she can see it too.

She stalks over to him, his eyes glued to her hips as she struts up to him. He moves back as if in a trance until Moka has him pinned to a wall with a delicate finger running circles on his naked chest.

She moves to kiss him and does. Their lips meet and a shock runs through Naruto's body, forcing him back to the present. He pushes Moka back slowly much to her distaste.

"Now just hold on a moment," he breathes out, trying to regain his breath.

Moka looks at him, unsure how to feel. On one hand, she should be furious that he is pushing her away with her intentions clear as daylight but on the other hand be pleased at his reaction to her attire and a simple kiss. So she settles for indifference.

Naruto finds a seat on the bed and feels Moka sit next to him. He peers at her out of the corner of his eye. She looks so much like Akasha, especially in the face. They have the same facial structure, the same size mouth, nose, eyes, and ears. It is scary to think of just how similar they act and look alike.

He feels her forest green eyes on him and he fights to control himself. It isn't easy to fight the instinct to take a willing female who is his mate. But does he love her? And if he does, it is because she is almost physically identical to his other mate as well as very similar personality wise?

The questions flash through his head and he realizes just how complex his love life is.

But in looking at the similarities, he finds the differences too.

Moka is wittier and quicker to come back at you. She has a shorter fuse, isn't as understanding, is more guarded. Even though both mother and daughter like gardening, Moka likes getting her hands dirty, planting and caring for the plants rather than just looking and enjoying them from afar.

While her body is similar in looks and dimensions to Akasha's, Moka is taller. Her legs are firmer, longer, more toned no doubt from those kicks she loves while fighting. It also has the side effect of making her rear that much more appealing. It too is firmer and more toned but also smaller but no less round. Her bust is smaller by a small margin and he has no idea how to compare their feel as he has yet to touch Moka's.

All-around, Moka is rougher around the edges, more likely to attack than listen to nonsense. But at the same time, she has this incredible beauty about her that has nothing to do with her looks. She has an inner beauty that few can hope to even hold a candle to.

It is that beauty that Naruto finally realizes is what attracts him to her. He realizes that he does love her for herself, not because she looks and acts like Akasha. He would gladly give anything to protect her as well.

He takes a steadying breath having finally sorted his feelings. He looks over to Moka who is being surprisingly patient with him. But even though he loves her, he needs to make sure the same is true for Moka.

"Listen Moka. I understand why you're doing this but I need to ask you something. Do you love me?"

"Yes I do," she answers without hesitation.

Naruto is surprised and not surprised at the same time by her quick answer.

"But don't you feel like I'm too old or something? Don't you feel like I'm a cradle robber? I'm more than five hundred years older than you."

Moka's only answer is to move onto his lap and put her arms around his neck.

"Haven't I told you before? Age means nothing to Vampires. We don't age unless we want to. I could allow myself to look similar to Mother's age or even older. Would that bother you if I looked older than her?"

Naruto isn't given the chance to think or speak.

"I don't care that you are several centuries older than me. I don't care that you are a human turned Kitsune. What I care about is that you are the man I love. You make me complete when I'm around you, you make me feel like I can tell you anything.

"You are possibly the strongest being alive and yet you are humble, kind, caring, compassionate. You are an enigma that I will enjoy learning about for the rest of my life."

Moka moves forward but instead of kissing him, she just embraces him. She knows that he is uncomfortable with the idea of them being mates in the physical sense. He in fact does feel like a cradle robber. She just has to remind him that she wants and welcomes the relationship and all that comes with it.

With Naruto's questions answered, he gives in to his more basic desires.

At first, they start slow, just tender kissing. Then it turns into a heavy make out session. Somehow they both end up laying on the bed with Moka on top as their hands roam each other's bodies. Moka's hands love the feeling of his muscled chest and toned arms while Naruto's hands have found Moka's firm ass.

Right now, Naruto is blessing whoever came up with the concept of striking with legs. One of Naruto's hands leaves her posterior and makes its way to her bust. He grabs the flashy globe in his hand and massages it through the cloth. While Akasha has the chest, Moka definitely has the ass but that doesn't mean that either is lacking in other areas.

However, what little clothes they have on suddenly become too much. Naruto takes the time to focus on taking off the babydoll and then the underwear. Moka on the other hand just rips the boxers right off of him as well as her bottom half not two seconds after mauling the boxers. This leaves Naruto annoyed at her since he made such an effort to not obliterate her clothing only for her to destroy it.

But Naruto can't really complain now as their now bare sexes rub against each other, making them both groan in appreciation at the friction.

Sometimes the most straightforward is the best option.

They resume their heavy make-out session. Their hands roam each other's body's trying to feel all of it at once. Naruto finds purchase Moka's breasts while her hands roam everywhere in her reach, never stopping for more than a moment. They give each other pleasure with just their hands.

But even that doesn't satisfy. Moka, while enjoying the attention she is getting, decides the next step is to be taken now. She breaks away from Naruto, both of their faces flushed with excitement and hormones.

"It's time to take the plunge!"

Moka raises herself up and sits on him in one go, taking herself all the way to the hilt with a single and powerful drop. Her eyes shoot open as does her mouth to scream from the pain. She is unaware of the mouth over hers, her mind too far gone with pain and the smell of her own blood in the air. Her mother had warned her about going too fast but she wanted to just get it over with. Moka would curse Akasha but her mind is flooded with pain, making it impossible to have any coherent thoughts.

Naruto watched as Moka didn't hesitate as she just let gravity do the work and impale herself. The moment she started downward, he sat up and covered her mouth with his. From his travels and from word of mouth (overhearing certain conversations or engaging in conversations with women himself not personal experience) he knows that the pain can range from a mild throb to severe and debilitating. It all depends on the person and the size of the object being pushed into her.

Now Naruto isn't what you would call average in size. Since his species have such large true forms, their genitalia are sized to match. The larger the fox, the larger the genitalia. The same is also true in their human forms. Kitsune females can take the largest and fattest cocks that one can imagine while the males lead the way in terms of size. They also lead the way in sex drive.

It is most unfortunate for the Kitsune that Vampires take the prize for most average stamina.

There is a reason the mating season known as Heat came about: their love for the act of procreation. It creates an insatiable need to be driven to the brink time after time by the most sexually fit and fertile. A pair of Kitsune could literally go an entire week of constant sex stopping only to rest. The need to mate even trumps eating and drinking.

Of course, being in Heat makes the nerves in the genitalia ten times more sensitive and responsive. More than once has a kitsune nearly died from pleasure overload.

And since Naruto is a Kyūbi and has the largest true form of them all…well, you do the math. It had been a pleasant, if embarrassing, little unexpected change of the transformation into the new Kyūbi .

Naruto notices Moka is coming back, guessing that the pain has finally subsisted enough for her to function. So he takes his mouth off of hers and waits for her to finish rebooting.

"Dear kami…I…I don't even know where to begin to describe how I feel," she breathes out.

She blinks and finds Naruto mere millimeters from her face. The urge to kiss him overwhelms her and she does so and pulls him closer to her. But those few short millimeters were enough to change the angle ever so slightly.

She gasps at the feeling of his weapon practically moving inside of her stomach. It is so different from anything she has ever felt before. However, her mother's words ring out to her again and this time she listens.

"Hang on."

She flips slowly through carefully practiced hand seals. She isn't quite up to snuff with the speed and she really doesn't want to mess this jutsu up.

When finished, she has her hands in a triangle formation between her thumbs and index fingers and presses it to her abdomen. Did I mention the middle of the triangle is glowing green?

That same glowing seeps into her the moment her hands touch her skin. She feels a slight tingle in her uterus (she is sure that Naruto is inside of it) before it stops.

"An anti-pregnancy jutsu," she says before Naruto can ask the obvious.

Naruto has a confused look on his face.

"Not that I'm complaining but I thought…" he trails off knowing Moka has picked up on his line of thoughts.

"It's true my species only ovulates twice a century on average. However, the one exception to this is the very first time a female Vampire is ejaculated inside of. The sperm in the uterus kick starts process, sending the female immediately into ovulation. The uterus then kills the sperm inside it so pregnancy isn't instantaneous. It is an issue because rarely do male Vampires just have one orgasm while having sex. They can recover quickly and have an upwards of five ejaculations before tiring.

"And five spurts of semen into a newly ovulating Vampire will guarantee pregnancy. Of course, we will be doing many more times than five. The jutsu I did has a 100% success rate, developed by Tsunade herself, and was the first choice for kunoichi everywhere. "

Naruto shudders at her sultry tone. He assumes that the information about the jutsu comes from Akasha as he was only taught the jutsu at age fifteen by Jiraiya. He hadn't even thought of needing to teach it.

Moka takes an exploratory shift of her hips, making Naruto's cock swirl inside of her. The sensation, while pleasurable, is odd to her. Definitely odd but the feeling left a strange desire to more, some kind of need to do it again. Once was all it took to start the fire that is now trying to make her addicted to the feeling.

Moka shifts her hips in a circle in experimentation. Next a figure eight. Then anther circle. Side to side, forward and backwards.

No matter how much or how she shifts the feeling, the necessity, to have more just intensifies instead of being satisfied. Soon Moka is swiveling on his cock constantly, already addicted to the feeling. She needs more, has to have more. If she doesn't then she is going to go insane.

Naruto, all the while, is laying there patently while Moka does her thing. His reign on his body is on lockdown right now, his will is the only thing stopping his body from taking Moka as hard as he can.

He let Moka experiment to see what she liked but he could also see the frustration on her face. So what does he do?

He does what any gentleman would do: he helps her out.

Moka gasps as Naruto takes a hold of her firm ass in both hands and squeezes before he lifts her almost completely off himself. Her body shivers at the friction but also cries out from the sudden forced emptiness. She feels cold without him in her. The sensation of the friction is ten times better than what she was doing before on her own and truthfully, she doesn't even know when he laid down instead of being up straight with her.

But then he pushes her down. A bright light explodes behind Moka's eyes as the pleasure of him hitting something so deep inside of her nearly drowns her. Nerves that had never been used are firing on all cylinders, transmitting every ounce, every scrap of pleasure to Moka's brain.

Then he does it again. This time Moka cries out in pleasure as her body is rocked with that delicious friction and then the feeling of him hitting something sends her closer and closer to the deep end.

He repeats the same motion again and again; the slow pace has Moka constantly seeing stars. Every time she bottoms out sends a jolt through her, every lift has her squirming in delight. And the entire time, his eyes haven't left hers.

Suddenly Moka's orgasm comes crashing down on her. Her body convulses and shudders while releasing large amount of fluid from her nether regions. The stars behind her eyes turn to a single blinding light, making her eyes roll into the back of her head as she passes out.

Naruto grins as Moka's unconscious form falls on top of him. It is a large ego booster to make a Shinso Vampire pass out from a pleasure overload. He's only made Akasha pass out once in the year they have been having sex.

He knows that Moka won't be out for long so he rolls them over, his un-orgasmed cock sill very hard inside her. He would be lying if he said that Moka's orgasm hadn't brought him a great amount of pleasure. She is tighter than Akasha but sill stretches easier than his first love somehow.

Naruto uses the opportunity to play with Moka's breasts. He always, always, enjoys playing with breasts. It is the best part about being intimate with someone besides the sex. Though he could get used to playing with Moka's ass too…

Moka slowly responds to Naruto holding, squeezing, massaging, kissing, sucking, tweaking, pulling, biting (softly), and rubbing his beard on her nipples. She moans as Naruto takes the left nipple into his mouth and suddenly she feels nine fluffy things all over her body.

Her eyes fly open and she sees Naruto's tails out and moving across her body. The soft fur tickles her, making her giggle and move. However, she is reminded that there is an extra large penis inside her.

"Welcome back."

Moka smiles back at him.

"Now that the fluffy stuff is over, I do believe that it is time to really begin our night."

Let it be known that once Naruto gets in the mood, there is no stopping him until it is either time to get up or he passes out from exhaustion.

Naruto rolls his hips, making Moka's eyes go wide. His thrust just now was way more powerful than anything they did before.

When Naruto rolls his hips again, she moves with him, making him grin.

And then her world bursts as he suddenly starts pounding her as a semi-fast pace (for him). The sounds of flesh on flesh echoes around the room. Moka's mind shuts down from all the pleasure. All she can do is pull herself to him and hold on for dear life.

She clings to him as he does his best to make an indention of her in the mattress. Her nails dig into his back, making him bleed slightly. Her grip is so strong that Naruto is having a little trouble breathing. He stops and pulls out, making Moka release him and look at him but before she can utter a word, Naruto moves her.

He flips her over and pulls her to him, making her get on all fours. He slips into her in a single thrust, causing her to cry out with words strong enough to make a sailor blush. He lets loose on her, his control finally broken. He stabs her over and over again for over an hour. Moka is barely coherent due to having six more orgasms, this position allowing nearly maximum penetration.

Currently, Naruto is standing over Moka, whose face is planting in the bed but her ass is still in the air. His dick is still churning her insides, going at what seems mach 3. He has yet to give up his white batter but that changes when he finally floods her passageway. It sends her into yet another orgasm but this one is different.

She can feel her body change, react to the semen inside her. That, along with her walls actually gaining the substance she worked so hard for, sends her in the most intense orgasm so far. She is vaguely aware of Naruto collapsing beside her, taking her rear with him as they are still connected.

They lay there and allow the endorphins to run their course and catch their breath.

"Holy shit"

Naruto chuckles. "Holy shit is right."

They stay like that for a while, Naruto holding the very sweaty goddess in his arms. Moka lightly moans in contentment as Naruto's fingers trace along her skin as light as a feather. However, before long, his wandering hands causes him to become hard again.

"You know, your plan failed," he speaks softly into her shoulder.

Moka doesn't turn around. "How so?"

"I saw that babydoll that you put in your case a few days ago when you weren't so careful. That and you tried to make me frustrated enough to just take you."

Moka however just smirks and rolls her hips, making him groan. "I wouldn't call it a failed plan. The result was the same, just how we arrived at it was different. Besides, this plan of mine isn't over yet."

He is very surprised when Moka pulls herself off of him. He can see her shiver from either the emptiness or from the colder air seeping into her hole as it slowly closes. He is interested as she leans over the edge of the bed reaching for something under the bed. This however, presents him with an unrestricted view of the hole he just had pounded.

He gets the feeling that she did it on purpose.

But his view is cut short as Moka finds what she is looking for and pulls her upper body back onto the bed. She has a burlap sack (a burlap sack doesn't make noise or allow someone to see inside it from the side) in her hand and she dumps the contents on the bed. Naruto's eyes go wide when he sees what she has.

There is whip cream, strawberries, K-Y Yours + Mine lube, condoms (specially ordered and the size of socks), a dildo/vibrator, a ball gag, an anal plug, fuzzy handcuffs, and a whip.

"We still have all night," she says with a sultry smile.

Naruto shivers at her tone in anticipation. He leaps at her while grabbing the bottle of lube earning a half shriek, half giggle from Moka.

Next Morning

Naruto and Moka lay on the bed breathing heavily. Their limbs are spread and hypersensitive, recovering from another very potent orgasm. The room is trashed and nearly destroyed. The bed has been reduced to almost nothing and is in a depression in the floor, the dresser is now kindling, and…

'is that the butt plug imbedded into the ceiling?'

Naruto turns his head to see the bountiful chest of his lover rise and fall with her hard breathing.

"That…I can't even begin to describe how completely awesome that was," she whispers more to herself than him.

Naruto chuckles and rolls himself over so that his head is resting on her generous left breast.

"You know, you could have told me those hand cuffs had seals on them that draws strength from the wear's yoki."

It is Moka's turn to laugh. "But what would have been the fun in that? If nothing else you can arrest people with them since they use the wear's own yoki against them, making the links unbreakable."

Naruto snorts. "Yes because getting arrested with fuzzy handcuffs is completely professional."

He smiles at the rancorous laughter that comes from her mouth at the sarcasm. He always enjoys her company when it is just the two of them. She is more open, more herself, and far less guarded. She laughs when she finds something funny, she isn't afraid to show her emotions, and she sure as hell has one of the most gorgeous moans in the world.

After a moment, a pleasant silence falls between them and while they were up all night, they are far from tired. Naruto rolls himself fully into Moka whose hands instantly find his sweaty hair. His lips lightly brush her skin, making her tingle. She grips his hair tighter as her body begins to heat up and prepares for yet another round.

However Naruto has something else in mind. In an instant, he is up and off the bed, making Moka groan in frustration and whimper from the loss of body heat. Her frustration wins as she sits up and glares at him.

"You bastard! Get back over here and finish what you started!"

Naruto is far from intimidated though. He just bends over and looks her right in the eyes.

"Nope!" and he takes off in a blur.

"Fucking asshole! When I get my hands on you!"

Moka streaks off after him, neither caring that they are indeed streaking for the public to see if there was a public to see them. Naruto allows her to catch up and baits her, just staying just out of reach. They run through the bowels of the old PSC headquarters, Naruto is always mindful of where things are and where they are.

At some point, the angry jabs and curses turn to laughter and Naruto somehow has reversed their roles. It might have something to do with his nine prehensile appendages that come out of his lower back that tickles her anytime he gets close to her. It is now Naruto giving chase back up the maze of passageways that generally slope upwards.

Naruto herds the giggling and laughing Moka around the headquarters. He finally ends it by tackling her into the shower room and pinning her to the floor with this extra 'hands' and rubbing his now hardened length against her to frustrate her more.

"I win."

Time Skip – Opening Day

Naruto holds Moka's hand as they look at each other. Moka's things have been packed and are ready to be moved to her dorm room, Naruto has new furniture, and everything is prepared for the new school year…all except one thing.

"Are you sure? There is still time," Naruto pleads with his second mate.

Moka smiles lovingly at him and hugs him firmly. She knows that he hates this and yet her counterpart deserves to have a chance to say goodbye just like everyone else. Moka's heart gives her a guilty feeling that even though Naruto hates this and is going to suffer from it that he still supports her.

"I haven't changed my mind. I feel that should at least allow her a chance to say her goodbyes just as any other sentient being. She may be an artificial construct but she has lived and made an impact on people. On top of that, she protected me. I feel obligated to at least allow her that opportunity.

"And besides, we have all eternity. Two years is a very short time frame in that respect."

Naruto nods his understanding and swallows his own feelings on the matter when Moka holds out the object of his torment to him. He takes a second before taking the choker in his hands, the multiple underlying meanings aren't lost to him.

This is a test of sorts to see if he will really support her in this. He knows that Moka and Akasha will be there for him when he needs it and with the schedule that they have worked out, he will get to see her every two weeks…but from his stand point, it feels like an eternity especially when they have spent the last two weeks never once apart for more than a few minutes.

The other part is that Moka now trusts him to touch her neck. More than that, she trusts him with something that is going to be closing around her neck until it is snug and secure.

Naruto moves forward as Moka gathers her long, silky hair and holds it out of the way. Naruto carefully puts the leather strap around her neck and secures the buckle. With that done, Moka turns around to face him with a smile on her face and is teary eyed.

In her hand is the Rosary that will seal her power. She raises it to her neck but before she can put it on, Naruto zooms forward. He attacks her lips and pins her to one of the walls. Moka moans at the rough treatment as she likes her sex rougher than what Akasha prefers. Her body responds to his advances by automatically 'fighting back'.

After a ferocious make out session, Naruto's hungry kisses turn tender.

"I'll miss you."

Moka leans in and kisses him with a smile on her face.

"I'll miss you to…damn it Naruto!" she yells at him in frustration as she feels that her underwear has grown moist. "You convinced me to have clothes on and now they are all wrinkled and I'm wet…are you going to take responsibility?" she asks with a horny grin.

Instead of a lecherous grin like hers, Naruto solemnly undoes his pants. With his member exposed, he lifts Moka's uniform skirt and pushes her underwear to the side and enters her with ease. Just like their first time, Naruto takes it slow. He hoists her legs up with his elbows and uses the wall as support to make things easier.

It is an agonizingly slow pace for both of them. Most of time, their sex is rough, exciting, and fast paced. But even the times they start out slow, their control breaks and ends in a romp.

But this time, Naruto is concentrating fully on showing Moka just how he feels about her. He is committed to keep the pace slow, to not give into his instincts to pound her into the wall until the wall breaks or she does. No, he pours his emotions into each thrust.

Moka sees his emotions flash through his eyes and feels them as he makes love to her. She never truly knew how much he felt about this until now and it makes her love him even more that he is willing to put her first over his own wants and desires. She can't help but kiss him deeply.

It takes awhile but Naruto and Moka reach their release. They come down from their highs and feel closer than ever to each other.

"Um…will you need to take a shower now? Your other self won't like having my…you know in you."

Moka shakes her head. "I like this feeling and I'll be damned if I waste it since it will be awhile before the next time I feel this. Besides, it will force her to abide by our mating practices knowing that I have your semen in me. If she tries anything with that boy or any boy for that matter, you have every right to challenge him for my hand. She will know this and won't try anything because there will be no way that you would lose to him in a fight."

Naruto nods and pulls out. While he wipes himself off, Moka puts on new underwear as her last pair are ruined and not even she likes the feeling of wet underwear plastered to her skin. Naruto buckles his pants and stands facing Moka.

An awkward silence descends on them.

"I…I guess I'll see you later then," Moka hesitantly mutters.


Moka raises the Rosary.

"Moka…I love you," he whispers almost desperately.

Moka smiles back at him with a happy smile. "I love you too."


The Rosary snaps into place and the familiar transformation takes place. Outer Moka's solid pink hair, slightly smaller bust, rounder cheeks, rosier complex, and her relaxed and slightly slouched back make an appearance.

Naruto catches Moka as the false personality sorts through carefully selected memories of the summer break, giving her a brief overview of what has transpired. Naruto sees her eyes shift back and forth behind her eyelids. He lovingly brushes a few strands of silky hair out of her face as he holds her (it is still his mate's body, just a different driver).

Moka is only partially aware of the hand that feathers over her skin as she comes back to consciousness. She feels her body's nerves start to come back to life as her brain begins to fully awaken. Her green eyes open to see herself wrapped in an embrace.

At first, she snuggles closer to the warmth, not wanting to let it go. But then she notices that this clearly male person doesn't smell like Tsukune. And then the memories sink in.

In a flash, she breaks out of Naruto's hold and is across the room. Her mind is now fully awake and digesting the sensations of a body she hasn't been in control of for quite some time. She feels her chest is heavier than normal, her legs are longer, and…and Naruto's semen rolling around inside of her.

Her heart breaks at registering that last one as she slumps to the ground. True to what Moka told Naruto, this Moka realizes that they are official mates and any attempt to court her or run away would be seen as a challenge to Naruto. It would be well within his rights to kill Tsukune should that happen.

"That's right. We are mates and there is nothing you can do about it."

(AN: True Moka's voice will be bolded while sealed)

Moka jumps at the sound of her true personality.

"Ura…why…why would you do something like this to me?"

"To you? This is my body and I decide what becomes of it. It is only by my request that you are here. I decided that you should be able to say goodbye to those you care for. You have two years so don't waste them. I am allowing you these two years as a thank you for protecting me and being like a sister to me."

True Moka's stern voice drops to a near whisper.

"I love Naruto and I plan to spend the rest of my life with him. I have given him my body to do with as he pleases. You are well aware of our mating rituals and what that entails. Please don't give Naruto a reason to feel threatened. He was against the idea but chooses to support me and by extension you. However, I know that Naruto won't allow that human to defile what he claims as his. He will protect my body to my wishes and I wish only for Naruto to touch me like that."

True Moka trails off, leaving the pinkette with a lot to think about.

"I take it Moka has explained the situation?" comes Naruto's calm and soft voice.

Moka looks up with unshed tears at Naruto's kind, yet sad smile from across the room. Naruto is still sitting on the bed but it isn't hard to see that he is restraining himself from crossing the room to her. She sees the worry in his eyes, can feel the emotion in his voice.

But instead of feeling sorry for him, revulsion wells in her. His emotions and the feeling is his semen in her sickens her to the point of being nauseous. She feels light headed when something clicks.

'What am I doing? I am a Vampire, not some scared pet who is told what to do. I have the ability and right to chose who touches me.'

Her eyes harden and her nerves steel themselves. Her entire demeanor changes. She is no longer a timid high school girl. Now she is a predator that has been backed into a corner and ready to fight.

Naruto notices how her back straightens, how her eyes take on a fierce and determined look. He can't help but see how outer Moka draws characteristics from her true self, even though they separated by a Rosary. This current trait being stubbornness and the absolute refusal to roll over and let someone walk over her.

Naruto knows he is dealing with a different battle now. Before it was just trying to get her to realize what has happened and quickly accept it. But now, now they have to deal with the pride of a Vampire and the resolve of someone who is willing to stand and fight. A different beast if you will.

So Naruto steels his own resolve. He won't let this personality take away someone he loves. He knows that he must shatter Outer Moka's pride into bits smaller than grains of sand. She must be broken or something will happen.

Faster than Moka can keep up, Naruto has her hauled up by her throat against the wall, her feet dangling off the ground. He uses just one hand to hoist her up and hold her there. Her fingers claw at him both on the arm and his face while she constantly kicks him in the legs but he uses his tails to restrain her flailing limbs.

He takes his remaining hand and grabs one of her breasts roughly making her shout in outrage. Bile rises in her throat at the thought of someone besides Tsukune touching her body. She fights him harder, using her Vampiric strength and yoki to fight her assaulter as her body rushes to aid her. However Naruto holds strong. A Shinso Vampire she may be, but when sealed she doesn't have access to more than two percent of her total yoki reserves.

In other words she stands no chance against him.

He kneads the plump breast for a moment before moving his hand lower. He cups her neither lips through her underwear, proving his dominance over her. Moka gives a pained shout as tears fall from her eyes. The feeling of revulsion and nausea builds in her as Naruto continues to fondle her.

The negative feelings climax when Naruto slips a finger into her. Her head swims and she can feel her stomach convulsing as it tries to throw up.

But just as she is about to toss up her breakfast, Naruto removes the offending hand and grips her face sternly but gently. Despite herself, she opens her eyes and looks at him with watery eyes.

"You tread of soft ground. I may put up with you because Moka asked me to but that doesn't mean that I will take being treated with distain or disrespect. This is her body and she has given it to me. I am the only one allowed to touch you or her in such a way. If I pick up the scent of another male on you, consider him to be good as dead."

To back up the threat, Naruto releases all of his tails and lets her get a good look at just how many tails he has. Her eyes go wide as she counts all nine tails waving behind him not even registering that her hands and feet are free. The fire that once was in her eyes dies at the sight. She knows that Mizore, Kurumu, and Yukari would help defend Tsukune but they would all fail miserably. There isn't a person in the world save for her grandfather and mother who could stand against such a being.

Naruto sees Moka lose the fight she once had. Tears and sobs rack the smaller frame of the woman being held up. He lets her down slowly until her knees softly make contact with the ground. He takes a deep breath and steps away from her.

Doing that has taken more out of him than he could imagine. He is now emotionally drained from nearly raping someone. It goes against his principals but…

"But it had to be done," true Moka finishes for him, her voice coming through in Naruto's head.

The ex-shinobi doesn't even jump. He had been expecting his Moka to test out the link the Rosary has created. Plus while talking with Kyūbi mentally for thirty years, he got used to a disembodied voice popping up in his head with no warning.

He didn't realize, however, that he had put his hand on the seal inside his pocket that connects their minds.

"But…but I hate myself for doing it. I despise seeing that defeated look in someone's eyes no matter who it is."

"I know and I would comfort you physically if I could but it will have to wait. For now, you should go with her to meet the rest of the Newspaper club and tell them of the arrangements."

Naruto holds out a hand to Moka to stand.

"Come on. We need to get to the Bus stop."

Moka looks up at him with puffy eyes and stands without using his help. She follows Naruto out of the room as he creates several clones to take her things to her dorm room. It is a very quiet, very long walk. Naruto would normally Shunshin to his destination since the PSC is headquartered on the opposite side of the main school building from the bus stop but since this Moka isn't used to traveling in such a way, it would end up with disastrous results.

The normal ten minute walk to the main school building is turned into a stifling and awkwardly quiet trudge to the other side of the dimension. Neither speak despite both being painfully aware of the silent tension between them. Naruto leads the way at a brisk pace with Moka a few steps behind him, her legs clamped shut as much as possible making her walk slightly pigeon toed.

The reason behind this is the man juice inside her is sloshing around and some of it is leaking. She wants to go to her room and scrub herself until her skin bleeds but for the life of her, she can't find her voice. She just looks at the ground and follows, hoping for whatever is going to happen to be over quickly.

They arrive at their destination with time to spare. The silence and tension is palpable between them. Luckily that is broken as the bus arrives.

It is amazing how many the forty foot bus holds. The yellow monstrosity opens the door and wave after wave of students exits. After about thirty people, Naruto and Moka see the Kurumu step off. Her attire hasn't changed a bit but her bust seems to have grown just as Moka's has over the long break.

She spies Moka and waves animatedly as she skips over to them. On a side note, she gives nearly all the males nose bleeds from her bouncing bosom. As she makes her way through the now sea of students all standing around and getting to know each other again, she sees several things wrong with the picture.

For one, Moka doesn't have a huge group of first years around her either hounding her for tips on how to make themselves more beautiful or guys drooling all over her. Second the reason for there not to be a group around her seems to be from the deep frown that is scaring people away. Third reason is that she has a frown. She rarely has a frown and is generally smiling as part of her chipper personality. In fact the only times when she really frowns is…

"Hey Moka. Why the long face?"

The Vampire lowers her gaze to the ground and shifts her in Naruto's direction before quickly finding something interesting on the ground. It is very subtle but Kurumu spots it. She looks where Moka did and finally spots Naruto.

He himself is standing a few feet from Moka looking over those who are still disembarking. He spots Mizore exiting but turns to face Kurumu as she rounds on him.

"What did you do to her?" she shouts at him.

Her bags are suddenly discarded and hands are up, her nails are elongated, her feet spread, and her knees bent slightly in a battle ready stance. The crowd of student suddenly stops moving as does all movement. They all watch, wondering what this is about and what's going to happen.

Naruto, however, raises an eyebrow at her, far from intimidated.

"Do I need to remind you about transforming while on school grounds, even partial ones?"

She is slightly taken aback by his attitude and total disregard for her as a potential threat, but doesn't let that deter her. She maintains her stance but retracts her claws. She doesn't need any reminders about just who annihilated Kuyou last year.

"What did you do to Moka?" she repeats with firm determination.

Just then Mizore walks onto the tense scene. Instead of asking, she shrugs off her bags and joins Kurumu. She doesn't know what this is about but she is going to help her friend. This of course draws an even bigger crowd. The four of them (that includes Moka) are now encircled by a wall of students several times thick.

Naruto sighs and calmly waves Kurumu and Mizore down.

"I'll explain later. Right now I'm waiting on the last of the Newspaper Club to be present."

Mizore frowns at his attitude but relaxes. When Kurumu doesn't, she drags her duet partner over to Moka. She too notices that something is wrong. But she problem solves that Kurumu already talked to Moka and got that Naruto is the issue and from Kurumu's question at Naruto, she knows that Moka didn't divulge the problem.

The crowd of students all move away at Naruto's instruction, disappointed that nothing happened.

The group waits in silence as more and more students get off the bus. Yukari enthusiastically joins them but even she is affected by the tense and somber atmosphere.

After over one hundred more students the flow finally tapers off. Last to get off the bus is the brown haired Tsukune. He had been the first stop of the driver's hundreds of pickups from all over the world. He had been hopeful to see Moka on the bus but didn't see any of his fellow Newspaper Club members, though that was because he was clear at the back of the bus and couldn't see who was getting on after the fiftieth stop.

For Moka, the damn breaks when she sees him. Her eyes tear and she rushes him, throwing her arms around his neck and crying on his chest. Tsukune is so shocked that his luggage is on the ground, sent flying by the pink missile and he with her.

He doesn't even register that he is on the ground as his attention is completely on the girl using his chest as a tissue. He holds her as she continues to unleash her tears.

If everyone didn't know something was wrong, they do now.

Luckily for them, most of the students have wondered off to the dorms to put their things away by now.

Naruto allows Moka to cry on the human for a few minutes before interrupting.

"Now that everyone is here, let's go to the Newspaper club room."

Naruto starts walking but nobody follows though Moka has dried her tears. Said blond can sense that they aren't following and he stops and slightly turns to them.

"That wasn't a suggestion."

He put a little KI into the air, making most of the others shiver in fear enough to follow along. Once again, it is a very quiet trip.

While moving through the halls of the school, the others are curious as to the lack of change. They figured that it would have been a little different. But they arrive quickly at the designated room and find it ready for use.

Naruto directs them to a table where they sit in chairs while he himself finds a seat on a neighboring table. He spies that Moka is practically sitting on Tsukune's lap who has a smug expression on his face. Naruto has to restrain himself from knocking his face off.

"I'll try to keep this brief. However, there are many things we need to discuss. First off, the PSC will become a club again. As the head of the PSC I would like to partner with the Newspaper Club to one: make people aware of what the PSC is doing. Two: to recruit those wanting to join. Three: to have a spot where we recognize outstanding members.

"Of course, this partnership would go both ways. You guys would get first crack at any stories I deem safe enough to release though any names or places would be omitted. It would also allow you to undercover any 'corruption' that may occur but before you publish anything you must come to me or your sponsor first. Also, it will allow you to have interviews with those willing to be interviewed."

Naruto gives them a second to think it over before continuing.

"I have heard quite a lot about how the previous leader of the PSC went about things. I understand the need for transparency. While I don't expect there to be any abuse of power, I know that turning a blind eye to it or not even having an eye open is on the same level.

"That brings me to my second point of why we are here. One of you will be joining the PSC and have dual club membership. And that is Moka."

The reactions are instantaneous. Moka is suddenly on her feet and raising her voice.

"They hell I'll join your club!" she shouts at the top of her lungs in outrage.

Naruto just stands there fixing her with a disapproving stare after lazily cleaning out his ear from her shout.

"It has already been decided and even approved by the Chairman. In fact he proposed you being in both clubs."

Moka feels her legs go weak by his tone and stare but she holds onto the hope that she can get out of this.

"I refuse."

Naruto sighs. "Look, as I said it has already been decided. You can't back out."

At this point Tsukune stands up.

"Stop bullying her. She said she doesn't want to so leave it alone. And besides, who decided? You and your 'infinite' wisdom?"

Naruto gives him a hard stare, backing it with a tiny bit of KI. This has the effect of making Tsukune sweat a little.

"No, I didn't make this decision. In fact I was against it but someone was adamant about it. I will not accept any less than her in the PSC."

From within Moka's mind she receives a warning.

"You had better tell that idiot of a human to keep his mouth shut. I can't guarantee his safety should he say something stupid…"

"And who was this 'someone'? Some whore I bet. Moka has told you quite clearly that she doesn't want to and you can't make her," Tsukune nearly shouts as he puts his arm around Moka and turns her around to leave the room.

"just like that."

Up to this point, the three other females have been quiet. They have been listening in and trying to decide where this is going. But when Tsukune made his whore comment, they knew he was in trouble. They can see the raw yoki pouring out of Naruto's body as he obviously tries to control himself.

"Sit down and be quiet," comes the powered voice of Naruto as he shakes with rage. He is trying so hard not to rip the human's head off but it is a battle he is slowly losing.

As for Tsukune, he has gone so pale from all the yoki being directed at him that he could be considered albino minus the eyes. However, even they are starting to go red from the blood vessels that are rupturing from the pressure.

Suddenly Naruto rushes forward and the four females spring into action to save their friend. However, he bypasses Tsukune completely before they can even get out of their chairs.

They all blink as Naruto is now behind them with a clearly unharmed Tsukune. Their confusion ends when a surge of yoki gathers their attention to Moka…who's Rosary is now in Naruto's hand.

Before they can register how Naruto can take of the Rosary, yoki from Moka bursts like a damn and turns black and is now visible to the naked eye. The four who haven't seen the new Moka stand in both awe and trepidation at the sheer amount of the thick, almost visceral yoki that is pouring out of Moka like a breached damn.

Their jaws drop as they take in Moka's new appearance. However, she doesn't give them much time to ogle her as she moves immediately to Naruto. As she nearly runs to him, she creates two Shadow Clones, again startling the four others. She barely gets a hold of him before she shunshins away from the location to calm Naruto down without interference.

Their sudden disappearance surprises the room into action again. Tsukune, knowing how much he is in trouble because of his mouth tries to make a run for it but Moka blocks the door by getting to it first without even trying.

She catches him by the throat and effortlessly drags him back to the group. She not-so-gently 'puts' him back into a chair with the others.

"Sit down and shut up. You will listen to me and you will not question, you will not interrupt, and you most assuredly will abide by the rules I set. Now if you are done being a complete idiot and running that mouth of yours, I will explain what has happened over the summer."

The four know an order when they hear it.

"First of all, I have mated with Naruto. We are an officially mated pair, which means we have had sex…lots of sex. In fact, our last time was an hour or so before you arrived."

The shock on the other females of the group is instantaneous. Their mouths drop (even further) and their eyes bug out. However, one reaction is different.

Tsukune's chest feels like he has gotten shot in the chest.

"You…you had…sex…with him?" he manages out between the numbness spreading to his extremities.

"Yes I did. And it was the most intense and pleasure filled moments of my life. Of course I have to share him but I don't mind so much and he is all mine for the time being," she says out loud more to herself than anything.

Curiosity gets the better of the Succubus who is very interested in hearing more about how Naruto is in bed. While she loves Tsukune, a part of her will always be looking for the next sexual adventure because of the carnal nature of her species. That however, doesn't mean that she will partake in such actions. Mind over matter and whatnot.

"Who is this other person?" she asks, her curiosity on her shoulder.

"My mother," comes the causal answer like it should be obvious.

Tsukune looks at her with revulsion.

"He has slept with both you and your mother? That's sick. I hope he burns in…"

"Finish that sentence and Naruto isn't going to be the only one having a hard time keeping his anger under control," Clone Moka threatens. "And why should I be offended? He has known her far longer than I have known him. In fact, I had to earn my way into his heart and his bed since he and my mother have been mated for over six months now.

"But I know he loves me and I love him. I plan on spending the rest of my undying days with him."

Mizore, Yukari, and Kurumu file that tad of information away for later. There is a moment of silence before Tsukune goes and ruins it again.

"Bu…but that is just…just…revolting."

Moka turns a serious eye to the human when Kurumu decides to jump in to save his life.

"Tsukune, you know I'm a Succubus right?"

He turns his eyes to the blue haired friend for the first time in a while.


She looks down for a moment.

"So you know that I am not human right?"

Tsukune gives her an annoyed look.

"Yes, I know you're not human. Please get to the point."

Kurumu turns a hurt look into an angry one.

"The point is, Tsukune, is that Yōkai have different values and mentalities than humans, hell our anatomy is different. A Succubus is made for sex. Our entire existence is all about the giving and receiving of pleasure of all kinds and our bodies and minds reflect that.

"Do you know how I learned about sex? My mother pulled me into her bedroom when I was eight and had me watch as she did things to her Mate of Fate that would make you orgasm instantly just hearing about it. After that was the study of anatomy and the pleasure centers of both women and men of many species. Then came the practical knowledge. I used both seducing and pleasure techniques on my mother and father to gain experience.

"And just so you know, yes I had sex with my parents at the age of fourteen, not a few weeks before coming here!"

Kurumu takes a deep breath to calm herself after her tirade. She knows she shouldn't have shared that last bit but her anger at Tsukune's attitude had gotten the better of her. She looks at Tsukune's horrified and green face with softness now that her anger is somewhat abated.

"The whole point of that was to demonstrate that what humans view as moral has no bearing in the world of Yōkai. Vampires live forever so age and familial ties doesn't mean much of anything. If mother and daughter want to share a mate, then the only thing stopping them is each other."

Kurumu moves closer to him. "Mizore's a Yuki-onna. Yukari's a witch. I'm a Succubus. Moka's a Vampire. Naruto's…whatever he is. We aren't human so don't treat us like we are. We have no inhibitions for things like incest or age gaps. If we feel the desire or love for another, we go for it. Plain and simple as that."

Moka nods her head in Kurumu's direction, her respect for the woman having just gone up a bit. She draws the attention back to herself by clearing her throat.

"Thank you for that explanation and disturbing, yet wonderful insight, into the Succubus culture. Now to continue, I'll start by explaining what happened after everyone got off the bus.

"Unknown to me or Omote, Naruto was on the bus that took everyone home. He and I got off at my father's castle where I would stay for the duration of the break. He had business with my father as he was the last one to know of Mother, who had been searching for.

"My father, however, didn't like that. He and my two older sisters attacked him with intent to kill. Obviously, Naruto didn't die. He fought off two elder Vampires plus one over fifty…and he wasn't even at 30% power."

Moka pauses for effect.

"Let that be an example of just how strong he is. Don't give him any reason to target you. You. Will. Not. Survive," she punctuates. "Anyways, he slept for a few days in which I took care of him. I had decided that he would be my mate as I had no idea as to why he was looking for my mother.

"Anyways, I drank his blood after he awoke. The pent up yoki in him flowed into me as it had been bottled up for well over a century. It activated my Shinso blood, which shattered my Rosary and is why I look like I do."

"You are related to Lord Shinso?" This outburst comes from a gob smacked Yukari.

Moka nods to the young witch. It isn't surprising that the fledgling border-being would be the first to make the connection.

"Yes. He is my Grandfather though my familial relation to him has nothing to do with my power. In order to understand that, you must first know the difference between him and the rest of us.

"Wait, hold the phone. Who is this 'Lord' Shinso character?" Tsukune asks.

He cries out when Yukari gib smacks him on the back of the head.

"He is only the most powerful Vampire and Yōkai ever on this planet. He rules over the Ayashi with an iron will."

Moka again nods.

"If all stupid questions have been asked, I'll continue," she growls at Tsukune.

"As you all know, a Vampire's power comes from blood. The stronger the blood, the stronger the Vampire for the most part. When he created the Vampires, he…watered down his powers for lack of a better term. They would have his strength and yoki manipulating abilities but less than a third of what he can do.

"Now normally when an offspring is produced, that child carries the blood of the parents. However Shinso blood is different. Mother was the first one chosen to be his successor more than five hundred years ago. She physically wasn't his daughter but became so after a blood transfusion.

"See, Shinso blood isn't hereditary. It must be absorbed. When I was a newborn, I was sickly. I was dying for unknown reasons. Mother gave me her Shinso blood in order to save my life.

"Shinso blood is very powerful. So powerful that it can rip the body apart if it isn't ready to activate. The Rosary I wore before was designed to suppress my Shinso blood, to stave off its activation until I was ready for it.

"So when I drank Naruto's blood and yoki, the seal broke, allowing my Shinso blood to surface. But I'm not a pure Shinso. My body wasn't drained and replaced like Mother's, just injected. The result is a partial transformation. Had I undergone a full transformation, I would look just like Omote with full pink hair instead of just highlights.

"Anyways, the Rosary had a secondary function: to alert Mother when it breaks and give her my location. I met up with her and for the next year, we lived with Mother at Shinso castle. During this time, I fell in love with Naruto and only just recently officially became his Bloodmate.

"When Naruto received word when classes would be starting up again, I asked Mother for another Rosary. However, I didn't do it out of obligation. I regard Omote as a sister. She has made friends so she should be able to say goodbye to them."


'Moka' looks at the gathered Newspaper club and drops the bomb.

"At the end of my third year, the Rosary will be removed permanently and Omote will no longer exist."

Silence reigns in the room for a solid minute before three of the four people explode into yells.

"You can't take away Moka. How will I get a Moka/Tsukune sandwich?"

"You call her a sister and yet you do this?"

"I won't let you take my friend away!"

The room goes quiet as they all look at Kurumu for her vehement defense of the full pinkette.

"What? Don't look at me like that. Moka may be a rival in love but she is still my friend. I won't allow you just kill her," she shouts in defense from her own friends.

However, a quick flare of yoki from 'Moka' gets their attention.

"You don't have a choice. It is my decision and mine alone. None of you are strong enough to fight me even if you ganged up on me. And besides, if you attack me, you will gain Naruto's wrath as well and that confrontation you have no chance of winning," Moka lets the silence permeate for a moment before continuing.

"And as for your protests, Yukari that is just disturbing. I will not allow my body to be touched in that way by anyone other than Naruto. Tsukune, I do think of her as a sister. She has been with me for several years during my time in the human world. She protected me and kept me from feeling completely alone. However, this is my body and I refuse to take a back seat while someone lives out my life for me.

"But I did say in two years. As she has made friends, she will have this year and next to say goodbye and live with supervision. But there are stipulations. One being Omote is in the PSC. Only other one is I will get let out every two weeks for a weekend so I can spend time how I want. I will do homework and any other assignments she has been given at the time.

"But I warn you. Do not scheme or help her scheme away out of this. If Naruto or I find out that one of you did help her, God help you."

To back up her words, she gives off a burst of yoki that makes them sweat and Tsukune to nearly pass out.

Just then a puff of smoke arises from the middle of the room. The clone seems to know what this means and dispels itself. When the smoke clears, a calm Naruto and the real Moka are there with Moka hugging Naruto.

"I see that my clone has explained the situation to you. Good. That means we don't have to waste any breath on the subject."

"Oh yes we do. How the hell can you treat someone so callously?" Kurumu shouts.

Naruto is surprised by Kurumu's vehemence but Moka isn't.

"It is the world we live in. If there was a way for the other Moka to live outside of me, then I'd do that. However there isn't. I will not sit on the sidelines while someone uses my body while the people I love are alive. I won't subjugate them or me to that.

"And since you are so caught up with 'fairness' explain how it would be fair for me to be aware and awake and not be able to control my own body while the personality in charge uses my body to touch and be touched in ways that I have only given one person? She may claim to love Tsukune but he isn't a Vampire and therefore doesn't have both stamina to sate her nor the longevity to provide her long term emotional support. Let me tell you that Vampires have amazing stamina that one such as Tsukune could never hope to keep up with. Seventy to eighty years of sexual frustration can add up and lead to actions both of you would regret and me consequently.

"But what if after Tsukune dies and she finds someone else to love? Or before? I could be locked away for a very long time all because my other self is being selfish. What fairness is there to me? She has served her purpose and I'm allowing her to do more than what she was meant for."

The four are in quiet thought for a while.

"But is still doesn't seem right," Kurumu says softly.

She gets up from her desk and approaches Naruto. She gets right in his face and seems to evaluate him. However, when her eyes make contact with his, he feels her try to put a charm on him. His anger returns and reverses the charm while amplifying it.

The others are very confused as to why Kurumu suddenly drops to the ground on all fours and starts panting like a dog. She goes and sniffs Naruto's foot then his leg. After she is satisfied, she goes over to Moka and starts to sniff her. When Moka's eyes meet hers, she sees the glazed over look and now understands.

But Kurumu suddenly returns to herself just after she licked something on the floor.


"That, Succubus, was for trying to charm me." Kurumu's head whips around. She cowers when she sees his angry look. "Next time you try it, I'll make it far worse than make you acting like a puppy."

"H…how?" is the only thing she can sputter.

"Because my species is where you got your illusion capabilities from. Even as strong as you are with illusions you will never be able to beat me with them."

Kurumu is suddenly hit with another illusion but this one only gives her the sight and sound of a snarling nine tailed fox for a few seconds. Her eyes go wide as she puts together what Inner Moka said about being with him forever.

She doesn't realize when Tsukune arrives to help her back to her seat at Naruto's request…order.

"Now that we have finished a good part of why you are here let us move on. Since the PSC will be a club this year and as the head of that club, I would like a section of the paper to promote exemplary members and raise awareness of the dangers of Fairy Tale and the like. You don't have to but it would be appreciated.

"However, I think that we should have all the members of the Newspaper club present."

As Naruto was speaking, Kurumu had come back to her senses. She looks up with her amethyst eyes at Naruto. She sees the air around Naruto shimmering and it is only her own skills with it that she recognizes it as an illusion. Her eyes register that the Naruto and Moka talking to the others is the illusion but can't see through it, only that it exists.

What Kurumu doesn't see is that Naruto is saying goodbye to Moka and thanking her for calming him down. They are heavily making out as to not get the others riled up. Moka wanted to have sex again but Naruto declined and is settling for groping her through her clothes. He can tell she is getting frustrated and breaks it off before she can act on it.

"I'm sorry but unless you want to stay out more, the other Moka needs to be out. I'll talk to you later ok?"

Moka nods and kisses him once more, disappointed that her Naruto time has to be interrupted. But that doesn't mean she doesn't recognize that it need to happen. She faces forward and waits.

Naruto's illusion finishes talking and then dispels. Only Kurumu knows that there was an illusion there to begin with. She wonders just how strong Naruto is that he can cast an illusion to such magnitude and not even show it physically.

Naruto picks up the end of the chain from Moka's puffed out chest, something that nobody misses. He gives her a small smile and puts the Rosary back on.

As the transformation completes, Moka slumps over again. Naruto catches her and holds her until she regains her balance and consciousness. He glares at Tsukune, who got up to hold Moka, making him sit back down. Within a minute, outer Moka is back in her seat.

"Now then, the last reason I called you all here is to tell you this. Neither Moka nor I will tolerate slanderous accusations against me or my club. That includes false accusations on members or staff. This is why I was informed that Ruby Toujo will be a secondary sponsor since your original sponsor, Shizuka Nekonome, doesn't take her responsibilities serious enough to be the final editor.

"Now that is over, I bid you good day. And remember that there are consequences for your actions. Moka, you will get this weekend to adjust but next weekend is hers."

With that, Naruto gets up and walks out of the room to patrol and do whatever PSC things that need done.

Inside the room, the others are still silent and sitting. This is broken when Moka slowly stands up.

"I…I need to…I'm going to my room."

Tsukune quickly stands too.

"I'll go with you."

"No!" Everyone seems to jump at her sudden exclamation. "I just…need some time to think. Alone," she finishes much softer this time.

Moka moves to the door and walks out into the hallway. Tsukune stands there for a moment before walking after her. However, his progress is impeded by a smoking hot succubus.

"Leave her be."

Kurumu pulls him back to the table where she situates her chair next to his and leans her head on his shoulder.

Silence reigns for a moment before Kurumu speaks up again.

"Tsukune, I'm sorry," Kurumu starts, causing Tsukune to look at her. "I went too far in my explanation. I shouldn't have told you about having sex with my parents. But I got angry after you tried to brush me off. All I wanted to do is illustrate the difference between Ayashi and humans.

"For humans, even talking about sex with children before they are ready is detrimental to their mental health and development. It leads to all kinds of scarring and trauma that they can't handle; their minds aren't ready for that kind of realization.

"However, as I said before, Succubae are so meant for sex, we are designed for it. You will never see an ugly Succubus or Incubus. Our nervous system in our genitalia and erogenous zones are beefed up to take more input and more than three times the number of nerve endings that humans have, allowing us to feel every little bit of pleasure. Succubae doesn't have a pesky hymen, we feed off of sexual energy. Our traditions and society tell us that the art of pleasure is passed down from parent to child through experience.

"You say it is disgusting watching your parents having sex, we see it as something beautiful to learn from. When two Mate of Fates bond through sex, there is nothing more stunning, though it is far from elegant and sometimes more than a little violent at times. It is something that parents look forward to, to pass on their skills, to bond with their child on a level that few can understand."

Kurumu takes a silent break.

"I'm sure that Mizore's mother took great pleasure in teaching her about stalk…stealth and tracking. She probably trained her in using her powers. The same is probably true for Yukari's parents in teaching her about nature and using magic.

"The point is, again, Ayashi have completely different values," Kurumu finishes.

The room is silent they all digest what she said. Who knew that Kurumu could be so observant and communicative?

"Did…did it feel wrong?"

Kurumu shakes her head.

"When a Succubus becomes of age, they seek out the next adventure whether it be carnal or not. There is only one thing that makes a Succubus or Incubus stop seeking people to have sex with. It is when she or he finds their Mate of Fate, or their Destined One. After she/he has been found him/her, a Succubus or Incubus will swear off all others for life, even others of their race, even if their mate dies.

"The only exception is when a child is born. The parents are tasked and given the privilege of passing on experience and knowledge to their offspring both through teaching and field experience. It isn't considered disgusting but something to cherish. It forms a bond and signifies that the parents acknowledge their child has come of age.

"And if we have a child, you will be expected to do the same."

Kurumu pauses at the outraged look on his face. However, she continues on despite his attitude.

"Believe it or not, for a Succubus and Incubus the ejaculate of the opposite sex is the best source of the energy we use to get stronger, more beautiful, more charming. While we eat normal food and can gather energy without sex, there is no better source or way to get it.

"So…your dad…he…" Tsukune trails off.

"Came inside me? Yes. My father is the first Incubus in three decades. So being of the same species as my mother, he was more than willing to release himself inside me. It felt fantastic, feeling the way it moves when you do, the warmth it provides. Plus being a creature made for pleasure, he was able to go multiple rounds," Kurumu answers unabashedly.

"But aren't you worried about pregnancy?" Tsukune asks alarmed and disgusted with what he just heard.

By this point Kurumu's head is off Tsukune's shoulder. She sighs at his offended look and answers patiently.

"Tsukune, you aren't getting the point. The Succubus race is different. The only way we can get pregnant or impregnate someone is if we recognize that person as our Destined One. It doesn't matter how many times or how much sperm is pumped directly into my womb, I won't get pregnant by anyone else except my Mate. If my mind says no, then it won't happen.

Tsukune takes a deep breath and stands.

"I…need some air."

Kurumu nods and watches Tsukune stiffly walk out of the room. He hadn't realized until now just how much they differed in both physiologically and psychologically.

She sits in silence, for the first time in her life, thinking more than feeling. She didn't want to tell Tsukune these things about her so soon, lest she drive him off. But now that is exactly what may happen. Fear grips Kurumu as her brain becomes pessimistic.

However, one thought creeps into her bleak outlook of the situation.

'At least this way he knows now. I'd rather him reject me now than after we become intimate.'

It is at this point Kurumu is reminded that she isn't alone by a chair sliding. She looks over to Yukari who is getting up from her chair and Mizore who has been quiet this entire time. Her emotions flare, mostly anger and frustration, and she needs to vent it and the most convenient target is right in front of her.

"Are you going to say something or are you content with losing a friend?" Kurumu asks viciously to the Yuki-Onna.

Mizore turns her light blue eyes to her white duet partner, though there is a little conflict in them. She picks her words carefully knowing that the Succubus is already ready to claw something in half.

"I don't see what the point is. We trained last year to fight Moka for Tsukune and now that she is being taken out of the picture you want to save her? All I came here for was to find a father for my children and I have found him. The less competition I have for his attention, love, and more importantly, his semen, the better. That is the way I see it.

"I don't have the same friendship you have with her. I've always contented myself with watching from afar while you did the talking and the fighting. And what can we do? You heard Moka the same as me. With her new powers as well as Naruto and her relatives, we can't win in a fight."

"So you're just going to give up?!" Kurumu shouts completely missing the fact that this is the most she has ever heard Mizore speak at one time.

"I understand her wanting to live in her own body, her wanting to be a part of things now and not later. Have you thought of this from her perspective? She is giving up most of two years for our Moka to say goodbye. She is giving up two years of spending time with people she loves, of doing things she likes to do.

"She didn't have to do this and instead of being grateful for the opportunity to live like a normal teenager and say goodbye to us, you all are acting like spoiled children. I am glad that we get to say goodbye as she is my friend who I can trust to watch my back."

"But doesn't she have the right to live as well? And aren't you stabbing her in the back? She will be counting on us for help."

Mizore shakes her head. "From the explanation that Moka gave us, it is clear that the Moka we know is a fake personality made or one given by the Rosary. Either that or she has Multiple Personality Syndrome (*AN: Also known as Dissociative Identity Disorderor D.I.D.*). Either way, she isn't the main personality and therefore the decision doesn't rest with us or our Moka.

"It isn't an unreasonable request to want to live one's own life. Out of all of you, I have the most objective view and I agree with Moka and Naruto. The bonus is just less competition for Tsukune."

Having said her mind, Mizore stands and silently leaves the room knowing that her presence will just cause more trouble. Instead of her normal habit of stalking Tsukune, she goes to her room to think things over. This leaves Yukari and Kurumu alone. Kurumu hears sniffling beside her and sees Yukari trying desperately to hold back tears.

"Do…do you really…think that Moka will be…"

Kurumu smiles sadly at the young witch before drawing her into a hug, her emotions purged to an acceptable level for now. She can't really blame Mizore for her point of view. And it does make sense. Hell, she doesn't want to go against Naruto knowing just what he is. But Moka is her friend and friends help each other.

Kurumu tries to shake the confusing and circling thoughts from her head and concentrates on Yukari as the young witch breaks and drenches her sweater but she couldn't care less. All that matters is a friend needs a shoulder (or boob) to cry on.

"I don't know Yukari. I don't know."

Time Skip – 4 Months

Things at Yōkai Academy are running smoothly…well as smoothly as one can get at a school for Monsters. Classes are in full swing, clubs are doing club things, students are learning and staying out of trouble.

And most of this is due, again, to Naruto. Him and his army of clones keep the students in line and the more…eccentric teachers out of trouble. All except for a few things and most of them revolved around a girl whose name starts with the letter M.

The Newspaper Club has, for the most part, avoided him. The only time he really sees them is when he drops Moka off and puts her Rosary back on at the end of their time. Every single member avoids him except Mizore and Ruby. She is the only one who won't go out of her way. She doesn't wave or acknowledge him but her stigma against him is less than the others.

He and Ruby talk quiet frequently due to her position in the Newspaper Club. She has caught a few attempts to slander Naruto's name and informed him of such things. But those conversations are short. Most of their conversations are about their teachers and how they became a parent to them. They trade stories and life lessons though Naruto has a great deal more in both areas as he had been old enough to understand Jiraiya and his got more time with him as well.

His friendship with Ruby makes Moka somewhat jealous but not enough that she avoids the witch.

And just as Naruto predicted, Outer Moka was very paranoid of him. She avoids him when possible and when not, i.e. helping with the PSC, she completely ignores him. Also true to form is the fact that she uses her time to try and undermine his authority and dig up any dirt. His only reprieve is every other weekend when his Moka is let out.

He practically worships her when she is out and spends every second he can with her knowing that their time together is short. He feeds her, takes her on walks, trains her. They talk whenever they can, mostly for him to vent and not feel so lonely. It is hard going from constant companionship to being avoided.

He spends a little extra time with her on Mondays with Shadow Clones. It would only last a day before dispelling. He found this out the first day when the students arrived.

Who paid attention to the fact that Moka summoned two clones?

Most of the time, they talk through the seal on Moka's Rosary so that Naruto one: can talk to her without having to go to Outer Moka and ripping off the seal. And two: so that he has a way of keeping an eye on Moka's body from the woman herself.

But lately things have been changing. Before they would talk everyday for hours at a time. Sometimes he would tell her a story how he saved someone or of the many people he met. Other times they would talk about theory, religion, science, politics, etc.

However things started changing two weeks ago. His Moka has been getting more and more tired. They have gone from talking every few hours to once every few days. But this is one of her weekends. Now he will get some answers.

He walks to the meeting place that they have used every time. It is a little off the beaten path on the way to the PSC headquarters, enough to be granted some privacy but not too far out of the way.

He sees the pink Moka already standing there. Despite Inner Moka explaining that anyone can take the Rosary, she still hangs onto those last few minutes. She only stays around long enough to send a glare that could melt steel. Only after this does she remove the Rosary as she won't let him get within five feet of her.

This time is no different. He approaches Moka, eager to see his love. She sends him the usual glare which he throws off quite easily before snatching the Rosary from her chest.

Naruto awaits the usual flare of yoki but is very surprised when it is muted, dulled. He watches the transformation but it is much slower this time taking minutes what took seconds before.

When the Moka of his heart finally finishes transforming, he walks forward to steady her as she staggers and pitches about on her feet. Her eyes are closed and she snuggles into his warmth as he takes them to the ground. Naruto frowns as this is the exact look and way she wakes up in the mornings.

"Moka-chan, wake up."

Moka stirs but stubbornly refuses to wake.

A tiny bit of panic sets into the pit of Naruto's stomach. He has no idea what is wrong with her but he doesn't like it. It doesn't matter how adorable she looks at the moment. He needs answers and most of all…reassurance.

Knowing it won't hurt her, he summons his yoki and condenses it, converting it to water. It starts as a slow trickle but as Moka's sleep continues so does the panic and the worry.

In a very rare break of character, Naruto loses his patience. All of a sudden a few gallons of cold water are dumped on Moka, drenching her and himself in the process. However he could care less at this point as his Moka finally awakes.

And promptly gets an elbow in the crotch as she flails about in the sudden manner of her awakening.

But Naruto takes it in stride. He takes her thrashing hands in his own, whispering words that will hopefully calm her down. When that doesn't work, he floods the area with his yoki hoping that being surrounded by it will have the desired effect.

Lucky for him, it does. Moka's body relaxes as her brain registers whose lap her head is laying in. Her green eyes meet his blue ones. She sees the worry and the anxiousness clear as day and is only slightly surprised when he scoops her up and hugs her for dear life.

She wraps her arms around him as her sharp mind catalogs where she is and why she is wet. But her full attention turns to Naruto when she smells a tear roll from the corner of his left eye.

Now she knows something is very wrong. Never before has she or her mother seen him so worried, so broken. She breaks the hug and gently takes his face in her hands.

"What's wrong?"


The words just don't seem to come as Naruto fights a nervous breakdown. In an instant, their roles are reversed and Naruto is in Moka's lap, her arms wrapped tightly around him.

"Shhh…calm down. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere."

She repeats this mixed in with other soothing words until Naruto's breathing has evened out. She doesn't let him go and rests her head on his shoulder.

"Tell me"

Such a simple command and one that Naruto's mind and body obeys without second thought.

"I…I was so afraid. You've been tired lately and when the Rosary came off, you were so asleep I had to dump water on you. I didn't know what to do. I still don't know what to do."

In all his years of living, panic is the one thing he has had the least contact with. His shinobi career never really panicked him. He was too well trained to panic and freeze up or lose it. When he died, he felt a strange sense of calmness and serenity that truly didn't belong at all. Gure's death wasn't sudden. He died of old age, very long lived for a wolf his size, so he had time to come to terms with it.

However losing Moka and Akasha absolutely terrifies him. Now that he thinks back, he realizes that the panic and worry started the moment she showed any deviation. The knowledge that something was wrong combined with the inability to do something about it left a hole on the bottom of his stomach.

"Come on. Let's get inside."

Without asking or uttering a word, Moka shunshins them to their room. The instant that they arrive, Naruto spins and takes her to the mattress, pulling her flush against himself. He does nothing but hold her and she him for a while.

After assuaging his fears and worry, she kisses him briefly.



An awkward silence claims the room. It permeates the room until Naruto has had enough of it and shatters it.

"Any ideas on what's going on?" Naruto bluntly asks.

He spies Moka's 'thinking face' and remains quiet while she gathers her thoughts.

"Only one. Over the past year, I've become accustomed to not having my yoki suppressed and now that it is, the yoki is becoming dormant. Since my personality is directly linked to my yoki, it could be that I'm going into a hibernation of sorts.

"It happened before. When my Rosary was first put on when I was seven, I fell asleep and was awoken by Tsukune when he first took the Rosary off. I was asleep for eight years with knowing very little of what was going on."

Naruto sits in silence, thinking about what Moka said. It makes sense but…

"But what about your freshman year? Why didn't the same thing happen? You had the Rosary off far less then than now so why the change?"

He feels Moka give a shrug.

"I don't know. I can't explain it. I just feel tired all the time. Even now I'm tired. But I can deal with it while out. Now let's enjoy this time while we can."

Naruto doesn't like the icy feeling in his stomach but if his love wants him to put it to the side, he will if only to enjoy the time he has with her.

Time Skip – One Month

Even with that conversation, Naruto's worry has been increasing. Despite Moka's reassurance, Naruto doesn't feel any better about Moka's increasing sleep schedule. The technical term for this is Idiopathic Hypersomnia.

Since his weekend with Moka, he has heard from her twice and one of those was from her customary shadow clone which is also lethargic and tired. It dispelled itself only a few hours after the Rosary went on. When his weekend came again, he pulled off the Rosary and much to his and Outer Moka's surprise, nothing happened. This set off several alarms in his head and not one to ignore such strong warnings, he acts upon it.

His first suspect is, of course, Outer Moka. He has several clones follow her at all times and even raiding her room a few times. His clones were very careful to put everything back as it was and not leave a scent for Moka to pick up.

But for all his snooping, Outer Moka is clean as a whistle. The only abnormality he can detect is that she has taken to drinking tea daily (probably to help calm her nerves) and studying with Tsukune…alone. Nothing happened between them and the human maintained a respectable distance from her at all times though he could tell that Tsukune doesn't want to be at an arm's length.

But there is nothing in her routine that indicates that she has anything to do with his Moka's sudden tiredness. So he moves on to the next likely suspect: the human himself.

His routine differs from Moka's in the fact that Tsukune is jumped every morning by Kurumu, making Mizore appear and claim Tsukune's back while Kurumu has his chest and face. Then both are smacked off by giant copper pans which were summoned by Yukari, proclaiming her love for Tsukune and Moka.

He sometimes wanders the halls with one of the black and white duet. Kurumu constantly tries to get Tsukune's attention while Mizore is content to shadow him. But he is always deep in thought when on these 'walks', not paying one lick of attention to either girl.

But to his frustration, Tsukune is also clean.

By this point, Naruto is getting desperate. He is running out of options and suspects to investigate. He highly doubts Kurumu would be capable of something like this while Mizore has even less reason to help Outer Moka.

That leaves Yukari, child genius, and Gin, the perverted Senior.

Gin is out because he doesn't have the knowhow to pull something like this off. On the other hand, Yukari seems like a perfect candidate. She is very smart, driven, and most of all, motivated. However, one glaring weakness is that Yukari, while knowledgeable about magic and enchanted objects, she has no experience with Vampiric seals or Vampire anatomy. Yukari would have to examine the Rosary at great length and study seals and research how Vampire's function for a long time, something that his Moka would have taken notice of if Yukari had examined the Rosary.

With no leads left, he takes to the Headmaster's office to have a talk with him and Ruby. It is later in the day; classes already have been dismissed for the day and dinner being served. He walks quickly through the halls at he has no idea if the effects are permanent or if he has a time table. He walks and not shunshins because he doesn't want to scare the witch out of her clothes, which he is sure she wouldn't mind.

He gets to the staircase closest to the Headmaster's office when his mobile device goes off. He stops to log in and check the alert.

Perimeter breached. One being entered.
Indentified as Bus Driver.
Threat Assigned: none

'That's odd. I didn't know he was coming today. Oh well. Maybe the Chairman has need of him.'

Naruto puts the device away before climbing the stairs. The Chairman's office is on the third floor, meaning that Naruto has a lot of stairs to climb. He sets his pace at the previous one before his device went off.

He just gets to the third floor when he stops. He is frozen for a full minute before a rage like he has never felt before surges through him like a one hundred foot tidal wave. It washes away all reasoning and upper brain functions, leaving his instincts. Red yoki starts to leak from his pores as he tries and is failing at containing his anger. The wood and metal of the building groan as it feels the pressure of his yoki build and it keeps building. Every being within the Great Barrier feels his yoki and those closest pass out from the sheer amount of yoki.

However, before anyone can see him or even attempt to counter the oppressive yoki, he is gone in a red flash.

Scene Shift

Riding in the bus are six clones, tasked with finding out just what was underneath that hat of 'Bus Driver'. They ride for a while before the bus comes to a stop. The clone as a speck of dust floating around the room sees a dusty and dirty wooden structure. One might call it a barn but it has more in common with a machine shop than a place to store hay, tools, and animals.

Machines and tools lay scattered everywhere ranging from simple wrenches to lifts and complex machinery used to correct steering imbalances. The floor isn't wood but concrete with hundreds of machines and tools about the place.

Once 'Bus Driver' disembarks from the bus, three of the clones puff into insects. One is a fly, one is a cockroach, and the other is not an insect technically. It is an arachnid. A jumping spider to be more precise.

The last three clones also henge into insects but only to get into a better place. One moves to the front of the bus and henges himself as a smudge of dirt on the window near the door facing outward. The second clone becomes a piece of cushion hanging from underneath one of the seat in the middle. And the last one becomes a something akin to a tick only smaller and the same color as the ceiling. This clone is in the back but upside down in the corner where the top of the back meets the ceiling facing the interior of the bus.

With these three clones, they have where the bus is going, who is on the bus, and what the occupants of the bus are saying all covered.

As for the three that exited, they themselves produce several shadow clones each. With fifteen shadow clones now moving about, each 'group' is assigned a section after a bit of discussion between the 'commanders' which are the originals. The flies are to get an overall layout of where they are. The cockroaches are to scurry about the 'barn' and find out what they can and then lie and wait to observe. The last group, the spiders are to follow 'Bus Driver' and find out what he does and who he is.

The spiders, while quick, apparently weren't quick enough. By the time the five spiders had made it under the door into a hallway, and spread out enough not to be detected, changed their colors to blend it [a chameleon spider…I shudder at the thought], 'Bus Driver' had changed clothes from his uniform to something more casual and is already making his way back. He is wearing a dirty t-shirt along with long jeans that have oils stains on them with a hat that covers his eyes. It is clear this guys does his own work.

The leader of the spider group decides to wait here while the cockroaches spy on him since his destination is clearly the 'barn'.

Said roaches spread themselves out masterfully. There isn't a square inch of that barn that hasn't been searched or isn't in sight of at least one clone. One is near the door leading into the machine shop from the hallway the spiders went to, another is on the ceiling, two are in the far corners watching the center, and the last one is in the middle, just under the bus's left front tire.

The door opens and all eyes are on 'Bus Driver'.

They watch as he presses a button near the door he just exited. From under the bus, the concrete opens up and a huge lift pushes the bus up by the frame near each wheel.

From under the bus, one of the henged clone's eyes are bugging out…literally.

Somehow, this guy has managed to fit and install a Pratt & Whitney R-4360 aircraft engine* into the bus! This massive engine has an astounding twenty-eight cylinders and has a max horsepower of 4,300 which is more than four times the legal street limit in America.

But there are obviously some changes that would have to be made. This engine is air cooled, meaning that it would overheat if it wasn't going three hundred miles per hour so this…this genius must have found a way to cool it without massive winds. The fact that the propeller shaft hooks directly to the drive shaft and reinforced so the metal doesn't sheer off with the insane speeds speaks of the level of modification.

Naruto's clone takes a minute to realize that he hadn't been able to see this behemoth of an engine before so why could he now?

His eyes carefully run over every detail of the undercarriage and then he sees it. A seal.

Deciding to take a risk, he crawls up one of the legs of the lift just as 'Bus Driver' appears under the bus as well. Every clone hears the whirring of tools as 'Bus Driver' makes adjustments and repairs. While he does that, the Roach-Naruto makes his way to the seal he saw.

Fūinjutsu has always been his weakness, never able to pass up examining one or from making them to fit his needs. And Akasha and Moka got first-hand experience with his…giddiness at learning more seals. It took both of them to make him leave the library multiple times while teaching him. Even Akasha's 'no sex' threat feel on deaf ears. Fūinjutsu is in his blood and soul, he craves it, eats and breaths it.

He may be good at other Shinobi arts like Ninjutsu do to Kyūbi sealed in him when he was younger, but Fūinjutsu is his passion.

So when he saw the seal, out the logical side of his brain went out his ear. He (fortunately) remembered that he isn't to be seen or detected.

Seconds turn into minutes as Naruto examines the seal, decoding it, comparing it to others he has seen. It doesn't take long for Naruto to decrypt this seal. It is a simple illusionary seal designed to give off a pre-determined image, like the underside of a regular bus.

Naruto would have taken his time, but he found other seals, ones of complexity that puts all but the most powerful seals to shame. He hurried through the simple one to get to the others.

But it is all for not. As he moves to the other seals, he sees 'Bus Driver' look at the one he is going to, making Naruto freeze in his tracks. A Fūinjutsu freak he may be and crave knowledge of the complex art but he isn't a dumb. One wrong move and this opportunity to study seals would be gone, possibly forever.

So he bides his time as he watches 'Bus Driver' run his finger over each curve, each line. He then produces a paint can full of black ink and a precision brush. Stunned that this man not only knows mechanics but also the sealing arts impresses Naruto deeply. 'Bus Driver' adds a few more lines to the seal before checking on the others, no doubt looking for integrity of the ink.

When 'Bus Driver' is done, Naruto moves forward. He carefully minds the wet paint, knowing that one scuffed line or change could produce feedback which would destroy the seal and everything around it depending on the strength of the seal. Once in the clear, he examines the seals and the alterations.

He is so wrapped up in it, that he doesn't notice when the bus is put back on the ground. But he doesn't let that bother him. He continues his work, ignoring the call of his 'creator' to report. Instead all his boss got was the equivalent of a middle finger.

This got the clone's attention. Being created from the same person as his own clones are, he too has an insatiable love for the most selective of the shinobi arts. So imagine his surprise when he sees the seals. He instantly calls everyone over and has each of them take on a seal to study.

It takes all night but they get it. Besides the illusionary seal that hides the massive mechanical modifications, there is one that expands the amount of space available under the hood. That explains how an eight foot long engine fits in a spot designed for something less than half that length.

Another is a seal on the engine itself. From what the clone deciphered, it is a cooling seal. It draws all of the heat into one spot and then dissipates it instantly, leaving the engine cool to the touch even while running. The seal automatically turns on when the bus does, meaning that instead of it being completely gas powered, some of the bus is yoki powered which draws it from the driver (he assumes).

Two seals works with each other as a set. One turns all the steel in the frame to tungsten carbide, a metal that has twice the hardness factor as steel and much greater density. However, due to the increased density of the metal, the other seal seems to be a gravity reducer, making the vehicle lighter to decrease damage to the joints.

The last seal is the most complicated of them all and a real work of genius. It took all five of them most of the night to tell what each part does. It projects an invisible barrier around the bus, sending it partially to another dimension, making it invisible and no sound to come out of it. It is also why he avoids obstacles because if he were to touch one of them, the consequences would be very bad indeed.

It also has the secondary effect of protecting the bus from anything from a collision to rust.

However, unlike the heat seal, this one is actively maintained by the person driving. It must draw an insane amount of yoki to power this seal. And to think that 'Bus Driver' alters it without much thought of any kind. The man is a real genius when it comes to seals.

The clones take the time to copy the seals, making sure they know what each line does, and stores them away in their memories for later dispelling.

But that gets the original 'Roach-clone' thinking. Does this man deserved to be spied on just because he doesn't want someone to see his face? His respect for the man has arisen exponentially. So he calls his other compatriots for a get together.

He tells them of the seals and how anyone with that much knowledge and skill of seals instantly has his respect. He knows the others feel the same way, being essentially the same person will have that effect.

However, it is too late. The spiders have already found the identity of the man. After tinkering with the bus and seals, he went back to his house on the other side of the corridor, and the spiders followed. The flies, having already mapped the entire place, gave the spider leader the layout while waiting for 'Bus Driver' to finish with the bus.

It isn't that big a place, consisting of a 'barn', a medium sized house, and a walkway between the two. The house has a spacious kitchen, large living room, a very large study, and a decent sized bedroom with a full bathroom attached.

By the time the 'Roach-Clone' called the meeting, 'Bus Driver' had already taken off his hat and gotten into the bath, revealing his face to the clones.

None of them know his face but file it away later for the original to look up.

It is at the meeting they decide to dispel themselves. Having already seen his face, their mission is technically complete. Sure they could have spied on him more but for someone they respect, it isn't going to happen.

So each 'commander' has their clones dispel one at a time. Unlike most people think, if a clone dispels all other clones plus the maker doesn't get all the memories. Each clone is tied to just one other, be that another clone or the original. If a clone makes a clone, than the creating clone is the only one that gets the memories.

The only exception is if the creating clone is gone, then the clone dispelling will go to the next one higher up, usually to the original (i.e. if the clone that creates a clone gets dispelled, the created clone's memories will go to Naruto or the next clone in line who created the clone who created it. Get it?).

Once the original three remain, they themselves dispel one at a time, sending their findings back to the original. He shares the face of the man with Moka and is surprised to know that she knows the man.

But back to 'Bus Driver' the three on the bus decide to stay. It would be interesting to know all the destinations the bus goes. Not only that but it will help with his knowledge of the world and of other species.

Time Skip – Present Day

The clone on the front window is curious and excited as 'Bus Driver climes in the bus as always. Over the past few months, he has enjoyed this view immensely. They have gone places he would have never imagined. It seems that 'Bus Driver' is line an envoy to other races for the Chairman, meaning that he has gone to some very exotic places. Jungles, barren wastelands, roaring blizzards, and…the clone isn't sure but they might have been on the moon.

However, one trip takes the cake. This time, they went into the crater of an active volcano…at the normal speed. 'Bus Driver' had talked to lava-based Yōkai, ones that have molten lava completely covering themselves. Apparently, their bodies produce the lava naturally and the older they get, the hotter the lava until it can technically be called magma. 'Bus Driver' didn't even sweat, nor was their air conditioning on the bus.

The clone was hoping to see another unique place today and seeing what stunts the bus will do today but imagine his surprise when he sees Yōkai Academy.

Figuring that 'Bus Driver' has business with the Chairman, the clone stops paying attention. Until that is, the bus stops and the door opens.

The clone in the front dispels itself, alerting the original to what it saw.

'Bus Driver' wasn't there for the Chairman. No he was picking up somebody…or two somebodys. The door closes and the bus turns around to leave the barrier.

"Are you sure you want to leave? Once you are gone, there is no going back," 'Bus Driver' tells them cryptically.

"We are sure," says that dark haired teen in the front. He said that while looking at the female beside him, his hand in hers while stroking the back of it with his thumb.

It appears that Moka and Tsukune are leaving the school.

Scene Shift

Love, infatuation, lust, obsession.

These emotions are the causes for many things including wars and betrayals. Misinterpretation of these emotions causes heartache, broken friendships, shattered minds, and war. They have been used as motivation, as a driving force, pushing one further than one would ever imagine possible.

There is a reason why they say that love conquers all and why wars have been fought over the love of a woman.

For Moka though, it is just as much about survival as is love. To be told that you don't have a choice, that you will die and there is nothing you can do about it...instead of getting depressed, it lit a fire in her heart. It is admirable, her drive, her will to live, her desire to be with the boy she loves, the one who brought her out of the darkness of her heart.

With that fire driving her actions, she begins her fight with thought, something that not everyone does. She thinks about her situation, her opponents, her assets, her disadvantages. She takes every variable into account.

The most debilitating disadvantage is her counterpart. She isn't stupid nor is her mother. If Akasha really did have to remake the Rosary, then there are going to be changes, things that weren't there before. Discovering what has changed will be a challenge if not impossible without experimentation.

But the plan really takes off when a single thought hits her like a lightning bolt.

'If she was asleep before Tsukune took of the Rosary for the first time, then what has changed?'

With that thought in mind, she put her intellect behind her actions. So many of her problems revolved around her other personality. If she could get her out of the picture than getting any kind of plan together and executing it will be much easier.

It took her three months to get think of the answer. When yoki is sealed for long periods of time, the yoki slows down. Like a damn, it bottles and restricts the flow and eventually settles. Like all things, yoki tends to do what it normally does so when it sits without being used for eight years, it wants to continue to sit there.

And since the other personality is tied to the yoki…

It took another few weeks to find a way to replicate the effect. Just like there are herbs to make water ok for Vampires, there are also herbs for many things. For example, the Reiniku Yokuatsu (Body and Soul Suppression) herb. It isn't a well known herb but one that has properties very desirable to her plans.

What it does is it suppresses the yoki in a body, making it docile, lazy. It was a risk because it could also affect her negatively. However because her personality doesn't use or require yoki, the only thing it does is suppress Inner Moka's personality.

It took weeks of drinking tea three times a day, each with a heavy concentration of the herb to calm the yoki. Since Moka's reserves had increased to more than the Chairman's, the amount of herbs it has takes to suppress that much yoki and add the half Shinso to it, needless to say, it took a while.

But it took longer than it should have because with Naruto enforcing that the Rosary coming off every other weekend from after school Friday to Monday morning, the yoki is being pulled in two directions. But in the end, the powerful yoki suppression herb won out.

However, even if they escape, Moka will have to drink that tea every day for the next few years in order to make her yoki completely inert and no unsealing. If she stopped now, her natural metabolism would undo months of work in one week.

With the largest problem taken care of, or so they thought, Moka is free to make and discuss plans with others. However, she finds friction there too. Kurumu and Mizore outright refuse to help her. Mizore because she wants less competition for Tsukune and Kurumu, while torn between loyalty and survival instinct, chose to not help because she thought about what Mizore said and for once, let reality and logic win over emotion. On the plus side, she won't get obliterated now by Naruto.

Yukari jumped right in to help them but Kurumu was quick to say no and take her away from the situation. When asked why, she had this to say.

"If you two want to endanger yourselves, that is fine but don't drag us into it. I for one am not going to let my friends get killed for your selfishness."

Needless to say that the Newspaper Club is fractured at this point. Moka and Tsukune have stopped talking with the two older females and Kurumu has kept Yukari away from Moka and Tsukune. Gin doesn't know what is going on and is struggling to find a solution but neither side is talking. Bu while feeling betrayed by her friends, Moka soldiers on after a good cry on Tsukune's shoulder.

The last obstacle is Naruto. There is no way he will let them leave. On top of that, he is intelligent, cunning, observant, and most of all powerful. By this point, he must be getting concerned about the sleeping personality held back by the Rosary. They must act like nothing is going on, leave nothing on paper as Moka wouldn't put it past him to search their rooms, and hide all evidence that can incriminate them.

So they make several plans due to the unknown variable that is Naruto and kept watch. They tried to keep habits on his routine and where he usually goes. It took a few weeks, but they eventually got a rough outline of his habits. They finalized their plan and waited patiently for the day they will be free.

They go to class on a Friday and at lunch, they sneak out. They picked this time because this is usually the point in which Naruto is on the other side of the campus from the dorms, inside the PSC doing drills with the members.

They hurriedly retrieve their bags from their rooms, change into less conspicuous clothing. They meet right between the dorms and walk at a semi-fast pace down the road towards the exit of the barrier.

However, despite their wish to do this and get away quickly, they forgot just how long a walk it is. On top of that, they are weighed down by luggage since neither of them has a clear grasp on a go-bag or the definition of 'bare minimum'. Both have a giant suitcase each that they are dragging behind them but the gravel is making things difficult.

"I don't remember it being this long a walk," Tsukune mutters to himself. His body is already tired from the long walk.

"I know what you mean but last time, I had a bike and the bus dropped you off," comes the tired voice of Moka beside him. She is no better shape as Tsukune as her shoulder bumps tiredly against his.

"AHHHH! Just how big is this damn place?!" Tsukune shouts.

"Shhh! Don't yell or he might hear something and come investigate," Moka chides.

"Bah, we're too far from ANYTHING! for anyone to hear us."

This time Moka clamps her hand over his mouth.

"You have no idea what he is capable of. I have no idea what he can do. Let's not take any chances especially after he seemed to be everywhere last year and the same this year. We can be as loud as we want later tonight."

Seeing as she isn't going to remove her hand until he agrees, Tsukune nods his head with a very large blush on his face. There isn't any doubt as to what she is alluding to. Ever since knowing what her other self has done with Naruto, she has wanted to do the same with Tsukune but unable to do to the fear that he might smell Tsukune on her.

She gives him a million watt smile that makes his knees go weak, taking his hand which makes his heart flutter.

"Yeah…lets go," he says with a smile of his own.

They start down the road again and after another half hour of walking, do they see the tunnel that leads out of Yōkai Academy.

Refreshed in spirit and body by the sight, they move quickly forward. But the tunnel is still a good distance off. They slow down again as their stamina is quite lacking just as a yellow object shoots out of the tunnel. They stop walking, still a few hundred feet from the only exit/entrance of the Great Barrier.

Their spirits lift again when the bus stops and opens the door, allowing them into the bus.

Unknown to any of them, the clone on the window dispels.

Tsukune and Moka gladly clamber aboard. This takes a minute due to their tiredness to get their luggage on and Tsukune's insistence that he do the lifting. Moka sits gracefully in the seat, a few seconds later, followed by Tsukune's exhausted plop.

"Are you sure you want to leave? Once you are gone, there is no going back," 'Bus Driver' asks them.

Tsukune smiles at Moka and takes her hand in his. "We are sure," he answers as thumb strokes her hand.

They are safe. There is no way he can catch them now. It doesn't matter how fast or strong he is. They are home free.

Then they feel it, a malevolent and massive burst of yoki. A cold sweat seeps in but the door of the bus shuts. Instantly, the tires are spinning out, making a massive dust cloud behind him. He then turns the wheel and the bus begins to spin in place, the vibrations of the wheels providing enough movement to allow the large vehicle to turn in place.

The second they are facing the other direction, it shoots off like a rocket. It pushes Moka and Tsukune into their seats but they are grateful for it. The sooner they leave the grounds, the sooner they can get away.

Just one hundred feet to go and the Yoki signature disappears…and reappears right in front of them!

No one can begin to resister the instant change in location as they are slammed into the seat in front of them or the crash restraints (because only the driver of such a modified vehicle would need full on crash restraints on a bus) as the bus stops abruptly, the engine smoking.

On the road is Naruto, covered completely with a red cloak, the amount of yoki coming off him is enough to stop a speeding yellow bullet in its tracks. Their eyes are wide and trying to comprehend what just happened.

Nine tails flow and twitch violently behind him as he still struggles to contain his anger. And then the damn breaks.

He lets out a howl of rage as his body completely turns red as fur sprouts all over his body. His toes and fingers retract into his hands as his elbows reverse themselves. His arches in his feet disappear as the foot straightens as the ball of his foot sprouts pads. Razor sharp claws burst from the paws. His face elongates and forms a snout.

Teeth sharper than knives erupt from his elongated mouth as his nose is lost to the snout, replaced by a patch of black, almost like a pad of a paw with two holes for smelling. His eyes sink into his head a little as he finally hunches over, unable to stand as his hips forces his legs to go perpendicular to his spine, each going in and out of the sockets with a sickening pop.

His transformation finishes as the musculature and ligaments matching the changes. They rip themselves free only to be reattached by a string of yoki guiding it to its new destination.

And then he grows. He starts out the size of a mastiff, but he grows at an exponential rate. He stops growing just below the top of the Great Barrier, which is struggling to hide his yoki from the world.

Inside the Chairman's office, alarms are going off as the yoki spike is off the charts, last registering at ninety-nine.

For the first time in over five hundred years, Naruto is in his full form.

He lifts the bus with a single tail, bringing it up his eye level, about two hundred feet off the ground. Once there, he levels each person in the bus with so much yoki, only 'Bus Driver' doesn't mess his pants. Two more tails wrap themselves around the metal, just before Naruto gives a mighty roar, shaking and rattling everyone in the bus.

This time, 'Bus Driver' does soil himself.

The bus drops suddenly, only slowing down just enough by a tail as to not kill those inside.

Dazed and terrified, they cringe when the sharp claws of Naruto's paw rip into the top of the bus and tearing it free with a flick. The three inhabitants cower in fear as nothing is between them and the all-powerful fox, his head directly over them.

However, it is only directed at two people, 'Bus Driver' just being a casualty of war.

A tail snakes in and grabs two targets, their arms bound to their sides, and none too gently. They struggle with their binds but they stand as much chance of doing that as a single ant would in taking down a skyscraper.

Naruto separates the two, taking Tsukune into another tail before dropping him from the height of about fifteen feet. Not enough to kill him but enough to break his legs in the fall.

With Tsukune dealt with for now, Naruto turns his attention to the real source of the problem. His tail loosens a bit but not enough to let her arms free. She stops struggling, seeing the futility of it. She looks at him in the eyes, now understanding Kurumu's and her counterpart's words. To go against him is wishing for death.

A tail moves forward, lightning quick with precision. A snap later and Moka's rosary is off her. Her eyes widen as she tries to grab the Rosary back, but her arms are still bound and thus she has no chance of it.

However, just like last time, Moka didn't change personalities nor due the physical changes happen. Naruto's rage only increases at this, knowing that this Moka has done something. Using his limited sensory abilities, he finds her yoki almost completely inert.

Not really in the mood for subtly and waiting for his Moka to awaken, Naruto surges his yoki through his tail. He hopes that the circulation of his yoki will awaken her or at least having a vast amount of yoki around her will make her body forcefully respond.

It works, but not how he thinks it does. Having a yoki stronger than hers around her, forced her yoki to respond. Her yoki swirls inside her, awakening after being dormant for so long. Her hair changes, her bust grows and her hips become more pronounced.

Naruto's eyes soften with tears in his eyes. He shifts her to cradling her with a tail. This is the scene she awakens to. Tsukune crying on the ground, the bus torn to shreds with 'Bus Driver' crying over his destroyed bus. And Naruto, in his full size, crying over seeing her.

She takes everything in and makes one motion with her arms: come here.

In a fraction of the time it took for Naruto to transform into his enormous form, there he stands with her in his arms, his anger being shoved aside for relief and happiness at seeing her. She allows him to cry on her shoulder, letting lose weeks of worrying, paranoia, and being a near panic state for such a long time.

She calms him down quickly, soothing his worries and assuring him of her wellbeing. She smiles at him as he looks at her.


She chuckles at his inability to speak.

"I'm fine. I'm not going anywhere, despite Tsukune-baka and my other self's attempts."

She sees Naruto smile for a moment before a frown crosses his face.

"You said attempts."

Moka inwardly curses her slip of the tongue but it is too late to take it back now.

"They tried once before but just as they were walking down the path, I woke up enough to see what was going on. I took over my hands and took off the Rosary, but I was too weak to say in control for long and I fell back asleep. I don't know how long ago that was but from the situation, it can't be that far in the past."

Naruto nods with tears still in his eyes. "I'm so glad you're ok. I was so worried about you. You didn't surface even when the Rosary was off and I couldn't do a thing about it."

Moka strokes one of his cheeks was her thumb. "But you did do something. You stopped them from succeeding. You protected me and my body, just like I asked of you. You did everything I could ask for and more."

Before Naruto can respond, a sound of pain reminds them that they aren't alone. Naruto's anger quickly comes flaring back. He turns to Tsukune, who is trying to crawl away, his legs have the tibia and femur jutting disgustingly through his skin.

The sound of pain they heard was the bone catching on a patch of dirt and changing the angle of the bone, making him cry out in pain.

Naruto stalks to Tsukune, his tails flashing dangerously. Moka stands to the side, knowing that Naruto has the right and the privilege of dealing with Tsukune himself after many weeks of worry. Not only that, but as her mate, he is supposed to deal with threats to her like she to him.

Naruto squats down right in front of Tsukune and grabs one of the bones, his eyes slitted and cold. This of course makes Tsukune stop and collapse on the ground and again make sounds of extreme pain.

"Now listen here. I have every right to kill you in any way I see fit."

Tsukune, somehow still conscious, decides to get in whatever words he can before he dies.

"And why is that? A tyrant like you doesn't need a reason to kill me."

A deep growl emanates from Naruto's throat. He lifts Tsukune with one hand by the throat and stares directly into his eyes.

"Watch your tongue, human, lest you find yourself eating it."

Tsukune's eyes go wide.

"That's right, I knew of your status since I first got here. Living amongst humans most of my life, I can smell one anywhere. I could have killed you for even being here but I am not Kuyou. I don't kill just on the basis of species.

"And I have every right to kill you because Moka is my mate and mine alone. I could have killed you the moment you touched her body with even a finger. Yōkai are very possessive of what's theirs and Moka has given her entire self to me."

Naruto creates a single clone.

"The Moka you like is false, a made up personality placed in a Rosary for a sole purpose of protecting my Moka. But now she is no longer needed. You should have been content with spending two years with her but you just had to want more. I don't blame you for wanting more but that doesn't excuse your actions."

He turns to the clone. "Take him to the infirmary before he bleeds out."

The clone grabs the back of Tsukune's dirtied shirt and takes off with a Shunshin.

With his anger abated and taken out on Tsukune (like it should have) Naruto stands there and looks at the sky. While it may not show stars, looking at the infinite blue always helped calm him. That is before a pair of slender arms snakes their way around his neck, a chest pushed against his back.

"So what now?"

Naruto leans back into the touch of his second mate. He is now registering just how tired he is. He holds up the silver cross in his hand, allowing Moka to look at it too.

"Moka, I cannot support your decision to keep wearing this. I don't care if she is a part of you. I cannot forgive her for doing this."

They both look at the Rosary…before Naruto melts it into slag. He makes a container from his yoki and places it in there for keeping. No sense in wasting perfectly good sliver.

"It's ok. I was going to crush it anyways after this. I gave her a chance to say goodbye but she abused the opportunity and I don't feel like giving her a second chance."

Naruto nods and turns to the still weeping 'Bus Driver'.

"Sorry about the bus. I wasn't in the right frame of mind at the time. I can fund you to build another if you wish."

'Bus Driver' turns to Naruto and nods enthusiastically and starts bowing with his head to the ground. Naruto looks at the groveling man.

'I don't think acting like that is appropriate for someone of his stature.'

With everything taken care of, Naruto sags in Moka's arms, showing just how mentally exhausted he is. Moka takes the opportunity to Shunshin them both to his room. Moka immediately has them in bed, not bothering to remove their clothes. In seconds, Naruto is fast asleep, getting the first restful sleep in months.

Scene Shift

Another alarm clock dies as it goes off in Naruto's room. The two figures groan and slowly wake up.

"Mmmmmm…I don't want to go to school."

Naruto feels Moka shift, trying to go back to sleep. They had spent the entire weekend reassuring each other. Despite her calm demeanor, Moka had also been very scared as she couldn't do anything to stop them either. She had been afraid that she may never wake up or only do so only to have Naruto move on and only love her mother.

"But you have to. We have to explain why the other Moka will not be around anymore."

Naruto feels Moka hit his chest with her fist but it has nothing but gravity behind it.

"I hate you so much right now."

Naruto chuckles at her.

"You know, I think part of the reason you chose to give the fake a chance is because you didn't want to do this whole school thing yourself."

"Quiet you," she murmurs from his chest drawing a chuckle from him.

"Come on Moka. We need to get up."

Moka groans again. She really doesn't want to get up. But a firm smack on her rear gets her blood pumping despite her wish to sleep and lights a fire in her nether region.

Naruto and Moka discovered that the herb isn't completely out of her system despite her yoki flowing again. They found the massive stockpile of herbs in the suitcase the fake personality had packed and one touch was enough for them to know what it did. Since her body was so heavily laced with it, her body would take a few weeks to completely flush it out.

Until then, she had to put up with being a temporary narcoleptic.

It takes Naruto a while, but he gets Moka ready for school after a quickie. Her uniform doesn't fit like it should since her proportions are slightly bigger than the uniform's usual wearer. But Naruto gets an eyeful and a playful Moka who felt like parading around with the short skirt pulled even higher (with no underwear) and the blouse unbuttoned a good way down, showing a bra-less chest and almost all of her cleavage.

They had to pause (again) getting ready to expunge the excess lust in their systems.

Of course he made her be presentable which includes a bra and underwear lest he kill the entire male student population for getting a hard on from just looking at her or seeing her if her skirt flares up in the wind. They would have to wait a while before the ordered uniforms gets here.

They walk hand in hand to the front of the school. People stared at them, mostly because of Moka's unrestrained yoki and her looks. Even with Naruto making her 'presentable', there is still the fact that Moka couldn't button the shirt all the way up and thus, showing more cleavage than she wishes.

As they approached the gate, they can see Kurumu, Yukari, and (surprisingly) Mizore. When the Yuki-onna spies them, she faces them and calmly walks to them while Kurumu, following the line her counterpart is walking/looking, takes off with all speed.

"Naruto! Have you seen…"

Her words die in her mouth.

"Why are you here?"

Moka seems little put out by her statement.

"I'm here because I want to be."

Seeing that Moka is going into what he has deemed 'bitchy mode', Naruto knows that they won't get anything out of her which means he has to do it. 'Bitchy mode' seems to be her default reaction to anything or anyone not in her immediate family.

"Tsukune and the other Moka tried to run off Friday so Moka is going to be here the rest of the time."

The three of them stare at the duo.

"You…you didn't…" Kurumu seems to be on the verge of tears.

"No I didn't. I sent him to the infirmary with a couple of broken legs though."

The three of them seem to be relieved and angry at the same time, though more relieved. Much more.

"I…I guess we should say thank you for not killing him. We'll go and see him now."

The trio starts to walk off but Naruto's voice stops them.

"Actually it is me that should say thank you. I know the two of them must have asked you three to help but it was quite clear you all refused. With your help, they might have gotten away. So thank you."

The three share a look, well Mizore and Kurumu do while Yukari is miffed that she didn't get a say in what she did.

"So does that mean we get a favor?" Kurumu presses.

Naruto just gives her a deadpan look. "No." At Kurumu's dejected look, he elaborates. "The reason you don't get a favor is because you already cashed it in. The only reason why I didn't kill him slowly was because of you two. I know you two have chosen him to be your mates and to kill him would slight you both and that isn't something I don't want to do at the moment."

With that, Naruto walks past them with Moka in tow. Naruto drops Moka off at her class with a kiss before making a pit stop at the Chairman's office to explain why Moka no longer has a Rosary.

Time Skip – One Week (Sunday Afternoon)

Naruto sits with Moka at lunch on the grounds overlooking the cliffs. The transition from pink and kind Moka to aggressive and silvery Moka had gone as smoothly as one can imagine. Many tried to ask her out instantly but each was beaten to a pulp. It didn't take long for people to stop asking for her hand.

Mikogami was unsure of the whole event. It made him uneasy to know that Naruto was a Nine-tails and could easily kill a large population of the world. He came to the startling realization that Naruto was intimidating even if he wasn't trying to be so. Just the knowledge of what he is makes him not want to deny Naruto anything.

So it is no surprise that Mikogami accepted Moka without a limiter despite the rules.

The funny thing is that he nor Moka has seen hide or hair of Tsukune in the week. Sure his legs were broken badly and he is human but the healers aren't. He should have been fine a few days later and back to school. Naruto knows for a fact that Tsukune is still enrolled because he would have gotten a copy of the letter saying that he is transferring or just withdrawing from the school.

He wasn't worried when Kurumu came to him saying that they couldn't find him at the infirmary. He figures that he is sulking in his dorm room and refusing to see anyone.

But that doesn't matter right now as Naruto is enjoying the company of someone he loves. That is until his mobile devices starts to go nuts.

He quickly logs in, growling at the minor annoyance and interruption of his time with Moka. But the growl dies in his throat when he sees just what is making it go off.


Naruto shoots to his feet, not caring that his sandwich is now ruined. Moka follows his example, albeit with more grace, and stands.

"What is it?"

Naruto looks from the device to give Moka a serious look.

"Can you fight in that?"

Moka has on a pencil skirt and a simple silk blouse with pumps.

"No. Why? What's happened?"

Without asking for permission, Naruto reaches down and tears the skirt all the way to the top, just leaving the waistband un-torn to preserve her modestly and not reveal her lacy underwear.

"What the hell…?"

She doesn't get to finish as Naruto shunshins them away. They reappear on the same stretch of road that Tsukune and Moka walked down to get to the tunnel. They are about halfway between the dorms and the exiting tunnel.

"What are we doing here?"

Naruto ignores her question and just stares in a single direction. Curious as what has Naruto in this serious state, Moka follows his eyes and her eyebrows rise in surprise.

Standing in front of them are ten figures, all lead by one Aono Tsukune.

"Ah, glad to see you. It saves me the trouble of looking for you," he says darkly. "The blond one is mine. Go and have fun."

Naruto's eyes flick to Moka.

"Can you handle yourself with nine opponents?"

"Of course I can," she answers immediately. But Naruto quickly reigns her in just as quickly.

"Stop being prideful. This is combat. Overconfidence will get you killed or worse. Now answer truthfully. I know you still have that herb in your system," he says almost coldly at her.

Moka winces at his serious tone. Truth be told, she is feeling a little worried. Those nine have high yoki signatures, making it possible that they are all A-Class monsters. She has pride and confidence in her training but nine A-Class monsters can do a lot of damage, even to her.

"I'm not sure. They all have a good amount of yoki. But I want to try."

Naruto nods before creating several clones. He orders them back and not to interfere unless necessary.

"Good luck"

All at once, the nine Ayashi take off, leaving Tsukune glaring at Naruto.

"I hate you. Because of you, my one chance for happiness has been taken from me. I will have my revenge and take Moka from you as punishment."

Tsukune pulls back the black sleeve of his shirt, revealing a silver chain with a cross on the connecting ends. Naruto instantly remembers this object from Akasha's teaching of Vampiric seals as a Holy Lock.

"Where did you get that?"

Tsukune smirks. "Oh a friend gave it to me after giving me a gift."

Without any hesitance, Tsukune rips the Holy Lock off his arm and yoki erupts from his body. Naruto raises an eyebrow at the level of yoki he is producing. He estimates it is roughly the same amount that Moka had before her transformation.

But that isn't the only change. His skin darkens and grows scaly in texture, his eyes become slits while the whites bleed red, and finally his hair turns to a matte and dull silver color.

Tsukune then moves forward to engage Naruto. He puts so much yoki into the leading punch that even Naruto can detect it.

Deciding that it would be good to not get hit by that, Naruto moves out of the way. This makes Tsukune lose his balance and trip. His hand connects with the ground and all the yoki in it rushes into the ground and explodes the dirt.

Tsukune is instantly up and trying to hit Naruto more but the kitsune isn't having any of that. He keeps on dodging sloppy fists and kicks aimed his way.

Meanwhile, Moka is having a tougher time. Much tougher. Of the nine that originally rushed forward, only three engaged her. However, a clone placed a barrier much like the one the Rosary of Judgment produces over the area, keeping them from escaping into the school to cause damage and panic.

This of course, means that they all focus on Moka. She is being forced to dodge tails, claws, fire, ice, fists, feet, and teeth. Her natural flexibility and her training are the only thing keeping her from being hit.

Moka growls after another close call and has had enough dodging.


She sends out of burst of solid yoki, making them all back off for a moment, giving her time to get set into the Taijutsu stance of her mother. Over the year of training, Moka was taught the Hebi style of combat, lightning fast and accurate. Akasha found it heartwarming to know that her teacher and the first person to truly care for her, Anko's legacy and her style are still around five hundred years after her death and being passed onto another.

Immortality indeed.

The attackers regain their balance and shoot off again at Moka. This time, Moka is ready. Once in range they attack her with fists, feet, and whatever other natural weapons they have. However, they are wild in their execution and sloppy in their non-existent technique. One would call it brawling.

Moka weaves in and out of her opponents, striking whatever vital spot she can get. She glides across the battlefield, dancing between strikes, always in motion.

However, her strikes aren't doing enough damage. They are strong in their own right but these monsters are stronger than your typical monster.

She finds this out when she hits one and he just slides a few feet back and attacks again like nothing happened. Her eyes narrow and take in her opponents. Their clothes are dirty but they mostly look alright. The only exception is the one that is slumped against a tree where she sent him into it and gave him whiplash, knocking him out leaving her with eight.

Seeing how just Taijutsu isn't going to be enough, Moka does what her mother taught her. She converts her yoki into elemental yoki. Raw purple lightning sparks from her hands as she rushes her opponents who foolishly gave her time to analyze the situation.

She channels more yoki into her limbs and into the lightning generating enough that when she struck her first victim right above the Aorta, the lightning spread throughout his body, stopping his heart cold and killing him.

The others see this and realize that things just got a lot more serious so they begin to transform into their true forms.

Moka allows her pride to show a little and allows them to finish transforming. As they finish, she can't help but wrinkle her nose at them.

They are all Monstrels though it is clear that these all have one thing in common: they all have an S-class ancestor somewhere in their linage. Their sizes range greatly but their level of yoki is pretty level across the board. Nothing compared to her but enough to make her pause because of the numbers.

One is short, shorter than Kurumu, but this Ayashi looks built for speed, as his legs look far more muscular and developed than his upper body. Hair covers his chest and face, which is snouted slightly, and has razor sharp claws, most of his ancestry being a Werewolf if she had to take a guess.

Then there is the opposite end of the spectrum with one that is very tall and muscular. Seriously, she could stand shoulder to shoulder with two of her shadow clones and just barely be wider than him. His skin is scaly and has a single wing protruding out of his back. His neck is slightly elongated and his legs and arms look like tree trunks. His ancestry must be more linked with the dragons than anything else.

The other six are combinations of the first two, mixing all kinds of unknown abilities along with several that have parts of their bodies transformed into weapons. One has ice claws while another has slitted eyes and brown hair with grey highlights from a Vampiric heritage.

In retaliation, Moka shifts her stance. Her legs spread apart and her arms come up in front of her, her hands are in fists, making a solid stance. This is one that Naruto taught her. Instead of dodging and countering, this style relies heavily on a solid base with her legs and feet, allowing her to use her supernatural strength to its full potential. The principle is to dish out more than she is receiving.

The nine see that she is ready and all rush at her. They are surprised when she doesn't even try to move out of the way. The leading Monstrel, the Werewolf hybrid, races forward and attempts to slice her with his claws before she can react.

Bad move. Moka shifts her arms but not her legs. She creates a shield of pure yoki over her arms to protect her from the claws and parries the strike only to palm strike him in the chest, caving it in and sending him crashing into a comrade.

Seeing that their fastest got taken out without much effort, they try to overpower her. The dragon hybrid tries next. He charges at her, intent on bowling her over with his bulk and strength. However Moka channels yoki into her feet and braces her body with yoki for the impact.

They collide with a solid *thud*. However Moka doesn't budge, becoming the definition of an immovable object. Her powerful legs and yoki hold her firm as she battles with the immense strength of the dragon monstrel. Her muscles shake with the effort of keeping the behemoth at bay. But she is slowly winning, shocking and scaring the hell out of the one currently locked in a match of strength.

Moka eventually wins when she gets lower than him and lifts him and tosses him into the edge of the transparent barrier.

All remaining seven gawk at her. Moka takes a deep breath in as she tries to control her breathing. She feels another large spike in yoki from Naruto's fight and knows that things just got more serious for Naruto.

But she isn't given a chance to look as the other seven decide that going in one at a time is a lost cause. So they rush her at the same time.

Moka also decides to get serious and uses elemental yoki as well. But even with those, she finds herself pushed to her limits. She is pushing her sensing abilities to the max, trying to predict where and when the next hit will come from. But even with that, she can't find an opening long enough to strike back. They are much faster than before and actively using yoki now which makes it somewhat easier but much harder at the same time.

The eight combatants fight to a stalemate. They can't get a hit and she can't hit them because of always being on the defensive.

Unknown to anyone but the single clone outside the barrier, their fight has drawn onlookers. Ruby and the Newspaper club are the first to arrive. They watch in awe as Moka defends herself from seven opponents at the same time. They find the sight elegant even though she is using her arms instead of her kicks. She is graceful, fluent, and mesmerizing.

Moka and the monstrels break off for a moment, trying to decide how to proceed. She has a few cuts and scrapes when she hadn't been fast enough but that is the extent of her injuries. However, she is breathing rather hard and is nearing fifty percent of her yoki reserves.

She can feel the tremors from Naruto's fight and decides she has had enough. Time to use her trump card.

She makes a hand sign, gaining the attention of her opponents. A flare of yoki and suddenly there are six more of her standing there with the same superior smirk.

The monstrels are no longer confident.

The six Moka clones rush forward while one hangs back. The original makes several hand seals for one of the few jutsu she knows, one that her mother made several hundred years ago.

"Raiton: Kaminari Bakuhatsu!" (Lightning Release: Lightning Explosion!)

Moka slams her hands into the ground and single bolt lightning shoots past the rushing clones. The bolt moves too fast for her target to dodge and is impacted in the chest. But nothing happens. He looks around and feels his chest in astonishment as there is no wound.

But then from him, lightning erupts off him in every direction. All seven are caught in the wave of electricity, shocking them and forcing them into unconsciousness. Well, not the one Moka hit with the lightning. He died outright when the electricity stopped his heart.

And just like that, the fight is over. Moka feels immense pride in herself for not only fending off but defeating nine strong opponents all by herself with no help.

That is until a jet of wind blasts past her and slams into the dragon monstrel that was about to hit her. The monster is sent flying (again) into the ground head first where he is knocked unconscious. Moka looks to see one of Naruto's clones smirking at her with a knowing look, making Moka flush slightly in embarrassment of having missed one.

But a roar reminds them that it isn't done yet. Moka races towards Naruto, leaving his clones to clean up her mess (typical) once again.

Moka arrives to see something she never thought she would see. Naruto fighting a dragon. But not just any dragon: this one has red eyes with black slits for the irises. Normally dragons have white eyes with red-ish/black, reptilian slits. Not only that but the dragon as a grey/silver mane that goes from the elongated neck all the way to the base of the tail.

It isn't the only thing off. There are giant craters everywhere, something that a dragon shouldn't be capable of. A glittering catches her eyes and her eyes widen. There are two holy locks on the ground.

Scene Shift

Naruto continues to move out of the way of Tsukune's increasingly sloppy and wild punches and kicks. He allows the upstart teen to get frustrated and angry, allowing him to waste yoki and whatever skill he might have had. Tsukune now acts more like an enraged bull than a human or yōkai for that matter.

But even with Naruto dodging, he is analyzing Tsukune.

'He is giving off a lot of yoki, something that shouldn't be possible for someone who didn't have an ounce of it a week ago. Not only that but his strength is too great…what the hell happened to him?'

Finally, Tsukune has had enough. He snarls viciously at Naruto.

"Get ready. I'll show you what true power is."

Naruto hears the heavily distorted and strained voice of Tsukune.

'It appears that is power is already unstable. He could tear himself apart if he continues. Yoki needs time to be accepted into the human body, give it time to take hold. This could get out of hand. There is no telling what or who did this to him. I'll need to be careful.'

Naruto's thoughts are broken up when he hears the sound of something metallic snapping. He looks and a second Holy Lock has joined the first one.

Then Tsukune gives shout in excruciating pain as even more yoki erupts from his body. His skin bulges and contracts in random places as the yoki attempts to rip his body apart from the inside out while that same yoki tries to hold it together. His body looks like something inside is boiling inside him, trying to escape.

The result is Tsukune completely losing his human form and growing rapidly. He now looks like a mass of bubbling flesh that no longer has any definitive shape.

In a shower of fluid that Naruto doesn't even want to identify, a large, three times his six foot frame, dragon erupts from the cocoon of human flesh. It has red eyes with Vampiric slits and a silver mane that is the exact color of Tsukune's hair moments before.

But the yoki is what gets Naruto. It is massive, matching Moka's level. It is raw and powerful, ripping up trees and anything else that isn't anchored to the ground several times over. It boils off the dragon in wave after wave as if it intends on drowning him before the fight even starts.

This is definitely no normal transformation or true form. Naruto scowls at the realization.

'Bastards; experimenting with putting DNA of Ayashi into humans. From the look and feel of it, Tsukune is now a dragon/vampire hybrid. Whoever did this must have some major backing as they most likely used DNA from some of the strongest Yōkai around.'

In response to Tsukune, Naruto decides to take this more seriously. He releases his tails, realizing that Tsukune is now a danger to not just himself but to the school and everyone that tries to get in his way. He is now a dog on a leash, an attack dog only to be used as a weapon.

'I'm sorry Tsukune but I cannot let you continue. I must break the cycle of hatred.'

Naruto zips forward towards Tsukune. He rears back and gives Tsukune a solid punch. However just like his prediction, it had no effect on Tsukune, his scales and natural armor being too tough for something so simple.

Naruto is forced to leap back to avoid being crushed by massive leg. His eyes bug out at the massive crater that forms.

'It appears that he has the ability to convert yoki into strength from the Vampire in him and the large reserves of the dragons.'

It becomes a very deadly game of cat and mouse or in this case dragon and fox. Naruto gets close to try something only for it to fail and he have to jump back to avoid being crushed. Even his wind jutsu aren't having any effect.

'No wonder dragons are S-class. Their scales so perfect I can't even cut through them,' Naruto thinks in awe if this seemingly perfect defense. 'But Tsukune doesn't seem to know how to use his powers or even what they are past extreme strength. I need to end it.'

So Naruto decides to do something he hasn't done in a very long time, not since training with it with Kyūbi back in his world.

Naruto coats his hands with a blue fire, the Kistune-Bi: the strongest fire on Earth. While all Kitsune can use it after their first tail, it isn't until their forth tail that they can use it like Naruto is now. They do this by shielding their body from the fire with a layer of yoki.

Naruto zooms at Tsukune once again. Once he gets within range, he holds out his hand, palm facing Tsukune.

"Sho Netsujigoku!" (Burning Hell (or Inferno)!)

A conical blaze of blue fire bursts from his hand and encompasses Tsukune's huge body. The blue fire consumes all and continues to burn, blocking the dragon from view. Suddenly Naruto feels a signature beside him and turns to see Moka's eyes wide at what just happened.

"I see you had some fun."

His voice breaks her out of her revere and she gives him a grin.

"I did. I beat them all even though they pushed me."

Naruto nods. Nine A-Rank monsters were nothing to scoff at for none but the most powerful and experienced.

"Good, now we can take out Tsukune together." Moka nods, already putting the two discarded Holy Locks and the dragon together. "But be careful. His yoki matches yours in size. That and he has both dragon and vampire DNA bonded to his."

Her eyes go wide at the knowledge.

"He seems to have the ability to turn all that yoki into strength like you and Akasha but I don't think he has discovered many other abilities."

That, of course, dies in his throat when a torrent of red fire breathes its way towards them. While the fire didn't kill Tsukune, it wasn't ineffective either. Scorch marks litter his scales where some of the fire burnt through the scales and he has no more hair anywhere.

Naruto immediately wraps Moka up and himself in his tails and lets the fire hit them. Naruto waits for the fire to pass before letting Moka go.

The area around them are crispy which lends the question of why they aren't.

"I'll tell you later," Naruto says as if reading her mind.

An enraged Tsukune roars at his inability to kill his prey. So he sends another torrent of fire at Naruto.

All Naruto does is shove Moka out of the way, telling her to engage him in close combat, before he is consumed by the fire. She hesitates a moment before complying. She felt his yoki signature within the fire and knows he is alright.

She is proven right when Naruto walks right out of the fire with no damage to himself or his clothes. However, his eyes are shinning with the glee of letting lose.

"I'm going to enjoy this," he says as he accesses his reserve yoki. A large grin is plastered on his face, as he is finally able to fight something more than a clone or the occasional upstart student.

He takes off after Moka, not bothering to dodge the blasts of fire heading his way. He just runs right through them as if they aren't hot or there at all.

Suddenly Tsukune feels himself moving sideways. He looks to the side and sees Moka's outstretched arm as if she just hit him, her disbelieving eyes wide with awe or fear.

Tsukune bellows at her and tries to crush her but Naruto knocks Tsukune off course with another blast of blue fire, this time it was more compressed and kind of exploded at impact. The dragon roars at the annoyance as the blast only knocked him off course.

From outside the barrier, the others are, again, enraptured by the fight. None of them know that it is Tsukune and any sound is blocked as are any attacks. All cheer on Moka and Naruto as they only thing they know is that the dragon is an intruder for Naruto to be involved.

However, four figures in the front can't help but feel that they should know who the dragon is.

Back in the fight, Naruto and Moka continue to pester the dragon. The scales are strong enough to stand up to Moka's hits and resistant enough to render the blue fire almost ineffective in all but the highest concentrations.

However, Moka did find out that the scales aren't as resistant to electricity and she has been charging her hits with lightning yoki. But even she is starting to run low.

So Naruto casts an illusion over Tsukune and uses the distraction to speak with Moka.

"This isn't working. I can't use my wind jutsu and you don't know many lightning. On top of that, you are running low on yoki. If I can't use any of my bigger attacks as the barrier won't hold and fry the students standing there like idiots.

"What we need is to seal his yoki."

Whatever other plan they might have come up with is interrupted when Tsukune breaks out of the illusion and sends another fire blast at them. Naruto and Moka separate to avoid the blast.

'It seems he got the sensor ability too…'

Naruto and Moka meet eyes. He inclines his head towards the dragon, Moka nodding in understanding a moment later.

As Moka engages Tsukune, Naruto creates three clones and has them spread out in the cardinal directions. They all make their Kitsune-bi cover their hands before carving/burning their sections of the seal into the ground.

The real Naruto keeps an eye on Moka, who seems to be holding her own right now. Currently she is on Tsukune's back, trying to twist his head in a direction it isn't supposed to go and shocking him all the while.

Seeing that Moka is doing just fine Naruto returns to the task at hand. He carves deeply into the ground, ensuring that nothing will interfere with the seal. It takes about five minutes for Naruto to finish his part while the other clones are having a harder time due to the shaking ground caused by Tsukune trying to buck Moka off his back.

Naruto chuckles at Moka's grin as she is obviously enjoying the ride.

However, time it seems is not on their side. The longer the battle goes on, the more Tsukune discovers his abilities. And he just discovered flight.

He hovers for a moment, Moka having to hold on to his neck to keep from falling off at the sudden instability. And then he takes off into the sky. Moka is left hanging on for dear life as Tsukune trashes about in the air as his wings unevenly beat.

Suddenly, she is almost jarred from her grip as Tsukune impacts the barrier. The dragon falls a few feet before getting the rhythm of the wings back into sync enough to stay in the air.

Moka continues to hang on when she spots Naruto motioning her to jump off. He seems to be yelling but she can't hear him over the wind. So she jumps, having faith that Naruto will catch her. She closes her eyes on the way down, not wanting to toss up her lunch.

Suddenly she feels fuzzy appendages slowing her down and she opens her eyes to see Naruto's tails extending to slow her fall. The tails bring her directly to their owner and he wraps her in a hug the instant he can.

Moka smiles and hugs him back, both just wanting physical contact. Naruto smiles at her.

"Hang on"

And Naruto activates the seal that the clones finished just after Tsukune took off from the ground. Both feel a massive pull as the seal attempts to suck them in. However, Moka had just gripped Naruto tighter when he told her to hand on to which he just stands their holding her close.

Currently, the only one having a tough time is Tsukune, who is still in the air. His unsure wings were already struggling with his weight but with the seal, he quickly falls from the sky.

He impacts the ground with a roar of pain as the seal begins it true purpose. It glows a deep red suddenly Tsukune roars in pain. His yoki is being drained at an alarming rate, something which kicks in his survival instincts over his rage.

However, getting out isn't simple. The gravity seal that was overlaid with the yoki extraction seal is forcing Tsukune down to the ground with five times the normal gravity. In desperation, the dragon tries to use yoki to make his limbs stronger to overcome the gravity only for his yoki to be drained faster.

It is a never ending cycle that Tsukune has neither the knowledge nor the skill to get out of. All he knows how to do is push massive amounts of yoki into something and has no concept of yoki manipulation or of seals.

It takes longer than expected but soon, the dragon stops moving and is silenced. The silence is strange to the both of them. It had been so loud and they had been so concentrated on the battle that the silence now presses in on their ear drums. They stand there watching the downed dragon as the seal dies down and stops working altogether.

Then the barrier goes down, the clone deeming it safe to do so and dispels itself. Naruto receives the memories of not only Moka's fight but who and how many are standing in the crowd. Naruto had seen them through the barrier when they arrived and noticed it growing as interest grew.

He turns to them, Moka still wrapped in his arms.

"There is nothing to see here."

It is such a simple dismissal but one that isn't to be ignored, not after showing off more of his skills.

"Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari. Stay."

The three freeze in their tracks as he singled them out. Apparently, the crowd behind them did as well and it takes Naruto's voice to get the crowd moving again.

The three wonder what they did to warrant Naruto's attention. Ruby, who had been with them, joins them as she too is curious. Naruto technically has the authority to order her around but only in times of crisis or if the Chairman is unable to perform his duties for whatever reason.

But even if he could, he wouldn't order her away. That isn't something that friends do when she is privy to many of the secrets Yōkai Academy holds. Moka growls softly as the older witch approaches but a pinch to her butt gets he to look at Naruto.

"Now is not the time. You can go back to the room if you wish but I won't send her away."

Moka huffs and shunshins away, knowing that she wouldn't be able to put a lid on her jealousy, therefore making things more difficult for Naruto.

"What's this about?" Yukari asks cautiously.

Naruto sighs. This will not be something they can easily swallow.

"You three aren't going to like this, but I found Tsukune."

The three non staff members of the Newspaper Club light up. They all are worried when they couldn't find him.

"Where is he?"

"Is he ok?"

"Where has he been this whole time?"

Naruto holds up his hands to stop the line of questions.

"The only one I can answer definitively is the first one. Tsukune is right here but I cannot say whether he is ok or not nor do I know where he has been."

'Though I have my suspicions.'

Kurumu looks around wildly, looking for her brown haired friend.

"Where is he?"

All Naruto does is point to the dragon. The four follow his finger until their eyes settle on the dragon. Looks of realization forms first on the Yuki-Onna's face followed closely by Yukari and Ruby.

"Wha…wha…how can…" Yukari stutters out on the verge of tears.

Kurumu, completely oblivious to the connection between the dragon and Tsukune, whips around to shake Yukari.

"Where is Tsukune? I don't care about the dragon. All I want is Tsukune. So where is he?"

At this point Yukari breaks down, forcing Ruby to stop Kurumu's shaking of the tiny witch. Yukari instantly hugs Ruby as the elder witch attempts to console her.

"Kurumu…the dragon is Tsukune."

The Succubus whips around to give the dragon a closer look.

"That can't be Tsukune. He is human, remember?"

This is when Naruto takes back control of the situation.

"Kurumu, believe it or not, this is Tsukune. He challenged me and ripped off not one but two Holy Locks. Those are special seals that restricts the yoki and bottles it up to keep it from harming a human. Tsukune had two.

"I don't know who did it or how but someone spliced his DNA with that of a dragon and a vampire. He can no longer be called a human. He is a hybrid, a combination of human, dragon, and vampire."

Then it hits Kurumu why she felt like she should know the dragon during the fight. That is because it was her chosen Destined One. She tears up as her mind tries to comprehend what she has heard.

"No…no. This has to be a lie."

From behind her, Mizore puts a comforting hand on her shoulder only for Kurumu to brush it off. Her mind just can't wrap around what the truth holds.

"It has to a lie. Tsukune would never hurt someone like this."

Naruto sighs. She won't accept it until she sees him with her own eyes. Plus he needs to do this anyways. He moves forward to the dragon, gaining the attention of the others. He draws a seal in the air with his yoki before transferring the seal to Tsukune.

It is a seal he came up with last year for students who struggle to maintain the human forms either by choice or inability. What it does is force the yōkai to revert and stay in their human disguises no matter how hard they try. As long as the seal is powered, they cannot revert.

The four watch as the dragon shrinks and adopts a human shape. When the human finally finishes, Mizore sheds a tear while Yukari only breaks down further.

However Kurumu…

"No…no,no,no,no,no! This cannot be!"

Feelings of betrayal, hurt, confusion, anger, sadness, despair, and disappointment all flash through her, making her mind go further into denial. The powerful emotions are wrecking havoc on emotionally driven teen. She feels like she could explode from the far too many powerful and chaotic emotions pulling her in every direction.

Unable to be there anymore, she takes off into the air to get away. Running away seems like the best idea in her mind.

The group looks on in sadness at the retreating Succubus but none more than Mizore. She knows exactly what she is feeling as she is feeling the same but her mind is driven by logic not emotion. Therefore she is still able to function due to her mind being able to comprehend the realization it had.

Therefore, she understands Kurumu the best right now. So she turns to the others.

"I'll go."

Without another word, Mizore takes after Kurumu. In this frame of mind the Succubus can do a lot of harm to herself and no one knows Kurumu like Mizore. Not only that, but it gives Mizore time to process her own thoughts and emotions.

She follows Kurumu easily as nothing else is in the air. Eventually Kurumu can no longer keep going and touches down, using a tree to keep her balance. Her eyes water as she hugs the tree, her mind trying and failing to understand.

This is the state that Mizore finds Kurumu in, almost dry heaving while holding onto a tree. The ice maiden quietly walks over to her companion and turns her. Kurumu's troubled amethyst eyes meet compassionate blue ones.

In a flash, Kurumu trades the tree for her friend and finally allows herself to let go. And she cries, purging her body of the powerful emotions and allowing her mind to slowly understand the events of the day.

Mizore just caresses the blue hair of her best friend and allows her friend to heal. One should not underestimate the healing power of a good cry.

It takes a long while but Kurumu's sobs turn to snivels until they turn to light snores. Mizore traces her hand over Kurumu's tear stained face gently almost reverently. She then picks Kurumu up and takes her to the snow woman's room. She lays the short yōkai down under the covers of her bed and curls up next to her white to her black duet.

Scene Shift

A groan alerts Naruto that his prisoner is walking up. It has been several days since the 'attack' on Yōkai Academy. Currently classes are going, which is why Naruto is alone right now in the hospital room with a chained Tsukune to the hospital bed with Yoki inhibitor seals on him.

"Good, you are awake."

Tsukune turns his groggy eyes to the source of noise. The last thing he remembers is trying to attack Naruto but the bastard kept dodging, forcing Tsukune to rip off the second Holy Lock. After that, everything is a blank.

His stomach drops when he sees the very person he tried to kill sitting in a chair looking no worse for wear. But soon it is replaced by anger. He tries to move his arms but he finds them cuffed. He tries to use yoki but he doesn't find any to use. He tries to move his feet but finds them cuffed as well.

"It is useless to try and escape. You are cut off from your yoki and you are chained to the bed with extra strength metal. Now I have a few questions for you and you are going to answer them."

Naruto is met with spit to the face.

"I'd rather die than give in."

Naruto wipes the spit away while trying to remain calm. It wouldn't do to lose it now and kill him.

Instead, Naruto goes for the intimidation factor.

"I can arrange that but first you are going to answer my questions or I'm going to make your life a living hell."

Tsukune scoffs. "My life is already a living hell."

Suddenly Naruto is in his face, fangs and whisker marks deepening with the anger Naruto is feeling.

"You have no idea what a living hell is. You are a pampered brat who couldn't stand losing his main romantic interest. So you threw a tantrum and came back to try to take what you couldn't have."

Tsukune just looks away from Naruto with a resolved look on his face.

"Go ahead and do your worst."

Naruto scoffs at Tsukune's uncaring attitude. He turns to the window and looks out it.

"Just like a brat. You are so fixated on what you can't have that you don't see what you have right in front of you."

"Oh yeah? And what is it that I have? The way I see it, I have nothing while you have the body of the one I love."

Naruto looks at Tsukune seriously.

"You sound just like a person I used to know. He was arrogant, prideful. He thought the entire world should revolve around him because of his heritage."

"That doesn't sound like me at all."

Naruto hits him with a bit of KI to shut him up.

"He had a family but one day it was taken away from him. His older brother killed everyone in the village. He slaughtered hundreds and even his own mother and father. Then through a special power this brother had, he showed this person you remind me of how he killed everyone.

"For the next twelve years, this guy had only one goal in mind: revenge. He was so fixated on the past that he couldn't see what was right in front of him. He had people willing to be kind to him, to provide friendship and companionship. He had people willing to help repopulate his village, restore his village to prosperity, return honor to his family.

"Do you know how he died? He had his head chopped off by a group that far surpassed him. He died friendless, childless with no honor or a shred of respect to his name. Not one person truly cared for him as he didn't let anyone close enough."

Despite himself, Tsukune feels himself being pulled into Naruto's story. He finds himself wondering about this person Naruto is speaking of and the similarities between them.

"I know your circumstances are different but your problem is the same. Tsukune, you have two gorgeous women that would love you and give you everything you ever dreamed of. They love you for who you are which is something that isn't found often in this world. Don't ruin your chance at happiness because you couldn't let the past go."

Tsukune sits as the words hit him. They weren't shouted or blunt or vulgar. Naruto simply spoke from his heart, allowing his words to bypass Tsukune's pride and ill-gotten sense of right and wrong. It makes Tsukune, for the first time in a long while, focus on what his actions must have made his other friends feel.

Guilt pours into the hole in his stomach. How could he have been so…so…stupid? His entire focus this year has been on Moka and he can only imagine how it made Mizore and Kurumu feel. God they must hate him. He has been the largest jackass in the world, completely neglecting and ignoring his friends all for something that not only was wrong but had a very low chance of succeeding.

He feels something wet go down his cheeks and tries to raise a hand to wipe at it but the cuffs stop him. Struggles to see what is dripping down his face until a mirror is held up for him. Tsukune looks in it only to himself crying.

"Take a good look. This is the result of your mistakes."

Tsukune, through his tears, sees that his eyes are a maroon color while his pupils are slits. His hair is also a light shade of grey/silver.

"Now tell me what happened. How did you get out of Yōkai Academy without my knowing?" Naruto asks, taking the mirror away.

"I…I'm not sure. All I know it was late in the second day in the hospital. My legs were mostly mended but still needed a little more time. My door opened and a man namedKiria Yoshii came in. He offered me a chance to get revenge and another chance to have Moka. I took it without a second thought."

Tsukune stops for a moment, regret clear in his body language and voice.

"Anyways, he pulled out this orb and told me to touch it. He said it was some sort of mobile portal device. I don't understand it but I touched it and was pulled into it."

Naruto nods in understanding. "What happened next? Where did he take you?"

"When I appeared out of the portal, I was in white room with a person in the room. Kiria appeared next to me and kneeled while forcing me to do the same. The woman spoke but I couldn't see her face but I knew the person was female because of her voice.

"She asked me about wanting revenge and asked what I would do to achieve it. I told her I'd to anything to get Moka back.

"She seemed interested in Moka because she paused for a moment. She then ordered Kiria to take me to one of the labs. It was there that they…they…"

"They did an experiment on you which fused your DNA with that of two Ayashi," Naruto finishes for Tsukune. The dragon/vampire hybrid can only nod.

"Good. Tell me what happened after they finished the extermination."

Tsukune takes a deep breath before continuing.

"They explained what the Holy Locks were for. They told me to rip them off when the time was right and I would crush you. Then they took me outside where nine others were waiting. They told me I was in charge and we left for Yōkai Academy from there."

"Why didn't you take the mobile portal?"

Tsukune shrugs.

"I don't know. When I asked, all they said is that they already used up the portal."

"Last question. Do you know where all this took place?"

Tsukune seemed to think for a bit.

"I don't know the location but once outside, I saw that the building was a skyscraper. Oh and it has the name Fairy Tale at the top."

Naruto hangs his head. His suspicions have been confirmed.

"Tsukune, listen to me. What you did was very, very dangerous. There is no telling what Fairy Tale did to you. As it was, you almost exploded when you ripped off the Holy Locks because your body wasn't used to the changes or the yoki. It almost tore your body and made it explode."

Tsukune pales at this and understands the severity of his choice.

"As it is, your body is permanently like it is now. You will no longer be able to be in the human world alone, your movements will be tracked until Fairy Tale has been dealt with, and you will have to train your body because once I release the yoki inhibitors, your body will start producing yoki again and it will become unstable. You do remember what happens when yoki becomes unstable?"

Tsukune nods very quickly.

"Good. Now if I am right, there are two girls in the hallway that want to have a chat with you."

Naruto gets up and walks to the door and opens it. Tsukune's heart falls when he sees both Mizore and Kurumu standing in the doorway though she is hiding behind the Yuki-Onna. It seems that Kurumu isn't quite ready for it but she will deal as she is afraid to have Mizore out of her sight.

Naruto allows them to walk into the room and shuts the door as he leaves. He creates a single clone outside the door in case something should happen.

He then shunshins to the Chairman's office who wanted an update as soon as Naruto could give one. And Naruto definitely has something to report.

He appears outside the office and walks in to the reception area. He sees Ruby but she isn't her usual self. Her posture is stiff and she is giving off a half dozen nervous ticks. When she sees him, she stands and ushers him into Mikogami's office without a word.

Naruto hears the door shut quickly and looks to see not one people but three.


End Chapter 6

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