Hello everyone! ShadowMajin is back with yet another fic, but this time I have company. Ms. Videl Son is helping me out with this story and we have a lot planned for you. And I do mean a lot. Not Onslaught-alot but definitely more than I originally planned for.

Some backstory. Back when I was first appearing on ffn with Survival of the Lamest, I had an idea for this story; a huge backstory of huge possibility that I completely forgot about it for the next couple of years. Then one day I started talking to MVS about this idea from so long ago and she went crazy about it. The next thing I know, we have a storyline planned and I'm wondering how the heck that happened. But now, after such a long wait, we bring to you Dragon Quest Z. One guess as to where the title comes from lol

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And now, without further ado, here's the story. Enjoy.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there was a land ruled by four houses: the Monkey House, the Turtle House, the Ribbon House, and the Demon House. In ancient times, each house had been at war, each trying to claim dominion over the others' lands. A time came when the leaders of each house came together and forged a peace that would end the strife. Each house would rule the kingdom for a time, giving up their reign for the next in line, and cycling over and over.

For a time, all was well. But as the centuries wore on, inequality began to emerge between the four houses. Three of the houses were growing too powerful, putting the fourth at a great disadvantage. Ultimately the head of the Demon House came up with a plan to redress this dilemma, offering to oversee the redistribution of power between the houses. Marshalling his forces, he attempted to persuade the other houses that this was their best course of action.

The Head of the Demon House was a great man of great valor. He wanted nothing more than the continued peace and prosperity of the realm, no matter the cost to his own house. Though it would be some time to correct the ever-growing problem, it was suggested that he be the ruler of the kingdom for longer than was ordained. It was the only way to overcome the crisis.

Unfortunately, the other narrow-minded houses did not like this and united together in an unholy alliance against the magnificent Demon House. War broke out and the Demon House was eventually defeated by the combined might of the other three.

But defeat was not enough for their avaricious spirits. Upon victory, they stripped away the lands in which the Demon house was in control, dividing them amongst themselves as one would break bread between family, weakening the honorable house beyond recognition. With no land in their possession, the honor of the Demon House was slowly diminished over the years. But that was not enough for the other three houses. They demanded more tribute from the Demon people, taxing their resources and people to poverty.

This was an unfortunate turn of events. The people of the Demon lands used to be one of the wealthiest in the kingdom. The streets were made of golden bricks, the fountains pouring molten silver, free to anyone who wished to possess some. The people would smile at all who traveled into their villages, offering hospitality to all who asked. It was a prosperous land, but many envied that wealth.

It had been since the days of old that the other three houses looked on with envy at the prosperous Demon lands. So when they found an opportunity to harm the Demon House, they took it. With the Demon House facing ruin, they came up with a plot to return a small portion of the wealth that had been stolen from them.

To do this, a noble Demon was chosen to enter one of the other depraved Houses and remove one of its children. It was a sure way to regain the poor House's fortune and would have been successful had the act not been interrupted. A fight occurred, ending with the slaying and maiming of two prominent members of the Monkey House.

It has been four years since that failed operation. Due to the circumstances surrounding it, the Noble Demon-man had been forced to keep his burdensome charge, always on the move for fear of discovery and impending imprisonment. It is likely the Demon would be beheaded and burned at the stake to ensure that he not rise from the grave, though that is a superstition crafted by idiotic people who have nothing better to do with their time…

At every turn, the newly-forged companions evade danger and capture. Every day is a fight for survival, but the two persist, creating their own fortune as it comes to them.

"So what happened next?"

Green hands clinched at the book's edges, crinkling the pages. A large vein pulsed on the green man's forehead, indicating his frustration with his young charge. The boy had yet to stop interrupting his story-telling and it was fraying the last of his nerves. If only his job description didn't include making sure the young boy was taken care of.

The green man was seated on the ground, his legs crossed beneath him. Most of his body was covered in a surprisingly clean, white cloak, along with a large white turban. Purple pants were the only indication he wore anything underneath the cloak as well as something other than white. An oversized book rested in his lap, his hands holding onto the edges to keep its pages in place. Across from him, a couple of packs were placed haphazardly next to each other. In front of the packs was a little boy, staring at him with big, wide eyes beneath a mass of shaggy, black hair. A wool blanket covered him from toe to shoulder, his head poking out of it like a floating head.

With gritted teeth, the green man said "If you would quit interrupting, I could tell you what comes next."

"Okay, Mr. Piccolo!"

Clearing his throat, Piccolo continued. "From the day the two companions joined, families across the kingdom joined together in panic. Many were to erect towers that reached into the heavens and placed their children within them, for protection against other kidnappers. Others refurnished languishing towers to serve this purpose; and even more would seem to magically summon towers out of thin air. To this day—"

"Wow, that must really suck to be put in one of those."

"Gohan, if you want me to finish this story, you will be quiet!"

The boy, Gohan, just tilted his head to a side and smiled at him. "Okay, Mr. Piccolo."

Piccolo stared at the eight year old boy with a suspicious look, just waiting for him to say something else. When he didn't, the green man looked to his book, soaking in the slightly different material than what he was narrating. He may have referred to this book as his story-telling book, but Gohan wouldn't know the difference; after all, one had to keep oneself occupied when reciting the same story over and over again.

Hmmm, why was it he felt whipped?

"To this day, many children still reside in those towers. It is even said a few princesses had been placed there, waiting for some idiotic hero to rescue them from their isolation. I'm pretty sure there are a few better things to do, but that's just how some people get their kicks, I suppose."

As he came to a stop, his young charged watched him for several moments before feeling like it was okay to speak. "That's such a great story, Mr. Piccolo."

Piccolo rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure. You've only heard it a thousand times before."

"And it'll be one thousand and one tomorrow, right Mr. Piccolo?"

"…yeah, sure."

A yawn escaped the boy's lips. "It's sleepy time," he said before nestling down against the packs. It was a few minutes before soft snoring emerged from the boy.

A sigh left Piccolo's lips as he shut his book. Another night, another bedtime ritual over with. It had been a long time the two had done this and unless Gohan matured very quickly during the night, it was something that would continue for quite some time.

A shift in the boy's position alerted the green man to a portion of the blanket falling off the boy. Automatically, he reached out and shifted the blanket to cover the boy better.

Oh yeah, he was totally whipped.

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