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A cold gush of air passed through the curtains. She sleepily turned to the opposite side, trying to block out the coldness. It was unusually cloudy here in Flaris. The normal sunny blue skies got blocked out by a cloth of white fluffy clouds.

"Wake up Olive!" A banging sound immediately resounded throughout the room. The door shook at the force, the tone of the voice seemed to be impatient.

"You're missing something important here! Olive! Come on wake up and unlock this door!" the door trembled again. Then suddenly everything got quiet.

"Huh?" Olive sleepily moaned out, rubbing the sleepiness off her eyes. There was Kajuma, towering over her with his hands crossed at his chest and a stern expression plastered to his face.

"You knocked over the door?" Olive yelled as she jerked out off her bed and ran to check the door.

"Of course not! I used my blinkpool!" He replied back in defense. Olive sighed in relief as she tested out the door by opening and closing it.

"What happened anyway? What's the hurry?" Olive questioned heading back to her bedroom. Kajuma had herself sitting comfortably at the sofa, his hat taken off and his staff put down.

"Olive, the group decided to meet up today." Kajuma said.

"Us? Today?" Olive shouted in twisted excitement.

"Yes." Kajuma said. "Though you're only about to be a 2nd class archer and the others are yet to reach the class change. . . We've got to do something about it." He added

"So that means…?"

"If it's by your very own words it's a 'Killing Spree'." The two grinned.

"We're gonna meet-up at one of the floating islands here in Flaris. So let's head there now and get going."

The two headed out of the small house. It was drizzling and it didn't seem to get any better. Even though the natural elements were things of no worry, they still thought it's irritating. Humans were definitely of the lower class than them, being able to jump high, walk underwater like nothing and fly. Brain limiters were for people of normality, they were birds seeking for the sky.

Kajuma had his Hagal Magician armor set on, even though he is officially an Elementor. The lavender sleek tuxedo had folded out cuffs and buttons on, yellow linings and to match a lavender top hat decorated with a line of yellow buttons. His staff made the look all the more formal, the Guardian Staff. It's as tall as he is, with almost a fourth of its body shaped like of an umbrella's body.

"This weather is abnormal. Flaris doesn't have rain.!" He irritatingly said. His board immediately appeared below his feet. Olive did the same and equipped her board too.

"It'll be hard to fly with this weather. The rain will be hard on our skin, the wind will be opposing us." Olive said. Their boards are identical to one another, sleek metallic in color with two small propellers at the back. It was at the top of the line and the fastest one around and, of course, affordable.

Both of them turned on their boards and tilted towards the sky.

"It hurts my eyes!" cried Olive with her hands trying to cover her eyes from the drizzling rain.

"Just a few more and we'll be out of this!" Kajuma exclaimed with his arm shielded in front of his face. Both of them tilted the boards steeper and flew faster towards the clouds. With another burst they came out from the map of clouds and out of the drizzling rain.

"Finally! Open air! Dryness comes to me!" Kajuma exclaimed as he summoned his firebird and used it as a dryer.

"Me too! Me too! Not to close though." Olive optimistically cheered on the not so good idea. With just the right distance no damage was caused. The Firebird immediately went away after that.

"Thanks Kajuma. But isn't it weird that a huge blanket of clouds like those are covering Flaris? And look up there, the sun is shining behind all the drizzling." Olive pointed out.

"Well we can't just solve everything here.. We'll head towards the River of Weeping, the biggest floating Island there would be where the meet-up will be." Kajuma said as he turned to the direction of the river. Tilting the board downwards, Kajuma groaned.

"We just got ourselves dry! Now we're going to get wet again?" he complained, He didn't like getting wet.

"Nothing we can do about that." Olive teasingly said. With her board tilted downwards in a 45 degree angle, she went on ahead.

"The clouds better get ready. Cause I don't like this." Kajuma muttered under his breath before following Olive.

The characters are based on my friends and I. We have real characters on Flyff.