"A killing spree!"

"A killing spree?"

"A killing spree."

Each member had a different view on the phrase, a different reaction. The whole gang was standing up, huddling in a circle, making a plan. The guys took it well though Kenichi and Blake looked uneasy about the weather, the fatigue might have gotten to them. The girls had mixed expressions. Demitria and Mafeen looked ready to go but Yoona seemed to doubt that she could join in. Olive and Kajuma looked at themselves and decided. They needed to make up a organized battle plan here.

"We'll start here first, clean up some Bangs and Nyangnyang, then maybe we can move into the dungeon." Olive said looking at each of their faces, asking for a response.

"Yoona, you'll act as an Assist to Tonare. You'll be safe with him." Kajuma said. Yoona's expression seemed to turn around. She immediately moved to Tonare's side. Assists that were to be Ringmasters had to undergo these all the time.

"Demitria stay with Anny for the meanwhile. You'll act as a pair for the time being." Olive said, and so did Demitria move to Anny's side.

"Mafeen will stay with me for the mean while." Olive said as Mafeen smiled at her, walking to Olive's side.

"Blake will side with me." Kajuma smirked as the other went to his side.

"Then as usual Kenichi goes with me." Ethan said as the duo shared a high five.

"Looks like we have to use teamwork. Let's do this as a group!" Kenichi optimistically said.

"We can't leave a member behind right?" Anny said

"Let's do this together!" Kajuma said with a grin, as the group got pumped up in energy.

Moving onto the territory of the Bangs, the higher leveled members saw the usual sight while as the less experience members thought the Bangs were too tough. Kajuma and Olive reassured them once again. They immediately set up pairs. Yoona, Mafeen and Demitria stuck to their partner's sides. Blake and Kajuma acted as a pair while as the usual duo fired themselves up.

The Bangs are walking around anywhere with no real intent of a certain destination. Their bulky bodies are muscular and when they walked, they shook the ground. Sometimes they wound bang their hammer-like hands to the ground or to the air and the force could be felt. The Bangs could easily be separated from that of the Captain Bangs, Bangs are blue while Captains are dressed in brown. The Giant bang roamed around, taller than the rest. Looming over them like a monster. So there they went just mindlessly walking around.

"We'll farm these small headed beings! Let Yoona, Mafeen and Demitria do their work. Blake, Kenichi don't overdo yourselves, your class changes are already near. You'll need to be at top shape when it comes." Kajuma said.

"Olive, Tonare, Anny and Ethan; you'll take care of your partners, don't herd too much. Estimate the number they can handle easily and make sure that no rampaging masquerpets are around." He added. Nods of understanding were passed around before the gang dispersed to the area.

There they were, fighting those masquerpets with their weapons. These were the times when they proved themselves mightier than the humans; Flyffers can withstand and repel the Masquerpets. Swords, Bows, staves, wands, sticks, axes, knuckles and Yoyos are weapons that Flyffers used to counterattack the monsters, shields can be used at a certain class. Using MP and FP to use more complicated and frightening skills makes sure the job gets done right. Eating food that replenishes the health, MP or FP is needed for some fights. Flyffers do have a lot in their hands, that's why only a few is chosen for the job. Mercenary, Acrobat, Magician and Assist are the types of classes a starting Vagrant can turn into.

"Come here Bangs!" Olive shouted with full energy. She ran around shooting arrows at every Bang she passed by.

"Right here to Kajuma~a!" He loudly sang as he pulled in more Bangs to his herd.

"You guys might wanna change to lower damage weapons. . ." Ethan suggested.

"Y-Yea. . . that might be a good idea." Demitria said with a sweat drop.

Bangs were scattered on the floor before they vanished to thin air. Kajuma and Olive looked behind at the damage they did before sharing energy filled high five, the others sweat dropped at the scene.

"Aren't you guys supposed to mob the Bangs so that we could attack them?" Blake shouted out to the two, giving them a reminder. Mafeen giggled as she agreed to his statement.

"We got carried away. We'll get back to work." Olive grinned as she changed her bow to that of a lower class. Kajuma had his staff changed too with some parts of his armor.

"No shoes and gauntlets. This rocks." Kajuma laughed out loud as he pulled again some of the Bangs for Blake.

"You guys show off too much." Blake muttered to himself before attacking the herded Bangs.

Bang after Bang, they fell down in a ripple effect. Buffs were given before they had met up, those penguins do help a lot. Blake hacked his way towards the last Bang. And then before he knew it, none was left and Kajuma ran to herd a group of Captain Bangs. He smirked to himself before dashing to kill some of the newly farmed Captain Bangs. He had himself for a streak.

"Blake's fast at this. Kenichi and Ethan doesn't seem to have a problem too." Mafeen said to Olive. She just recently finished her group of Bangs, approximately about 15 of them. It was enough to give her EXP a high boost.

"Well then let's keep on going." Olive said to Mafeen before getting the closest Bangs and dashing around to herd more.

Mafeen apparently didn't like to rush things, she settled an enemy one by one. It was good and Olive didn't have to worry about her Health status nor her having a low MP rate. Slowly but surely the group got thinner and thinner until the final one dropped to the floor. And the a beam of light shone unto Mafeen.

"CONGRATULATIONS MAFEEN!" Olive exclaimed in surprise and happiness.

"Huh? Wha-?" Kajuma and Blake jerked to Mafeen's position and so did the others.

"OHMYGODNESS! MAFEEN!" Kajuma said in wide realization. He then ran to her place and gave he a big bear hug.

"CONGRATS!" He said with a huge smile. The others immediately expressed their recognition and one by one said congratulations to Mafeen.

Then two other beams of light flashed down, both on Blake and Kenichi. And later on Yoona, herself got beamed on the light. Congratulations were passed all over the place and when the group had themselves tired out, they sat again in a safe open field. Resting for the mean time, they shared laughs, jokes, experiences and memories.

"And at first they thought a killing spree is a bad idea." Kajuma joked to Olive and the two laughed at themselves.