The Ballad of Elmer Fudd and Grilled Cheese

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Now In Elmuh Fudd Vision!

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I'm definitely going to hell for this. Or whatever. /co/, I completely blame you for asking me to do this, but here it is. Elmer Fudd and Grilled Cheese. God, why was that so wrong yet hilarious?

Elmer Fudd got back home after a hard day at work. He took off his hat and headed into the kitchen, to gwab his favowite meal, some nice gwiwwed cheese. Elmer opened the fwidge, and his mouth started waterwing as he gwabbed the gwiwwed cheese and sat down at the table.

"Ooooh baby. How I wove me some gwiwwed cheese..." Elmer started as he bit into the gwiwwed cheese and munched on it softly, chewing it down after twelve seconds. He then unzipped his pants and pulled out his penus, his left hand on it as he began moving up and down, gwabbing another gwiwwed cheese. As he pwaced the gwiwwed cheese into his mouth with his wight hand, he moaned in gwee as he began jacking off faster, his weft hand starting to fell sore. Munching the gwiwwed cheese down, he let out a woud sigh of comfort as he gwabbed one more gwiwwed cheese, this time taking it up to his woom as he sat on his big wed bed, stwipping off his cwothes as he satin fwont of the gwiwwed cheese.

"Wet's get some action goin," Elmer stated as he gwabbed the gwiwwed cheese and opened it up, pwacing his penus inside the scrumptious sandwich. Elmer then gwabbed the head of his penus with his wight hand and started pumping it, groaning in delight as he felt the cheese melt on his big, ewected penus. Elmer's tongue hung out from the wight side of his mouth as he closed his eyes, screaming with delight as he came, the cum having some gwiwwed cheese inside it. Elmer sighed as he sat back on his bed, gwabbing the gwiwwed cheese he masturbated on.

"Oh gwiwwed cheese... you so do well to pwease me..." Elmer started as he gobbled the gwiwwed cheese, letting out a satisfying sigh as he was then surrounded by hundreds of gwiwwed cheese just waiting to be sexed up. "Hehehehehehe..."