Dear Rachel;

How are you since my last letter? Apart from the slushee facial? That must be cold. What am I asking of course it is. I went to the Seven-11 here and bought one...a slushee that is. I paid my sister five dollars to throw it in my face. Mom was NOT impressed, but I had to know what you guys go through. I know it seems weird, but with as long as we've been "corresponding", I feel like I really know you and the kids in Glee! Although, I'm sure you've portrayed them to me through "rose coloured glasses". Not that that's a bad thing... You know our agreement to not erase anything we write, to be completely ...candid. I HATE IT! But I guess that's the point right! :)

So you're going to have to tell me how the championship game went! In your last letter you said that all of the guys quit and that you and the glee gals were going to play...did you? Did you win the game? Did the guys get their 'stuff' in gear and play like they all secretly wanted to? I'm sure the jaws dropped in glee club when you said that you wanted to join the team... I'd bet Finn had the BEST expression! Not that you would care...since you keep saying that you are over him...

This might seem a little bit random, but I was wondering if you could do some research for me. There is a program that my school counsellor told me about. Apparently it is congruent with any high school in North America. Which is really cool! That is of course if it is actually congruent with ALL of them...the high schools that is. And of course that makes no sense at all! It's an exchange program. It would mean that I could spend as much time as was designated in a high school anywhere in North America. When I found out about it, my first thought was McKinley. But of course, it is all for nothing if I wouldn't be able to transfer... Would it be too much to ask if you could find out for me?

I'll be waiting for you next letter!


PS – What do you think?