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. . .

The battle waged since ancient times,

Called love, between men and women,

But to this person it is merely a story

For her entertainment.


IS it ok like that? Why sure it is!

The girl who has perfected love

To a precise formula of stimuli

The chronicles of her struggles in

"Capturing the hearts of men in the real world."

The new series starts!

The World Only Keima Knows.

2: Morinezu de Kuroza- One hell of a big brother!

In the dark and dusty gloom of Hell floated a girl. Clothed in a long black robe, she scanned through several files on the holographic screens floating in front of her. It was a far from peaceful day, considering the number of Loose Souls wreaking havoc in the humans' world. She sighed and rest her head on her left hand. What a punishment for letting that stupid boy live. Sure, the future was safe from his terrible breakthrough, but couldn't they give her a break? Protecting Life was what Angels were for, weren't they?

However, Chief Dokuro's thoughts were broken up by a loud, annoying noise that sounded like a Jet crashing through Plexiglas.

"Sorry I'm late!"

Unfortunately that noise happened to be an absolutely insane young demon.

As the boy neared her workstation, Dokuro had the irresistible urge to reach for her metal bat next to her chair. Hopefully the spikes sticking out of it would pound some sense into the teenaged Demon. He was already dressed in a human school uniform, a cardinal red blazer with dark slacks.

"Mori," she said this name with utter disdain and sighed heavily. "If you keep up this type of punctuality, I'll hit you with Excalibolg." Dokuro pointed at him with said trusty bat. "And I might not bring you back after you die."

Mori eyed the Angel nervously. Everyone in Hell was afraid of Dokuro and her infamous weapon. "Uh…please be reasonable!" he begged, not wanting his entrails splayed over the control room.

"Why are you here, anyway?" she asked. From what she knew, he was a loser of a Demon who could barely do anything right.

"I'm here because…because Chief Mahdi told me you had an opening."

"Oh….that...Maezhi-san should butt out of my business, you know." She bit her lip, ruminating on her punishment. "I shouldn't even be here… Imagine! An angel sent to hell to straighten things out!" Dokuro continued to pout, giving a small huff of indignation. "Some sort of "peace treaty" between the ones upstairs in the clouds." Flapping the small white structures on her back, she caressed the delicate, yet slightly-tarnished feathers. "My wings look terrible!"

Mori flipped his dark green hair, leaning in close proximity to the angel. His eyes were a lighter shade than his hair, she noticed, like pools of tea….

"They look positively lovely, my dear Dokuro," he said in a soft voice. Immediately a furious blush spread across her face. Surprise suddenly melted into rage. Dokuro hit him with the blunt end of her bat, pushing the air out of his lungs and knocking him to the ground.

As he lay there, a lump was started to swell on the back of his skull.

"That's Dokuro-sama or Chief Dokuro to you, young man! I'm at least 500 years older!"

Shaking slightly, Mori lifted himself up from the floor. That was no angel standing before him, but a demon! No way had one of those air-headed idiots just hit him so hard!

"Old hag," he muttered, rubbing his arm.

"What was that?" Raising her bat again, Dokuro frowned, her eyes piercing daggers. Mori backed away from the advancing girl, her blue hair shining in the dim light of the main communications center of hell.

"Um, old hat!" he said, correcting himself. "I said I wanted an old hat!" The skateboard in his hands was raised in order to protect his face from any oncoming blows.

Dokuro lowered Excalibolg, giving him a disapproving glare. She motioned to the skateboard with her bat. " Hmmm…! Mori, what's with that skateboard?" Sniffing once, she looked him up and down. "Since when do Rounders have skateboards?"

"This? It was a gift from my kid brother." Mori shrugged, looking away. "He said it'd help me round up the ambient energy in the iconosphere faster. It's pretty neat, actually."

Chief Dokuro's expression was skeptical, but instead of scolding him further, she sighed.

"You know it's the end of hell when I have to dispatch both a demon in charge of cleaning and one in charge of gathering energy to contain the captured spirits. Which, frankly we haven't caught enough to actually use much of the energy you gather."

He decided it was safe enough to smile. Giving her a salute, he stood up straight, determination practically crackling around him. "I'll do my best to fulfill the contract, ma'm."

"Now, about the buddy you'll be assigned." In one wave of her hand, the console in front of the angel came to life, the holographic display illuminating her face. Onscreen, what appeared to be a cloudy mass of color popped up, writhing very much like a snake would. "I know your abilities, and I'm afraid they won't be of too much use concerning your targets."

"What? My charisma and charm are all I have!" he shouted. But then he collected himself and struck a pose, his chin rested delicately between the index finger and thumb of his right hand. "Well, Aside from my good looks…"

A bat-full of metal came smashing into his face.

"Now, as you know your fiancée has gathered many spirits," Dokuro drummed her fingernails on the console as she spoke, "along with her classmate and their human partners. These types of Loose Souls they go after usually latch onto the hearts of young girls." She watched Mori drag himself from the floor once more, a small pool of blood beneath him. "However… there is a growing number of these Loose Souls that have not gone this course."

"So what are you saying, exactly?" he said, balling a fist. Mori cradled his still-bleeding face with his palm.

"I'm saying that they are now infecting human boys as well."

Mori gave an exaggerated roll of his eyes. "Like I didn't see this coming….so what about my partner?" His eyebrows knitted together as he thought. "Is there really such a human who can help me capture souls from boys?" A moment later, Mori was smirking, an evil expression on his face. "A person who can think like a boy, and manipulate them like putty…." A single pointer finger rose to the air to accentuate his point. "So that I can swoop in and take the escaped spirit to save the day!" Both his fists rest on his hips as he puffed out his chest. Behind him, Dokuro could practically see the waves crashing from the ocean.

After a long moment of staring at him, the Chief nodded. "There is," she said casually. "They call her: 'Horeru-gami'" Excalibolg was thrust into his direction once more, and Dokuro let the tip of it stop a millimeter away from his face. "-Don't worry about the spirits very long," she said sharply. "You just have to look for that woman."

Mori bobbed his head wildly, hair shaking around his face. He swallowed thickly and looked at the weapon brandished at him.

"U-understood," he squeaked, smiling weakly. "Morinezu de Kuroza, ready for action."

*~* The fiction world's goddess! * ~ *

So far, the trip to Charadeland was going swimmingly. At least in Machi's opinion it was. Reina couldn't type while she was on the rides, so about 15% of her originally-estimated work-time had been used up. Though, there were the periods of time where they had to wait in line, so the whole thing wasn't totally a bust.

6:11, Reina had just returned from the bathroom, typing away furiously on her PFP, her one usb drive sticking out of the left side. She was ¾ though the latest chapter, and was about to finish up when she received a very inconvenient email. Knowing it would only nuisance her further later on, she decided to open it, skim the contents, and then return to her prose. The contents were as follows:

To the Mistress of Manipulation,

I heard a story that you can make any boy fall in love with any type of person you choose. I thought that it was impossible at first, but if you really can, I would like you to help me with some boys. If you have confidence that you can complete this challenge, please press reply.

P.S. If it's impossible, don't ever press the button!


Bokuhatsu Tenshi, Cheif Dokuro


She thought for a beat, but then shrugged and pressed the button.

"I'll take on the challenge I guess," muttered Reina.

What she didn't expect, was there to be a rumbling in the clouds above her. Nor did she anticipate the strange, ominous darkening of the sky. Or the swirling of purple mist and the lighting, she didn't foresee those either.

Around her the people had scattered and hid from what they assumed to be a sudden thunderstorm. Reina, though, had stayed frozen where she was. The wind nearly knocked the girl flat, and she had to shield her eyes from the debris flying around, and the flashing lights nearly blinded her. However, though the commotion she faintly heard someone's voice.

"Watch Out!"

She couldn't help the shriek that flew from her mouth as she was pushed by the wind, and tumbled onto her back, something heavy landing onto her with a very painful thud.

"S-sorry…"said the voice over her.

Reina's eyes eased open slowly. Her face quickly became a bright scarlet color when she noticed that some random boy was basically on top her, pinning her to the ground.

Poor Mori never knew what hit him.

Okay, actually he did.

Reina shook her hand; it still stung from the punch she had just given the very unlucky demon. She was panting, and a light layer of sweat had formed on her forehead, bangs sticking to her head from the moisture.

"What?" Bewildered and out of breath, Reina stared him down venomously. "The. Hell do you think you're doing?" It was then she noticed his school uniform; the same as her school, Mai Academy. "Who are you?" she demanded, holding up a fist in front of his nose.

"Oh, excuse me, how rude. Not to introduce myself first, what a travesty!" A light from some unknown source shone down upon him like a spotlight. A hand was pressed to his chest, while the other was raised high to the heavens, dramatic prince style. "Ungentle-manly in the highest order, milady." The next moment Mori spun around, locked his eyes with hers, and he held her face gently.

Remi barely flinched.

"I'll not ask again..." she said stiffly.

He simply couldn't contain himself. The theatrical demon fell to the ground, laughing and laughing. Mori had to hold his sides as he tried to speak and laugh at the same time.

Tapping her foot, Remi looked heavenward in exasperation, waiting for him to finish.

"Right, you're right. Sorry, got carried away there!" said Mori. He climbed to his feet and cleared his throat as he did. Remi stared at the hand he offered for her to shake. "Hello there. My name is Morinezu de Kuroza Ima; I'm a demon from hell." To finish off his little introduction Mori gave her a quick, flirtatious wink. "It's nice to meet you, kami-sama."

It was the way he said all of this, so bluntly and without any other explanation, which prompted Reina to allow herself to smirk.

"Sure," she said, "I believe you." By this point she was grinning.

"Really?" said Mori, his expression starting to brighten up as well.

And suddenly she had disappeared. Behind him he could hear her footsteps retreating. Mori's heart started to smash against his chest; he had to stop her before she walked too far!

"Wait!" he yelled, reaching out towards her retreating figure. Startled, Reina instantly stopped walking and glanced backwards at the boy. Dead serious and scared stiff… two terms that could have described his face at the moment.

Most interesting of all, was how his voice transformed into a peculiar, cold whisper as he said his next words: "You don't want to—lose your head."

A thin, choking feeling started to gather around her throat. Gasping, Reina's hands flew to her neck, only to be met by a collar of some sort.

"Huh? What is this?"

Mori's smile returned; the demon was relieved that she hadn't strayed before their partnership would solidify. "It's a stipulation on account of the contract you agreed to," he explained. Reina shivered at the cold, unnerving cheeriness at which he spoke. "If the terms are not fulfilled…then your head will get sliced clean off."

She thought the consequences over for a minute. That outcome didn't sound very nice. In fact, it sounded downright painful, not to mention messy.

After she had called down, Reina folded her arms once again.

"Fine. As long as I can play my games, I don't mind."

"As long as they don't hinder your capture of the Loose Souls," said Mori, wagging a disapproving finger like a dog tail.

"My games never hinder me," said Reina. Now it was her turn to sound dangerous. "I function optimally with or without them, but I prefer to play. " Reina grabbed him by the collar and pulled him closer. "Now, how is it you got here?"

"Intradimensional gate," he said immediately.

Sounded very "Uh-huh. And why did you choose me?"

"Because you are the Mistress of Manipulation! Surely you can make all the boys fall in love with you!" A pit patter of school shoes echoed beneath them from his sudden urge to wiggle and dance around foolishly. Little cartoon hearts floated around his oscillating arms. "Then, the hole in their heart will be filled, and the loose soul will be cast out!" He punched his fist. "Then I grab the sucker!"

"Just one problem with that."

"Oh, what?"

"I only play Dating Sims and Otome games. I have no time for real boys."

"….. "

Mori melted into a puddle, looking like he was waiting for his own funeral to begin.

"WHAT?" he shrieked. "You mean I came all this way for a gamer-chick?"

She swung at him, but luckily Mori ducked in time.

"Hey! I am also an accomplished author!" Reina took the time to pull her tablet out of her bag, flipping through the files until she saw the particular eBook she was looking for.

"Love Love Rune?" read Mori, "What's that?"

"My novel!" she yelled. The glare on her glasses obscured her eyes for a moment as she assumed the "firey fangirl" stance: One hand clenched into a fist, and her leg was resting on a nearby bench much like in a Captain Morgan commercial. "Though mostly I stick to games and fanfiction….are you even listening?"

"I'm scanning for loose souls." His small, white wrist watch seemed to be more interesting than her story. The face of it was a skull, with the time displayed within the large black eyes in a glowing green set of numbers. "hmmm…."

"Reina-chan! Reina-chan!"

What a familiar sound; it was that high, simpering voice again.

"Oh, great," said Reina under her breath. She looked at Machi out of the corner of her eye, adjusting her glasses as she did so. Her sister was always one for drama, and she surely was showing it. The idiot still had the sparkle of fresh tears in her mud brown eyes, and her lips were trembling.

Their father held Machi's hand as they both confronted reina.

"Where've you been?," demanded Mr. Hishugu, though he wasn't too angry. "I sent Machi to the bathrooms to look for you."

"Y-you weren't there and I got worried," said her sister. Her voice caught a little as she whined, sounding like she was about to cry again. Reaina prevented herself from rolling her eyes at the childish display.

"I'd already left, but I ran into a slight snag, you see—,"

"Very nice to meet you both!"

Mori thrust himself into the conversation, much like a lion would run out into the middle of a room filled with steak.

Machi and Mr. Hishugu blinked.

"Who's this?" asked their father. The boy seemed to appear out of nowhere from his point of view. During the entire conversation with Reina, Mori had been lurking around in his blind spot. What this…he felt a twinge of anger….considerably handsome young man was doing alone with his daughter…..

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, how rude. Let me introduce myself." With yet another absurd statement, he managed to flip their entire world onto its skull: "My name is Mori, and I'm your son!"

The three Hishugus were silent for a moment before they all let out one collective…


The now newly unveiled "relative" snapped his fingers. "That's right!" he muttered, with his left hand he reached into his messenger bag.

Mr. Hishugu suddenly found himself the unfortunate recipient of the most unwanted letter he would ever receive.

"Here is a letter from my recently deceased mother."

Ripping open the note, he found himself staring into a considerably embarrassing memory. His face grew redder and redder, but not from anger. He scanned over the letter a second time, his forehead breaking out in a sweat. He looked to the paper then the boy. Then he looked to the boy then the letter. Sadly the boy was not just a letter.

Come to think of it, he thought, he has her eyes….

This was not right. He had to burn the letter, grab his daughters and run. He could close down his blasted cabaret club and they would go into hiding.

No, no, that was cruel and selfish, from the contents of the very revealing account he had read, Mori had no other place to go.

There was no other choice but to let him live with them.

. . .

Reina's Diary. Entry 6447

Today was a confusing, but very interesting day. Despite the abundance of unexpected events…overall it was pretty good. Machi and I spent some time with father, and I made acquaintances with a demon. I know it may sound like a crazy plot for a manga, but it is true. Unfortunately, the demon, (Mori was his name?) is staying at our home. This was due to some cover-story that was created in order to stay close to his "human buddy" as he calls me.

So it seems that I am bound to an unbreakable contract, forced to capture "loose souls." In other words, we're sent on this insane mission to capture evil spirits that invade the hearts of humans.

This is going to be a hassle.

A/N: I'm sorry. I am finally finished with school, and I'll finish the next chapter of this and "Exorcism of the Soul" soon.