I know it didn't take long, but here is the first chapter of my new story. I have some really great ideas for this one, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Chapter 1 - Pezberry

"Slow down, Santana!" Rachel was gripping the handle of the car door for dear life, "You are going to get us killed!"

Santana huffed in frustration, "Chill out, Berry. I know what I'm doing."

Rachel couldn't help but let out little squeaks and shut her eyes as her best friend made the final turns into the parking lot of their alma mater, William McKinley High School.

Once Santana pulled into a parking spot and put the car in park, Rachel opened her eyes and let out a sigh of relief.

"Santana Lopez, I think you should let me drive the rest of the break." Rachel quickly exited the car, thankfully to be on firm ground.

"Whatevs," said Santana as she tossed Rachel the keys to her daddy's BMW, "I miss driving, was making the best of it." At that, she threw her arm around Rachel's shoulders and squeezed, "Now would you please calm down and just enjoy this view with me."

Rachel sighed and joined Santana in looking up at the brick building in front of them.

"Goodness," Rachel's voice broke a bit, "I-."

"OMG, Rach! Are you seriously about to cry!" But the former Cheerio found her own voice breaking and her eyes fill with tears, "Jesus, look what you made me do!"

They stood there for a moment silently as they briefly reminisced of their four years in the building in front of them. Most of the time, being spent as sworn enemies. It wasn't until the middle of their senior year, they realized they were more alike then they wanted to believe.

Both were brutally honest, they just had their own way of expressing it. One, was bitchy and mean, the other, annoying and bossy. Once they both got word they were both going to NYU, a weird, strange bond had begun. They both seemed to change each other, in a good way. Santana made Rachel lighten up, and Rachel got Santana to not be so, mean.

Before they knew it, both their fathers were discussing living arrangements. Since they were lucky enough to have parents that made good money, they were set up in a two bedroom apartment in SoHo, just a quick subway ride to NYU.

Here they were, back in Lima, Ohio for their winter break.

Rachel scanned the parking lot, "Well, it surprises me, but we seem to be the last to arrive."

Santana glanced around the parking lot to see the cars of their former Glee club friends. "Yes, and you know they best not start with out us," she beemed.

Rachel's breath hitched a bit when she saw the giant black truck just a few spots away. Santana noticed, "What the hell did you guys fight about this time?"

Rachel shook her head, "I really didn't think it was that big of deal." Rachel thought back to her last conversation with Noah Puckerman, "but he hasn't returned my phone calls."

36 hours earlier

"I think I just had the worst date imaginable"

"Oh yea, well, mine was fantasmic!"

"Noah, I would rather not hear about your latest sexual conquest right now."

"What, since you have a crappy date and I finally have a good one, I can't share?"

"It just gets old, Noah. Are you ever going to date a girl you have actual feelings for, instead of one you just want to…feel?"

"Fuck off, Berry."

Rachel heard the click that meant he had hung up on her.


Rachel and Santana were making their way through the halls holding hands and squeezing as they passed certain spots that meant something special to them. They suddenly found themselves in front of a giant glass case that held the 2012 National Show Choir Champions trophy. They stood there remembering all they went through to get that trophy. How much their lives were changed just by joining Glee.

They could hear music coming from down the hall, "Is that…Gaga I hear," smirked Santana.

They looked at each other and sang in unison, "I want your love," they started sprinting down the hall, "love-love-love," they entered the room full of music and joined in with Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, Brittany and Quinn, "I WANT YOUR LOVE."

That is Chapter 1, I know it's short, but it's just the intro to a story I hope you all will love!