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Chapter 9 – Final Bow

Rachel stuck her key quietly into the door of her apartment. It was 1am and she was returning home from her last show of the week. It was Friday and was looking forward to the time off. It had been two months since she had taken over the role of Dorothy. It was a whirlwind that she was ready to take a break from.

She quietly locked the door behind her and when she saw that Santana's door was open, she knew that her roommate wasn't home.

As she entered her bedroom she could see the large form on her bed and heard the small snores coming from it. She smiled and quickly got changed into an old tshirt leaving on her undies and crawled under the covers and wrapped her arms around Noah's waist.

He stirred slightly as she placed small kisses on his back.

"Hey," he said gruffly. He turned over to face her and put his hand on her hip, rubbing his thumb.

"Hi, I'm sorry I woke you," she had proceeded kissing his chest and up his neck to his jaw.

He chuckled, "No you're not," he moved brushed the hair off her face, "How was the show?"

"Fantastic," she wrapped her leg around his, "But I don't want to talk about it. I've got off the whole weekend and I am all yours, when you don't have to work that is."

He pulled her on top of him, "Well, since I took off the whole weekend, we won't need to worry about that," he started kissing her neck and smiled as she squealed with joy. He tugged up her shirt and stuck finger along the edge of her panties, "Please tell me why these are still on."

Rachel stood up on the bed, her feet on either side of him. She slowly pushed down her underwear and threw them on the floor, "Is that better?"

He rubbed the back of her legs and ran his hands up her thighs. She started to sit down "No, stay standing."

She giggled as his finger ran over her clit and he noticed she was already wet with moisture, "Damn, you're ready for me aren't you?"

"You have no idea!"

He ran his finger over her folds and slowly stuck a finger inside of her. Her legs shook, "Let me lay down."

"Uh-uh," he sat up and used his free arms to hold her leg to his chest. He then put in another finger and used his thumb to rub her clit.


She felt her self tense quickly her orgasm quickly coming over her.

He took her hands and slowly guided her down onto his lap. Lifting her hips, he guided her over him and entered her slowly.

"God, I missed you," he breathed once she was fully filled.

Rachel suddenly felt her eyes fill with tears. She was glad it was dark because she didn't want him to see her crying. She knew that they hadn't been able to spend much time together in the last few months with her rehearsals and shows and him working on top of that.

She felt the guilt overwhelm her and she couldn't hide the sob that escaped her lips.

"Babe," Noah stopped and pulled her face to him, "What is it, what's wrong?"

Rachel moved off of him and swung her legs over the side of the bed. She sat there trying to contain her emotion, to no avail.

"Rach, tell me what's wrong?"

"I-I've be-been….s-such…"

"What is it baby?"

She took in a deep breath and he rubbed her back soothingly, "I've been such a horrible girlfriend! I never get to see you and when I do, it's only for a few hours. I even dropped out of school and I still don't spend enough time with you"

Noah sighed, "I know that…but you have not been horrible. Don't say that."

"Noah, this is the first time we've had sex in like 3 weeks and I've already ruined it," she stood up and pulled her shirt over her head and ran into her bathroom shutting the door.

Noah ran his hand over his head and pushed himself out of the bed. He leaned against the door frame of the bathroom and knocked, "Baby…Rach…"

"Stop Noah, I understand if you want to leave."

"Rachel, I am not leaving. Now get out of there so we can talk."

"What's going on," Noah turned to see Santana poking her head into the room and she heard Rachel crying in the bathroom. She shot a glare at Noah, "What did you do, Puckerman?"

"Nothing! I didn't do anything," stated Noah

"Then explain to me why my best friend has locked herself in her bathroom?"

Suddenly the bathroom door opened. Rachel walked past Noah and Santana and climbed into bed throwing the blankets over her head.

"Rachel?" Santana started walking towards the bed but Noah grabbed her by the elbow.

"It's fine, I got this. God to bed, you smell like sex and vodka."

"Fuck off, Puckerman." Santana exited the room, shutting the door behind her.

"Listen to me Rachel, I know that we don't see each other a lot these days, but I understand."

Rachel slowly pulled the blankets off her head, "You do?"

He laughed and moved to the bed and crawled under the blankets. He pet her hair and wiped a tear off her cheek.

"Rachel, you are starring on Broadway! That's a big fucking deal!" Rachel laughed, "And I know that this is what you have worked your entire life for and I want nothing but happiness for you."

He pulled her up to his chest. After a few minutes of silence Rachel spoke.

"It's just, when you said you missed me, it broke my heart. I felt so guilty."

"Rachel look at me," he waited until he knew he had full eye contact, "I love you," Rachel sucked in deep, "Yes, I said it, I love you okay? I think I've loved you since we were kids at JCC but I was too stupid to admit to myself until you left for New York."

Rachel grinned, "Noah," she pulled him on top of her and kissed him, "I love you too! I do!"

"Good," he kissed her nose, "Now where were we?"

Rachel giggled as Noah pulled the sheets over their heads.

It was Rachel's first day back to the show and she felt fantastic. Spending the whole weekend with Noah helped relieve a lot of tension. Saturday they spent most the day in bed and ordered in Chinese food.

That night they made it to their favorite hole in the wall bar and even spent some time with Mimi and Roger. Mimi was ecstatic when Rachel told her there would be two tickets waiting for them at the box office for the Thursday night show.

They spent Sunday in Central Park enjoying the sun. Monday, was then spent, in the bedroom.

"My sweet Berry!" Ben came into her dressing room and gave her a hug, "Oh how we've missed you!"

"Thank you Ben, I missed you all as well. But I did enjoy the weekend. I definitely needed it."

"Oh honey, I'm sure you did with that man of yours between your legs."

Rachel's draw dropped and she swatted at his arm, "Ben! You are so dirty."

Ben laughed and proceeded out the door with a wave, "Don't deny it honey, you are definitely more relaxed though."

Rachel shook her head and sat in her makeup chair.

There was a knock, "Can I come in?"

She looked over to see Jesse, "Hi, yes, just getting my makeup on."

He took a seat in the chair next to her, "Did you enjoy your weekend?"

"Oh yes, very much."

"Good, so, we are having a little get together after the show at Butter. Can you come?"

"Sure, I will text Noah."

"OH, yeah, okay."

"What? He can come, right?"

Jesse stood up, "Of course."

She looked at him with irritation, "Jesse I told you last week, I am head over heels for Noah."

"Yes, but how does he feel about never seeing you?"

"We had that discussion this weekend actually," Rachel looked in the mirror and proceeded to apply her eyeliner, "He told me he loved me and this is my dream and he is happy for me."

"Right, good," he turned to leave, "Oh, just to warn you, Elisa is going to be there."

Rachel turned quickly, "Why in the world would she be there?"

"Rachel, she did have friends here. You should be nice to her."

"Whatever Jesse."

Once Jesse left the room, Rachel texted Noah.

Meet me at Butter…11pm

Not a minute later, she got a response

Of course, what's the occasion?

She smiled

It's okay, u can wear jeans


Noah met Rachel outside of Butter and helped her out of her cab. Once she was out, the flashbulbs went off, "Paparazzi, sorry Noah."

He shrugged and guided her into the restaurant. The crew from the show was set up in the VIP section. Rachel was making her rounds as Noah stood by the bar, watching her making her way around.

A few hours into the night, Noah was feeling pretty good. 5 jack and cokes will do that to someone. Rachel hardly had a chance to sit with him and he was starting to get annoyed.

"Hey Puck," Jesse slip on the chair next to him, "Having fun?"

Noah grunted and moved his eyes back on Rachel who was sitting and laughing with Ben.

"Not your kind of scene?"

"Not really, but I'm here for her not me."

"Get used to it."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

Jesse took in a deep breath, "Look around you Puck. This is Rachel's life now. She's gonna be coming to things like this all the time. And you I would assume would be dragged along. I mean, I know you hardly get to see her, so I'm sure you don't want to pass a chance to spend the night with her."

Noah shot Jesse a glare, "I'm supportive and am not going to make her feel guilty. I just want her to do what makes her happy. Besides," he leaned in closer to Jesse and almost whispered, "she comes home to me and shows me how much she loves me." He knew it wasn't the most wonderful thing to say and it was definitely about more than just sex for him, but he loved making the douche squirm.

Jesse's eyes flashed with anger and tried his best to hold his tongue, but he couldn't.

"She's a Broadway star now, and you, you're…a cook at a restaurant no bigger than my bathroom…in Hoboken."

Noah saw red and before he knew it, his fist had collided with Jesse's face, "Fuck you, St. Douche."

"Noah!" Rachel ran over to Jesse who was on the ground holding his face, "What the hell did you do that for?"

"I'm out of here," Rachel watched as Noah pushed his way out of the crowd and out the door.

She looked down at Jesse, "What did you say to him?"

"The truth Rachel, he doesn't deserve you. You belong with someone worthy of your greatness."

Rachel stood up, not losing eye contact with him, "You mean like you?"

Jesse grinned.

"Well, you see the thing is, I don't quite get turned on by douche's." With that, she swiftly kicked Jesse in the crotch and ran after Noah.

She ran out the doors and the light bulbs flashed, "Hey Rachel, what happened in there?"

Another photog spoke, "Why did your man leave so pissed?"

She looked over at them, "Did you see him? Which way did he go?"

One of them pointed her in the right direction, "Thank you!"

Noah stood against the brick wall and closed his eyes. What Jesse said had made sense, what good was he to Rachel? She was a big star and he, was just shit on the bottom of her shoe.

"Hi there."

Noah opened his eyes to see an attractive blonde standing in front of him, "Hi…Elisa right?"

She nodded, "The one and only."

"What do you want?"

"OH, just wondering if you wanted some company? You look a little lonely."

Noah pushed off the wall to walk past her, but she placed a hand on his chest, "Come on, let's have some fun."

"I have a girlfriend."

"Yes, I know, but she did seem pretty mad at you for punching Jesse."

"Look lady, I'm not interested."

"Then why aren't you walking away?"

He wasn't interested, but the alcohol was trying to take over his actions. He was pissed and the 17 year old in him could only see the hot chick in front of him.

Then, he thought of Rachel.

"I'm in love with Rachel. She's a fucking star and she loves are a bitter bitch who can't seem to get over yourself."


He pushed Elisa off of him and turned to see Rachel standing there.

Before he could say anything, she stalked past him up to Elisa, "You are pathetic, you know that?" Suddenly, Rachel's arm lifted and she slapped Elisa across the face. Noah watched her stunned.

Noah had to contain his smile, "Rachel, let's get out of here."

With one last glare at Elisa, who was holding her face in pain, she grabbed Noah's hand and walked away.

Once they were in a cab, Noah spoke first, "How long were you standing there?"

She looked up at him and beamed, "Long enough."

6 months later

She looked out at the crowd that was standing and cheering for her. Tears were streaming her face and she had a hard time holding them back. She barely felt Andrew place a hand on her shoulder. He handed her a microphone and took she took a large breath to calm herself. This was her last show as Dorothy, and would be starting rehearsals for "Funny Girl" in 3 weeks.

"I just want to say thank you. Thank you to Andrew, Chad and Angela for taking a chance on a girl with a dream. Thank you to Jesse for getting my foot in the door," she looked behind her and addressed all the folks she had shared the stage with the last eight months, "and to the whole cast and crew who welcomed me with open arms. You are all my family and I hope to work with all of you again soon. But most of all, my best friends," she looked down at Sam and Santana who were sitting in the front row both with tears in their eyes, "I love you both so much and thank you for your support." Santana blew her a kiss and Sam gave her a wink. She closed her eyes, "and for my Noah," she turned to look where he had been most of the show to the right of the stage, but he wasn't there.

"Rachel," Andrew gestured to her other side. She looked and saw Noah standing with a large bouquet of red roses. She heard a few whispers behind her from the cast and she could have sworn she heard Ben say something along the lines of, 'I better be a bridesmaid.'

Noah walked over and handed her the roses and kissed her on the cheek. The next thing she knew he was bending onto his knee and a large gasp filled the theater.

Rachel watched him, stunned as he pulled out a black box and opened it, revealing a platinum ring with a square cut diamond on it. Her hand shot to her mouth, "Noah," she whispered.

"Rachel," his voice cracked slightly, "Rachel, I waited too long to get you back in my arms and I will not let that happen again, so marry me and I promise to always support you no matter what, and I know you will always support me. Plus, we are gonna make some damn beautiful Jewish babies!"

The room erupted in laughter as Rachel's tears fell down her cheek, she nodded her head quickly, "Yes! Yes, of course!"

The room erupted in cheers and applause.

Later that night

They lay naked in her bed, Rachel's head resting on Noah's chest as he slowly guided his fingers along her arms. She couldn't help but lift her hand up and look at the ring.

"You know, I should hate Jesse," Noah started, "but he really has done some awesome things for us, maybe not all intentional, but I think the kid really does have a heart somewhere in that skinny body of his."

Rachel chuckled. Not only had Jesse gotten her in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber, he made their relationship stronger with what he had said the Noah that night at Butter. They vowed from that point on to always let the other know if they were feeling neglected.

On top of it, he hooked Noah and Sam up with a friend that worked for Epic Records, where they started as session guitarists. Once one the of the producers heard Noah and Sam sing, they were quickly signed to a record deal. They wrote their own songs, some even featuring the vocal styling's of Santana Lopez

"Yes, he did." She leaned up and kissed him, "I love you, Noah Eli Puckerman."

"I love you too, Rachel Barbara Berry"

The End!