Dear readers,

Before reading this story, there are some important things that must be noted, because they are different from the naruto-series.

1. Konoha has never been destroyed and all villagers are alive.
2. Because I wanted to put all naruto characters in this story there are some age changes:

– Hashirama is 21 years old and is currently not the hokage.
– Madara is 19 years old and never left konoha.

– Tsunade is 50+ years old and is not related to Hashirama in any way

(so she is not his granddaughter). She is the hokage at the moment.

– Ino, Sakura, Sasuke, etc. are 15+ years old.

3. Madara is a bit OOC:

– He is more respectful to his superiors.

– He is less arrogant (depending on the situation).

– Sometimes he can be a bit shy (mostly with Hashirama though).

– He's willing to help other people (later on in the story).

I hope that after this explanation you will still be able to have a lot of
fun reading my story.